06-29-2013, 11:00 PM
Hi, I'm shion. Long time listener first time player. Actually I started playing about a week ago and haven't gotten very far so I have started over to do a Let's Play :jess:. I hope you enjoy!

So the game starts off with Cecil and the Red Wings returning to Baron after killing some innocent people to get the Water Crystal. There's a few fights in which Cecil badassedly one hit KO's them all. We arrive in Baron.

Cecil arrives feeling remourseful, as he should, and guy who's name I forget warns the king that Cecil is turning against him. So Cecil goes in and tells the king he has some concerns and gets demoted. But he is still apparently expected to do stuff so I get a ring and get sent on my way. Kain talks to Cecil about becoming a Dragoon because of his father or something and tells me to go to bed.

But before I can (killing innocent people is exhausting) I run into big bearded Cid who confirms that the king is indeed a psychopath. BUT HE WASN'T ALWYAS THAT WAY. Or whatever. So I head up to bed and Rosa, Cecil's not girlfriend/girlfriend comes over and expresses her concern. After Cecil finishes acting like a two year old he confesses that he feels remorse for what he did, but he is a Dark Knight and maybe one day he won't feel any remorse at all. She basically tells him it isn't true and she loves him and runs leaves. Cecil also makes a comment about how they can never be together because he is a Dark Knight. I didn't know Dark Knight's had such strict dating rules.

Morning comes and it is time for Kain and Cecil to be on their way to the village of Mist or something.

Let's add some color.
Party: Cecil, Kain
Window color: Mauve

I go to Baron city first, home of the Baron, and buy some junk. The weapon and armor stores are sadly closed, which I imagine isn't good for business. So we head on our way to the Northwest (thank you random townsperson) and into a cave with some chests.

There's really not much to the cave. It's pretty short going. A few fights here, a few there. soon we are told to turn back. I would, mysterious voice, but if I do that I can't progress with the game. I choose to ignore the warnings and soon

Boss Fight: Mist Dragon

It's a dragon. That turns into mist. And when it does I can't attack it and it counters with bad stuffs. So after a short while the dragon is defeated. We leave the cave and head towards the little village.

We arrive in the village and the thingy that the king gave me reacts and some bombs appear and do some weird circular ritual dance (I assume) and the village all turns red, I think to illustrate it being on fire. I don't now, I'm not an expert. Cecil and Kain kinda stand there the whole time before reacting and realizing that, hey, this isn't cool. They hear a little girl crying and go check it out.

The little green haired girl tells us that someone killed her moms dragon, which by extension killed her. Cecil feels bad and tells her he didn't know that would happen. Kain tells of a people who can summon, called summoners (good call, Kain) and after a little mini argument between Kain and Cecil, Cecil tries to get the little girl to come with him. To protect her or something. She shockingly doesn't want to travel with the two men who killed her mother and summons Titan who causes a massive earthquake. Cecil wakes up with the little girl and Kain nowhere in sight. He takes the little girl with him to find some help.

We cross the desert and find a little mini town conveniently placed next to a lake. He brings her straight to the Inn and they go to sleep. For free (yeeeeeaaahhhh). They are awoken, rudely, in the middle of the night, by some guard wanting to kill the little girl. He defeats them and checks on her. She finally tells him her name is Rydia.

And that's all for now. Stay tuned!

06-30-2013, 01:08 AM
oooh. I'll make sure to add this to my Let's Play list, along with Yeru's V playthrough!

06-30-2013, 01:11 AM
I can't wait for you to see what happens to Paladin Cecil.

I am sure




07-01-2013, 04:16 AM
Party: Cecil, lv. 12, Rydia, lv. 2
Window Color: Green

Okay so we are all rested up. Which means SHOPPING TIME. After some equipment buying, I leave town and go northeast-ish and come across an old man with a funky hairdo. He calls me crazy and sends me back to town. So I return to town and Cecil's lady friend Rosa is in some strangers house, sick with the desert fever. Luckily the strange man in the room with her informs me that I need a sand ruby from the Antlion's Cave to cure the desert fever. I check the bookshelf next to him which says Desert Fever Cure: Sand Ruby, or something equally as obvious. Suddenly the wise man who told me this doesn't seem so wise anymore.

