View Full Version : Getting random :bou: inserts in posts and messages.

01-18-2013, 06:58 AM
Pretty much ever post in my gaming thread, as well as a PM I sent to Proto, has been inserting a bunch of :bou: seemingly randomly. An example, here was the PM sent to Proto.

:bou:21. ‬Fumi Kanno:bou: (‬Shin Megami Tensei::bou: ‬Devil Survivor:bou: ‬2:bou:) vs. ‬Sylvia Christel:bou: (‬No More Heroes:bou:)
22. Trish:bou: (‬Devil May Cry:bou:) vs. ‬Ashelia:bou: "‬Ashe:bou:" ‬B'nargin Dalmasca:bou: (‬FF XII:bou:)
23. Jessamine Kaldwin:bou: (‬Dishonored:bou:) vs. ‬Sandra:bou: (‬Sleeping Dogs:bou:)
24. Maya:bou: (‬Septerra Core::bou: ‬Legacy of the Creator:bou:) vs. ‬Sniper Wolf:bou: (‬Metal Gear Solid:bou:)

25. Kasumi Goto:bou: (‬Mass Effect:bou: ‬2:bou:) vs. ‬Koma:bou: (‬Super Robot Taisen og Saga::bou: ‬Endless Frontier:bou:)
26. Tira:bou: (‬Soul Calibur:bou:) vs. ‬Zerase:bou: (‬Suikoden V:bou:)
27. Mirania:bou: (‬The last Story:bou:) vs. ‬Momohime:bou: (‬Muramasa::bou: ‬The Demon Blade:bou:)
28. Rose:bou: (‬The:bou: ‬Legend of Dragoon) vs. Barbara:bou: (‬Final Fantasy Dimensions:bou:)

Not one of those :bou:'s I'd put in myself. Whats causing this, and how can I make it stop? Editing them out of my game threads post's isn't so bad, but if I'm going to get this many in all my posts in the upcoming Tournament, this is going to get annoying real fast.

Note, there were a lot more then that, but it exceeped the number of postable messages. (159 was how many of the damn things it inserted, I just cut out chunks of the post itself rather then delete individual :bou:'s.

I have been copy and pasting from either AbiWord or Open office. They don't appear in the post or message until I hit post or preview.

Edit: Okay, me and Proto figured out that if I just Re-copy the text in the message and repost it, it doesn't come with the bou's. So it's probably something in the programs thats causing it. So it's an aver table crisis, but would still be nice to know what exactly is causing this.

Edit2: Well, Issue was solved with Rantz. IGNORE THIS!