View Full Version : Blackmage_nuke Round 3: The quality of my thread titles are up for debate

08-30-2012, 01:19 PM
So we were told to give an opinion on the frontsite

Do you look at it?
I use to, and still do if im already on EoFF and im looking for a bit of data (if im not on eoff at the time i'll usually FFwikia it.

What would make you look at it if you don't?
I have complained about this a few times in the feedback forum, but in the old days when the front site had links to the latest threads on the forum, I would actually go to the front site and click the links rather than go straight to the forum as I do now, As such in those days, sometimes in the few seconds it took me to transition over to the forum, something new on the frontsite might catch my eye
Which is a real shame we dont have the links now because it looks like the front site posts that are being made these days are far more likely to interest me than the frontsite posts made in the days where the forum links were there. (No offense to the old frontsite posters, it's just that it was usually about news for ff games on consoles i didnt have)

What would you like to see? What would you want to try to implement if you were made part of staff?
See above! Seriously! I've complained about the forum links a few times when they stopped working, am i really the only one who used them?

Now to figure out a frontsite article for this round, i can think of a few of things i've done in threads before articles became a thing on eoff that wouldve made good articles. Hopefully I can pull something creative out of the corner of my mind.

08-30-2012, 04:08 PM
You can do it! Yeah I agree about the thread links but then it also looks a bit cramped. It's a work in progress.

Del Murder
08-30-2012, 06:55 PM
Maybe we can find a way to put the links back. Have you left a feedback thread on it? In order of who is most likely to do anything about it would probably be: Rantz, Baloki, MB, Loony BoB.

09-01-2012, 07:40 AM
The meta reference in your title makes the quality A-OK in my book.