So I return to the cave thingy to the northeast and the man who previously called me crazy has decided he needs my help fighting an octopus thing. He needs to get through the cave to get to Damcyan, because his daughter eloped with a bard, which are known for their treachery and bad influence. So back to town for some more shopping. Now that we have finished with that, we head through the cave. And head through the cave some more. And some more. And some more. The old man, Tellah, and Cecil talk about Rydias magic potential over a save point as she sleeps. And then more cave stuff. Then we get out of the cave......... and enter another cave. Conveniently enough, this cave has Hades style equipment for Cecil just laying around all over the place! We continue until we come across a big water fall

Boss Fight: Octomammoth

This fight is pretty easy, just attack with Cecil, Thunder with Tellah, and Chocobo with Rydia, and all is well. We go through the waterfall and out of the cave (finally).

We walk about out merry way and LOOK, a castle :jess:. Oh and some airships. Oh and... okay nevermind. So it was nice of them to wait for my arrival before destroying the place. SO we go into the castle and people are dead and treasure chests are open and it is sadness all around. Tellah finds the bard that his daughter left with and gets into a fight. He calls him a spoony bard and I laugh. What's even better is instead of using his more powerful magic, he's there hitting him with his staff and doing all of 18 damage at a time. Eventually Tellah's daughter tells him to stop, and then she dies.

Prince Bardigan (that's my name for him) cries and tells the party about Golbez, the sudden psycho leader of the Red Wings, who just destroyed the castle to get the crystal. Tellah rages and leaves the party, determined to kill Golbez by himself. Bardigan cries and Cecil gives him a slap to snap him out of it. He then joins my party.

07-01-2013, 05:34 PM
screen caps, please!

07-01-2013, 05:34 PM
I has no screencaps :(

07-01-2013, 07:06 PM
That`s fine, your write-ups are better anyway.

Plus I`ve been playing through this game repeatedly for 20 years so I don`t need help visualizing it.

07-01-2013, 11:30 PM
Do you want some help on helping battles flow a little easier? I know many things about this game that some may not.

07-02-2013, 01:36 AM
Sure, I'm always happy to learn new stuff :).

07-05-2013, 07:48 PM
Paryt: Cecil lv.15, Rydia lv.12, Edward lv.5
Window Color: Red

So we head on over to the Antlion cave and get some treasures and Edward gets a new harp and stuff. The gave isn't as long as the last place I was, so I am happy about this. We go down a bunch of stairs and Edward tells us that this is where we will find the sand ruby. He goes ahead and helps himself and tells us that it's okay because the Antlion is usually super cool. But then he gets attacked! Gasp! So we have a

Boss Fight: Antlion

The fight is also quite simple. Attack with Cecil, Chocobo with Rydia. I had reserved Edward for healing, but I didn't actually need to use him, so he was mostly just hiding. After a while, the fight was over.

Comments are made about how the Antlion isn't usually mean and Cecil remarks how there are more and more monsters and they seem to be changing their demeanor.

We head back to that place where Rosa is sick and give her the sand ruby. I'm not 100% sure how this works. I just chose it and things went yellow and now she's okay. She was worried and thought Cecil was dead (he isn't) and tells us that Golbez probably wants all of the crystals for himself and we otter probably stop him.

She puts Rydia on spot and asks if she's learned Fire yet, which she hasn't. It's funny because I had been wandering around the Antlion Cave at one point wondering when she was going to learn Fire. I didn't care too much though, because I'm not a huge fan of Fire personally, but I figure it would come in handy at some point.

Like now! Apparently Mt. Iforgetwhatitscalled has ice blocking it and we need to get past there. So off we head, pretty close to where the Antlion Cave was, for fun mountain climbing and other physical recreational activities.

07-05-2013, 08:53 PM
When do the boss battles get harder? So far all it's been is "Easy. Attack with Cecil. Chocobo with Rydia." :p

07-05-2013, 09:00 PM
I'm hoping soon, maybe.

