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03-09-2013, 08:08 PM
A while ago I bought FF IV: TCC because I got a PSP as a present, and it was surprising how much fun I had with a game I've played tons of times before. So I decided to try a 100% run of the game. I beat the game and the Lunar Ruins, and after those, it was time to fill up some holes:

- I got a 100% complete bestiary
- I got the Pink Tail and the Adamant Armour
- I got the 4 extra summons for Rydia (Bomb, Goblin, Cockatrice and Mindflayer)

So now I'm left wondering, is there anything else I overlooked? (Technically, I could go for adamant armours for everyone since I have about 2000 sirens or so, but...)

Funny note about that Mindflayer summon, too. I went to the Magnetic Cave to get him, if you use a siren there you always get in a battle with two Mindflayers. Spent the entire afternoon trying to get it to drop, tried more than 200 times, but nope, nothing. This evening, I try again. And after my first battle, bam, the summon drops. For a moment I didn't know if the game was mocking me or being generous. XD

Think I'm going to try solo Zeromus with Rydia now or something, just for fun. Maybe if I get another Adamant Armour, I'll try the same with Rosa. Then it's off to Interlude and The After Years.

03-09-2013, 10:55 PM
Have you completely beaten the Lunar Ruins? ie, have you completed every character's trial, and gotten every treasure both in the trials and on all the random floors? Some trials, especially Cecil's, require you to complete them multiple times to get every possible item.

And speaking of items, have you gotten every item in the game, including all the other rare drops besides the summons and Pink Tail? The Fat Chocobo inventory was increased in the PSP version, so you can now hold every item in the game, with room to spare.

Have you done all the other little side-quests, like getting the Knife, Excalibur, fighting and acquiring all the other summons, and exploring the wonders of the Developer's Room?

If you've done all that, you've probably done everything you can do in FFIV.

What about levels? Is everyone level 99? Are you a bad enough dude to go for perfect post-70 stat gains on every character (please say no)?

03-10-2013, 11:58 AM
Well, you can't have a full bestiary if you don't do all Lunar Trials, so yeah, I did those. I raided all treasure chests in the random floors. Kitchen Knife, Excalibur, Odin, Asura, Leviathan, Bahamut, all accounted for. Though now that you mention it, I got Cecil's best weapon on the first try of his trial, so I skipped on the flan sword. Might need to do it again. I even beat Brachioradios trice to give Cecil, Kain and Rydia a Hero Shield. I did visit the Developer's Room.

As for levels, they aren't lv 99 yet, but all (except Rydia) are around lv 90. But it's far too late now for perfect stats, and frankly I don't see the point. It's not as if doing that will give any kind of reward or make things easier, there's already nothing left in the game that can even pose a threat to me (seriously, 3 characters absorb all elemental damage, Rydia has adamant armour and all five characters are as good as immune to status effects). So if perfect stats are needed for a 100% game, I guess I won't get a 100% game, but in that case I don't mind. Perfect stats is where I draw the line.

One thing I noticed is that Rydia is SLOW when it comes to leveling up. Seriously! Everybody else is 90 or more, while she's still lingering at 85. I don't get it.

03-10-2013, 02:09 PM
So you're not too concerned with a complete inventory, then? Getting the summons and Pink Tails is the easy part, really. There are plenty of enemies that have items just as rare, and sometimes are much harder to fight, either because they can't be conveniently summoned with a Siren, or because they're just really powerful. Here's a list of all the rare drop items you may not have:

