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08-06-2013, 06:30 AM
Formalhaut took one of the best games in the series for his Let's Play, so I'll go ahead and take the other. This is the amazing adventure for the Gamecube known as Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. For those of you who are unaware, it is a sequel to the earlier Gamecube game, Pokémon Colloseum (making it one of the very few direct sequels in the franchise). However, you don't really need to play Colloseum first, the game will explain pretty much everything.

Unfortunately, emulating from the Gamecube is a royal pain in the butt, and screenshots only work half the time, seemingly at random. But, I have savestates. It just means progress will probably be slow, since I'll have to do some sections several times over.

So, we start off our new adventure by naming our character.
Got it memorized?

And with our avatar decided, we get our entry into the world.

Hello, my name is Oak, I'm a-

Ya! Ok, so instead of a Pokémon Professor, we get the SS Lensflare. Brought to you by J.J.Abrams.


Which is quickly attacked by an army of Shinra helicopters.


Followed by one of the most awesome Pokémon in existence.


You know, I should be impressed that a single Pokémon could lift an entire cruise liner. But it's a little overwhelmed by the fact that said cruise liner only had two people on the entire boat. Who, without lifeboats or any form of rescue, probably won't live long in those Sharpedo-infested waters.

But, with that video out of the way, it's time to actually get into the action.


Beginning with the BEST STARTER EVER! Granted, my rival apparently gets a Metagross, which I'd honestly prefer, but still.

Good thing Metagross can't learn Ice Punch until the next generation, or I'd be frelled. As it is, two Earthquakes wins my first battle! Woohoo!

And, since six screenshots is the limit per post, apparently, I'll leave you all with this stunning intro and try to get back to this tomorrow, when you all have a chance to absorb all that awesome.

I'll be taking nickname recommendations as well (normally I just use Pokémon names made lowercase, so it'll be a nice change to have actual nicknames). Feel free to sign up!

08-06-2013, 04:16 PM
So wait, the introduction is this Shadow Lugia pretty much lifting an entire cruise liner out of the sky?


08-06-2013, 04:26 PM


Does this mean there's an ACTUAL Pokemon game for something other than a handheld?

08-06-2013, 08:04 PM
So wait, the introduction is this Shadow Lugia pretty much lifting an entire cruise liner out of the sky?


It's an important plot event, it'll get expanded upon quite a bit as we progress on through the game.



Does this mean there's an ACTUAL Pokemon game for something other than a handheld?

Yep. Actually, there are TWO.

Actually, I had heard about Pokémon Colosseum when it first came out, and I avoided it because I figured it was going to be the sort of thing we got with Stadium and later Battle Revolution. Fighting, more storage boxes, trading options, but no plot. After Stadium, can you blame me? So when I saw Gale of Darkness in a Gamestop, and noticed a subtitle that indicated an actual game, I took a look at it and bought it. With no regrets whatsoever, as it is one of the best games in the series (XD and Platinum are my two favorite Pokémon games), and one of the gems of the Gamecube.

This mixup meant that I played XD before Colosseum, so when I say that you can play XD first with no real detriment, I mean it. The game gives you pretty much everything you need to know about the previous game's plot through its own story.

XD is also a superior game to it's predecessor. While heavily criticized upon release due to not being original enough, reusing areas and themes from its predecessor whole heartedly, XD has received a ton of polish that refined its systems, gave it some of the best mechanics in the series, and generally made it a blast to play.

Due to the relatively unknown status of this work, I'm going to try to include almost a walkthrough style of events, so that people can get a feel for the game, since most Pokémon fans aren't immediately familiar with everything I'm talking about. This will lead to screenshots of exposition dumps, new characters, and general wandering around town. This in turn means that I might do multiple updates in a row, so that I can keep things moving and get to the good bits quicker.

So, without further ado, let's get back to the game!


As we fade out from that first awesome battle, we enter the world for the first time, to find that we were just taking part in a virtual reality simulation battle against Sim Trainer Losten. We also learn that our actual starter Pokémon is an Eevee. Well, shucks darn. Oh well, Eevee evolves into my most favorite Pokémon of all, Espeon, so that's hardly bad news for me.

So we immediately step off the plot railroad, ignore my mom, and go exploring! Not a whole lot to see, only this one office building thus far. But there are tons of people to talk to and collect information from. You know, because I'm the son of one of the chief researchers, and that gives me free rein to pester everyone.

Apparently this facility is built to study the "Shadow Pokémon" phenomenon, and find out ways to reverse it. Although supposedly there aren't any Shadow Pokémon right now, so it's just a huge waste of taxpayer money. Yay.


Ah, the nostalgia. While I should tease the guy for hiding for two hours without realizing he's been abandoned (which the game will do for me when we visit him a couple of minutes later for the plot), this whole building's atmosphere really reminds me of the days I'd visit my dad's work as a kid. I'd play hide and seek with my sister, find trouble to get into, and generally be a little kid. They captured that sort of office atmosphere completely, in my opinion.


Lady, you might want to be careful who you admit that to. I'm not sure if there are laws about sleeping with your Pokémon, but I still don't think it's exactly socially acceptable.


Outside the building, we find out what those Pokéball looking chests actually look like in 3D. Two Antidotes in here.


And back to my room for 3 potions from another such chest.


Finally we end in the break room where there's a news report on the ship that went missing. Apparently it was a cargo ship carrying a ton of Pokémon, which are now missing.

No one seems to care about the two guys who were on it, though. Only the Pokémon that are missing. Ah, it sucks to be an unimportant NPC.

But, that pretty much exhausts our exploration options for the time being, so I suppose I should actually go visit my mom and figure out what I'm supposed to be doing here.

08-06-2013, 08:05 PM
Ohhh this looks like so much fun. I would love to play it :jess:

08-06-2013, 11:12 PM
This actually looks pretty good!

08-06-2013, 11:24 PM
I think I remember seeing commercials for this game. I am excited to follow your story!

Also Umbreon > Espeon

08-07-2013, 12:44 AM
Ohhh this looks like so much fun. I would love to play it :jess:

Ebay has tons of copies available, ranging from 20 to 45 dollars. And I highly recommend this game. It's one of the top two in the series (as I said, XD and Platinum), and one of my favorite Gamecube games. Pick up a copy, you probably won't regret it.

I am playing it on the Dolphin emulator this time, so that I can take screenshots. But emulation also has a huge drawback. A lot of Gamecube ROMs suffer from glitches (I've heard that it's a side effect of the GC's nonstandard optical media, but I'm not sure), and in the case of Pokémon XD, this manifests itself as a problem with the audio. Ninety percent of the time, you'll get no music. Sound effects work well, but music simply only cuts in on rare occasions, and will be turned off by various events and triggers as you go. And the videos play with no sound at all the majority of the time.

There's also some minor visual glitching, usually around lighting effects like Lightning or other flashy abilities. But it's relatively minor. Having no music sucks.

This game also has a pretty sweet soundtrack. I'll link to YouTube vids of some of my favorites when I get to them.

While I'm recommending it, though, be aware that the game does take some shifts from the standard Pokémon formula. While the gameplay and story are both probably the best in the entire series, there are two standard Pokémon mainstays that have been all but removed from this game. Which we'll get to a little later.

This actually looks pretty good!

The game, or my Let's Play? :D Don't be afraid to give feedback or offer advice, I know I'm not very good at this, but I'm trying to improve.

I think I remember seeing commercials for this game. I am excited to follow your story!

Also Umbreon > Espeon

Lies! Squishy LIE-

Umbreon is awesome, and is my second favorite. But Espeon is slightly more awesome, and far more effective. Poor Umbreon has been butchered by mechanics changes throughout the series. While Espeon has now been relegated to the Uber league.

Anyway, on with the plot!


Ah, so THIS is the resident Pokémon Professor. I knew there had to be one somewhere.

My mom and the Professor tell me that their research projects are reaching a critical level, and because of that, they need me to run errands for them. Step one: Go find my kid sister, who's even younger and less competent than I am.


And whatever it is, it's shiny.

Oh, it's just a PDA that the Professor left for me. Better than the Pokégear, I suppose.

I go ahead and pick it up, then continue my search for my sister. I decide to ask the man from earlier who was playing hide and seek. He finally seems to realize that my sister got distracted and gave up, and tells me he think's she's at Dr. Kaminko's Manor.


Seriously, dude? You're playing Hide and Seek with her and you expect her to be in another building?!

You deserve to hide under that table until you cramp up and can't move.


So I hop on my trusty scooter and speed away!

Which brings me to the first major change to this game from the main series. This game takes place in the Orre Region of the Pokémon world. It is a recently settled, relatively barren land. As such, there are almost no wild Pokémon. So there's nothing at all keeping kids from going wherever they want.

Short of the deserts. And the cliffs. And mountains. And active volcanos. And...

Yeah, it's not really a very hospitable place, now that I'm thinking about it. On the plus side, it means it's fairly easy to traverse via scooter.

Of course, that also means almost no wild Pokémon to catch. Now, some of you might be wondering just how the heck that is supposed to work. I mean, what good is a Pokémon game if you can't catch Pokémon? The entire mantra of the series is "Gotta Catch 'Em All", after all.

Don't worry. It's still here. And never has it been more applicable. But we'll get to that after I get my sister out of this creepy house.


