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Wolf Kanno
01-13-2013, 09:24 PM
Because I will need people to cheer me on to keep playing. Not because I don't like FFIII (its my favorite of the NES era) but because playing on my computer is not very comfortable for me. Anyway, I started this file last year during Depression Moon's playthrough so here's a breakdown of what's happened so far.


My party is created! Inspired by Pitchfork's awesome retrospective of the series, I decided to name my party after some of my favorite musicians.

The leader is psychedelic genre creating former glam rock idol David Bowie.

Next is Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin cause everyone needs a rocking guitar.

Because its almost traditional for their to be at least one girl, I decided to choose one of the most ass kicking girls in 70s/80s rock, Joan Jett. She should easily be able to hold her own against the boys.

Finishing up the line-up is the lead singer of super awesome anthem rock gods Queen's Freddie Mercury.


So my first foray into the NES version of FFIII has me pretty stunned. I've heard the game seriously pushed the NES to its limits but I often feel that screeshots don't do it any justice. You kinda have to experience the game to understand the hooplah. Its graphically on par with FFIV in many places and the music is gorgeous. The battle system is also a vast improvement over the previous titles simply because it introduced the ability to auto-target so if two character attack the same creature and character one slays it, unlike the first two games where the party will continue to target the empty space, in FFIII, your second character will auto target the next available monster making planning out your attacks feel like a total gamble and increasing efficiency.


So I dropped into the cave, wandered about, leveled up a bit, picked up some Ice items and found myself in the final room.


This boss hits pretty hard and you are very squishy, he's a surprisingly tough first boss if you were going to fight him fair. Instead I chuck my two ice items at him and knock him down a peg.


Logo time!!! Simple but effective. :cool:


So now I got my first set of jobs and I can explore the world!!!


Job time!

Bowie often set the bar for sambiguity in both his sexuality and his musical stylings, he tends to want the whole shebang if you know what I mean so, the Red Mage's Jack of all Trade seemed like a good fit.

Plant is a guitar genius and anyone who listens to Kashmir could tell you that what Plant does with that guitar is magical, combined with his brief interest in the occult, I felt it was perfect for him to be a Black Mage.

Joan is not going to sit idly by and be the goddamn medic, she's an ass kicking lady so we're going to buck the "girls are always white mages" trend and make her a beefy warrior.

Freddie really loves showing off his skin and I can't think of a class that fits his fashion sense more than a burly monk, besides I bet Mr. Mercury could totally kick anyone's ass in a fist fight.


Now to level up a bit before going to the cursed town of Kozus

01-13-2013, 09:34 PM
I approve of any Let's Play, so I will definitely be following this :D

Wolf Kanno
01-14-2013, 05:10 AM
When I last left off, I was doing a bit of grinding and was heading towards Kozus...


Well this is amusing. :eep:


Its FFIII's Cid!


And I could easily solve this problem if you would quit your bitchin' and sell me some magic! :mad2:


I am barely 20 minutes into FFIII and I already have a damn airship how cool is that? Too bad it doesn't last...


Interesting, cause Ingus plays this part in the DS remake. Ascended Extra? Anyway, everyone in the town and castle are cursed, so while they were whining around about the Djnn, I looted both places for any extra item, I figure it as a fair trade. So I use the airship to get to the Sealed Cave to both track down the missing Princess Sara and beat up the Djnn for an inept kingdom... why does this sound so familiar...?


Lots of Undead... what I wouldn't give for a Fire Spell


Looks like I found the princess, she wants to use the Mythril Ring she has to seal away the Djnn but she can't fight her way through the monsters, so she proposes a unique relationship.


We haven't even gone on a first date and she's already heckling my party to call her... women, am I right fellas? :smug:


Holy crap she's hot... where was her number again? B or A? I'm on a keyboard, smurf...

So suffice to say that most of the monsters in this game really hate Joan Jett, apparently a lot of them like the Runaways and are still miffed about their break-up. So she dies... a lot. I make it to the Jinn and Sara proves to be useless cause the Jinn is too powerful to be contained so it looks like it's going to come down to an old fashioned negotiations... with fists.



