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08-22-2012, 10:07 AM

Whew, passed the first round! I do not think I posted that much since Bleys started balding. The problem with competitions is that there are going to be people left out or left in the dust, and I hate that. I mean, we are a community; surely our goal is to bring everyone together. I do not know what mustered as yay or what got you booted with a nay, and I dislike that; I suppose I could figure it out by looking at the unfortunates' post history, but I kind of want it to be obvious. Is this how murky the waters are when it comes to, ah, "SRS BZNIZ"? Please do not quote me on that in any circumstances.

I do like how busy the lower fora have been, but I felt my age when trying to make threads. I do not really need to make any; the games I prefer have been played and any answers I may have wanted have been found. I know I can look on GameFAQs or a Final Fantasy Wiki if search results here earn me nothing. I fretted a lot with the threads because how often has the content been said? No one likes being a broken record. I think as a challenge to myself, I will try to get creative in making a few more threads for every round I am in. Maybe I will buy one of these "Complete Collections" and see if The After Years is worth my time. Or! Or! My Life as a Dark Lord!

Threads that I easily enjoyed were Bleys's FFV playthrough (it is fun), his XI recruitment thread (good information and helpful), Manus's rip into the franchise (so true and I wish I had better to say), Tifa's Boobs' XII to play or not to play thread (like the recruitment thread), and, oh, MINE. Well, some of them. Well, mostly the ones where I came up with an excuse to draw the same comic different ways. Oh, and I got krissy to share music, and I love krissy's music. I did enjoy posting and participating in other threads, but upon further inspection, Freya, Pike, and Del Murder made them. Why are you stealing thread ideas when you recruited a horde that need ideas? What cruel, cruel overlords.

Things I disliked include Shorty's and Bert's CONVINCE ME threads. Why they seem different than Tifa's Boobs, I do not know. If one is a rip-off, then the other one is a little lazy when you are hired to make a good thread. A good thread needs sturdy posts, warm content, and more building metaphors. I also have decided Mercen-X belongs on my ignore list, but that is something that has turned out fantastic, so no complaints here. I hope he does not posts porn because I would not warn him for it!

Because I felt my last thread was a little dull and dreary, I am putting a little incentive here for posting: I will draw you guys something for every five posts in here. This counts as one. Cheers.

08-22-2012, 01:09 PM
draw me something

08-22-2012, 03:24 PM
My threads I made this week were ones i'd normally make. I'm replaying KH2 so that's where those were from. And I made an al bhed one because I plan on replaying that soon too. Any other threads you saw form me have been there.

08-22-2012, 11:25 PM
I understand your issues with posting in the lower forum; often, I have no need to make threads because any gameplay wise information can easily be found elsewhere, and even questions about characters or motivations is also available on the FF Wiki. That's why my threads have taken more of an entertainment and abstract angle, discussing all manner of weird and wonderful concepts! It's fun to theorise!

08-25-2012, 04:03 AM
Two reasons for this:
It is cheaper than most of my vices (food, food, different types of food) Bleys was infectiously enthusiastic about something in which I was already interested

May as well, right? Still, this is not cool: check out that estimated time.


I agree that more esoteric topics are best brought up in the lower fora because a lot of the newbie questions have long been answered. There is a certain joy deprived of one too long exposed to a game. I like new things.

08-27-2012, 01:07 PM
That is a mighty lengthy update.