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08-22-2012, 01:26 AM
Dear everyone, now that 95% of the forum is not currently in the event, I expect posting, partying, beer, boobs, 'pecs, pics, trolling, loling, and general posting in this blog thread. I will make it happen if you all don't go with it!

Ah round two. I never had any doubts. Or did I? But no questions? I'm disappointed, my pre-question rant isn't pre-question without the questions! Indeed! I've now become a rebel without a cause! Dear Freyakins, I loved the questions, it gave me something to focus my pure, pure angst against. I didn't mean to make you cry! In fact, I love you! With all of my, tough love. Ah but 'tis a shame to cry over things that cannot be undone! I shall just have to crank up the angst, and get this place a-hoppin'! :happybday

So with the lack of competition wide questions - I'll just make my own! And damn you guys, I'll be serious, with heart man, with heart.

Dan, you keep talking about how you don't think you'll win this, which makes me (myself) ask do you actually want to win this?
Of freaking course. Anyone who really knows me I'd want to be a CK. Which brings me to my second question.

Why do you want to be a CK?
I honestly, truly like this place. I'll give the place crap, sometimes the same shit it gives me! But when it comes down to it I'd never undo what I did here. I love this place which brings me my response to my third question!

Why should the staff choose you Dan, over anyone else in this competition?
Because they legitimately know I care. If you don't know that you don't know me. I'm sure most of the staff here knows that I care about EoFF. In the past this has led me astray, sometimes it's led me to the path of an annoying spammer, other times to an angsty, bitchy teenager. It's even led me to giving up, when I was Site Staff I was demoralized by the lack of activity there. This just led me to be part of the problem, to stopping any big projects I had, or small fixes I intended to make in a "what's the point?" mentality. I am not any of those people anymore, time chugs away and changes us all and I'm not any different. I want to be a CK, I really do, I want to be in a position to get shit done here and I know I would do a good job because of the level of work I'd been willing to put into this place when I was a lazy good for nothing teenager who really didn't know how to get shit done :p.

It's hard to ask myself questions; so I invite the staff, former staff, developers, members, and lurkers to ask me questions~! They can be on topic, they can be spam, they can troll me but let's bring the hip to the hop and get this thread started!

08-22-2012, 01:26 AM
too many dans imho

08-22-2012, 01:28 AM
Two too many? But I've learned in the past in the dorm of two Dans, two is the perfect amount Tifa, Boobies, TB.

Trumpet Thief
08-22-2012, 02:48 AM
Very cool to see you outline your evolution here. I've had a similar evolution, so I can definitely tell that you do care about this place. In terms of who would do an excellent job being a Cid's Knight, I would be certain that you'd nail it. Best of luck Golden!

08-22-2012, 03:24 AM
Dan I would give you my full support. I would, except... no, I will give you my full support. You gave me a couch to sleep on when times were tough. Well, times weren't that tough but you still gave me a couch to sleep on anyway.

I know, probably more than anyone else, that you give a damn about EoFF. And I would be incredibly happy to see you accept the mantle and become a knight with the power to aid EoFF. You can do it.

08-22-2012, 03:29 AM
D'aw, thanks guys the support is definitely appreciated! Realistically round 2 will be posted sometime during work tomorrow and I haven't gotten anything done this week (I blame being still a bit sick honestly), so I might stay off EoFF at work (might). After that I go home for the weekend - get some rest and hopefully be left alone enough to compete! I have this bad habit of wanting to do my best at things even when I feel that the outcome is already determined :p

08-22-2012, 03:43 AM
You should always do your best. Always. Round 2 shouldn't be a fast one. It'll be group based so you know they'll give you time to discuss shit with others. Don't worry about not being around enough to take a leadership role; just do enough to get through the challenge this time and blow us away next round. Easy for a man of your skills.

08-22-2012, 03:59 AM
Oh Dak. The things we do for love.


EDIT2: Got the hint, somewhere in general chat? That nails things down. Going to sleep. xD

08-22-2012, 02:13 PM
Just looked through all of Del's posts in GC throughout the last year.

1. I feel like an awkward stalker.
2. It wasn't there, which means he edited someone else's post. Fuuuuu-.

Did read some funny stuff I've missed though :lol:

EDIT: Slight chance I found it. nope

08-22-2012, 03:17 PM
You wont make it through because you smell like beans. Dakoda told me so.

08-22-2012, 06:51 PM
Have you ever noticed, how Fre-ya sucks. Da-da-ding-ding-ding-ding-dong-duck! :sing:


08-22-2012, 11:17 PM
Man. I've had this laptop on me 24/7 for the past two months, the moment a CK tourny starts, I won't have it for the weekend at all. I have to pack light for this weekend being home (long story) so any posting I do will be entirely on the phone. Round two I will be at my biggest disadvantage! :( Ultimate test of my mobile posting abilities.

08-22-2012, 11:58 PM
Me, Steve, G13, krissy? This group is going to be hilarious.

08-23-2012, 05:30 AM
Your group will be dynamite. Either in a good way or a hilariously bad way. I don't recall what you smell like either but I don't believe we ever ate beans so I'd say something more along the lines of vodka and perseverence.