So we beat down the Jinn and seal hm up, throw his cursed ass into Holy Water and watch him do his impression of the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz. Swants to come along but realizes she would just cramp the bands style, I mean David Bowie is Bishonen he counts as the cute chick, realizing Bowie only wants her for her boots and matching cape, Sara leaves the party. We chat up with the king who is so happy we saved his daughter and kingdom, he gives us a Canoe as a reward... Seriously? A fucking Canoe? I swear this just feels so damn familiar...


Son of a bitch... :stare:

Huckleberry Quin
01-14-2013, 09:28 AM
I enjoy this. Keep it up, WK! :D

01-14-2013, 03:48 PM
Go go Wolfy!

01-14-2013, 03:55 PM
I'm loving it so far! I haven't played this through myself (and have a few others in line before I get to it) so I'm looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

Wolf Kanno
01-14-2013, 07:29 PM
So after being told screwed over by an ungrateful king. I used the Canoe to get my mother smurfing airship back and go collect Cid.


First Cid to join your party... unfortunately he's more Key Item than character... but he's Cid and he looks like a happy little gnome!

Anyway, there is a boulder preventing us from progressing so we have to talk to Tokka to get a Mythril Bow (more like Mythril Battering Ram installed on my...er Cid's airship.


Those who played the DS version, this is Refia's foster father.

Anyway we use the device and destroy the boulder by smashing my damn aiship into the rock. Apparently David Bowie was channeling his alcoholic drug abuse stage persona of the Duke at the time... I would have a screen cap but I was too shocked watching my damn airship blow up!

Anyway... after some light sobbing and a rule that Bowie can't drive anymore vehicles...

Cid tries to perk me up by telling me where another airship could be obtained. I scrounge the city and find an Elixer, but Cid's wife needs it cause apparently she went boozing while her old man was out and has a massive and fatal hangover going on, apparently elixer's not only restore all health and mp, but cure hangovers. If only we could live in such a wonderful world of magic...

Cid is grateful allows me to rob his secret storehouse created to keep thieving rogues my band from coming in and trashing the place. Now it's time to go to a mountain?

I have a good feeling about this.

Stupid birds, I have Fire Magic now... ineffective? Oh yes, I'm playing the NES versions where magic can and will miss...

Anyway, I fight my way up to the top where Bahamut snatches me up and throws me in a nest, cause despite being an intelligent talking dragon, he now acts like a bird.

I still have a good feeling about this, no flesh eating baby dragons are going to get my party down!

He's less cute close up, and more "I'm going to rip you a new one" instead. Suffice to say we take the other unfortunate if a bit deranged person who was caught to be dragon food's advice, and RUN....

What the hell is a Desh? Sounds like a bum...


Yep... I was right. Even in my Menu screen he's trying to pan people out of their cash, he just needs a little 8-bit bowl or hat next to him to collect his funds.

So we take the bums advice and jump off the mountain, how this worked and how we survived with no injury whatsoever is really unknown. I guess we'll sum it up to Assertion 12 (http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/11/02).

So to get past the mountain range, Desh tells us we need to shrink down to size so we can meet the little people. Seems to me like this bum may be trying to lecture my band of rock legends into not forgetting where they come from and to re-connect with the notion that while they have legions of loyal undying fans, they mustn't forget that they are no different from them. To remember that its not the fame, money or drugs that you did all this for, it was the love of music that a lonely child playing on a musical instrument in their room that got you started...



01-14-2013, 09:32 PM
I hope you're having fun playing through one of the greatest games of all time, Wolf. :D Are you going for a "No Ninjas and Sages" playthrough?

As for Cid, he might be a gnome, but he has a BEARD. A BEARD, people! :cool:

Wolf Kanno
01-14-2013, 10:18 PM
I'm having a blast. I really loved the DS version but I think I can already safely say I love the original better.

