View Full Version : Favorite weapons?

Wolf Kanno
06-04-2012, 07:06 AM
What are your favorite weapons to use in this game? I generally like the swords for their great stats and abilities, knives for their speed and evasion bonuses, and barehanded for being way overpowered. :)

06-08-2012, 02:57 PM
For some reason I have always had a soft spot for the Poison Axe - most likely because of the obvious fact that it's powerful AND randomly inflicts poison. :love:
I also love the Masamune for its in-battle Haste-11 effect.

Other than that I tend to simply like the most powerful equipment.
I also think there is something special about the fact that a Flame Helmet is the best helmet you can have for one of your characters, makes things feel a lot like you make the best out of whatever you can find in the game.