Serously, dude? You want to start something? You're like half my height, and your Pokémon is half the level of mine. Don't make me hurt you.


And, wow. I beat up his Pokémon, he drops his glasses, and while he's stumbling around, I nab 150 Pokédollars that was probably his lunch money. I feel like a horrible person now.

08-07-2013, 12:54 AM
Aha, no, I like both the game and your Let's Play.

But I don't own a GameCube :(

08-07-2013, 01:16 AM
Ahaha, great Let's Play. Poor Chobin :(.

I actually do own a Gamecube (well my boyfriend does) but I always forget I do xD.

08-07-2013, 02:17 AM
Aha, no, I like both the game and your Let's Play.

But I don't own a GameCube :(

Excellent news! The Wii let's you play GameCube games without actually needing a GameCube!

The GameCube is an awesome system, you don't really have an excuse for not having one. ;)


Yeah, Chobin, you really don't know that many children, do you?

Our sister then rushes out, says "hi", and rushes back in. So at least she's not locked in a dungeon somewhere. As we enter the mansion, Chobin treats me to an introduction to Dr. Kaminko's inventions. First the Unhealthy Sandals, which cause chronic foot pain as you wear them due to specially designed and placed nubs, and then this little beauty:


So, yeah, at least they're...creative?


And by "tell him he should come get it", you mean "get him to send me on a fetch quest at a later point", don't you? I think I'll just stay quiet about this. Bad enough I'll have to fetch the package without serving as your e-mail client too.


Sweet, I get a party? Let's see, younger, weaker female, so my sister is probably the healer. I guess I'll be the tank until we get our next party member!


And this is a surprise because..?

Ooh, e-mail from the professor, telling me to come back home, because they need me again.


Although I think I may need a bigger scooter if my party gets bigger.

08-07-2013, 03:25 AM
Graah. Forgive the sequential posts, but the image limit is hindering editing for updates! And I do want to get through to the core of the game, especially since I can only keep updates moving this quickly on my days off.

Also, I've been working on streamlining my screenshot capturing/transfer system. I'm getting pretty good at it, but I think I need to see if I can just upload the PNGs without converting to JPEGs first, now that I've found out how to keep the size small by default. Avoiding conversion would save a ton of time, and give higher quality, if the site can support them.


Our first optional battle. I actually usually avoid this guy. While wiping out his level 5 Sentret with your level 10 Eevee is easy, and will level your Eevee to level 11, it will also give you an Attack EV. And EV training is hard enough in this game, especially on your starter, without adding in useless EVs unnecessarily.

But, since this is a walkthrough Let's Play, let's whoop up on him.

Yeah, that didn't take long. Bite made him flinch, and then tackle won. Then just a stop inside to heal (while there are Pokécenters in this game, there are also the healing machines from Pokécenters scattered around the land), since my PP is depleted, even if my health isn't.

Then more exploring!


My sister has hidden herself in my bed, and is plotting to steal CHOBIN's glasses. I guess that makes me the sane one of us.


And the news is now reporting wide-scale Pokémon attacks, as well as if the attacks are linked to either the disappearance of the S.S. Libra, or the Shadow Pokémon incident from 5 years ago (which most of us know as Pokémon Colloseum).


Man, and I thought cramping up would be bad. But, no. JOVI, my little sister, finds the guy asleep down there, and puts makeup on him. She's a cruel little one.

Ah, well. Back to the plot. The Professor wanted to see me. He's not at his desk, though. The guy up there says he went downstairs, so...


But you built it. And you're giving it to me. You're giving it to me. You don't know me nearly as well as you think you do, Professor.

Hmm, what's that? Oh, you're worried that there might be more Shadow Pokémon out there. Yeah, I suppose this is as good a time as any to mention those. They are one of the new additions from the GameCube games, Pokémon that have had their hearts artificially sealed and are now mindless killing machines being completely controlled by their masters.

Of course, none have been seen since the incident five years ago, but out of worry that there may be more, the Professor has recreated the portable Snag Machine, an item capable of stealing Pokémon from other trainers. And it works. Not only can it Snag Pokémon, but it can rewrite their entire capture history, listing you as the Original Trainer.

And he's stupid enough to give this unbelievably powerful, probably highly illegal, machine to me.


I have seen the top of the mountain, and you will worship me as though I were a god!

Edit: Mwa ha ha, it worked. PNGs, and I can edit them in now. Yay.


Oh, yes, that's the important bit. Not only have you given me an unbelievably powerful tool for my quest for world domination, but you've made me look snazzy too. I like this guy.


Ooh, neato, a new app for my PDA, that is a little card that inserts into the machine. We'll get several of them as we go. This one is designed to track data on Shadow Pokemon I've seen. It's actually really handy. It tells you which ones you've seen, who had them, and where they were.


So you want me to go steal someone's Pokémon? WAAAY ahead of you, Professor.

Aw, how sweet, AIDAN gives me Pokéballs, which had to be specially imported (since y'know, no wild Pokémon in Orre), just to make sure I can use the device.

And then some guys bust in and kidnap the Professor. Uh-oh. I do the only sane thing one can in this situation: I ask an ADULT for help.


Sweet, an adult is actually going to do something in this series!


Oh my gosh, the Professor has been kidnapped by Phoenix Ranger Featherman R cosplayers. Epic.


And now we see why the adults never do anything. That didn't last long, did it?

Flaming Ice
08-07-2013, 03:48 AM
I would've bought this game but $60 for a game is crazy.

It's one of those rare few games that I never seen lowered in price.

08-07-2013, 03:49 AM
So wait, you can steal other people's Pokemon?!

Isn't that how Team Rocket started or something?

08-07-2013, 04:01 AM
So wait, you can steal other people's Pokemon?!

Isn't that how Team Rocket started or something?

Yes, but this is much, much more savvy than what Team Rocket did. They just nabbed Pokémon. This thing grabs them and rewrites the data that ties them to their Pokéballs.


I activate my Sniper mode as I enter my match with Spy Naps, my first encounter with this game's foes.

And we immediately learn why they all agree to don those costumes. Because it provides them with the most awesome battle music ever.


Seriously, these guys are a joy to fight just because of that music. It is such a shame I have to put it on in my browser to snag a listen while playing.


That is a Shadow Pokémon. My Sniper mode thingy there let's me see it. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and a regular Pokémon.


I just explained that, Professor. Keep up, man.


As usual, when catching your first Pokémon, you don't have to weaken it.


It's kind of hard to see in the screenshot, but easy in the game. When you throw a Snag Ball, the energy that zaps the Pokémon actually forms grabbing fingers, snatching the Pokémon away from its home.


Wait, they're running away to report I have a Snag Machine? But I just won the Pokémon battle. That means you're supposed to surrender and do what I say! Get back here!



So first I ask an adult for help, and now we're contacting the proper authorities to deal with the kidnappers. Are we sure this is a Pokémon game?


Everyone else is all mopey, but Mom's like "Get real, people. We don't need the Professor to finish our project. We can do it ourselves." Yeah, your mom's kind of an awesome character.


Ok, so time for some more technical, less fun stuff. This is what a Shadow Pokémon is like when you've captured it. Notice the Heart Gauge and "Door to its heart" bits? Each Shadow Pokémon has those, and they replace the Pokémon's EXP gauge. That's right, Shadow Pokémon can't earn EXP. Why would anyone want them then? Well, because they are quite powerful, but we'll address that in the next picture.

As you fight alongside a Shadow Pokémon, you teach them to trust again, and open up their hearts. The gauge will deplete, and eventually you'll be able to purify them, transforming them back into their regular selves. And, when you do so, all the EXP they would have gotten from their fights is applied to them in one lump sum.


And this is why Shadow Pokémon are so powerful. The moves list. Each Shadow Pokémon knows Shadow moves. These moves are essentially an extra type. Shadow moves are 2x Super Effective against all non-Shadow Pokémon, and Not Very Effective against other Shadow Pokémon. In Pokémon Colloseum, there was only one Shadow move, Shadow Rush, but now there are a ton, of differing strength and some with status effects. But they all work pretty much the same.

This has a huge impact on gameplay. Shadow Pokémon are actually pretty dang beastly, and, worst of all, you want to Snag as many of them as possible. So you'll be taking damage with your regular Pokémon while fighting them. You can use your own Shadow Pokémon as tanks, but they don't earn EXP, so they'll be underpowered as you go further along. It's a really cool addition to the systems. Do you keep your Shadow Pokémon and dominate with them against other trainers? Or do you purify them to let them grow?

Oh, one more thing. This game also has an extra bonus to hardcore Pokémaniacs. Most Shadow Pokémon that you can obtain, as you begin to purify them, will know at least one move that they otherwise can't acquire. Thus, if you purify them, you can trade them to the other Pokémon games to get access to some nifty combos of abilities not normally possible.


I knew it! I knew I was going to have to pick that thing up. Lousy fetch quests.


My new objective. Scooter away!

So, yeah, if you haven't figured it out yet, the Aura Reader keeps me from Snagging non-Shadow Pokémon, and snags are the main way of getting new Pokémon. Thus, since there are limited Shadow Pokémon, you have a fairly limited team to choose from (only about 50 Pokémon total, by the end of the game), so you have to balance who to use and choose carefully. Oh, and no duplicates or breeding.