I'll use the Ninja's and Sages, but I'm not going to do FEOK or try to max out HP with the Black Belt classes. Interesting tidbit, the party I'm using is the same one I used to beat FFI few months back. I'm also being reminded to finish my Job Class evaluation (http://home.eyesonff.com/final-fantasy-iii/136130-overall-job-class-overview.html) thread as I keep wanting to go back and rewrite some parts cause heavens to dickens, the Red Mage class is really different between both versions. I dare say that at least concerning the starting jobs, the DS version is really unbalanced. I have another update coming up, I'm currently dealing with the dwarves and the Fire Crystal, so I'll update soon about Vikings, Nepto, Demi-god rats, and the eternal bum Desh.

Wolf Kanno
01-15-2013, 08:43 AM
So when I left off, my crew shrunk down and met the "little people" and so I could feed somebody an antidote and take their super secret monster infested tunnel to the other side of the mountain and to some damn civilization. The party wandered until they met some vikings and well...


...this is a rather awkward way to wake up...

Bowie is fascinated that someone dresses like him.

The viking are annoyed cause the big earthquake upset some sea monster and they can't go out to sea anymore. The captain of the ship offers the band hi ship if they can defeat the sea dragon. Course if he doesn't have a ship, then how can these viking go pillaging? Me thinks he's more interested in boozing or I've stumbled upon some pyramid scheme involving a summer viking day camp and one really annoyed camp councilor.


This Sea Serpent doesn't look so tough...


On second thought... perhaps fists are not the way to solve this one...

So we head to the Nepto Temple to see why this dragon is upset.

Kinky ;)

So the statue is missing a jeweled eye? Seriously? This Fragon is either Death the Kid in disguise or takes its Feng Shui very seriously. Looks like its the Mini brigade again.


A talking mouse? This should be easy... Or that's what I would have aid had this boss not kicked my ass three times. Seriously? I mean I defeated Magic Gods, Super Soldiers with Oedipus Complexes, Giant Space Whales, and countless Demon Lords and I get curb stomped by smurfing Mickey Mouse? Okay so I did go into this fight cocky, with only two mages thinking it would be enough but the rodents knows Level 2 elemental spells and they one shot me in Mini status. So I changed my Classes...


...and still got curbed stomp because I was underleveld. So after some "Grind Time" I came back and finally thumped the damn rat, which means I've got two things over Xemnas, I have a heart, and I beat Mickey Mouse.


Oh no, its Pink Eye! Which could only mean...


01-15-2013, 11:44 PM
This is sick! I like being able to see so many scenes that I enjoyed on the DS in their original 8-bit form.

Wolf Kanno
01-16-2013, 05:33 PM

Damn it Desh, that's just creepy! Stop starng at me while we sleep, we're technically children you damn creepy pedophile!


So yeah, now I have a ship! The Enterprise is all mine and I shall bask in the glow of the Star Trek reference... okay I'm done basking. So Nepto goes crazy if he loses one of his jewels and now that I fixed that, he can sleep again and stop bothering people. So now it is time to do the most sensible thing I can do now that I have access to a ship. EXPLORE!!!


Well my first town was a bust, everyone is afraid of the Death St... er I mean Eldest Tree fortress and don't take kindly to strangers. So let's head out.


Damn it, I finally get a sweet ride and of course there is some asshole who has to come along and show me up. Well you know what jackass? You're just compensating for what you lack as a man!!!


Ancients? Seriously? Is that what they called themselves back when they were still around? We're not the Wyobite people, no we're the mother fucking Ancients! Take that millennium of human civilization, only we shall be remembered!!! Yet seriously, they mention the Dark Warriors and the fall of their culture by flooding the world with Light, and then Desh mumbles something about feeling everything here is vaguely familiar but the party ignores him cause he's a homeless bum and it must be his crazy homeless ramblings...


Square won't return my letter, not with the restraining order and all... Besides, why is a child running the mail department?




Circumnavigate the World to impress a kid!!!


Enjoy the view. I should mention I liked the twist of learning the world is a floating continent.


An abandoned Castle! Lord the decor is atrocious. Since I'm here...


Party: It's so much easier to rob people when there is no one around.
Desh: Um aren't you the Light Warriors, you know standing for truth and justice?
Party: Shut your pie hole you damn bum!!!


