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03-13-2013, 03:14 AM
What do you imagine them to look like? Feed me your thoughts.

I'm considering stepping outside my comfort zone by attempting to draw them myself. If I work up the nerve, I'll open a new thread in Relm's Studio.
I have an idea already of what Loghrif the Transcendant would look like. His name makes me think the word griffin, but then I consider that logh can be pronounced like loff and I looked up similar names, coming across Loughrey whose coat of arms has apparently a griffin... so yeah. Embracing the running theme of scions that are all basically humanoid in appearance (except for Mateus which is a butterfly with a humanoid sorceress attached), I imagine Loghrif to bear a resemblance to Angeal Penance from Crisis Core who is basically a rip on Ultima WEAPON.

I considered the possibility Pashtarot could look like Genesis Avatar (yes, kind of stuck on Crisis Core here) due to his title as Knight-Star and Avatar's heavily armored form with a ginormous blade. But then I remembered Sydney from Vagrant Story whose last name is Losstarot and thought some points of his design could be incorporated into what Pashtarot would look like (especially since only Avatar's torso is really seen)... of course I know next to nothing about Sydney aside from what I can read online which doesn't seem to be much.

03-16-2013, 01:39 AM
I'm surprised these scions of light aren't even mentioned to be fair. Only in the bestiary entries of the espers. Shame really.