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03-07-2013, 06:30 PM
Right now, I just can't resist talking about this. I think Serah Farron has very cute armpits. In my earlier thread about Serah's sexiest outfits, I liked all of her sleeveless outfits, so that I can see her sleek, toned arms, shoulders, and cute armpits. Lightning also shows her armpits a number of times, both in this game and in the previous game, but although her armpits are good-looking too, Serah's armpits are much cuter than Lightning's armpits.

In this video, when she arrives in the Bresha Ruins, pause the video at about 6:55, and you can see Serah with her arm raised in the air, revealing her armpit:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 walkthrough (009-JP) AF005 - Captured for helping? Screw you PSICOM! - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBVVlkWIvVw)

There are also some pictures of Serah with her hands behind her head, showing her armpits, on Deviantart.

In her Style and Steel outfit in particular, I think it's easier to see if her armpits get sweaty. As she runs and fights in the game, I can imagine her armpits pumping out a lot of sweat... I just hope that she uses a strong deodorant that can keep her body odor at bay, LOL... (she probably does, but even then, she might not stink that bad...)

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Oh noes. I think Supermillionaire finally snapped and listened to secular music, and drank alcohol, and dropped and "F" word, guys. He seems to be going on the fritz.

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i mean she's cute and all, but that's not my thing. i'd much rather focus on my established "fun zones" on the female form. power to you for puttin' it out there though!

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Didn't you learn from the last time you talked about this that it's a recipe for disaster?