Catching and purifying all the Shadow Pokémon, while foiling the villain's plot, is pretty much this game's story. And it is AWESOME.

Thanks for all the feedback so far. I thrive on feedback! Keep it coming! I'm having a blast with this, and I hope you all are too. I mean, that's kind of the point, I can play it for myself any time I want. :D

Final note: You can't nickname a Pokémon until you purify it. So right now, there's a Teddiursa on the books (who I keep around in my party because he'll pick up items from battles even if I don't use him once I get some others). Suggestions?

08-07-2013, 04:59 AM
I NEED this game.

08-07-2013, 05:57 PM

What? Ok, well I guess it makes sense from your perspective, mom. I'd want to get the crazy little spaz away from my delicate lab equipment at every opportunity too. But, seriously, think of what you're putting me through!


Most. Epic. "Let's Play". EVER.
I am clearly going to have to step up my game.


Right, never mind the police, proper authorities, or tons of trained professionals around. The kid with the Eevee is the only one who can be counted on to get the job done.

Now I know we're back in a Pokémon game.


Brilliant deduction there, Holmes. Their base "could" be to the southeast. Along with, you know, most of the rest of the Orre region.

Go back to your science stuff, and leave the bad guys to me, ok? I'm sure I'll find them and be rescuing people before too long.


AIDAN, you gave me the Snag Machine, so I like you. But watch yourself. Call me her assistant again and there will be repercussions.

Xemnas thought I was a good assistant too.


Oh my gosh, it's the Ansem Reports! I take back everything I said. As long as you leave the story to the game and not some ridiculous codex, we're good, ok?

Well, at least these are just backstory pieces. They fill us in a bit on the Shadow Pokémon and Aura Reader, as well as the reasons for developing the Snag Machine.

Originally the Snag Machine was created to steal Pokémon for criminal purposes (and, in fact, many of the Snagged Pokémon that Team Snag'em acquired five years ago were turned into Shadow Pokémon). The Snag Machine was redeveloped and combined with the Aura Reader so that it would be a tool for rescuing Shadow Pokémon.

Which we kind of already knew, but whatever.


That's just because an open sea is easier to program than useless junk in the background, JOVI. Wait, don't run off, I don't want to have to rescue you from-


Well, I was going to say "from drowning", but I guess "from the seven foot tall dude you're too blind to see directly in front of you" works too.


Ok, first, if your look can be messed up by a two foot girl bumping into your ankle, you're not the coolest guy around (that would be me).

Further evidence: You still use the term "happening".

Oh, now you're threatening me with a Shadow Pokémon, are you? Bring it, punk!


Are you sure? The series is partially based around fighting people who do something insignificant to you. Like cross your line of sight.


So, would this make you Lance or Giovanni? Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to fight that Alakazam at some point.


But he has a Shadow Zangoose! And I want it!

Oh well, they're gone. Time to explore the port!

By the way, I'm worried I might be going a bit overboard. I'm not getting through the game very quickly at all, because I have so many pictures to upload and comments to make. If you all are enjoying them, great, but I am worrying about using all of EoFF's storage space if I keep up at this rate. I have 30 more pictures before I even exit Gateon Port!

Although, if there is no problem with that, that does mean I have plenty of update material to roll out. So, if you guys want, I can get things going even faster. Relatively. More content, even if progression is still relatively slow.

Hmm, maybe I should just buy Fraps and do this as a video Let's Play. But then there'd be all the potential for mistakes, not to mention sound editing. Bah, never mind.

08-07-2013, 09:41 PM
I don't mind. It's very good! The game is amusing, just like a normal Pokemon Game!

08-08-2013, 06:31 AM
Massive Update Number One!

Exploring Gateon Port.


The news is now talking about the attack on the Pokémon HQ and Professor Krane's abduction. They confirm a Shadow Pokémon was used, but no information about my awesomeness.

Normally, I might be miffed about this. However, the longer my Snag Machine goes unnoticed, the more time I have to set up my world domination plans.


Hey, Jovi's right about something for once (I'm sick of doing the names in all caps. Best change Black and White introduced to the series). Nice to see someone recognizes my awesomeness.


You live in a world where people casually walk around with ghosts, monsters, and legends, and make them fight each other for fun and money. You should have no shortage of material.


Ah, nostalgia. I remember getting this same talk back when I first played Pokémon Red. The buildings weren't as pretty though.

Let's go check out the local café though.


Their bouncers kind of a jerk. Time to learn him some respect!


Some important things to note in this screenshot. First, it's a double battle. Surprised? Well, don't be. Almost every battle in Pokémon XD is a double battle. I'm serious. One of the things I love about this game is that it's all double battles. So much more fun. More strategy, better flexibility, less capable of steamrolling everyone with a single Pokémon... Seriously epic.

Next, you notice the Call option? Well, that's a new function to this game. It is related to the Shadow Pokémon, and I'll bring up its use there when I get the opportunity, but since they included it, they also gave it some functionality to non-Shadow Pokémon.

Using Call at any normal time gives your Pokémon an Accuracy boost. Just as if you'd used an Accuracy-X. Helpful if you have an opponent spamming Sand Attack or Double Team, but other than that, fairly useless. Calling a Sleeping Pokémon, however, wakes them up. This is huge. It means Awakenings are now only useful out of combat, and Sleep only lasts for one turn against you. It's a great little addition that makes that annoying status effect go away.

Anyway, excuse me while I beat this guy's Pokémon up.


Much better, thank you.

Oh, and there wasn't even a rule that I had to beat you to get in? You were just bored? Well, I hope getting beaten by a kid half your age and having him take your money taught you a lesson.


Hmm, powerful Pokémon and loads of cash. So he goes about challenging everyone they see and taking their money too? We have so much in common!

Excuse me mister bartender. I'm just going to go behind the bar (you can open that little employee swing bar-top thing) and down the stairs for a minute...


Jackpot, Super Potion! Anything in one of these Pokéchests is free for trainers by law, right?


Upstairs we find Mr. Verich (very rich, get it?), and the nice guy in blue who used the Alakazam, and my sister politely thanks him.


We then head to the Pokémart, and find a sailor who gives us a free Potion.


And an enthusiastic new Pokémart owner who runs the first Pokémart I've seen with no Pokéballs.

Not that it's too surprising. It's Orre, after all, and no one uses them. But worry not, Aidan is talking to the shop owners and getting them to carry Pokéballs as soon as they can be imported in to support me.

I love Aidan, it's like he wants me to take over the world by stealing everyone's Pokémon.


Nice song, but I wasn't here to listen to your singing, bub.


Actually, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great Barret cosplay, you just lack the proper skin color. But, whatever a battle works too.


Sweet! First TM!

Which I'll never use (second best addition in Black and White: TMs last forever). But still, good to have.


Hey, see that? Teddiursa's heart is opening. As you fight with them, or carry them around with non-Shadow Pokémon, their hearts open and they become more friendly to you as they learn to trust again. This little guy is coming along great.


And, as they open their hearts, they learn new moves! So Teddiursa now knows Lick, which gives me access to Paralysis, which will help when Snagging.

Also, something I forgot to mention. Shadow moves also have no PP, so they can be used indefinitely. Man, I love those things.

With the battle ended, however, it's time to continue with the plot. A quick jaunt inside the Machine Shop shows me that there is no shopkeeper, he's apparently gone to visit his friend, Dr. Kaminko. Well, no duh, that's where I saw him last. And his son is currently fixing the port's bridges (they rotate to let ships through at various times). So a rather clueless sailor is in charge right now. And he wants to tell me a story.

Well, I've got nothing better to do while I wait, so I listen. And, lo and behold, he's talking about Eevee. And what do you know, he offers me an evolution item!


Yeah, but Espeon doesn't evolve from a...

Wait, what's that?


Ok, kind of fascinating. I'll take it.

See, Pokémon XD has no day-night cycle, so the Sun Shard and Moon Shard replicate their effects. You get a friendship evolution for the one which you carry in your pack (don't toss it or put it on the PC!).

A pity they couldn't think to do something similar for Glaceon and Leafeon when they left Sinnoh.

And, fortunately, my Eevee already loves me, so we should get an evolution next time we level him up.

Well, time to go see if those bridges are fixed.


Yes, we were already told that, thanks.

Oh, the bridges are fixed now? Great. You made me wait, so you just sit there while I explore the rest of town, ok?


And far across the bridge, we spot this cheerful guy, who challenges us to a battle.


Shadow Pokémon alert!

A Ledyba? Really? Why would you bother turning one of the weakest Pokémon out there into a Shadow Pokémon? Well, I guess it will improve Ledyba's movepool. It's not like it could make it worse. But seriously...

08-08-2013, 07:19 PM
I always have the hardest time choosing what to evolve my Eevee into, so I avoid it altogether.

08-08-2013, 07:24 PM
What I do is hold off evolving my Eevee until I get to the Day Centre (if I'm given the Eevee, I simply reset if it's male) and just start mass breeding it. After getting all the Eevees I need, I simply evolve them whenever.

In Generation IV, typically Espeon and Umbreon are the first ones to arise, mainly because they require no stones, although Leafeon is also very easy to get as it just needs to level up at that rock in the forest.

The stone evolutions are by far the hardest to get though.

