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Being the first Final Fantasy, it is only natural that it is the shortest game of the series! But did you know that the game has been beaten in times as fast as 5 hours? Indeed with proper strategy, skill, and memory this game can easily be beaten in one (fairly long) sitting! Olympians, bring honor and glory to your respective FF by beating FFI the fastest of all EoFFers! In order to have your time qualify you must post a picture of you right after you are done choosing your team, and a picture of your final time right before Chaos. This will make you eligible for the first Gold medal of this event. BUT! There are two, that medal is for the fastest time and can be won even after someone else has finished, if you finished faster. Being the first to post a picture of your team defeating Chaos awards a DIFFERENT gold medal, for first to beat Chaos!

Fastest Times:

First to Kill Chaos Medal Winner:

​Let the best man (or woman) win!

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