Foreshadowing!!! Bum Bum Bum!!!!


So much like Obi-Wan and Yoda, the Blind Gurgan people set my party straight and tell me I need to head to this Tower cause Desh has some business there and it will lead to the next part of my journey.


Story of my life lady...


Look! Gears! Not be confused with Xenogears... So I wander the Tower and fight my way up to the top where a Medusa monster is waiting for me cause she's trying to overrun the reactor to this tower thing, and it apparently keeps the whole continent floating. So after thoroughly thrashing her, Desh remembers he is actually one of the Ancients. Yet instead of enlightening us on history or culture of his people, Desh instead chooses to dive into the reactor to "fix it".


So the bum jumps into a giant elaborate trash can with fire in it? Tsk, just perpetuating more stereotypes Desh...


Desh kind of vanishes and then after a few moments it dawns on the party that maybe the bum isn't coming back... I'm... I'm going to miss the guy... Sure he smelled funny and rambled about Ancients and needing booze all the time, and sure he stared at us with hungry eyes while we slept but... wait a minute what the hell am I talking about. The guy was downright creepy. Good riddance.


So now I get to explore the rest of the continent! and I found a town...WITH SHEEP!


For all those kinky college kids I presume...


Yeah, you're right random NPC #28, Why am I here?


Oh, right... :eep:


Oh my god! It's a Fat Chocobo! Listening to its theme again and being able to actually use it like it was meant to be really took me back to when I was in Middle School playing FFIV. :love:


Eww... I also forgot how disgusting this all was... Why does my +2 Sword of Maiming have drool on it and smells funny?


Look! Dwarves! Not be confused with Gnomes David Bowie...


Huckleberry Quin
01-16-2013, 07:57 PM

01-16-2013, 09:38 PM
Wolf, y u no screenshot Medusa?! :onoes:

Wolf Kanno
01-16-2013, 09:45 PM
Largely cause I forgot... :eep: I didn't get Gutsco either, which I regret cause I had a witty comment for him as well. :(

I'm not suing save states so I couldn't go back without starting over. To be fair, she is a pretty minor villain.

01-17-2013, 02:27 PM
True, but she's the first one to mention Xande, if I'm not mistaken (since she acted under his orders). That's pretty big, for this game at least.

Wolf Kanno
01-17-2013, 05:05 PM
Zande gets more love off the floating continent and I did scree cap a few of those. I'm due for another update soon.

01-17-2013, 06:23 PM
You're going through this game faster than I ever did. :p

Wolf Kanno
01-17-2013, 11:16 PM
I have a sneaking suspicion that I am really underleveled. I'm about Lv. 22 and I just took down Garuda with my Dragoon squad. Getting ready to meet up with Doga.

01-17-2013, 11:46 PM
Eagerly awaiting the next update...

Extremely entertaining so far!

Wolf Kanno
01-18-2013, 12:08 AM
Okay, so I met me some Dwarfs and they are whining around cause some thief stole their special Dwarf horn, which might be either some historical artifact, a magical artifact, or a male enhancement supplement. So I now have to track down some asshole named Gutsco and retrive the stolen horn back.

Into the cave I go!

Now I completely forgot to screen cap this dude so here's an Amano pic instead.

So I meet him and my party is like:

Party: Yo bro, what's up with you and that snake? I thought we were going to fight?
Gutsco: Oh he's cool man, I have this snake on the ropes so you just come at me bro!
Party: No bro, that snake seems to be coming at you, so I'm going to chill cause of bro code.
Gutsco: That's cool bro, but I am totally cool, so feel free.

Then my party curb stomped his ass. It almost seemed too easy...


Something doesn't feel right...


...I just can't put my finger on it... what do you think mysterious line that suddenly appeared?

Line: I think you're just a little stressed, go back to sleep while I caress your hair...
Bowie: Thank you Mysterious Line, you're the best friend a rock star could ever have, you don't judge me like other people do.


So we place the horn with its twin like the dwarves wanted us to, when the room went dark.