07-06-2013, 02:42 AM
Actually, which version of the game is it? If it's the original SNES version it'll get harder I guess, but that version is substantially easier than just about every other version.

07-06-2013, 03:29 AM
It's the Nintendo DS version. I've been spending hours building up my characters and a few people have told me it isn't even necessary :P.

EDIT: Actually it's the GBA version. I'm just playing it on my DS.

07-07-2013, 04:22 AM
Party: Cecil lv.17, Rydia lv.14, Edward lv.12, Rosa lv.10
Window Color: Pink

So we head on over to Mt. Something, and Rosa tells Rydia to chant the fire spell. Rydia refuses saying she hates fire because of what happened to her village. They tell her how she's helped so many people and she can help more people by getting rid of the ice that is strangely blocking the entrance to the Mountain, and only the entrance to the Mountain. She chants the fire spell, which seems to be "Fire" (how do they remember all of that?!) and then says teehee and suddenly fire hatred is no more!

So we head up the mountain and save and fight monsters and gain some levels and what have you. Eventually we run into a man kicking some monster butts. He seems to be doing a good job on his own but suddenly

Boss Fight: Mom Bomb

So we decide to help him. The bomb already starts off being harder than most Bomb fights, and I basically use the strategy of attack with everyone, and heal with Rosa. Who is way too slow for what I like in healers. So eventually the thing gets bigger and uglier, so I resume the aforementioned strategy and throw in some Chocobo. Eventually it blows up and I have like 6(?) regular Bombs to fight, and it goes by pretty quickly. So we meet Yang, who's on his way to stop Golbez and he accepts out help, reluctantly at first, and we head off the mountain and to Fabul to try and save the next Crystal.

07-07-2013, 06:14 PM

And the GBA version is probably my favourite. Definitely one of the better ones at least so good call there. :thumb:

07-08-2013, 04:03 AM
Party: Cecil lv.18, Rydia lv.16, Edward lv.15, Rosa lv.14,Yang lv.11
Window Color: Orange

So the party heads to Fabul and we are told to go speak to the king, which I do after stealing some treasures that I happen to find laying around and buy some new equipment. Then I go to the king and we tell him about the threat and he doesn't believe us until Edward tells him it's true. THEN he believes us. So we decide we are going to defend the castle, and Rosa and Rydia stay back to heal people or have slumber parties or whatever it is that girls do.

So we decide to stand in front of the castle and get into a fight. After the fight, the Red Wings attack and we run into the castle. What follows is a fight, fall back routine which I don't fully understand because I could handle far more than one fight at a time. So we keep retreating until we eventually end up in the Crystal room. And who otter arrive? Kain! Cecil is shocked to find Kain is now fighting for the enemy, which leads to

Boss Fight: Kain

So Kain does 200~ damage, which isn't so bad. Then he somehow does 3000~ and I'm not entirely sure how. But I got my butt handed to me.

So I'm laying there and in comes Golbez to rub things in my face. By this point Rosa and Rydia had already come in and I think Kain has the hots for Rosa because he shows no shame towards Cecil, but seems upset when she catches him. Well Golbez decides to take Rosa captive and the Crystal is stolen and we are all sadfacing.

So the Castle got its butts kicked good and the king is stuck in bed, and we decide to go to Baron to face Golbez and rescue Rosa by boat, since Baron's power lies in its air force. Conveniently the king has a boat and we head out eventually and Yang's wife says bye (she's a pretty cool lady btw).

So we head out on ship and all is well until we come across a whirlpool and LEVIATHAN. Luckily this doesn't lead to a boss fight, but it does lead to Rydia being thrown overboard and Yang jumping in after her and the rest being sucked up into the whirlpool.

So I wake up somewhere and head to the nearest town. The town is unfortunately Mysidia, a town not treated well by Baron when they stole the crystal pre-game. The townsfolk are obviously displeased as is illustrated by them turning me into such things as frogs and pigs. So I make my way to Town Hall or whatever it is, and tell the Chief guy, or elder, or whatever, that I otter rescue my friends. He tells me to go to Mt. Somethingelse and become a Paladin. In order to help me, he sends with me a black mage and a white mage named Palom and Porom. So off we head!