08-23-2012, 02:18 PM
Sounds pretty much right. Throw sweat in there too though.

08-23-2012, 07:32 PM
Steve is adorable. Sends one mass message, calls it initiative. It's so funny to watch him be serious, love him, god bless him. :lol:

08-24-2012, 02:11 AM
I could see many people trying the same thing, though. It's all about making yourself look good.

08-24-2012, 03:59 PM
There is no try. Only do and do not.

On home computer, again posting will be slightly limited by the amount my family lets me slip away from them. I don't feel bad because I saw them last weekend, I'm seeing them this weekend, and I'll see them next weekend. :p

08-24-2012, 07:11 PM
I wish my team was more active. I like this FF Olympics idea. Can I just go plan it with the events committee now? :p

08-24-2012, 07:36 PM
Are you still in the EC?

08-24-2012, 07:37 PM

08-24-2012, 07:43 PM
Then why haven't you posted about my Let's play FFX :colbert:

08-24-2012, 09:16 PM
I thought I said I'd already played the game :colbert:

08-24-2012, 09:19 PM
IT's not just about X!

08-25-2012, 12:50 AM
Feel free to just bring some ideas over to the events committee. I'll cross post the ideas I suggested to staff as well so we can actually get the balls rolling :monster:

08-25-2012, 12:51 AM
Naturally I'll wait until the competition is over

08-26-2012, 02:22 AM

08-26-2012, 02:21 PM
Penises everywhere.

08-27-2012, 03:33 AM
Event is shaping up, don't know how I feel about use of flash though. We aren't newgrounds here!

08-27-2012, 11:51 AM
Announcement posted at 1am due tonight? Wtf! I have a fucking 9 to 5 job you know xD

08-27-2012, 01:12 PM
Nobody said Freya played by the rules :monster:

08-27-2012, 01:21 PM
Meh, I'll get it done: I pretty much have an explanation typed up already that just needs some specifics removed. This would be going smoother with a more active team but we are getting it done anyway with heavier contributions from specific teammates.

08-27-2012, 03:37 PM
If by my lunch break no one else has posted, I'm going to complete our list of minigames myself so we have something until further notice.

08-27-2012, 03:52 PM
You have a 9-5 jobs? Good well you can get it done by 1am tonight then. That's like 8 hours. You're fine.

08-27-2012, 04:09 PM
"Tonight" is vague. To me, tonight is 7PM. 1AM is tomorrow morning. xD

EDIT: 82 posts in the subforum, 25 of them are mine. Come on guys, don't make me talk to myself. :(

08-27-2012, 05:46 PM
I already knew going into this round that Jiro has iceman00890 as a second account in the competition.

08-28-2012, 04:00 AM
If nothing else, that proposal I made is fucking pristine.

08-28-2012, 04:32 AM
Iceman was not Jiro's second account.

You were the Chosen One, Jiro! It was said that you would destroy the spammers, not join them! Bring balance to the Forum, not leave it in darkness! You were my brother, Jiro! I loved you.

08-28-2012, 05:03 AM
I like your PDFs. vury nice!

08-28-2012, 09:25 AM
I didn't say iceman was mine! I apologise if there was some implication or if I misspoke. I tell you what though, next time one of these rolls around I am going to enter in a second account and I will win.

08-28-2012, 12:54 PM
Now that's more like the Jiro I know and love!

08-28-2012, 01:10 PM
Oh shucks :blush:

08-28-2012, 02:34 PM
I might've went a little easy on Del's question because I was going to bed. If I had to pick least helpful besides the second account, it'd probably be HC. He did effectively nothing except post in the name and slogan threads, in which he still did nothing. Hell one of those posts he even said "I'll leave this to you guys". xD

08-28-2012, 02:49 PM
A wild idea appeared! I'm going to try and guess who gets eliminated this round :jess: A task pretty much impossible because I can't see anyone's forums other than my own. Oh well :jess: Last time they eliminated 8. This time I say they eliminate 8 again!

krissy's Team

Hypoallergenic Cactuar

Shorty's Team
Agent Proto

Quin's Team
Old Manus
Citizen Bleys

There's my guess!

08-28-2012, 03:46 PM
If you could see the other team's forums, I'd say you would have a good chance at nailing these. As it stands, you might be shooting a little too in the dark. But hey, we're all waiting for the reveal to know exactly what's gonna happen.

08-28-2012, 03:50 PM
Work is dreadfully boring today. I just needed to pass time :(

08-28-2012, 05:47 PM
Can I buy drugs here?

08-28-2012, 06:17 PM
Depends. Wuddayabuyin'?

08-28-2012, 11:39 PM
Ooooo predictions!

08-29-2012, 03:55 AM
Hahaha, yep! I wanted to see how close I can come with complete, random guesses.

08-29-2012, 05:22 AM
I'm just posting again cause I have 50 posts per page and this will be number 50 so you're about to be at the cusp of a second page to me and htats' pretty cool for a round two blog.

08-29-2012, 05:23 AM
I think that's pretty successful for a blog at all, isn't it? Gobo for the win!

08-29-2012, 11:35 AM
Nah it's only because I talk to my self *is crazy*.

08-30-2012, 08:32 AM
We've all been there.