But... Mysterious Line? I thought we were friends? We were going to go bar hopping tonight and you were going to be my wing man!


Dammit! This is why I shouldn't trust the voices in my head. They turn out to be college frat boys who wrestles snakes and want Dwarf male enhancement artifacts to unlock ill defined but all powerful elemental crystals. This is like jr. high all over again except I don't have braces...

So Gutsco steals the two dwarf horns and heads to the Molten Cave to retrieve the Fire Crystal. My party, feeling obligated to get the crystal and the horns at the insistence of the dwarves are forced to pursue.


Something seems very wrong with this picture... So yeah, what felt like it was going to be a remake of Mt. Gulug from FFI with its damage lava floors didn't happen. I guess this proves that children are 50% asbestos. The top half is human, cause walking under lave waterfalls does still hurt you.

Also the Bomb enemies are in here and will murder you if you don't kill them fast enough. This dungeon was probably the hardest dungeon for me by this point.


Hm... there must be a magic switch somewhere in here, I wonder where it could be...?


So we meet up with Gutsco who is trying to harness the power of the Fire Crystal cause apparently the reason why he hangs out with snakes is because he's a furrie who always knew that under his bodybuilder body, he's really a purple dragon, and the Fire Crystal will make his dreams come true.


Well dreams do come true and I am happy I picked up Cure 2, Ice 2, and a Blizzard Sword before coming here.He largely spams his flame breath which took me out the first time but my rematch had him wasting turns with single target physical hits which my Warrior and Monk brushed off like nothing.


Got another Crystal, you know what that means...


...Job Change!

So Bowie has reached the point where his diversity isn't helping out anymore, so I allowed him to stay edgy but more focused by turning him into a White Mage, which looks like a chick and he was totally cool with that.

Plant became a scholar cause, well I'm going up against Hein next and need one, but I also consider him a scholar of music.

Joan wasn't go to take being relegated into some pansy ass job like Thief or Ranger so she opted to upgrade into the Knight class and Bowie and Freddie were instantly jealous of her tiara.

Freddie, though I loved him as a monk, I felt obligated to use all these arrows I been collecting and my Blackmage can't equip and bows stronger than a Greatbow, nor use arrows above Holy Arrows. Besides he got to look like Robin Hood and Freddie could totally go for that.

Now to return to the Dwarfs for my victory celebration!


Son of a Submariner, can't I get one moment to bask in the glory of my awesomness before someone else needs help?


Slow down, is that a person or a place?


Well that answers that...


That... is vaguely more informative than to be expected, almost like some great will wanted me to know about a really annoying future boss fight... dun-dun-DUN!!!!

So after the messenger dies, my party is off to save Tokkle but first...


You bet your beard I will.

Now for some sage advice for any RPG fan.


01-18-2013, 12:30 PM
Salamandr could have been even easier if you picked up Ice3 from that village with the sheep before you went to fight him. ;) They took this away in the DS version, the mothasmurfa's. :argh:

And beating Garuda at lv 22 eh? Man, the first time I played through III NES I was stupid and sold my dragoon equipment before I fought him. I had to level up to lv 30 in order to beat him and still barely made it. -_-

Wolf Kanno
01-18-2013, 05:49 PM
I actually did have Ice 3 at the time. I am actually pretty bad about getting screen caps consistently and will sometimes go back and grab them. If you look at the pic from when I'm buying the Magic Keys you'll notice I'm using Fire Crystal jobs already. I hit that place up as soon as I got the Enterprise and stole all the loot in Algus Castle. ;)

Where I did totally goof in this game when it came to hitting up optional places, is going to Doga's Mansion before hitting the town of Conjurers so I only recently got to utilize the job. I am also frustrated with the equipment set-up of the M.Knight, I mean I was annoyed with the Dark Knight in FFIII not getting any good gear to late game but until now I didn't realize they upgraded that job cause the M.Knight looks to be on hold until I get the Invincible and can reach Falgabird, where I can finally get equipment he can use.

