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1. Anyone can play. Anyone can decide the character's next course of action.
2. Anyone can write up the next scenario and the next choices (minimum of two, no maximum). Otherwise, I'll be coordinating this adventure. Please keep your hands and arms inside the compartment and your seatbelt fastened at all times.
3. Stay alive!

Make the right choices and live. Don’t, and you won’t survive.

You are an ordinary citizen of EoFF, minding your own business at your very dull, very boring accounting job. You are happy with your position and your nice, pristine, air-conditioned office. You're happy with your cheap coffee. You're happy with your normal car. You're happy with your uneventful life.

But that all changes today. There has been a disaster and millions of people are feeling the wrath of a nuclear weapons failure. You are in danger and your building has been bombed.

You wake up in the office trapped under a desk. You look around and see the office is destroyed, blood stains are around you. You get a sudden chill and see there’s a gap in the building.

You push a desk off you to find no other living soul around. But the blood stains, oh, the blood stains. You move around some desks and can see the gap in the building better. You start to wonder what happened, should you explore the building and look for survivors? Maybe you should exit the building and look around the city. Or maybe you should look out the window to get a better view of the city. What to do?

Do you:
1. Search for survivors.
2. Get a better view.
3. Go down emergency exit stairs.

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As you examine the destruction of your floor, you see no survivors or bodies, only blood. “That's weird,” you think to yourself. "Where is everyone?"

The corridor you find yourself in is a dark one. With the electricity out, the only source of light are some flickering bulbs at the end of the hallway. Sparks pop from outlets every once in a while, but there are no other sounds to be heard. "Eerie" doesn't begin to describe the setting.

But wait. What's that? It is a noise! Something is around the corner. Should you arm yourself? Could be dangerous. To your right, there is a fire ax bolted to the wall. To your left, there is a filing cabinet drawer that has fallen out of its track with a hammer in it.

Do you:
1. Choose the ax.
2. Choose the hammer.
3. Proceed without a weapon.

Lonely Paper Star
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How high would I be in the building? Floor-wise.

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How high would I be in the building? Floor-wise.

Good question! Twelve stories. You are on the ninth story.

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Breaking the glass would have no doubt alerted whoever or whatever it was around the corner of your presence. And the hammer? You're not a peasant!

You stealthily proceed down the corridor in silence. As you do, you notice something on the carpet of the hallway in the flickering light. What's that? More blood? Is that...? What? It looks like something very large and very bleeding was dragged down this hallway.

You begin to fear the rustling, shuffling noise you hear.

You get closer to the corner of the corridor.

Closer. Another step. Closer.


You peek around the corner and...!


"Hey, man! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

Under the faint and flickering light of the overhead bulbs, you can see that Sephex is clearly at his wit's end. His eyes are wide with fear and he doesn't seem to know what's going on or where he is.

What do you do?
1. Ask him if he's okay and what happened.
2. Scream and run the other way.
3. Keep moving and abandon him in the dark corridor to fend for himself.

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1. Ask him if he's okay and what happened.

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"Sephex, man, are you okay? What happened?"

Sephex doesn't respond. He is staring blankly at you, as if he can see right through you.

You shake him roughly and frantically by the shoulders and give him a good, hard slap across the face. "Get ahold of yourself, man!"

There, that seems to have done it! He blinks and shudders, shaking his head like a wet dog. "Oh, forgive me! I was just fantasizing about being at edczxcvbnm's place playing Super Mario Bros just like old times instead of being in this godforsaken place!"

He seems to be alright.

"Do you know what happened here?"

"No, I couldn't tell you. I remember the explosion and then I got knocked in the head with some shrapnel from the ceiling caving in on the other side of the building."

"Where did all of this... blood come from?" Sephex shrugs. "Have you seen anyone else beside me?" Sephex shakes his head.

What do you do?
1. Ask him to join you.
2. Wish him well and part ways.

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Ask him to join.

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"How about we try to find out what happened together?"

"Yeah, that would be awesome. I'd hate to be stuck here by myself."

"What do we do now?"

"Where did you come from?"