08-08-2013, 08:08 PM
I always have the hardest time choosing what to evolve my Eevee into, so I avoid it altogether.

Kind of hard to avoid in this game, since it's your starter.

In Pokémon Colloseum, you actually started with an Espeon and an Umbreon, which was just awesome.

But you can always breed more in the games where breeding is allowed. There are also a few places where you can catch them in some of the games. So don't worry too much.


Er, yeah. Can't imagine what gave you that impression. Crazy old man.

Talk to him again. Huh, you've been missing a Pokémon since we battled? That sucks. Oh, and it was a precious gift. Hmm...


We find more chests as we explore and climb the lighthouse. One in front, three inside.

Atop the lighthouse, we find this guy.


That is not a polite way to introduce yourself.


Shadow Pokémon Alert!

Ah, Poochyena. One of my mainstays of this game, Poochyena, and, later Mightyena stays with me for the majority of the game. Really quite a good little Pokémon.


And which group was this exactly?

...Really? The bad guys are so cheap that they couldn't afford to give you a costume? What is the world coming to these days.

Why, I remember a time when Team Rocket had tons of costumes in closets for their new recruits. It's a sad, sad day for villainy.

Oh, well. That's it for the town exploration. Back to the machine shop!


That wall safe really looks like it belongs in the Shinra building to me.


You've been doing research at a Pokémon Lab only to have a group of Shadow Pokémon wielding cosplayers kidnap a lead scientist, get beaten by a little kid, and drive off into the unknown?

Man, this world is crazy.


More Ansem Reports, yay.

More information on development of the Snag Machine and Aura Reader. Fun, quick, backstory fluff.


Oh my gosh, he can stand up.


Wait, you hear that your kids were attacked by a thug in the middle of town, and all you care about is the machine part? Geez.


Well, that's nice. But I can just wait for you guys to finish the Purification Chamber. Really, I'm good.


Thanks, mom. At least you showed some hesitancy and asked me to be careful this time.

Notice what I said about almost all of the Orre region being to the Southeast of Headquarters?


Oh, hey, they built a village into the remains of the Deku Tree.


Chest right inside. I like this village already.


Up and around to the left gets us a secret cave!


With a Super Potion and another Pokéball!

Oh, and the Move Tutor lady. She can teach a lot of various moves (only three right now, but more get unlocked later). But each can only be used once. So, again, I don't use her. Sorry!


This place is full of trainers, which is great for clearing the Heart Gauge on your Shadow Pokémon.


Or leveling Eevee.

I am now massively overpowered for this section. Seriously. Espeon can one-shot most of the rest of the Pokémon here with Bite (this is pre-Gen IV, so Bite, being a Dark move, is still considered Special, not physical). And, since Bite is pretty much the only Dark Move Eevee can learn in this game, it will remain a move I use until Endgame.


They're called "Unhealthy Sandals", guy. You bought them. Don't complain to me.


Yes, what whale-sized, approximately whale-shaped object has been seen flying through the skies around here? Anyone?

Also, I'm up to three Pokémon to give nicknames to now: Poochyena, Ledyba, and Teddiursa.

So jump in, because I'll have to Purify them soon!

Oh, yes, and we're almost to the first boss fight! Stay tuned and keep responding!

08-10-2013, 12:20 AM
I can't take Loverina seriously whenever I see her. :p

08-10-2013, 12:28 AM
Also, I'm up to three Pokémon to give nicknames to now: Poochyena, Ledyba, and Teddiursa.

So jump in, because I'll have to Purify them soon!

Oh, yes, and we're almost to the first boss fight! Stay tuned and keep responding!

Ooo, boss fights. Interesting. There's no gyms is there. I wonder what these boss fights are like. I hope it's actually some challenge.

Do you have like a list of every pokemon you can obtain? None of those pokemon you have I really like. Especially Ledyba.

08-10-2013, 12:32 AM
Also, I'm up to three Pokémon to give nicknames to now: Poochyena, Ledyba, and Teddiursa.

So jump in, because I'll have to Purify them soon!

Oh, yes, and we're almost to the first boss fight! Stay tuned and keep responding!

Ooo, boss fights. Interesting. There's no gyms is there. I wonder what these boss fights are like. I hope it's actually some challenge.

Do you have like a list of every pokemon you can obtain? None of those pokemon you have I really like. Especially Ledyba.
Pokémon XD - Pokémon (http://www.serebii.net/xd/pokemon.shtml)

08-10-2013, 06:32 PM
I see a Growlithe on that list.

I'll have that.

08-10-2013, 06:43 PM
What Formy said is the reason I'm not a fan of XD. You don't really get any cool Pokemon. :/ Still, this playthrough is pretty cool.

08-11-2013, 01:17 AM
What Formy said is the reason I'm not a fan of XD. You don't really get any cool Pokemon. :/ Still, this playthrough is pretty cool.

Untrue. You get a ton of awesome Pokemon. The problem is a lot of them come late. The second half of that list is way more awesome than the first.

Also, it is worth noting that those are NOT all the Pokemon in the game, only the Shadow Pokemon and Elekid. They're leaving out quite a few, including Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita, Zubat, Trapinch, Aron, Sandshrew, Gligar, Whooper, Phanphy, Hoppip, Surskit, Meditite, Shuckle, and Larvitar.

Anyway, I apologize for the delays in updates, but I am experiencing some technical difficulties. I was hoping to record the bosses, but lack of sound and a few other issues is making it look too problematic, so I may have to give up on that idea. Which is a shame. :(

08-11-2013, 02:24 AM
I played through the game myself two times, and even still own a copy of it, so I know what Pokes are in it. Problem is, for my taste, none of the interesting ones are really in except for Larvitar, the Hitmons, Dragonite, Rhydon, the legendary birds, and maybe 3 others. Then you get dreck like Ledyba and Altaria. The game is a good game regardless, but has a very disappointing lineup.

I hope to god that one day Nintendo makes an actual full-fledged Pokemon RPG for the Wii U or something. Similar to X and Y now, but on a grander scale.

08-13-2013, 07:51 PM
Also, it is worth noting that those are NOT all the Pokemon in the game, only the Shadow Pokemon and Elekid. They're leaving out quite a few, including Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita, Zubat, Trapinch, Aron, Sandshrew, Gligar, Whooper, Phanphy, Hoppip, Surskit, Meditite, Shuckle, and Larvitar.

Making the above list was a terribly bad idea. Apparently any time I see an unordered list of Pokémon names, I read it as the Pokérap. Man, that thing gets stuck in your head.


I find a guy lost in a dead-end part of town, and do what any upstanding hero would: Beat him up and take his money.


Remember when I told you that Call affected Shadow Pokémon? Here's how. As Pokémon get purified, they start to enter what's called Reverse Mode. Essentially, their actual nature is in conflict with their closed-off, killing machine status. It acts a bit like a cross between Confusion and Poison. They'll take damage every turn until you snap them out of it, and they will only be able to use Shadow attacks reliably, others will have a chance of failure.

The closer they get to being Purified, the more likely they are to enter Reverse Mode.


But, if you Call them, they snap out of it, and their Purity gauge drops quite a bit.

I abuse this in a few trainer battles by just letting Espeon Sand Attack enemies until their accuracy is gone, and then waiting for my Pokémon to enter reverse mode. Just because I want to get these guys Purified quickly.


Well, since you're so polite about it, why not?


And this one is ready to be Purified. Woo hoo!


More items around town.


Did you know you can go behind the Deku Tree?


More items!


Just don't blame me if you get hurt, granny.


Woot, free TM!


The Berry guy! This guy is the only source of Berries in the game, and he'll give you a new one every day!

I wonder if that works in an emulator. Oh well.

So I finally enter the Deku Tree to talk to Eagun.


What? Oh, right. Purify. That's why I'm collecting an army of mindless killing machines. Yep. Noble hero, that's me.

The kindly old lady then sends me down to the bottom of the town, where Eagun is waiting for me to help me Purify my Shadow Pokémon.


Along with a Gauntlet of four trainers.

You can actually fight these guys multiple times, if you want, as well as head back to heal at the Pokémon Center at any time.


More items. Are these things, like, invisible to everyone else? Does no one want free stuff? I don't even USE items, but I'll still pick them up.

Maybe I'm the only one strong enough to carry fifty Potions in my pockets.


This gentleman gives me the Cologne Case. This holds scents, which are items that can be used on Shadow Pokémon while they're in Reverse Mode to Purify them much faster (scents are also the ONLY items you can use on a Pokémon in Reverse Mode, if memory serves).

Honestly, I never use them. Still, free stuff.

Boss battle approaching!


Yes, it is. So kindly get out of my way and...

Yeah, I knew that wasn't going to work.



I wouldn't say "Skill" in this case so much as "Power Overwhelming".

His Pikachu actually isn't a complete pushover. It's got a very powerful Thunderbolt that can one-shot Ledian, and nearly one-shot both of your other Shadow Pokémon (never tested it against Vaporeon, but it shouldn't one shot it unless you've skipped every battle, or not used your starter for them).

The problem is that it's one Pokémon in a Double Battle, and it doesn't have nearly the survivability for that. If it gets a Nature that has weakened Special Defense, Espeon can one shot it with Bite (sadly, that battle, the one I wanted to show you, got wiped out in my adventures to find out how to record this).


