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Lone Wolf Leonhart
11-16-2012, 04:07 PM
So I found this song on YouTube and it is heavenly. The lyrics tell the story of the game, so spoilers abound if you watch the video or click the spoiler tag with lyrics inside. Discuss this song and why it is amazing.



Our heroes get attacked by soldiers
from palamecia, and all but Leon are saved
and taken straight to Altair, where they realize

they're too young to join the:

Rebel army!
Rebel army!

They go to Fynn, to find Leon
But instead find Hilda's husband
He is dying, and he tells them
Borghen betrayed the rebellion

rebel army rebel army

Hilda finally let's them join the

rebel army, rebel army

Hilda tell's them to find mithril

Now they journey north, and find mythril, after saving occupied villagers from Salamand, and
Then they're sent to Bafsk to prevent, construction of an airship, known as the dreadnought, however, the ship takes Hilda away.

They save her the next day

Blowing up the dreadnought with the allmighty weapon sunfire

While fleeing from the explosion
They run into a mystic knight, It turns out that it is Leon

King of Fynn tells them to go to Deist to find a dragoon, but they learn all dragoons have been poisoned by the impe'rial ar-my - YEAH!

After planting eggs in a cavern, they return to Altair and rescue Hilda again,
and reclaim fynn from Imperial forces, then they travel west in search for a powerful item

Joining forces with the last surviving dragoon
Emperor destroys towns with his cyclones, so our heroes call upon the last wyvern that takes them into the castle inside the cyclone, where they kill the emperor

Now the world is free and happy
No it's not, Leon is evil, and does the emperors bidding

Emperor returns from hell to:

Destroy the whole world, Palamecia Castle is turned into the Pandemonium
Leon now agrees to help our, heroes seal the Eeemperor away and send him to hell

Through the jade passage
They take a portal to

The underworld, where they find the emperor, and finally kill him

11-17-2012, 09:22 PM

...I have to say, I find the video extremely epic, yet quite funny at the same time. It's a good kind of funny though.

01-26-2013, 04:18 AM
Dude, the music and the video are both AWESOME! There should be more music like that, really! :jess: