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06-23-2013, 02:10 PM
So I just beat the game. It's been a long journey, but Kefka's finally gone.

First off, this is an amazing game. While I still wouldn't rank it higher than the other FF games, I can definitely see why people like it so much. All the characters are likeable, the soundtrack is pure awesome (duh) and the atmosphere is overall very good. I played this game mostly without a guide, though at times a friend of mine who also played the game told me specific things - like how to make Shadow survive.

Still, there were quite a few times when I just didn't feel like continuing. In fact, the first time I got the game on PSN, I played until the first save point, saved and left the game for about half a year. At the time, I couldn't get used to the graphics since I was so used to FF7+ and the lack of a spoils screen after battle also really disturbed me for some reason. Eventually I got more into the pre-PSX graphics and re-approached the game. I played until South Figaro and stopped again. At this point, my friend started playing the game as well on his mobile using a GBA emulator. He gave it to me as well and that's when I really started playing the game. He told me that I stopped "right before the game gets awesome" and looking back, he was right. The triple scenario - Sabin's in particular - is where the game got really amazing.

Eventually, when I got the airship in the World of Ruin, I started slacking again. I found a couple of party members but eventually, it got kind of frustrating knowing that there was a whole world with millions of things to explore and find - and I knew nothing about it. When I found the Ancient Castle, I stopped playing again because I had heard that you could get Raiden there but couldn't for the life of me figure out how. It was months later that I saw it in a YouTube video and my god did I feel cheated. I really thought "how the fuck was I supposed to know that!?" Moments later I got back to Figaro, talked to a librarian and noticed that he gave you a hint about this exact secret. Figures.

This is where I started using guides and soon enough, I had all 14 party members and most of the optional magicites (though I missed Zona Seeker in the World of Balance). I got to Kefka's Tower and of course, stopped. I just didn't feel like playing at all anymore. I hadn't spoiled myself the rest of the dungeon though I did know generally what the ending was going to be. It's only when I convinced my brother to play the game as well and when Darkkefka got to this point in his LP of the game that I finally got around to finishing the game. Awesome ending.

I kinda regret stopping so frequently. It just didn't keep my interest. There were a lot of little things that really killed motivation to continue playing and at times, they just got the better of me. Getting petrified during the timed mission to save the kid from the collapsing house was not fun. Continously getting put up against Typhon in the Coliseum while betting random stuff also got annoying.

One thing I really don't like about this game is the character building system. I hate stat boosts on level-up. I didn't pay attention to them until I was about Level 45 and then I felt like I really missed out and like I was way weaker than I should be and that sucked. At least I made up for it with my obsession with having every character learn almost every spell and thus having multiple characters capable of spamming Ultima. Turns out it was never really required but it still left a sour taste and I hate it when I get permanently screwed in a game because I picked a wrong choice.

That's pretty much the only major thing I didn't like, though. The game was a joy to play through and Kefka is definitely one of my favorite villains of the series. Shadow ended up being my favorite character in the game when I read about his backstory and his bit in the ending made me teary. I have yet to play the game a second time which usually adds to the experience of a Final Fantasy game a whole lot, but I think I'll let it rest for now. I still got a lot of catching up to do and FF IV is the next on my list.

Do you remember the first time you played through the game? When it was done, how did you look back on it?

06-23-2013, 02:34 PM
I haven't actually finished it yet (I have game ADD and will eventually return, so it isn't uncommon for me to stop playing a game for a year and start back up) but I was enjoying it. The characters were all likeable, the story was interesting, the antagonist was interesting. I liked how the abilities were tied to the summons. I'm a huge fan of customization and being able to choose which characters learn which abilities through summons was great. I'm looking forward to playing more of it.

06-27-2013, 12:11 AM
I was in middle school when I finished it for the first time. Absolutely brilliant game, with a story that's really well executed, epic music (that's on the duh files) and a gameplay that didn't make you wanna rip your hair out. (FFIV I look at you)
The opera part was what stood out the most for me, along with Leo's talk with Terra on the ship (and then Shadow's wise muses..and then Locke vomitblocking but I digress) for some reason.

What can I say? Great game with a simple yet elegant ending.