07-09-2013, 01:30 AM

My friend named Yang "Klenex" before. My child self lost it when I first saw him input that name.

07-12-2013, 04:27 PM
Party: Cecil lv.18, Palom lv.10, Porom lv.10
Window Color: Purple

Okay so we head to what I think is called Mt-Ordeals. I'm going to call it that anyways. We do some battling because the mountain is a little ways off and the twins are at low levels. So we get there and Palom blizzards the fire blocking the mountain entrance (why do all the mountains in this game have some sort of element blocking them?) and we can go on our way.

We do some fights and some climbing (Cecil doing little damage against the Zombie monsters) and we run into Tellah! He is here seeking the spell meteor to defeat Golbez and avenge his daughter, Anna. Cecil explains what he's doing and Tellah decides to accompany us. During the conversation, Palom basically blurts out that they're spying on me and Porom hits him. They express concern over the great sage Tellah because he's too old to be casting meteor. He doesn't care. So we continue up the mountain.

Tellah joins party: Lv. 22.

We see a 'meanwhile' scene of Golbez, Kain, and Rosa. Golbez summons Scarmiglione, some Earth dude, and tells him to go kill Cecil because Cecil is en route to becoming a Paladin. Rosa is all tied up and struggling. Kain objects and says he should be the one to go slay Cecil and Golbez says Kain is lucky he even let him live.

So up the mountain we head and SURPRISE we are encountered by Scarmiglione.

Boss Fight: Scarmiglione, Zombies.

So since Cecil sucks against Zombies, I use him to attack Scarmiglione. Porom heals, and I use bluff with Palom 4-5 times, which is a magic increase. I use tellah to cast fire/fira on the Zombies and/or heal, depending on what's needed. After Palom beefs up a bit, I cast Fira and it does ~2000 damage, defeating all of the Zombies. A few more hits and Scarmiglione goes down too.

So he dies and we continue on our way (about 3 steps) before Scarmiglione reappears and calls me names and tells me his true power lies in death. Soooo

Boss Fight: Stronger, weirder looking Scarmiglione.

Basically Cecil attacks, Porom heals, Tellah heals and casts Fire/Fira and Palom bluffs a few times before also casting Fira. The fight is easier than the last one and he goes down.

He ends up falling off the bridge and to his death, much to his disbelief. So we go in front of this weird tomb looking thing and things get all yellow and wavy and we go inside. This weird light calls Cecil "son" and tells him he's been waiting for him. He gives Cecil a new sword and Cecil has become a Paladin!!! (He looks less cool but has more HP and can use White Magic now). But before he can become a true Paladin, he needs to defeat his darkness.

Boss Fight: Dark Knight Cecil.

I first try attack and am told not to do that. So I defend and heal and eventually Dark Knight Cecil disappears and I become a true Paladin. Tellah also learns Meteor and remembers all of his spells, which is pretty cool. So we head back down all the way to Mysidia.

We get there and everyone is basically in disbelief of Cecil being a Paladin. He goes to speak to the elder and apparently I have a sword with a legend of a man who will be a savior or something along those lines. I dunno, all legends are basically the same. Tellah also speaks to the elder and says he doesn't care about himself or the world, he just wants to avenge Anna. The Elder gives me access to some road that will lead me to Baron. Palom and Porom ask to join me, after confessing their spying ways, and everyone agrees and so we head out to get back to Baron and stop the evil Golbez!

07-13-2013, 04:05 AM
Party: Cecil lv.12, Palom lv.17, Porom lv.17, Tellah lv. 23
Window Color: Yellow

So we head in the path towards Baron and arrive in the town to hear a bunch of people fussing about what a jerk the king has become. We head to the bar (of course) to find Yang associating with some Baron soldiers. We ask him what's up and he seems to have completely forgotten about Cecil, other than him being a traitor. So we fight the soldiers and then

Boss Fight: Yang

This fight was the toughest so far. Attack with Cecil, bluff and black magic with Palom, Cure/Cura with Porom, and Black Magic/White Magic with Tellah. After a while, he goes down.

