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E3 2013 - What Do You Wish to See from E3?

June 10th Press Event - June 11th-13 Publicly

*Fair-Warning Alert! Massive Read!
Published: 6.2.2013

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E3 is coming! E3 is coming! with E3 coming and soon here, you all know what that means? more games, more fun, and sweet presentations that have lots of free swag/stuff when you attend the Californian LA Electronic Entertainment Expo, especially when you got to the big three Conferences from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. You can't help but be almost as excited as I am. With the big conference being held June 11-13th for the public and the 10th of June for the Press where both Sony and Microsoft intend to show their wares, prices and release dates off. Where as Nintendo will hold only a booth presence this time and a separate conference later. Below I will discuss the big three Video Game Industry Giants and what I might expect from each when we talk Vid-Games.

(Wanna skip the read? then here is a Question for you at the bottom!)

Microsoft owns the Xbox name and everyone who has owned a Xbox and/or a 360 can tell you that they usually enjoyed playing the games on the big software giant's machines, at least in my experiance. They have promised that "Xbox One will have 15 Microsoft Exclusives in its first year." Well what in the world does that mean? It means we could see games that have been long thought dormant come back as new IPs like RARE's Banjo & Kazooie, Conquer, Perfect Dark, and Kameo. Other known Microsoft properties are the Mech-Assault franchise, Lionhead's Fable (4?), Age of Empires, and 343's now owned Halo Wars along with everything else that is Halo. Which Robot Entertainment maker of Orcs Must Die & ODM2 maintains patches for Halo Wars. All of which would be unique, interesting and refreshing to see instead of just thought to be collecting dust. On Top of that if anyone noticed that Microsoft is slowly integrating the former company employees from its other former establishments like Ensemble Studios and FASA. On top of which has been hiring more frequently than usual. Now there is a Xbox Entertainment Studio crew that is unknown as what it will function as, 1st party Developers perhaps? Interesting Indeed. We shall see what becomes of them soon June 10th.

Ah, our great & big Elder Brother Nintendo, who always seems to be watching what is going on in the Video Game's Industry closely. Love them or hate them. Nintendo is largely responsible for 1st party series like Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Kirby, Yoshi, Super Smash Brothers and as is also responsible for the reboot in the video games industry with the NES, which stood for Nintendo Entertainment System. Of course, this year looks to be exciting for Nintendo with the many games to debut at the Nintendo Press-Conference. Nintendo themselves have said that they will be almost a no show or at least not doing the big show during E3 while still maintaining a booth floor presence. They also said that certain Best Buy stores will have their E3 game demos for the Wii U at over 100 specific locations during E3, to bring a part of E3 to you. The news came from Satoru Iwata the head International President of Nintendo himself who now oversees and has replaced Reggie's role at Nintendo of America.

Much of this happened during a Nintendo Direct message, which has become Nintendo's favorite way to communicate with its fellow Gamers/Customers. Now as for where I feel Nintendo themselves have struggled for two console generations to grab the much longed for 3rd party support with both the Wii and Gamecube, like they did with the N64. The Wii U seems to be on a turnabout just like Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Nintendo themselves are innovators of gaming and when they are not innovating anything, you cant deny that they cannot do any wrong. Well except maybe arguably apart from the GameCube's "Wind-Waker" for the blonde cartoon version of Link and the lefty version of Link in "Twilight Princess" both on the Game-Cube which are some of the notable polarizing things Nintendo has ever done. Aside that I have personally had no qualms with Nintendo themselves about their software decisions, also for the record on a side note- I do wonder if link has omni-dexterity.

It will certainly be interesting what they have lined up for both the Wii U and 3DS. More recently and notable, if you hadn't caught the memo, this year is; "The Year of Luigi" meaning that lots of Luigi games and content are coming soon, which the titles 3DS Luigi's Mansion and Super Luigi Bros. U as a DLC addition and a separate standalone game is apart of it. If there is anything this year I would like to see from Nintendo it was indeed some Luigi love which felt long overdue and as for other things, I would of course welcome a full Wii version of Super Smash Brothers w/full on Wii-Pro & Wii-Pro U controller support and anything else they cant throw my way. it will be interesting to see how the Wii U lineup of games will fair and what surprises and wonderment that Nintendo has been cooking up for both its handheld and console line.

