View Full Version : 'Final Fantasy XI' to come to PS Vita?

Night Fury
03-01-2013, 12:41 PM

There is now a very strange and interesting rumour flying around after a tweet was made from the official 'Final Fantasy XI' twitter yesterday.... "The heck is this... Is something starting up...?!"

It included this image...


And thus the speculation starts!

It was back in 2011 that is was first mentioned by Hiromichi Tanaka that Square-Enix may be interested in considering a straight port for Final Fantasy XI to go to PS Vita... but of course, it was a very wild rumour that only Square-Enix would be able to verify.

Either way, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough the truth about this rumour.

[Source: Something's Starting Up with Final Fantasy XI (http://kotaku.com/5987528/somethings-starting-up-with-final-fantasy-xi) ]

03-01-2013, 12:59 PM
I'm pretty sure they confirmed this to not happen not too long ago.

There's also nothing in that picture that hints at a PSV release. It just looks like either some of the existing areas, or some areas from the new expansion that is coming in like a month or two.

Night Fury
03-01-2013, 01:00 PM
Yes, they said it wouldn't be possible in June last year, but you know, time is moving on, you never know! ;)

03-01-2013, 01:02 PM
I think it's more an issue of "not profitable" than "not possible".

Night Fury
03-01-2013, 01:05 PM
Well you know it's just a rumour that's caused a big buzz. Even if it doesn't get a port for PS Vita, they're obviously up to something which I'm sure will be revealed in a few months.

03-01-2013, 01:06 PM
They're probably up to something, yeah. My money is on something that's related to the new expansion, seeing as it is just around the corner now. It is scheduled for a march or april release.