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09-16-2012, 02:22 PM
The treaty would be signed with steel and writ in royal blood.

Political strife abounds, but that is the least of our concerns. Strange and powerful beasts of unknown origins and limitless power have congregated and are a threat to our world. Challenge them and return Ivalice to a realm of peace and prosperity. End this conflict once and for all! Enrol here, in this very thread, and show you have what it takes! Further information can be found in the General Roster thread (http://home.eyesonff.com/general-final-fantasy/145039-final-fantasy-olympics-general-roster-thread.html#post3131093), but this is where the decisive acts shall play out!

Make sure you aren't overlooked by formatting your registration thusly:

Your roster will be listed here, and in the General Roster thread also! Sign up and let the trash talking begin.