I'm on the quest to awaken Unne at this point, I was debating about trying to tackle Odin but may hold off until I get the Invincible. I think I'm at level 26 cause I did a bit of grinding before going through the Cave of the Circle with Doga. I do honestly believe I am at least 4-5 levels below what I should be. :sweatdrop

01-18-2013, 06:46 PM
Oh, don't worry, there will always be the final dungeons to brutally remind you to level up. ;)

01-18-2013, 06:56 PM
Oh, don't worry, there will always be the final dungeons to brutally remind you to level up. ;)

Harsh truth.

Wolf Kanno
01-18-2013, 10:07 PM
I think the Sunken Cave proved how badly I was underleveled. Got my ass handed to me in there though I did survive with my Defender sword as proof but I never thought the chocobo escape spell would be useful...

I have work this evening but I'll try to update tonight. The forum has a limit on pictures I can attach so thats why updates have been short and not as frequent as anyone would like.

EDITGA: Okay so I lied, work kicked my ass and I'm exhausted so update tomorrow!

Wolf Kanno
01-19-2013, 09:54 PM
So last we met, my party's victory celebration was cut short. Now we needed to head over and save another town from some dastardly evil.


Looks like a giant Tangela from Pokemon...

So my party heads into town after realizing we can't access the flying death st...tree... so we head to the town to set up an ambush for the troops coming in to burn everything down.


Um... Hi guys! Want to play some Mario Kart 64?


Apparently they're Sony fans... Also is it me or does is almost look like their names are Clank, Bang, and Clack? So the party finds themselves captured and placed in prison, which isn't exactly new for some of the members of the group.


Apparently the king is genre savvy or he would have known that all trusted assistants to the king usually stab you in the back.


You knew this and yet you still let him keep his job?


Yes, cause the King's Sword, which is a stupid name for a weapon, could have made all the difference. So the party uses a Mini item from a dying soldier to get small and escape our cells. Now it's off to travel through this tree and stop Hyne.


Holy James Cameron! I think I just walked into a Xenomorph Hive! Seriously this was a pretty creepy dungeon.


Oh no... I thought we were past this from FFII, not the "Doors to the Encounter Rooms" :ffvishock:


Okay, so next time I see the king I need to ask... Why did you hire Skeletor to be your Adviser?


Okay, joking aside, Hyne was actually the first really nasty boss in this game, largely cause my Knight couldn't hit him, ever and my Ranger and Scholar only hit him half the time. His introduction of the Wall Change boss was pretty interesting and probably one of the tougher versions I've seen of it in the series. After a long grueling fight, we finally took the bad boy down.


Oh no, Robert Plant is hearing voices again... Knew the party shouldn't have liquored up before the fight.


So you're not a talking Queen Alien? I mean the face hugger pods are everywhere in this room and I just... you know, figured this was where you were going to show up...

So the tree tells us its going home. Somehow, the King and his men escaped from their cells and we were all returned home.


Oh lord, I had another Pixie Drink...



So the Tree goes to sleep with its pixie admirers and its time to return to get my reward for saving a kingdom.


I like to think that Knights of the Round from VII summons these guys. The king offered to give me his treasures but then realized he had been robbed while gone, so instead he gives me a Time Gear and tells me to talk to Cid.


Sure thing David the Gnome!


Why yes, Cid has always been modest...:eep:


That's right Clarence, I earned my wings back before you did, and I didn't have to make Jimmy Stewart see how nice his life really was. Take that you angel in training!

So my party is setting sail for the rest of the world and leaving this silly floating continent. Now maybe I'll have another pixie drink...


Wolf Kanno
01-23-2013, 08:33 AM
So when we last left off, the band headed off the floating island and headed or the world below...
Well this is... "special" Seriously, I spent ages trying to find anything...

Is it me or is this the surface world giving me the finger? Okay, so now I know what this is and know for a fact the game is taunting me with the major ass kicking it plans to give me later...

My party traveled around for well maybe seven minutes before finding this bad boy. A ship!


Nappa: Look Vegeta! The Locals! So my party finds a ship which houses the last Water Maiden who can help the party with the Water Crystal which has lost its light.


No wonder the world is flooded, sleeping on the job eh?