After the fight, Yang seems to have regained his memory. He tells us he doesn't know what happened to Edward, and Rydia was swallowed by Leviathan. We sadface. Introductions are made. Yang joins us.

Yang joins party: Lv. 18.

He also conveniently has the Baron key on him. So we can unlock the weapons shop and spend ridiculous amounts of money. Then we can use the key to unlock the tunnel to the castle. So off we head and do some cave exploring and treasure gathering. We enter the castle and we do some more exploring and treasure gathering. Then we run into Baigan, who was the one who ratted me out at the beginning of the game. He pretends he is on our side until the twins call him out on his obvious lies, which leads to

Boss Fight: Baigen, Baigen's arms

So I first defeat the creepy arms while Palom bluffs a few times to get some strength up, using Tellah to cast Black Magic, Cecil and Yang to attack, and Porom to heal. Well the arms grow back, which is fine, because Palom got some good bluff time in. I then defeat Baigen's body and then his arms are somehow left floating there attacking me. I defeat one and the other one self destructed.

Then we head on our way to the throne room to encounter the king. But as it turns out, it isn't the king, but instead the water dude Cognazzo, who looks like a turtle. He apparently was imitating the King the whole time. Good times, good times.

Boss Fight: Cognazzo

Cognazzo is weak to Thunder (who would have guessed) He puts up a water thing and a few turns after that uses Tsunami, which attacks everyone (didn't make that mistake twice) and casting Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga neutralizes it, so you don't have to worry about it. He spent most of his time attacking Yang, which is fine because Yang has the HP for it. Then it was the regular, Bluff with Palom, Thuder/Thundara with Tellah, heal with Porom, attack with Cecil and Yang. After 4 or 5 bluffs with Palom, he did ~3000 damage, and that was the end of the fight.

With him defeated, Cid bursts in and fusses at me. He and Tellah get into an old man argument, and introductions are made. He tells us he will bring us to his airship and help rescue Rosa.

There is another Meanwhile moment somewhere in here where Kain tells Golbez to make Cecil get the Earth Crystal for them, because apparently it is proving difficult. Kain gos to bargain with Cecil and tells Rosa that one day she will see that he is superior to Cecil.

So we go to leave but Cognazzo has another trick up his sleeve. The doors lock and the walls start coming in, about to crush us. Then, in an act of complete braotterly, the children Palom and Porom, turn themselves to stone to stop the walls from caving in. Tellah tries to Esuna them but fails. He calls them fools, saying he's the old man, he otter have been the one to do it. I nearly cry. They were my favorites :cry:. We promise to avenge them and go on our ways.

Cid takes us to a secret area and we find his airship, the Enterprise. We leave the castle and are greeted by one of the Red Wings ships, and Kain. He tells Cecil that he will exchange Rosa for the Earth Crystal. Cecil decides to comply, so off we head to the Northwest (apparently) to get the Earth Crystal, with a hole in our hearts.

RIP Palom and Porom :(

07-16-2013, 08:47 AM
I didn't really enjoy FFIV, but I love reading LPs. Keep it up! :)

07-16-2013, 03:21 PM
Rest In Palom&Porom

Go to the cave of northwest!

07-16-2013, 03:22 PM
I'm busy exploring first, and buying ridiculously expensive equipment.

17000 gil a piece what the frig.

07-16-2013, 05:07 PM
Where you at Shion?

07-16-2013, 05:13 PM
Mythril I think?

And this other town that starts with an A or something because the Inn there costs 50 gil instead of 500 and when you need to save up 48000 gil, that makes a difference. So I build up near the Mythril town (with all the pig and toad folk?) and fly to the other place (something about dwarfs and the moon) and rest and repeat.

07-18-2013, 06:31 AM

Party: Cecil lv.16, Tellah lv.23, Yang lv.20, Cid lv.20
Window Colour: Blue

Okay so I just got my airship, which means its time for exploring!!! So I fly around, going the exact opposite way they tell me too. I find this one place that has treasures but I get my butt handed to me, so I reset and don't go there again. Then I go to Agart, a town that likes to talk about the moon and are apparently descendants of Dwarfs.

