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Rate your charcaters in order. Reason paragraph optional.

10. Amarant. I think Amarant was a good contrast to the rest of the cast. He was an interesting character, and I liked a lot of the interactions he has with the other characters. He wasn't a super important character, and the game didn't focus on him much, so he's number 10 on my list.

9. Kuja. Kuja was an interesting villain. You see him start out as a cool, composed character, in control of the situation. As the story progresses you see him deteriorate and lose some of that control. I think it was interesting to watch the character change and evolve from not being the main villain (the game starts out focusing more on Brahne as the antagonist IMO) to being the destroyer of an entire planet.

8. Eiko. What I like about Eiko is how open and honest she is with herself. She knows who she is, faults and strengths, and considering her age and what she's been through, she's a very strong character. Not many would be able to go through what she has and stay tough and positive. She could be annoying at times though.

7. Garnet. Garnet is a sweet girl and she develops well through the game. She tries hard to do what she thinks is right, even though it doesn't always work out. She is kind and cares about her friends. She had some very touching and signifigant moments in the game. I can identify with her trying to do good, but feeling helpless and hopeless at times. But even after moments of weakness, she keeps fighting for what she thinks is right.

6. Beatrix. Beatrix gets a fair amount of development in the game. I respect her confidence and strength. She worked hard to get to where she is. She has a good head on her shoulders, and questions the morality of her orders. In the end, she does what she thinks is right and protects her Queen and her Kingdom.

5. Freya. Freya's story is pretty much only present in one part of the game, and then she kind of drops off the map as far as signifigance. It's a shame, because she's an interesting character. She's similar to Beatrix in that she fights for her Kingdom. She presses forward even after Cleyra is destroyed and she finally finds her long lost love only to find out he can't remember who she is. She cares for her firends and is a good display of strength and perserverance.

4. Zidane. Zidane is the classic do-gooder upbeat hero. We see a bit more depth in the character as the game goes on. He isn't the typical knight type, he's a thief. He has no home, he just tries to find a place where he belongs. He supports his friends in his own way, and is always there for them when they need him. He had a great moment in Pandemonium when he lets his weakness get the best of him for a while, only to be picked up by his friends, like he had done for them throughout the game.

3. Steiner. The first time I played this game, I didn't like Steiner. Slowly after each playthrough though, I like him more and more. He starts off as an annoying, dweeby, stick in the mud. But as you go on, you see he has a big heart. He cares for the Princess and his friends immensly. When he finds out he was fighting for something he didn't believe in, he wasn't too prideful to admit he was wrong. He adapted and began to stand up for what he felt strongly about, and for Garnet. Despite the changes the character goes through, he still stays Steiner.

2. Quina. Quina brings a unique flavor to the game. I think s/he is a successful comedy relief, from questionning eating the Regent, to his threats of eating the enemies. He has a positive, hopeful attitude that I admire. I always found the character useful and fun to play. I always wanted to see what Quina was up to in the ATE's. Seeing what kind of situations s/he had gotten into this time.

1. Vivi. I absolutely love Vivi. I think he is the perfect example of owning your faults. He starts out unsure and unconfident and progresses into a badass black mage. He learns about the world and life through the game, and deals with it wonderfully. He stays strong while being identifiably weak at the same time. He faces his own death and goes on, head held high, fighting to make the world a better place while he's still in it. He is kind and caring to his friends and strangers, and it is a joy watching him mature and grow as the game goes on.

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1 Kuja- Emotional, thought-provoking villain, misunderstood soul, and has badass " We Will Rock You " type theme song.

2 Zidane- One of the best Final Fantasy leads that Square has ever produced. Brave, kind, noble and unselfish.

3 Vivi- If you don't know why Vivi is awesome then go home because you are drunk.

4 Eiko- A little bratty, but highly intelligent and clever, outgoing and a awesome White Mage and Summoner.

5 Beatrix- She's like a mixture of Celes Chere and Cecil Harvey mixed together, that is just too awesome for words.

6 Lani- She was a little obnoxious but I liked her deadly girl assassin style and massive sword that would make Cloud Strife piss his pants.

7 Blank- Blank was a nice NPC/ slight playable character in some parts, he was rather mysterious, aloof and just rather cool.

