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04-24-2012, 12:00 AM
Aw, I really enjoyed trying to figure out what the hell that guy was saying. :(

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Oh well. Here is the original, so you can gaze upon it:

Harrison was in SONY and Atari (YaDa the work, and in the SONY as SCE global studio President. He worked in the SONY above 15 years time, handle all SONY host, and several times in the E3 games on wii remote controller the PlayStation brand exhibition promotion. His first real-time display to the world the PS3 host and the rubber ducks "game. In 2008 he left SONY, join the YaDa as a non-executive director.

Former SONY PS business with Microsoft XBOX team competent harrison

As a European interactive entertainment, senior director, harrison will lead the Microsoft European studio institutions, and supervision of the British game developers Lionhead Studios, Soho Productions and Rare. "I am very happy to be the key psp cases moment of the transformation in the industry with Microsoft senior team, for Microsoft promote global interactive entertainment market long-term vision and provide successful needed incredible technology, talent and resources, and I was really impressed." Harrison said.

Microsoft studio vice President Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) said, harrison in the SONY work experience is very suitable for cheap xbox 360 controllers Xbox team.