The mighty Relic Stone. Where all your Pokémon were Purified back in Pokémon Colloseum. With even more Shadow Pokémon to Purify, I'm sure we'll be coming back here a lot.


Yay, Poochyena is Purified!


What? But I have two more! Stop it, let me go!


And since he has critical information for me, you're going to call him on his cell phone and just ask him to tell me what he saw, right?




Mt. Battle. Home to what is, quite possibly, the single best training area in the entire series. Certainly so for Generation III. This place can get your Pokémon to level 100 in about half the time it takes to do so farming the Elite Four. It's also where you get a special Move Tutor, and access to the incredibly awesome Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile (each of which knows unique moves).

Oh, hey, look who it is.


Probably, but that's the plot of Pokémon Black and White, so let's not get into that right now, ok?

Also, if you guys liked the video at all, I'll go ahead and purchase FRAPs so that I can record the other, actually challenging boss fights as we go forward, now that I've actually figured out how.

08-13-2013, 08:00 PM
What an easy boss fight! Two hits, gone. Didn't even get a chance to move.

I'd be interested in watching more of these, especially the harder ones.

08-13-2013, 08:27 PM
What an easy boss fight! Two hits, gone. Didn't even get a chance to move.

I'd be interested in watching more of these, especially the harder ones.

It really isn't his fault. Espeon is absurdly overpowered at this stage in the game. Its incredibly high Special Stat (oh, and do I have a Modest one? Yes, I do), coupled with its easy access to an excellent type, decent damage Special Move just makes this bit a cakewalk. I mean, giving Eevee a Special move with 60 Base Power is no problem, since Eevee doesn't have even a noteworthy Special Stat. But Espeon? Espeon's Special Attack is already 47 (the highest stat on any of my other Pokémon is Teddiursa's Attack, at 27). Heck, Espeon has more Special Attack than any of my Pokémon have HP.

They probably shouldn't have let you evolve Eevee that quickly. Draw things out until at least the point that other Pokémon start to get Evolutions, just to keep things fair.


If I ever find the guy who stocks these chests, I'll have to thank him.


That's ok, I'll wait. Oh, you're just going to let me go in? You're so kind!


Oh, goody, another trainer gauntlet. How far inside is he? On second thought, maybe I should wait out here.

Oh well.


They weren't kidding about this being for Rookies, were they?


You had confidence?


Or, y'know, just have a Pokémon with double the attack strength of anything on the other guy's team. That works too.

Oh, by the way, do you see those numbers? Yeah, there's a trainer for each number. The numbers go up to 100. That's the Mt. Battle challenge.

Every ten battles, you get some reward coupons (which are VERY useful), and the chance to trade out your team. You can also heal at the waystations every 10 fights, but, IIRC, you can go back and heal at any time, even in the middle of one of the gauntlet rounds.

Make it through all 100 without changing out your team, and you get one of the three starters with awesome special moves. This is not that easy, though, as you face a ton of trainers who use a variety of Pokémon, and quite a few near the end who will try actual strategies and Double Battle tactics.

It's still awesome and a heck of a lot of fun.


You want me to beat up another of your students, don't you?

Well, at least you praise me first.


And now I get to point out one of the downsides to the system. See that Heal Bell? It's a unique move that Poochyena can only get access to by being Purified.

And, bye-bye, because while curing status effects for the whole team can be useful, it only has 5 PP, and generally isn't helpful enough in the main game. I'd rather replace it than any of your other moves.

It takes a while before you start getting Shadow Pokémon with useful unique moves.

Although, if you're trading them out to your GBA, those are a lot more helpful, because Heal Bell can be really good on a Double Battle Team when fighting other players.


Don't worry. It's not your fault. Your teacher's just a jerk.

I still have yet to see a school in the Pokémon world. This place is the closest we get. And it's less of a school and more of a volcano.


And no one has thought to investigate this place because?


Don't tell me where it is, man! Tell the cops! I'm just a kid. Oh, to heck with it.


Oh, so the old man does know how to use a phone. So why did he send me up here again?!

Oh well, Aidan is looking out for my dreams of world conquest again, as always.

Although, running out, huh. I wonder what happens to Shadow Pokémon if you fail to catch them in a battle..?

Well, we'll get to that later. :D

08-13-2013, 08:44 PM
Every pokemon plot-line ever could be solved if there's an actual police force.

05-09-2014, 08:45 PM
I'd like to request that this be moved to the Let's Play Forum. Also, if you all would actually like me to continue it, please let me know (feedback had gone a bit dry, so I wasn't sure people were still interested and I let it trail off).

05-09-2014, 10:22 PM
I would

05-09-2014, 10:55 PM
Well then, on we go.

When last we left off, we had just been told about the dreaded old Cipher facility. To the southeast.


Giving directions in Orre is super easy. "It's to the southeast."


Hey, I know that truck. That's the one which flew off with Prof. Krane. Looks like I came to the right place.

Pity no authorities figures bothered to monitor a famous longstanding Cipher facility.


Oh my gosh! It's the Phoenix Ranger Featherman R team! There's Red Hawk, Blue Swan, and Yellow Owl. I guess the Purple guy is trying to be Pink Argus, but the other two are way off. I mean, I know the typical Cipher uniform is white, so I guess whoever was being White Swallow didn't want to just use the boring normal outfit, but where is Black Condor? C'mon, guys. If you're going to cosplay, you need to go all the way.


Of course, since you guys can't even realize that whoever is counting the team isn't counting himself, I guess that brains are not your forte.


Oh, crap, these guys are packing heat? Um, dude, I didn't really mean that last statement. I'm sure you guys are perfectly witty, and I still love your dedication to pulling off a team cosplay. I know it's not easy, but you all do it really well. Can't we all just-


...Excuse me, what did you call me? I'm sorry, but boss rush or no, you do not get to call me that and get away with it.


I noticed that. Yet, again, no one bothered to monitor it, lock it up, destroy it, or anything of the sort. It must be nice to have authorities willing to just leave your facilities fully operational in case you ever decide to return to try to take over the world again.


Wait, seriously? First you call me a brat, now you're threatening to tell my mother? Guess what, my mom was the one who sent me on this quest to the middle of nowhere. She understands how awesome I am. Ok, it's on. Bring it!


Wait, you guys aren't boss rushing me? You're just going to sit there and let me challenge you all one-by-one, at my own pace?

Aw, and Resix just wants to play. I feel sorry for being so mean to these guys now.


He even has a Shadow Pokémon for me!

Shadow Pokémon Alert!


To be fair, you're my hardest opponent yet. You should be proud.

Quick note on these guys. They all have different numbers of Pokémon. As is typical of the series, the fewer they have, the higher their level. This guy only has his Shadow Pokémon and one other, so he's actually the hardest of the Hexagon Brothers. If Houndour and Slugma (his non-Shadow Pokémon) team up, they can take down even Espeon in two turns, and you can't take down Houndour nearly that easily, unless you get lucky with a high-health capture.

I had Espeon Bite Slugma, flinching it, while Poochyena used Dig on Houndour. Next turn, I used Bite on Houndour while enduring another Shadow Attack on Espeon. Then I was able to capture it with a Pokéball.


These guys are so nice! Dudes, when you're on security detail, you are not supposed to be this nice to intruders. I mean, I appreciate it, but I'm sure your bosses don't.

I don't think I'm going to fight you just yet, though. Espeon is a little tired from that last fight. I need to heal. Or maybe just go explore the facility more, since they're such nice security guards that they aren't even going to stop me. Hmm...

05-09-2014, 10:59 PM
Yay it's back! Thanks Skyblade!

05-10-2014, 12:33 AM
Thank the wonderful staff members who decided to make a place where these can be updated, tracked, and given feedback on far more easily.


So I decide to head into the spooky facility. Which actually isn't that threatening. There's this kind of mellow music playing.


Wait! What's that in the corner?!


*Gasp* Is it?! IT IS! Finally, the series long monopoly of the Pokémon Center is at its end! The source of their power has been taken, and can now be freely distributed around the world! No more will trainers need time their visits around those facilities! We can now put healing stations anywhere!


After the healing break, I head back out, and find the Hexagon Brothers have not exactly perfected their counting.


Spies. Yeah, that's it. Someone dressed in the proper Black Condor costume would blend in among you all completely unseen.


Well, maybe they wouldn't be able to infiltrate such masters of perception after all.

I guess I'll take Blusix up on his offer now.


Onesix, Twosix, Resix, Blusix!

Shadow Pokémon Alert!


There's that word again.

Considerably easier than Resix. He has three Pokémon instead of two, and his Shadow Spheal didn't even try to attack me, it just used Shadow Mist to constantly lower my evasion. Tactical failure.


I now have an intense desire to see these consequences.

A quick healing trip away, and...


Browsix is considerably less polite than his brethren, and didn't offer me an option once I talked to him. He also didn't keep me from entering the facility or healing, though, so he's still not taking the guard duty seriously.


Shadow Statue Pokémon Alert!


Done what, exactly? Besides beating you up, taking your money, and taking your Shadow Pokémon?


Aw, Yellosix is willing to play, despite his incredibly busy work of standing in a circle and counting his brothers. He's such a nice guy to children. I might even feel bad about this.


Unfortunately, this is before Ampharosite was introduced to the series.

