View Full Version : Blackmage_nuke Round 2: Im great at thinking up thread titles

08-21-2012, 11:18 PM
We were told to make a round 2 blog so here it is, but the question is, is the very creation of this blog post meant to be a test? and if so was it a test to see who was paying attention or a test to see who would blindly follow orders? Is blindly following orders a good thing or a bad thing?
To combat this i decided to make a poll instead of a thread. It shows I was paying attention enough to notice we were meant to make a thread but im not just going to do everything im told like a robot with no initiative.
Not fair! Why cant we make polls in this forum!? :mad2:

Oh and as for my opinion on the competition so far, I think I was able to make more posts and threads after i was able to bash out the quota and could resume casual foruming operations, and I did enjoy answering the questions, I discovered things about myself I didnt know before.

08-22-2012, 03:36 AM
You already are one of the most active lower forum posters so I was glad to see that you didn't run into any issues with finding things to talk about. I'm annoyed at the lack of poll too, I think we should definitely make a feedback thread about it. Actually that reminds me, I never did make that feedback thread yesterday. What was it supposed to be on? I forget. In any case, I still thin-- nope, wait, I remember now. Good man.

I think you'll do rather well in this, just keep doing your best and enjoy it.