I just had a whole list of dirty thoughts pass through my head...


Yes, "Light in our Hearts" cause rockstars are always law abiding citizens and I have not committed any crimes like breaking and entering, theft, assisted suicide, murder, reckless driving, drug use, and genocide. All while being underage to boot.


I'm going to tell you now that Robert Plant is going to spend his whole time trying to shag her. I like to think she joined to make sure we didn't desecrate the Water Temple any more than the monsters did.


I feel the video below best represents my experience...



Oh thank god, is this it? This has to be it? Right, Please Elia, tell me this is it!


The Zelda fan inside of me screamed (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJVTEAgcDcA) when I saw Temple and Water in the same sentence...


Thank goodness, a trip that won't require flying over tiles of water... So we head to the cave battle a bunch of baddies and finally I get Elia to the Water Crystal...


Oh that's right, let me take point the whole time while fighting monsters but now you decided to jump ahead? You ungrateful wnech, I hope you get shot in the head or something...






You son of bitch...

Looks like we're having Kalamari tonight gang...





And after a few minutes and some Famicom magic, the land rose again, my party can now continue their quest. Going to have a quick smoke and a dedication to the Water Maiden Elia


01-23-2013, 05:25 PM
I think I may have some extremely intense nightmares after watching that Link screaming video...

Wolf Kanno
02-02-2013, 11:43 PM
Okay... so to give an update, I can now happily say that my True Cave of Shadows Cherry has been officially popped and it may be one of the most frustrating dungeons I've had to play through. I will get to that later but let's just say FFIII and I have not been talking for awhile. Still, that doesn't mean I shouldn't update all the stuff I've been doing. School has largely been the reason I've been putting this off.

Anyway, I will try to get an update sometime before Friday...

02-03-2013, 12:51 AM
Okay... so to give an update, I can now happily say that my True Cave of Shadows Cherry has been officially popped and it may be one of the most frustrating dungeons I've had to play through.

Totally agree. The monsters are tough and the dungeon is too damn long!

02-03-2013, 09:30 PM
Cave of Shadows is kind of a good preparation for the Final Dungeon that way. Both in length and difficulty it's gruelling, like the final journey is. Helps players gain endurance for stuff like that. Or just drives them up the wall. One of the two. :p

Wolf Kanno
03-13-2013, 10:45 PM
<xml> <o:officedocumentsettings><o:allowpng></o:allowpng></o:officedocumentsettings></xml>So after a very long hiatus, I'm going to try to update this again so I can get back into the mood to play this game. I did my venture through Mass Effect and school and work are finally giving me a break so let's get this started.

So when we last left off, the Band got to see the rebirth of the world.


Okay, maybe it wasn't that dramatic and it certainly didn't feature a lion cub...


There we go, and hey, we're conveniently next to a town, score!

Oh trout, its an old folks retreat... apparently the party didn't revive the world, they just showed up in Florida after a Hurricane.


Okay, so after the Four Old Men mumble something about being the Light Warriors, they wander back into the Country Buffet restaurant for the early early bird dinner special.


The party decided to piss off the old people and start doing some old classic songs:





I know you can't see it due to the NES graphics, but these NPCs are totally holding lighters over their heads.

41771 41772

After making money off the poor kids coming to this godforsaken town who have to visit to make sure Grandma sends them a check for their birthday to feed their drug and sex addictions, the party tries to leave only to find THE MAN has impounded their airship. Apparently some old people called the governor about the concert. Time to hit up some locals to find out that THE MAN is protecting his home from further disturbances of old cranky people by creating a poison swamp moat thingy... and now the party has to get some kind of special levitating shoes to cross over and talk to THE MAN. I don't really understand it but David Bowie is excited about the prospect of getting new shoes.

41774 41773

Of course the senile Old Men here the story and want those fabulous shoes as well... Turns out the person who owns the shoes lives in the sewers...


Somehow I knew this was going to turn out this way...

After saving the four senile old men, the party finally finds the Sewer Hag.


Okay, so it wasn't quite as exciting as Army of Darkness but the Old Hag was getting ready to screw us over...