Well, despite my personal sunny disposition (just like that of Marvin the depressed robot from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) with Sony on how they seem to running things, for once this year I can’t say that they didn’t try to appeal to us as gamers but all that sweet talk means nothing to me if they don't have something worth while showing at E3 and the one thing Microsoft did do right that Sony did not at a “Hardware” specific press event was to show off the console but neither company has been ready to reveal a date or price range. Even though Microsoft did clearly say “sometime this holiday season” which for them is usually November but starts in September. Okay, so now that that personal comparison is done.... back to Sony themselves! (for the most part) :]

Sony has had a long time in the hardware industry making various electronics and still has one of the best R&D tech labs in the world, they even invented OLED and some other very smart innovative technologies that might make your geek senses tingle. The most notable work that Sony has had was when they created the personal Sony “walk-man” the portable music radio, then tape/cassette player, and later a CD player line. It still widely popular and well-known to those whom have owned one. As it was the number one portable music brand name device of its time, that is until Mp3 came along recently and after which I have no idea what befell it, now it's Apple you hear of largely in that market. Sony usually has been going with the trademark slogan “Make.Believe” rather recently and their marketing style is usually more outgoing to say the least than that of the actual product advertised just like Axe deodorant commercials get to be.

So they tend over hype their products and ride on the brand name that is Sony, not that the end product being the game or their own console is bad or even that Sony is terrible just some time its just overpriced only because it is the Sony brand. It’s also just that they seems to struggle with a proper marketing scheme during the lifespan of it’s PS3. Sony wants to become the center of your living-space as a multimedia hub, and to do that they have slowly added various services since the launch of the PS3. PSN being the first notable step forward to delivering these grandiose experiences to you if you have a internet connection, which I assume you would be using Internet to view this. After that PS Store made its debut and finally, Streaming Apps like Netlfix or Hulu+. Sony does offer a different experience from its competitors. So I only want the PS4 to have a solid proper working headset/mic in the box both that and a better marketing team which Sony has seemingly already fulfilled.

As for the new Marketing Team hopefully they being the 3rd ones to my knowledge in the PS3 lifespan won’t screw up timing for the advertisement of new game trailers for the games before they come out, sometimes there has been not a single trailer for quite a few games that I have had interest in. Which has led to almost more than half of my PS3 library to be purchased after it’s release and missing out on some good promotional offers for Pre-Order on day one (ouch, considering it was a goal to show my support that Gen). When it comes down to it the new PS4 will be unveiled, more games will be unleashed and aside all that the new PS4-DualShock controller is finally spaced a bit farther apart and made a bit longer on it’s side-grip/handles, as well the triggers are finally also addressed. One last wish is that they adapt to add the ever promised party chat system like that of the 360 had, as it will only make sense going forward.

There are many things I feel personally Sony can do to improve itself as a whole and departmentally. There have been many times I have gotten frustrated with my PS3 and its “inferior (512MB total) of ram” whereas the PS4 more than makes up for this, I just wish it was 16Gbs of DDR3 Ram as opposed to the 8-GB GDDR5 hybrid of “shared-ram” space (you did it again Sony, whoops! looks like another possible shot in the foot), which is total overkill on a console, but seeing as it is supposed to last as long as the PS3 shall for ten years. Let just hope that the new hardware doesn’t get in the way of how we wish to play and develop for this beast.

One last thing, I had a train of thought before so I have been re-writing this part with mostly my experience with Sony thus far. So it sounds and reads a bit more personal than needed. I know that Sony has been trying here in the US market and that everywhere else its pretty much succeeded in meeting its goals. If I remember right its PS3 sales worldwide number 74 Million while the Xbox 360 is in fact 76 Million.

As for those like myself that Develop for a job it will be interesting how Sony might conduct itself with all game developers, so far many report the sunny side of Sony and like the approach, while the legal side is not oh so friendly the last time I checked for the PS3.