8 Garnet- At first she breaks the stereotypical Princess mold but then later on she... becomes the stereotypical Princess mold. However she's not a bad character by any means, just a bit of a let down and I admire her strength to overcome the trout and loss that she goes through.

9 Steiner- I sort of feel that Steiner is a bit of a git. However he does have a clownish, comic relief side to his character which does add to some good laughs within the game and he does change his ways and his ignorant ways towards Zidane. He's a bit like Wakka from FFX, but actually good and much more likable.

10 Quina- Quina was just a fun comic relief character that lighten up the game a little bit, and she's/ he's Blue Magic can be handy in battle. But that's it really.

11 Amarant- Why the smurf was he even there ? I think Square wanted to go for the " Vincent " " Squall " type character, but they failed miserably, he was just a huge waste of space that could of easily been filled by the more deserving Beatrix. I can understand that he's sort of the opposite of Zidane and tries to prove that his beliefs and morals are right and not Zidane's, but it's like one scene... and it's done too subtly.

Don't know where to place- Freya. Freya is sort of in middle ground of the placing because her depressive personality can annoy me really easily, however she's a a smart, caring and wise mouse knight and a impressive Dragoon in battle, just her " My Boyfriend left eight or something years ago " really annoys me, because others have gone through so much worse and she acts like it's the end of the world. To be honest I don't really like her, but at the same time I do admire some things about her character.

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My list is as follows:
1- Vivi for obvious reasons
2- Freya, her lover forgot about her and she continued to fight and an awesome fighter at that
3- tied at 3 the two summoners Eiko and Garnet
4- Steiner and Beatrix the lovely warrior couple
5- Quina, I think it's a she. She eats frogs and is one of the funniest characters around
6- Zidane, yes he's the main character, yes he has a cool tail, but you have to admit he's kind of annoying
7- Everyone else, they're just ultimately forgettable in my oppinion

09-10-2013, 10:59 PM
1. Vivi, because Vivi
3. Everyone else

09-11-2013, 03:09 PM
1. Vivi
2. Freya
3. Zidane.
4. Quina
5. Dagger
6. Steiner
7. Amarant
8. Eiko

I like all the characters so these rankings were hard.

10-26-2013, 11:49 PM
1. Kuja
2. Vivi
3. Steiner
4. Zidane
5. Baku
6. Garnet
7. Freya
8. Amarant
9. Eiko

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*snatches pumpkin*

Right place, right time.

Now I've got my 2. Guess I have to sit out, haha.

Black Magic Shopkeeper
12-01-2013, 01:49 PM
It kinda confuses and annoys me to see there are a lot of guys that dislike Zidane... and yet they're totally in favor of the less-than-reasonable main characters (not naming any names...)
But yeah Zidane has to be my #1 fav.
Vivi comes in second-- what a shock! Normally he's the top favorite.
And then Garnet right after that.
Quina is downright fun
Freya is a doll and a cool cat (actually she's a rat but you know what I mean)
Steiner is a good buttmonkey
and I'm kinda meh about Eiko.
...Amarant, too.
Beatrice? ... Jee, I guess she belongs on the most badass ladies list.
And Kuja is just downright flambuoyant.
...Where's Blank?

12-02-2013, 12:36 AM
1.) Vivi
2.) Garnet
3.) Zidane
4.) Steiner

12-06-2013, 06:49 PM
10) Quina - Atmosphere breaking, 'humour'

9-4) Everyone except Steiner Beatrix and Vivi

3-1) Steiner, Beatrix and Vivi tied for equal awesome

12-10-2013, 04:15 AM
I can't participate in this thread. I LOVE THEM ALL THEY ARE ALL NUMBER 1

12-31-2013, 05:17 PM
I think shion's list is actually pretty great, but I'd make a couple of tweaks.

1. Quina
2. Steiner
3. Beatrix
4. Vivi
5. Zidane
6. Garnet
7. Kuja
8. Freya
9. Eiko
10. Amarant

Probably the lowest anyone will have Vivi. Don't get me wrong, I love the little guy, but I thought the other three characters were just brilliant and fun. On the other end of the scale, Amarant was dull, as was Freya, and Eiko was annoying.