View Full Version : Soul Crash - versus game on Facebook

Arizona Lively
06-08-2012, 07:30 PM
Hey, does anybody do Soul Crash? If you win without taking damage or win as the last man standing, you can post replays. You can customize your avatar* and at level 9 or something you can fight against other players. Me and friends are totally addicted to this game. Most of the combat takes place automatically but if you time your clicks right, you can parry, guard break, twin combo, and basically rip your enemy apart.

, you're always a party of three. If you don't have facebook friends to battle with, you have to rent mercenaries, the cheapest being 60 coins and 150 coins respectively. You can rent one of each so your total comes out at 210 coins per battle. When you run out of coins, mercenaries will be replaced by Moku's (remember Mokujin from Tekken?).
At level 6, you can buy a new Counter command for 15cash which you should have by that point if you didn't waste it on something else.

*Well, you choose your default and get the only available default jumpsuit and then you have to buy new outfits and hairstyles if you want them. I'm trying to get the creators to provide more options for dress-up because I'm starting to get bored with my outfit, but if you level up enough (earning "Cash" along the way), you can win or buy additional customizing items and win entire sets from Boss battles (including new weapons). Most outfits are purely decorative but some provide stat boosts (only the ones won at random).

06-08-2012, 10:16 PM
This sounds pretty interesting. I might have to check it out. Are there referral codes or anything that I can do if I get started to help you out?