View Full Version : [XIII-2] How did this game change the Battle System from FFXIII?

12-21-2012, 07:15 PM
This is the most important question for me as I look to purchase this game. How much did it change? I felt that FFXIII had potential, but too much of the game played itself. Is that fixed?

12-21-2012, 11:01 PM
a lot like the first one but a little bit faster and with random encounters and tamed monsters to fill the 3rd party member slot... i never thaught the game played itself but rather automated the routine things i would have done anyway, and of course if you dont like the small tasks being automated you can always switch both games to manual control...

05-06-2013, 07:16 PM
There is only two main characters and the third party member is changed with enemies that you can capture fighting. So that's basically it.

05-06-2013, 10:28 PM
There is only two main characters and the third party member is changed with enemies that you can capture fighting. So that's basically it.

That's the core basics. Also, paradigms can be 'tuned' to be either cross, wide, or normal. For example, Relentless Assault-X makes you focus on a single target, while Relentless Assault-W makes you focus more on wide ranging group attacks. Normal formation is just the standard.

The formation changes can be useful if your up against many smaller enemies, and basically assists the Auto-Battle.

With the Monster Capture system, it's a bit more complex than it looks. Each monster have a base chance of capture (normally very very low for the rarer ones) and if you do capture it, you can progress it through the crystarium system. You need monster materials though to do this, not CP. These are expendable though. Each monster has a feral link gauge, and when it is filled up you then initiate it with square. You normally have to rotate the stick, press a series of buttons, mash a button, and stuff and if you do it successfully, it ups the chance of capturing that monster if it's the finishing blow. These feral links have all sorts of effects like healing, attacking, status inflicting.. etc. Think of them has the overdrives of this game.

Anything else? Hmm. Accessories have been given an overhaul. Most accessories now can be either bought or more commonly require materials to craft. Not all accessories need materials to craft but others do. Most importantly, your characters now have a accessory limit. It begins at 50, but with additional crystarium bonuses, can be upgraded to 100. Each accessory has a set number that defines it's accessory count. Accessories generally have like a 20 or 25 count. Accessories now have delicate and durable version. Delicate versions generally improve stats less than normal versions but have a lower accessory cost, while durable versions improve stats more than normal versions but have a higher accessory cost.

That's the majority of the changes battle-wise. I am probably missing things, but.. oh! Yes, you can change your leader. Very handy. If your current leader dies, you move on to Serah/Noel. If both die, it's game over as a creature cannot lead. Fair enough.

Furthermore, there's now wound damage. This reduces your maximum HP level while it's still in effect. Over prolonged battles, your max health can reduce to bad levels. If you heal with wound damage, it won't go beyond the new wounded level. Wound potions can restore this though. Still, another new system in place.

I think that's it. There is more though that I've missed out but that's alot of the changes covered. It's basically a refined FFXIII system with added changes.