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Del Murder
08-19-2012, 12:51 AM
I'm not in this competition, but I thought I'd share my thoughts all the same. Here is the first and possibly last entry!

This is the first time I haven't hosted this competition. I usually have trouble letting go of control, but I think Frekana (that's what I call her, it's a combination of Freya and Lekana, yes I'm so clever) will do a good job. She's doing great so far. It really was a great idea to force people to make threads and posts for the competition because not only does it challenge them, it helps the activity of EoFF as well! And who knows, maybe some of them will remember their fondness for FF and post in those forums more often.

I went through most of the threads and some of them are quite engaging. I tried to make at least one post in each forum. I made my own threads as well! As I said before, I shouldn't hold people to a standard I don't hold myself to. So I made some threads. One in FFV, one in FFXI, and one in FFXIII-2 since those seemed to get the least attention.

There's also a question part of this round so I'll just go ahead and answer it since I'm sure you're all dying to get my thoughts. :D

What makes a good member?
Anyone who posts, doesn't spam too much, and is not mean to people. It's pretty simple, actually!

What makes a good CK?
1. Activity - They need to be active posters on the forums. Both in the top and bottom sections. Not only to do their moderating job, but to also set the example of what we are about and keep people interested in our forum.

2. Attitude - They need to have a mix of seriousness and playfulness. They also can't be fazed easily by insults, rudeness, or other negative things that come up when you deal with people.

3. Leadership - They have to set the example for the forum and know how to handle tricky situations. Is this person following the rules? Should this be a rule at all? They need to be able to speak their mind when they have an idea and be able to do so professionally and courteously.

What would you like to change about Eyeson to make it better?
I would love to see more activity and more events. The staff is part of the blame here, too.

What color would you prefer your CK tag to be?
I asked for a Del Murder tag one day but no one gave it to me. :( My tag should be white regular sized bold text.

If you were to be thrown into the thunderdome with one of the current staff, who would you go against and what would be your tactic?
Psychotic, because I love a challenge. My tactic would be the same as in Mafia or the staff forum: use his own medicine against him and ignore him whenever he calls me out.

What does FF(and EoFF) mean to you?
FF is the greatest game series ever. EoFF is the greatest forum ever. They both mean a lot to me because through these things I met some wonderful friends including the love of my life! We're getting married in three weeks!

08-19-2012, 05:22 AM
EoFF's matchmaking ability is absolutely adorable. I'm excited for you; I hope the wedding preparations aren't causing you too much stress. Of course it will be but once it happens everything will have been worth the effort.

Good luck in the competition and I hope you win :confused:

08-21-2012, 12:07 AM
Okay, you're hired.