Shadow Pokémon Alert!


Well, I might have felt bad about it. Until he called me a brat. They really like that word. And here I had thought that Yellosix liked kids. :(


Wait, so they actually are on guard duty, they just think I'm a kid who wants to play? Even though I'm beating them constantly at battles and snagging all of their Shadow Pokémon as part of my world-domination ploy?

I don't know whether to be happy that they're willing to play with lost little kids, or shocked at their utter naiveté.


I told you, she's the one who sent me here.


Yes, because Espeon isn't overpowered enough, we need to give it a STAB attack. While I'm fighting the Poison brother. Poor guy.


Really? A Shadow Gulpin? You had a Koffing, a Weezing, and a Tentacool, but the one which deserves to be made into a mindless killing machine is the Gulpin?

Shadow Pokémon Alert!


Oh, wow, now I feel bad. Are you ok, dude?


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


I decide to take a quick break to exercise my own stellar observational powers.

05-11-2014, 12:04 AM
Forgive the double post. But, as awesome as they are, I did want to move past the Hexagon Brothers. They probably aren't the most thrilling content to watch in a Let's Play.

Still, there is one left.


Oh, Greesix. Your sixfold obsession may be touching, but it's not healthy, man.


Six grass types (hence, the weakest of all the brothers). Against my beloved Espeon, and a Shadow Houndour that just relearned Ember. This is really not your day, is it?


Shadow Pokémon Alert!

See, the Shadow Pokémon selection at this point just really isn't that great. Heck, I'd rather have the Oddish. Even if Shadow Nuptup is a downright terrifying idea.


Well, good. Maybe now that I've beaten you and reduced you to five Pokémon your sixfold obsession will go away.

By the way, these guys actually remain here for quite a while. Their teams remain the same, except that they have one fewer Pokémon. So you can use them for grinding if you want. They still have the awesome Cipher Peon battle music.


Rather than going inside the main base, I decide to explore the garage to the side of it.


Apparently it's more of a storage area (which explains why the truck isn't parked there). But at least it has goodies!

Anyway, with that over and done with, time to actually head inside the main base. Tum te dum dum-


Jeez! Ninja Peons dropping from the ceiling! They think they can scare me to death, apparently.


Huh? Where'd the ninja go? Wow, he's pretty good if he can vanish as soon as he's defeated. Pity he wasn't that good at battling.

Anyway, there's an elevator up ahead, so down we go!


A fork in the road. Decisions, decisions. We'll go left first.


A scientist mumbling to himself about XD001. Apparently it failed. Yet it's still awesome enough to be the name of the game, so it can't fail that badly.

He then challenges me to a fight.


You know, I'd stop you, but I'm kind of still recovering from the shock that apparently you can get that awesome Cipher Peon music without wearing the cosplay outfits. I'm not sure why the Peons agree to them. Maybe Cipher is the sort of thing that happens when you leave a group of cosplayers alone too long.


Locked? Ok, that's only to be expected, I suppose. That's ok, we'll find a key card somewhere. We'll backtrack and take the south path this time.


What the heck?! Since when did people in the Pokémon universe actually start locking their doors?! Not cool, man. Well, one path left (even if it's to the right).


Apparently even their hall monitors are trained in ninjitsu, because this one just appeared from right above me as well.


This elevator had better not be locked, or I think I'll be stuck and unable to invade this criminal organization any further.

05-14-2014, 12:33 AM
The hexagon brothers are the most intelligent men of all

05-14-2014, 12:45 AM
You know, I should be impressed that a single Pokémon could lift an entire cruise liner.

Regigigas can pull a continent.

05-15-2014, 05:32 PM
You know, I should be impressed that a single Pokémon could lift an entire cruise liner.

Regigigas can pull a continent.

I don't count the Pokédex entries. Too many of them are just obviously wrong.

Top 10 Most Physics-Breaking Pokémon! (http://bbs.studio-revolution.net/magazine/?p=301) I don't actually agree with Wailord, because it is called the "Whale Float Pokémon", so it is clearly designed to be lighter than air. But the rest of it? Yeah, Pokémon are broken, even in their own universe.

Besides, Regigigas can barely move. Stupid useless ability.

Anyway, on with our adventure.

It turns out that the elevator wasn't locked. To think: Had they just locked the door, the game would have essentially been over and they would have been successful in conquering the world.


Hmm, could they be talking about the Professor? Dude, if you want info on Purification, you should be talking to my mom, she's the most competent person at that research facility.


Hey, you challenged me to a battle, man. I'm not the one who was slacking off at work, don't even try to pull that. I'm so reporting you to your boss.

"That man is playing Galaga!"


My name's Axel. I'm your new janitor. I'm emptying out all of those little red and white dustbins you guys have all over the place. Don't mind me.

...She doesn't fall for it. :(



Aieee! A spider! I hate Spiders! GET IT AWAY!


Shadow Pokémon Alert

Actually, I don't have much problem with Bug Pokémon, and Spinarak is kind of cute (and Ariados looks kind of awesome). But in real life, bugs and spiders do freak me out. I hate bugs.


Wow. I made a girl cry. I feel like a complete jerk now. Thanks for that, game.


Takin' out the trash. *Whistles*

That battle with the girl, in addition to getting me a Spinarak and making me feel like a jerk, also finished purifying Houndour. So I took him back to Azalea Town. Because, let's face it, my Pokémon team is far more important than the fate of the Professor. Sure, they may be torturing him for information about Purification...

But on the other hand: Hellhound puppy! A man needs to set priorities.


Interesting, so the emulator can track daily progress, just like the game can. Cool.

I should also note that Leppa are my favorite type of berry, because they restore PP, and I hate running out of PP.


Who's a cute widdly doggie? Yes you are!

I guess that's everything. Time to go rescue the Professor (again). They wouldn't have moved him, would they?


Now I'm getting some serious Black Omen flashbacks. Hmm, I wonder if I could catch Lavos in a Pokéball...

A little bit further ahead, and we jump to a scene with our villains. Well, our villains and the Professor. He's not actually a villain, right? Just an obstacle to our world domination scheme?


The lady makes a fair point, Professor. Why don't you tell her about your Purification research? We don't want the XD001 to be anything less than "fabulous", do we?


Really? Why not?


Seriously. How could you refuse that adorable face?


I agree! If you'd just walked up and asked, we'd have totally helped you out. Naps is a jerk who had to throw the Professor in a truck, it's all his fault.


First the scientist who tried to blame me for his slacking off, now Naps trying to blame the Professor because of his poor invitation techniques. Cipher may be dedicated to their cosplay, but they really try to avoid taking responsibility for their actions a lot.


Wait, XD001 dropped a ship? So that would make XD001 the Shadow Lugia.

Professor, why aren't you helping these nice people perfect the most awesome Pokémon in existence?

Oh, that's right, you didn't get to see the opening cutscene, so you don't actually know how awesome XD001 is. Lovrina is right, you just can't understand.


Wow, now you're bad mouthing her to her underlings? Not cool, Professor.


Oh, yes. These are totally reasonable, "let's talk things out" people.

05-15-2014, 05:39 PM
Good update :jess:

05-15-2014, 06:38 PM
Good update :jess:

Thanks. I'm debating a bit about size of updates. I've got another 50 pics waiting, but I don't know how many I should really put in per post, nor am I positive how fast I should put up new updates. Add them in as quick as I get them? Delay them over several days? I just don't know. :(

05-15-2014, 06:42 PM
I guess its up to you. I post mine as soon as I do them otherwise I forget specifics like names and such (heck I forget names while I'm playing) that I didn't put in the screencaps. I also limit myself to 50 images max, because the limit is 25 per post and like I said, I post it right away so I don't want to triple post.

I think it's really a matter of how you're most comfortable doing it.

Also, you have over 800 views so even if you don't have a super ton of comments, people are obviously still reading it and liking it, so I wouldn't worry about that too much :jess:

05-15-2014, 07:21 PM
People are looking at my Let's Play. That doesn't mean they're reading or enjoying it. :D

The problem is, on days I play, I can just sit and play for hours. As I said in the RPG Binge thread, that's just how I play. So I can accumulate a lot of pics really quickly. It also makes me more likely to update if I'm doing it on that day, but I don't know at what point it would just be a deluge of info that people would not be able to keep up with.

Still, good to know that there's a 25 picture maximum, I didn't even know that (although I'm kind of sad that I don't seem to be able to upload multiple pictures at a time anymore).

On with the journey! There's still quite a bit more to the Cipher Lab, after all.


Um, yes, I did. It's a matter of public record. This place has been known as the Cipher Lab for five years, buddy. Where have you been?


Shadow Pokémon Alert!

This Numel is actually kind of important to point out, and I'll show you why that is once I can access his Pokémon stats page.


"In case of emergency, the exits to the Cipher Lab are located here, here, and here. Please proceed in an orderly manner to your next exit, and kindly refrain from ruining our research in the process. Thank you, and have a wonderful visit to our evil lab."

I take a trip down another elevator and...


Hmm, decisions, decisions. I'll go left first.


You're only like a foot taller than me. Jovi is tiny.


Oh, now you're just being rude.

It must be in the Cipher Peon handbook that anyone below the age of 21 must be called "brat".


I decide instead to take that second elevator right beside me. Ooh, another trashcan.