"The other side of the building. Like I said, the ceiling caved in over there. There's nothing over there, really."

"There was an emergency exit stairwell where I came from. Should we try there?"

"Yeah, sounds like a plan."

The two of you make your way back down the corridor, dodging and stepping over filing cabinets that have been knocked over and trying not to slip between the papers and blood all over the ground.

You reach the emergency exit.

"Do we go up or down?"

What do you do?
1. Go up to get a better view.
2. Go down to get out of the building.

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Better view!

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well this was fun for the 2 seconds it lasted :p

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I forgot about this since The Big Event was going on today. INTERMISSION, RETURNING SHORTLY.

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Aw damn I'm going to love getting into this. (Realises that I can write the next scenario, takes the option of doing so)

Both you and Sephex ascend the stairs, one step at a time, each one doing their part to keep the other calm and ready. It felt like an eternity, stepping warily up the stairs, making a clunking metallic sound with each footfall. Eventually, you reach the fire escape of the roof. Even from here, you can hear the forlorn sirens of police and ambulance vehicles.

Sephex heads onto the roof first. You both immediately scramble to find utter carnage. All around you, the skyline burns orange as fires, both large and small, ravage the surrounding concrete jungle.

"The..the... WHAT DID THIS!!!??!?!??" Sephex screams, shaking you. He clearly appears panicked from this sight. You cannot blame him. You too feel just has scared, but you keep calm regardless.

You want to try and calm him down, but what should you say?

What Do You Do?
1. Tell the truth and say it was because of a nuclear bomb attack
2. Feign ignorance and say you don't know
3. Try and change the subject, keeping his mind off the disaster

07-14-2013, 03:34 PM
Might as well just tell him the truth.

07-14-2013, 04:18 PM
"Sephex, the entire city has been hit by a nuclear bomb, launched by the Drunkendale on the lands of Eysoneros. I literally know nothing else mate"


Sephex was screaming. He was manic with hysteria that his beloved city could be sent to near ruins. He was beside himself with fear and dark thoughts.

Sobbing, and now in a deep, sudden depression, Sephex scrambles to the edge of the roof. It appears he is going to attempt suicide. Sephex is your friend: you couldn't possibly think of that scenario.

What Do You Do?

1. Talk him out of it calmly, saying that he has so much to live for
2. Talk him out of it aggressively, saying that he would be stupid to do such an act
3. Physically try and take him down
4. Talk about his very first company Ciddie and say that he could win more once the city rebuilds
5. Just leave him to it and shrug your shoulders.

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"Aw what come on Sephex! Damn, I thought you were braver than that man! Oh what, one radioactive nuclear bomb that has probably killed thousands, and you give up just like that? That's pathetic. I know you. I remember how you never gave up hope about winning your first Ciddie. Over a decade you waited, to no avail. Until this week, just a few days before this smurfing bomb dropped on us. You didn't give up then Sephex, and you damn well ain't gonna give up now mate!"

Silence. The words pierced through the sirens and the people screaming down below on street level. To Sephex, all he heard, was the words you said. He listened to the words. And he listened to them again. Ringing, round and round, in his head.

He stepped down off the precipice. You embrace Sephex, holding on to him tightly. The fool! You kept on thinking.

"Tha...thank you. Your coarse words cut through my dark thoughts. Damn it, you are right. It is just a nuclear bomb. I've been through worse: haha, I did wait a whole decade for a Ciddie. If I can cope through that, I can deal with anything.. thanks dude. Right, I guess we better get a plan then."

Now, finally, they could get a real look at the city. Both of them peered to the horizon. All around them, carnage and devastation. There are people, screaming on the streets: how shrill that cry. The police - powerless to stop them running amok. Powerless to restore order.

"Look, the routes out of the city will be just as crazy as it is in the city centre. No doubt there'll be gridlock. So, what do you want to do? What now?". Sephex asks the million dollar question.

What Do You Do?

1. Remain on the building roof, and try and scavenge materials to make a signal
2. Try and leave the building, seeking a way out to the streets
3. Stay in the building and try and look for more survivors
4. Stay in the building and scavenge for supplies. We need food and water after all

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