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01-26-2013, 08:52 PM
-Keep the characters, but have Bartromy and Jihl join the party to give you extra characters and thus interesting character dynamics. I think both could provide cool interactions, particularly with Hope, Snow, and Sazh.

-Change the Paradigm system by having a FFIX leveling system, which equipment determines skills you can equip/learn. And insetad of roles, give each character two unique jobs to change to how you see fit. As a result, you can have them change on the fly, but you have to set up your paradigms in a way where all characters change to the other class. So, say you have Lightning with Paladin, Snow with Monk, and Sazh with Green Mage as your default set-up. You have to change all three characters' classes, requiring to you to put more strategy in your set-up.

I propose these class settings...

Lightning-Paladin/Dark Knight


Sazh-Green Mage/Gunner

Vanille-Black Mage/Thief

Hope-White Mage/Chemist


Jihl (she would use a rod)-Blue Mage/Gambler

Bartromy (he'd use a rifle)-Red Mage/Alchemist

-Make the whole l'Cie hunt not so highly broadcated, that way you could incorporate towns and more laidback moments but still require the party to maybe have to hurry.

-Remove Auto-Battle and give me control of all three characters. Other than that, give me more combat options, like maybe Front Row and Back Row choices (That could be change along with Paradigms) and more spells, skills, and items.

-Better writing. Oh, and make a more interesting villain.

-Explore the lore more and let us explore Pulse's history more.

-Give us a really shocking plot twist. Kill of a character or something but make it unexpected.

-Expand the weapon crafting system. Make us seek to create certain weapons to learn certain skills, requiring greater long-term planning.

-Make Nautilus like Gold Saucer.

-Allow us to explore all of Cocoon. Cocoon could've been really cool and futuristic but they ruined it by keeping us confined.

-More siequests. Chocobo Treasure Hunting could be loads of fun.

-And for the love of god, get rid of the Codex and just tell a straightforward narrative without making us do homework.

So, thoughts? How would you change FFXIII?

01-26-2013, 09:37 PM
What would I change:

- Random Battles, at least for the linear ways, Archylte is okay as it is
- A few places to rest with a few merchants, like you were able to run around in Nautilus but with more options and add more NPCs who can talk to you and who do not just start talking by crossing their way
- More different sidequests
- More ways to get Gil and not only useless items

Pete for President
01-27-2013, 09:21 AM
- Keep all environment art, music and creature designs.
- Vaporize all else.
- Hire quality plot writers and level-, character- and game designers.
- Start over.

My apologies for being a negativitron.

05-02-2013, 01:08 AM
Laddy's first post

So basically what you're saying is, you'd change the entire game. :p

Loony BoB
05-02-2013, 01:42 PM
Shorten some dungeons. Enhance the post-game. This can be done using such things as...

Chocobo racing minigame.

Ability to roam all areas of both Cocoon and Pulse post-game while you watch/talk to the people who are coming to terms with the changes.

Gathering/crafting minigame.

Ability to switch 'lead' character mid-battle (death of lead character causes forced change of lead character).

Exploration-rewarding minigame.

More Gran Pulse areas to explore, including an eventual discovery of non-hostile Gran Pulse habitants at a far corner of the world.

Monster Battle minigame, perhaps similar to Pokémon, perhaps similar to FFXIII-2.

Traversable world map.

Town developing minigame that leads to shops opening etc.

Two more characters - I'd go with Jihl and Serah, personally.

Actually, you know what? This is what FFXIII-2 should have been, plot-wise. The expanding of civilisation on Gran Pulse and the exploration and charting of Gran Pulse. Noel could easily have been added in somehow without getting involved with timey wimey stuff.

05-05-2013, 02:01 PM
- make a more deeper storyline
- keep the leveling up system but expand it and remove the limit that stops you from leveling the characters in some point of the game.
- add side quests; Ultima and Omega Weapons, Ultimate weapons, optional bosses
- add towns
- better appereance of weapons
- better antagonists and deeper involment of characters in the storyline along with antagonists

That is the general what would I change.