Yah! Ok, so this chest has a guard. That's...new.


Ah, much better. Always nice to see people treating me with proper fear respect.


So I pop open the chest, and then go to visit my new best friend. The Healing Machine. See what I mean? These things are so much more useful than Pokémon Centers, because you can put them anywhere. You don't need to trek back to a two story building in the middle of a town three routes away. You just drop one where there's heavy traffic and *boom*. Free healing. It's awesome.

So I go back to the earlier split, take the south path, then the right path towards another chest (which you can see from the entrance, actually).


Nope, like I said, I'm heading for the chest. Thanks for offering directions, though.


Isn't my Espeon so pretty? Not only is this one of my favorite games in the series, it also has the best animations for my favorite Pokémon. It's just so elegant. Such a regal little psychic kitty. Yeah, no real point to this pic, except "lookit the kitty". I really like Espeon.


Another chest opened. Let's see, I think I'll take the top route now.


See that little icon in the upper left? The game gives you that and an audio notification whenever a Pokémon is ready to be purified, and if you just press "A", you get a note saying which Pokémon it is. At this point, it isn't super helpful, but it gets to be pretty dang handy a little later.


So I open another chest.


And run into another scientist.


You notice how everyone always explains the rules they just broke to me after we battle? Why don't they ever say "oh, sorry kid, go on ahead, we shouldn't battle here"? They're the ones starting everything!

Please click to view this next image, because the inset does not appear to be displaying correctly at all. Sorry. :(


This would be a valid question were it not for the fact that "Cipher Security" is apparently the Hexagon Brothers.

Anyway, with him defeated (and there being absolutely nothing behind him to interact with), I head back to Azalea to purify my Spheal.


And my Mareep.


And my Gulpin.


Is it just me, or does Aurora Beam seem a little powerful for this point in the game? I mean, sure it's only a 60 BP Ice move, but I seem to recall that one being one we usually pick up fairly late game.

Note, you don't actually have to Purify them at any point, they'll stay ready to purify even in the PC, so you could just go back to the Lab start and switch them out for other Shadow Pokémon to Purify instead. I just like Purifying them ASAP.

Well, with them purified, I suppose I should go back and save the Professor now.


Or not.

05-15-2014, 07:37 PM
Spheal is so cute :jess:

05-15-2014, 07:41 PM
Spheal is so cute :jess:

He's actually way cuter in this game than he seems from the pic, because he has absolutely adorable animations. He constantly bounces his feet, so he's gently rolling from right to left all the time. Also, when he gets hit, he rolls backwards like two feet with recoil, then gets control of himself and rolls back onto the field of battle. He's just so cute. I don't think I've ever evolved him in this game. Partially because I don't use him a ton (even though he's a pretty decent Pokémon), and partially because it would mean giving up that cuteness.

05-15-2014, 07:43 PM
I struggle with not evolving cute Pokemon in every Pokemon game I play.

Those animations do sound really cute :jess: Might have to pick up the game just for that :P

05-15-2014, 09:57 PM
Anyway, now that I've Purified my current team, I can switch them out for a few others to Purify instead. This will also let me show you the Numel from before.


Notice the Charcoal he's carrying? There are actually quite a few Shadow Pokémon carrying items. They start out as just simple things like the attack boosters (it's unfortunately going to be a while before I can get Espeon the Twistedspoon), but as we get further in we'll get some rarer pieces of equipment like the Lucky Punch or Stick.

I kind of like this concept. I think it's a neat way to obtain the items, and I like the thought that the enemy team is actually trying to use items effectively (which is very important in Pokémon battles, but no AI enemies ever do). Unfortunately, Shadow Pokémon only know Shadow moves, so they don't really get any use out of the Charcoal and similar items until you start to purify them.


Ok, just two doors left. I haven't finished exploring the floor, so I'm going to leave the elevator alone. To the left it is!


I know, right? He should totally help perfect the ultimate killing machine that you guys are mind controlling and hoping to use for World Domination.

Then, when he does perfect it, I can capture it, and then I can use it for World Domination.


Y'know, I hung around my mom's lab a lot, and I don't think I was hassled nearly this often.


Great, a Wynaut. Please don't tell me I'm going to have to face Wobuffets in this game. They probably won't do much, because Espeon knows Bite and is still overpowered as all heck, but they are still annoying.


Aurora Beam also looks awesome in this game. Go Spheal!


Yep. Kind of makes you want to rethink your pathetic life, huh?


Why weren't you busy thirty seconds ago, hmm? I heard you, you were just sitting there gossiping with your coworker. You weren't busy at all. You're just another slacker.


Um, if you know you shouldn't say that, why did you?


I'm pretty sure I could have figured that out without you focusing on it so much, but at least you can make an accurate self assessment. Cheer up! Assessing things accurately is a very important trait for a scientist, so at least you have that going for you.


That's... Actually, that's a great plan. You guys are both in a side room, I could easily have bypassed you and went straight on to the boss. Maybe if you pretend you never saw me, you won't get fired for laziness and incompetence.


You'll have to explain what happened to the Great Ball that was in the room with you guys, though. Heh heh.


It's actually more of a "stroll". Maybe you could call it a "swagger", but I'm definitely not "scurrying".


Shadow Pokémon Alert!

Oh, yay. Carvanha was another of those guys who stayed on my team for a long time when I first played this. He's a really nice little glass cannon. No real defenses, but he can hit like a truck, especially once he evolves.

Also, even though I don't usually nickname Pokémon, I think I'm going to nickname this one "Sharknado".


This seems like a good time to highlight some of the other Shadow Moves. This is Shadow Hold. It prevents both Pokémon on the opposing team from escaping.

Luckily, by the time Carvanha used this, I had already switched Spheal out. Carvanha had already taken out more than half of Spheal's health in one hit (Spheal is a pretty decent HP/Tank Pokémon usually, it's just slow as molasses). Had this nabbed Spheal, Spheal would have fainted.


Here's my stats after the fight, just so that you guys can see. I pretty much one-shotted all three of the other Pokémon in the battle. This damage was almost all done by Carvanha. That's actually really good for a single Pokémon to do to a team, especially by an AI enemy. It also helps that Carvanha has good typing, being immune to Confusion and resisting Bite, so I might not have been able to one shot it even if I were trying. But, of course, I wanted to capture it, so I had to let it pound on me while I tried to weaken it (which is not easy, especially since it could almost two shot Espeon).

That's what I love about Shadow Pokémon. It makes fights so much more interesting, by putting you up against extreme damage dealers while also making you not want to actually just destroy them immediately. It puts a huge risk/reward twist on the standard Pokémon gameplay, and I love it. It gets even better later on when Trainers start getting more than one Shadow Pokémon on a team.


Oh, sweet, I got permission to run around the base! Now I won't have to worry about being stopped for battles every five feet! Right?!

05-15-2014, 10:18 PM
There are some neat looking moves

05-16-2014, 12:08 AM
I love the witty comments you do Sky, and also how you tell us some of the game mechanics. Makes it more clear for us to understand certain things :)

05-16-2014, 09:46 PM
This brings back a ton of memories. I have this game as well as its predecessor, and I played the heck out of both. It's too bad you can't actually get Celebi anywhere in either. Or go to the Under in XD.

By the way if you're still taking nickname requests can we call the Gulpin Otoro? Cause it reminds me a heck of a lot of Sammy's Otoro in Chorocojo's Firered LP.

05-20-2014, 05:26 AM
There are some neat looking moves

That Aurora Beam shot was actually quite hard to take. There's a brief delay when taking screenshots, and the ability doesn't have a very long animation. It took me three tries, but I think I nabbed it at just about the perfect time to show off how awesome it looks.

I love the witty comments you do Sky, and also how you tell us some of the game mechanics. Makes it more clear for us to understand certain things :)

Oh, they're actually witty. Good. That's what I was going for, but it's hard to know if I was successful sometimes.

I kind of have to explain mechanics. While it is a more traditional Pokémon game than, say, Pokémon Conquest, it still has a lot of minor changes.

This brings back a ton of memories. I have this game as well as its predecessor, and I played the heck out of both. It's too bad you can't actually get Celebi anywhere in either. Or go to the Under in XD.

By the way if you're still taking nickname requests can we call the Gulpin Otoro? Cause it reminds me a heck of a lot of Sammy's Otoro in Chorocojo's Firered LP.


Anyway, we're almost done with the Cipher Lab, so let's keep going!

I'm down to two paths left to take. I opt for the left side... And stumble into another Cipher Peon.


Hey, I got permission to be here. I'm not causing mischief, I'm just exploring.


Wow. That's mean. I take pride in my manners and bearing. I'm always courteous and considerate. I even use proper grammar and spelling online!

Now the game is saying I'm poorly raised, and another girl is crying because of me. This game is just mean. :whimper:

Maybe she knows that Axel doesn't seem to have a father. In which case it's even more hurtful.


I brush aside my hurt feelings and go to open the treasure chest in the room behind her.


Ok, last door, here we go.


Sweet, the Boss of Cipher is here. It came a little sooner than I expected. I'm not quite prepped for Final Boss fights, but whatever, we'll roll with it.


Last time being the events of five years ago (see also: Pokémon Colloseum).


Do I really look suspicious? It's the hair, isn't it?


