View Full Version : The Labyrinth of Time

09-09-2012, 12:18 AM
Have any of you went through this dungeon before in the PSP version?

I have, and it's quite ridiculous, given the time limits, the miasma that drains 1 HP and MP every second (which, combined with the wrong sacrifices like Items or White Magic, can get really dangerous), how I frequently find myself using GameFAQs guides, notes for memory challenges, and MS Excel for challenges require precise purchases to be able to do the challenges without making a ridiculous amount of sacrifices for more time. Quite a few of them I don't need those three to complete, but the ones that do, I really have to wonder if it's possible without using those three methods. Once I've gotten Challenge 24 in the time chamber, then I'll no longer need to touch that dungeon.

As for Chronodia, I didn't find her so bad. It's not like Omega with insane defense and constant Wave Cannons or Shinryu who constantly casts Flare. I was at level 99 with everyone's HP at 999, but my HP never fell below 500. My team consisted of Knight, Ninja, White Wizard, Black Wizard.