If you read the policies on terms, agreements and use of exclusives and development which are ugly worded to get your game as timed exclusives- ugh (*face-palm). If they can fix and overcome the nasty side of business they run with its exclusive based policies and represent their products properly, treat everyone in a timely friendly manner equally- (as they seem to be doing currently, I dont know yet) a lot of that can change for the better in-order to allow both it’s Customer and Developers to co-exist in blissful harmony. Some may find this to be hard but I’ve had way better experiences with my 360 over PS3 as a Customer needing help or service. That I hope will change with the PS4 and alot of other cool things I hope to come from Sony, which normally I expect nothing but now I expect them to at least act like they give a darn about us as Gamers and Devs. It’s community in which it thrives will be its own undoing or its redemption for me. I’m holding out hope for redemption. After all I'm going to let bygones be bygones finally with Sony since Sega is not coming back (my grudge w/Sony should be obvious). Yet. Maybe not ever sadly. Anyway, we will see what becomes of them soon starting June 10th.

What do you wish to see at E3?
Optional: Will you visit E3? if so what will you go see first? why?

See; Wikipedia for a List (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E3_2013) of expected titles and attendees(publisher/devs).

PS: I'm just excited all around this time there is something for everyone and the new games I'm hearing about sound fantastic. No need to pick a side and spout console war nonsense here. Everyone as always, is welcome to their opinion. i hope you have enjoyed my post. :D

06-02-2013, 04:17 PM
i hope they'll have video game trailers!

06-02-2013, 04:26 PM
Ooo and live demos are always fun. :]

06-02-2013, 04:43 PM
We have some stuff planned for E3 here at EoFF so... this is going to sound so cheesey... keep your eyes on Eyes on Final Fantasy.

06-02-2013, 04:54 PM
Well in that case I tried. Also that is not really cheesy but more of semi-confusing. I just thought that I would share my E3 post that I do every year and share that w/EoFF.

06-02-2013, 05:56 PM
No by all means feel free to carry on posting. I'm just dropping in here to say we have some stuff planned. :D

06-02-2013, 06:15 PM
Well, okay. Then please don't hijack my post. ;]

So are you interested in anything Pre-E3, Aulayna?

06-02-2013, 08:02 PM
Nintendo has said they wont have a press conference so that'll be sad :(

06-02-2013, 08:09 PM
I will miss Nintendo's amazing presence there too, also if you are attending the event you are obviously working among the game's industry community. Its also sad that the ESA wont allow the public to go in anymore. it's a pretty fun and unique experience.

When I say publicly 11-13th those are the days that E3 will be holding the event to the games industry community and public (Tv or otheriwise). The press themselves have a separate day it would seem.

if I remember right they said last year in 2012 was the last publicly held venue. I can proudly say I was there.:love:

06-02-2013, 10:10 PM
I unfortunately couldn't weasel SE for paying for me to go and I can't pay for it so No E3 from us Editors this time around. Maybe next year?

06-02-2013, 11:46 PM
I'll hopefully make the trip next year. Sadly can't afford it due to a certain other trans-atlantic trip I have to make in November. :(

Part of me really hopes the KH3 rumors are true but... it's unlikely.

06-02-2013, 11:46 PM
I unfortunately couldn't weasel SE for paying for me to go and I can't pay for it so No E3 from us Editors this time around. Maybe next year?

Well that would be cool to see you guys on floor at E3 picking at the minds of SE to see if they have learned from past choices and experiences at all. Like say for example, expecting Tomb Raider to be selling more than it would/did. Personally I tend to be busy but I catch up on the major events as it unfolds while waiting. It'd be also great if you could interview SE for a development dairy piece on FF14 to FF14ARR as the retail version. It'd make a great story. :]

On a side note, I cant make promises but next year I might snag a few (extra) passes. So maybe some of the lucky EoFF members/staff can have a chance to contest for them, unless I should just pick someone by default.


I'll hopefully make the trip next year. Sadly can't afford it due to a certain other trans-atlantic trip I have to make in November. http://forums.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/frown.gif

Part of me really hopes the KH3 rumors are true but... it's unlikely.

Mind. Blown. Whoa~! (Fonz impression) KH3 please! <3