Turns out the Old Hag was a cheerleader and the four old senile men were the basketball team she dated. So she gives us the shoes and now its on to stick it to THE MAN!

Depression Moon
03-14-2013, 03:25 AM
This game does have some long ass dungeons. Can't remember which was the Cave of Shadows, but I do remember before the final one I was hoping never to run into any dungeon longer than it, but I didn't get that wish.

Wolf Kanno
06-27-2015, 10:49 AM
I know it's been two years, but I finally got around to finishing this game this morning. I took enough screenshots to do a half decent ending to all this nonsense. Stay Tuned for future updates... :shifty:

06-27-2015, 11:36 AM
Haha, this has inspired me to try and finish my FFVI playthrough :D

06-27-2015, 11:38 AM
Final Fantasy III is so hard it took Wolf two years to beat it.

06-27-2015, 11:52 AM
Can't wait to see it! :hyper:

See, Wolf? I told you you could do it :flirt:

Wolf Kanno
07-03-2015, 08:39 PM
So when our heroes left off, we got the Levitating boots from the creepy Old Hag in the sewers and were now going down to the impound lot er... I mean Goldor's Castle to get our airship back and maybe talk to him about this Earth Crystal he seems to have.


Assholes whole mansion is made from gold, he's the FF version of Midas but dresses like Garland. So of course if I'm going to be wandering around a freaking Gold Castle, I'm bringing a thief to take everything I can. Like the rich usually do, Goldor is suppressing the little guy (my thieving group of rock stars) to protect his fortunes, unaware that he basically caught out intentions to sneak into his place and peal the gold plating off the wall to make a buck.


Yes, bringing a thief is actually useful since this guy locks every room in his mansion and as a fun subversion to fantasy RPG stereotypes, the game does feature Gold Swords, which are utterly useless for combat (as they realistically would be since they would weigh a ton and break easily) so their only purpose is to be sold.


Now these motherfuckers are the main reason why storming his mansion was probably not the greatest plan. They love to Charm/Confuse your party into killing each other, hit like a mack truck themselves and tend to never come in group less than four. Nothing says "screw this game!" like watching your party murder themselves for the third straight time in a night to make you stop talking to FFIII. You may have won this round but my rock gods will save the crystals! :argh:


Say what you will, but Goldor knows how to treat himself though David Bowie and Robert Plant. So the group wandered the level, tried not kill each other and stole everything of value until they reached the final room.


Rich asshole has a goddamn crystal. So after asking him nicely to get the crystal back and Goldor noticing the several trash bags worth of his stuff we were carrying, it of course came down to a typical privileged white people bitch slap brawl that the tabloids would kill for a photo.


I may a have a Thief but he's backed by a Knight and two Karate masters, Goldor goes down faster than football player faking an injury to get a free kick.


Of course being robbed of his stolen stuff and getting pimp slapped by Bowie makes Goldor feel a bit indignant and he decided to throw a hissy fit.



Thus the Earth Crystal was destroyed and the chances of saving the world was over. Bowie went off to create several more concept albums based on his adventures, Joan Jett formed an even more hardcore girl metal band after deciding she really liked the sound metal armor makes clanging together. Robert Plant retired to his cottage in Canaan to involve himself in experimental usage of Echo Herbs, and Freddie Mercury...


Took the airship and told the others to get their asses back together to save this nonsense because it was written in their contracts to do so. He took them all to the only place he could...


Don't let the quaint village look fool you, this is the FFIII version of a rehabilitation center for rock stars and summoners who've dipped too much into their own egos. Buying up some harps, summons monsters and bells for the Geomancers. the group decided to talk with the locals.


That sounds... ominous...


Oh hey, BoB's here too!


Bowie tried his hand at being a Geomancer and then the party lost him.

So the party got over themselves, sobered up and went back on their adventure. Everything was going great until the airship got shot out of the sky. Annoyed, the party decided to pay a visit to the culprits to get their airship insurance cause heaven knows they don't want to pay Cid for another airship if it means listening to go on and on about his sexy wife and how awesome he is.


Um... awkward...