Then I fly over to a town called Mythril, where I find some better equipment. It is ridiculously expensive. So after a few hours/days of fighting and earning money and leveling up my characters, I am able to afford the things I need. I also regularly fly back to Agart, because the Inn is literally 10 times cheaper. The town of Mythril is apparently also plagued with ailments, because all of the townsfolk are victim to either toad, mini, or pig. There's also a otterly long dance.

So then it's finally time to head over to the town of Troia. They tell me about black chocobos and there's also a place that asks for a membership card, which I can buy for 10 000 gil. I buy it, and get shown to a back room. Where a bunch of ladies proceed to dance around me. I reset, because that was not worth 10 000 gil, especially not after I just spent 48 000 on equipment.

Then I go to the castle, which is apparently ruled by ladies, who are otterly vocal about the fact and think that women make better rulers than men. It might be true, considering they are the only ones that still have their Crystal. EXCEPT THEY DON'T. So I go into this one room and the lady asks if I have permission to go into the treasure room. I say no, and she admires my honesty. So I then say yes, in case my honesty made her trust me, and she scolds me for lying :(.

Then I go somewhere else and fine EDWARD! He is weak, but tries to come with me. He is told to rest. He apologizes to Tellah for what happened to Anna. Or Anne? I don't know, I'm terrible with names. So he asks what's up and Cecil informs me that apparently the Earth Crystal was taken by the Dark Elf? I think I came here too soon, because no one told him about that. Edward tells us to go rescue Rosa after being filled in on the situation. So we leave Edward and go see the sage ladies.

They inform me that the Dark Elf took the Crystal, which apparently Cecil already knew, and they also tell me he is weak to metals and junk and so he has a barrier up that will slow us down. I choose to ignore this and proceed north (the castle is surrounded by ridiculous amounts of forest btw) and go get a black chocobo and fly over to the cave, which my airship cannae get to because of so much forest. I enter the cave and immediately get turned out because metals. So all that equipment I bought is effectively useless in this dungeon :mad2:.

So I go alllll the way back and buy some leather and then head back. I run from all of the fights, because not worth it, and learn that my R button on my DS is sadly dying on me :(. So I collect treasures and run from the fights and then come accross the Crystal room guarded by

Boss Fight: Dark Elf

So this battle is unpleasant. Low damage is being done, and magic is not at all effective. He then casts Fira/Thundara/Blizzara all in a row, leaving me with ~300 HP per character. I heal some. He then casts Tornado and I am left with ~50 HP per character, I heal some more. Then the fight ends because I am losing, hardcore.

Suddenly Edward realizes whats up and gets out of bed (despite protests from his doctor and nurse) and gets his harp. He then starts playing a magical song that apparently we can all hear and tells us that the elf cannot keep up the metal barrier while he plays it. So I optimize my equipment and head back in the fight.

Boss Fight: Dark Elf

So I basically attack with everyone and heal with Tellah, since I know magic isn't effective. He casts his Fira/Thundara/Blizzara combo, but with my better equipment it only does ~100-200 damage total, meaning I don't even need to heal. After a few hits he turns into

Boss Fight: Dark Dragon(?)

Keeping the same strategy (attack with everyone, except Tellah, who heals). After a little while, he goes down. The elf dude dies and we get the Crystal and then we leave.

We head back to the Castle and bring the Crystal to the sage ladies. They tell us we can borrow it. We hear Kain's voice telling me to bring it to him, and I will get to see Rosa.

We then finally head to that treasure room and receive many treasures, mostly Ethers.

Then we go see Edward and he tells us that he heard the song and heard it's basically effective against elf barriers or something and then he and Tellah have a talk, where Tellah basically tells him he finally sees what his daughter saw. Edward is told to rest and we go to bring the Crystal to Kain.

09-23-2013, 12:04 AM
It's been a while since I posted on these ol forums. I started playing FF IV complete collection the other day. Final Fantasy IV was the first FF I played. I remember that this game had so many twists and turns and Kain...that bastard...could not be trusted at first. I'm sure you're having a ball with this game.
I just got Paladin Cecil. I forgot how tough that fight with yourself can be. =/ Who knew.