Cursed Ring - Souls and Spirits drop it as their rarest drop. Easiest place to get this is Mt. Ordeals.
Lilith Rod - Liliths drop it as their rarest drop. Easiest place to get this is also Mt. Ordeals.
Giant's Gloves - Steel Golems drop this as their semi-common drop. Easiest place to get this is Cave Eblan.
Rune Staff - Marionetteers, Sorcerers, Summoners, and Mist Summoners drop this as their semi-rare drop. Easiest place to get this would be either the Tower of Babil or Tower of Zot, but at the end of the game the only place you can get them is the Feymarch or the Lunar Ruins.
Summon Book - Marionetteers, Sorcerers, Summoners, and Mist Summoners drop this as their rarest drop. Easiest way to get one, however, is checking the bookshelf in the Sylph's house after obtaining Bahamut (sources vary on exactly what triggers the book to appear on the shelf, but this definitely will guarantee you've done everything to trigger it).
Stoneblade - Black Lizards drop this as their rarest drop. Easiest place to get this is roaming around the map in the Babil region of the Underworld.
Rune Axe - Armor Constructs and Armored Fiends drop this as their rarest drop, and the Iron Giant drops it as it's semi-rare drop. Easiest place to get this is the Lunar Subterrane from Armored Fiends (Iron Giants are just too rare to effectively farm)
Artemis Arrows and Artemis Bow - Common drop and rarest drop from Moonmaidens. Arrows aren't a problem, but the bow is what I feel to be the hardest item in the game to obtain, due to Moonmaidens not being Siren-able.
Wyvern Lance - Rarest drop from Blue Dragons, but semi-common drop from Red Dragons and Crystal Dragons. Easiest way to get this is farming Red Dragons in the final floors of the Lunar Subterrane (the crystal tiles).
Dragon Whisker - Semi-rare drop from Blue Dragons, but semi-common drop from Fiend Dragons. Fiend Dragons in the Lunar Ruins are the best bet for getting this.
Crystal Ring - Red Dragons and Crystal Dragons drop this as their rarest drop. Like the Wyvern Lance, easiest place to get this is the final floors of the Lunar Subterrane.
Power Sash - Behemoths drop this as the semi-rare drop and King Behemoths drop this as their semi-common drop. Behemoths on the final floors of the Lunar Subterrane are easier to farm than Kings due to Kings being very rare.
Glass Mask - Deathmasks and Proto Deathmasks drop this as their rarest drop. Deathmasks are actually easier to farm due to be Siren-able and being easier to kill due to wasting an extra turn casting Reflect on the party.

That should be every other rare drop in the game worth obtaining. If this is too much work for tyou, don't even attempt to go for a 100% inventory or Tail-hunting in general in The After Years. It's 10x worse in that game due to there being no Sirens, waaay more rare drops, and much stricter requirements for Tail-dropping enemies to appear.

03-10-2013, 03:15 PM
I managed to get the Rune Staff, completely by accident during my normal playthrough. Still have it stored somewhere... I think I managed to nab the Stoneblade, too, but I sold it later on.

The biggest problem I have with item farming is that it doesn't really serve much purpose. Aside from the Glass Mask, I think, none of the equipment dropped is better than what you can find in the Lunar Ruins, or an Adamant Armour. I mean, yeah, sure, the four extra summons have no real use either, but they at least complete Rydia's magic list. Farming items just for having them doesn't really seem to give any reward, or satisfaction, since at this point none of them are any use. So I think I'll draw the line there.

No sirens in the After Years? And even more tails to farm than just the Pink Tail? Maaan, that's gonna suck...

03-10-2013, 04:26 PM
Well, the Crystal Rings are by far the best armlet/ring/gauntlet type armor in the game, so if being as powerful as possible is your only concern when hunting items, you can't pass a couple of them up. Cursed Rings are the only way besides the Hero's Shield to absorb elemental damage, so they are useful in that regard. Many of the other drops are still the strongest weapons or armor of their type, or if outclassed by new Lunar Ruin gear, still have properties that make them very useful in certain battles or with certain setups.

And yeah, TAY is a nightmare for completionists. There are ten other tails besides the Pink Tails (Blue, Red, Green, White, Black, Ebony, Gold, Purple, Gray, and Rainbow), and all of them are much more annoying to get than the Pink Tail ever was. And don't even get me started on the Phase gear...

And the annoyance factor goes for the bestiary too. There's so, so, many missable entries, entries that require you to pull the Barnabas-Z trick to get (fighting an enemy your not suppose to kill to get their entry, saving on a separate file, then restarting the old file with that entry now on it), entries that are a pain to spawn (moon phases are the prime annoyance factor here), enemies that have up to five different variations (like Flamehound1, Flamehound2, Flamehound3, etc), and one entry in particular that requires you to replay almost the entire final dungeon (which is the longest in the entire series) AND beat one of the hardest battles in the game to get. If you're serious about 100% TAY bestiary, don't even attempt it without a guide by your side for that specific purpose.

Also, Interlude is notorious for having a ridiculously tricky bestiary to complete if you don't have a guide letting you know where and when and what to fight, since you're constantly going from one non-revisitable location to the next, and there are odd random encounters hidden all over the place.