Sure you can. It's easy. Just keep sitting right there, and I'll stroll right on past. Watch...


One day that will actually work.

Shadow Pokémon Alert!


It's not the word that I would use to describe an individual that enslaves gods, takes down massive organized crime syndicates, or beats up and robs half the people he meets either. But this is the Pokémon universe, and that is apparently what the word means here.


Oh, right. Prof. Krane. Of course. Is he still here?


Actually, I do. Even though my character has never met her, I saw her in that cutscene earlier. It's perfectly alright for me to use OOC knowledge, right? We'll just add "ability to see through walls" to my list of awesome traits up there.


She is cute, I'll give her that.


He left behind the ID Card. I knew we'd get the Key to that elevator at some point.


Finally! Someone who knows their job and sticks to it! You, sir, are the most dedicated employee at this lab, and don't let anyone tell you any different!

Even though you're literally just sitting in the break room, probably having a cup of coffee.


New chest, yay.

Then out the door, to find...


...That it still can't be opened from the other side. Oh well. At least this makes the path to the locked elevator quicker.


We'll find out where this evil elevator takes us in our next installment!

Which should be in about five minutes, depending on how long it takes me to actually write the comments.

05-20-2014, 05:55 AM
So we're taken to a boring and empty room. But, we don't care about that, so we'll just head up the staircase in it to reach the room with Cipher Peon Naps and our Professor!


Really, Professor? You're honestly going to try to talk this out?


You have got to be kidding me. The Professor is actually getting through to this guy?! Well, I can't have people in the Pokémon world thinking that you can solve problems without violence. Time for me to interfere!




Do you know anyone else who looks even close to being this awesome?


No, I came here with an Espeon to rescue Professor Krane. There's a huge difference.


You could always resign. It would probably be healthier for you than having your mind split open by my Psychic kitty.


That's right, I did! Aw, good times. Hey, do you remember that time I walked through an entire Cipher base defeating everyone in the way, finishing up with the poor shmuck who no longer even had a Shadow Pokémon to protect himself with? No? Give it a minute. It'll come to you.


Apologies for the audio and visual errors. As I said, it's a glitch of the emulation process.

Normally, Naps wouldn't even be that much of a threat. And this was actually the worst battle of the three I fought with him (trying to figure out how much to record, the video files get big), due to that unlucky critical. But in my usual playthroughs, I've already EV trained Espeon (which you can do at Mt. Battle and against the Hexagon Brothers), so I'm not only several levels higher, but I'm also far more optimized.

Stupid Murkrow and its stupid immunity to Psychic. Why did they have to break the Psychic class in Gen II?! Why?!


You can tell he's a higher rank because he says "Punk" instead of "Brat".


Stupid Mareep. Had you evolved one fight earlier, you probably would have one-shotted that annoying little birdy.


I bet Cipher has nothing on Organization XIII.


Aw, how cute, he thinks his advice is important to us. :mock:


Now we have the Professor treating us with the respect we deserve. Awesome.


Pfeh. Please. What's the worst that could happen? I've still got chests to loot.


Well, I'd hope so. For one thing, I heard about others from the coffee break dudes downstairs. But more importantly, if this was their only base, they'd kind of be out of business now, wouldn't they?


"Complicated" he says. As though he's actually going to do anything besides cower behind me should we run into anyone.

Relax, Professor. I'm sure we can stay down here as long as we want and no one will come bug us.


Sweet! A third party member! Let's see, we've already got Jovi as a healer, so I guess Krane is going to be our wizard. This is going to be awesome.


Good to know. But I'm planning on using doggies for my fire types. I already have a Houndour, and I'm going to get a Growlithe. So I don't really need you.


Last chest.

Before I leave though, I'm going to prove to the Professor that time isn't a concern. So I take him down through the Cipher Lab, showing every point of interest, and every place where I whooped a Cipher nobody.


I also show him the healing machine, and explain to him how important it is to get these all over the world so we can stop being dependent on Pokémon Centers.

I also take a moment to heal up. I'm confident, I'm not stupid.

05-20-2014, 06:01 AM
Good update :up:

05-21-2014, 08:22 AM
Well, it's been a day Professor. We're still fine. You were all worried about the time, but we have plenty of it.




Who's running to their mommy now?


Oh, geez, you're right. There are probably forms to fill out when moving prisoners and everything. I'm sorry, I totally goofed on that. My bad.


Hey, all your employees have been bothering me. I haven't even made eye contact with them, or talked to them. I just walk by, and they challenge me. Not my fault.


He still thinks that will work. :roll2


Works for me. I'm sure the Lab is doing just fine without him. My mom has to be running the place better than he can.


My estimation of your plan has dropped considerably.



I didn't say that out loud did I? No? Good.


You honestly think that asking nicely will get you out of the criminal base. I don't think you're in a position to talk about unrealistic expectations.


Lovrina is kind of like how I imagine shion being if she ever became a super villain.


Yeah, but in case you haven't noticed, he's not big on listening. He's a professor, he likes to hear himself talk, and not much else.


Didn't we just talk about that? :eep: I may be young, but I am paying attention.


So you'd have an XD-002, etcetera? I have to warn you, at the rate Pokémon are being discovered, three digits are not going to be enough.


Hey, that's my plan! Get your own!


But, we do need his help (apparently) to perfect the process, so we'll choose "Yes" here.


I'm not joking, professor.




Dangit. Now I'm getting flashbacks to Gen I, when we cross Nugget Bridge, are asked to join Team Rocket, and can't say "Yes". :crying: I just want to take over the world! Just a little bit.


Hey, I'll help! Blame this stupid Professor guy who is completely unwilling to listen to anyone.


Odd, she's not dressed like the stereotypical dominatrix.


See? Totally evil shion.

Sorry about the quality, but that's the best I can do from emulation. If someone wants to shell out $200 bucks to get a video input recorder, I could record live from the game itself, and avoid all those terrible glitches.


Also, a couple of things to note.


This is the music that plays when you fight here. The Cipher Admin music. Although not nearly as awesome as the Cipher Peon music, it's important to note that this music also plays when you're on the map screen selecting your destination. Maybe Cipher has already taken over the region and we just don't know it?


Also, Shadow Pokémon Alert!

In case you're too lazy to watch the vid I spent all that time, effort, and money to record. :(


I know. It sucks. But cheer up, once I get the Professor back, I'll try to steal his research and get it to you.


Oh, forget him, I'm probably going to have him executed once I take over anyway.


Deal! :thumb:


Yeah, the Professor doesn't realize that making a Pokémon immune to purification also makes them look about fifty times more awesome. Bring pictures next time, and he'll be way easier to convince.

Also, sorry about this, guys. There is some massive exposition dumps going on, and it's going to continue. This is essentially the end of the game's prologue, so we're going to unlock some new features, and start with the main questing. So there's a lot of exposition to set that up that I have to get through.

05-21-2014, 08:28 AM

Lovrina is kind of like how I imagine shion being if she ever became a super villain.


I wish I was that skinny. But you know, with more boob

05-25-2014, 06:06 AM

Dude. You're a nameless scientist. She doesn't even care about you as much as she does Naps, and we've seen how she treats him.


That's right, so you'd better do what I say and help perfect the awesome looking doom Pokémon.


Actually, I've always been awesome, you should be impressed by Espeon. Besides, normally by the time I rescue you, my team is way, way more powerful. This is nothing.


This comes as a surprise to no one.


All this thinking time you've had, and your best idea is "we must come up with a way to stop them?"


But they're almost done with their project, how are they supposed to finish it if they get an incompetent leader back?


Ah, optical media. Such an important part of gaming, and now you're becoming more and more obsolete as physical memory storage becomes more compact and cheaper.


Dude. Get your own games.


On second thought, I bet it's carrying a virus. I certainly wouldn't trust any label they put on it. You can have it, Prof.


It "looks important"? It's a CD! I've seen thousands of them!

Although, to be fair, it was sparkling on the ground, and that does usually mean important. But I didn't think anyone but myself could see that.


Finally made it back to Headquarters.


Uh huh. Saying "thanks" is easier than actually rewarding me, huh?


Awesome, you spied on the enemy? What'd you learn?




So this is what a university education gets you these days, huh?


Hey, something that some of the people here might not have actually known! Kudos!

Pity I was able to pick up the same thing in about thirty seconds of listening to Lovrina. But still, great job.


They "must"? Can you not think of any other use for perfect killing machines?

"All I wanted was to create the perfect genetic soldier! Not for evil. But for good!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzl3uvkkmmo&t=1m5s)


Why are you dragging this out when everyone knows that the answer is "send the young child with the unlicensed proton accelerator strapped to his arm after the bad guys"?


Well, at least it stalled him enough that the team was able to finish before he bungled everything again.

Seriously, is it a coincidence that as soon as my mom's in charge, stuff gets done? I think not.


C'mon, mom, I'm talking you up here. Be more eloquent.


"I got captured just in time to not contribute to the project's finishing touches!"


See? I told you she was better at this than you are.


Last topic of conversation? Unimportant. We have SCIENCE to look at!



What did I just say about the eloquence? Oh well. Shiny new toys to look at. Let's go.

These should start coming out faster now that I've figured out how to work Manage Attachments (which is so much easier than the "Upload Images" button. Thanks, Loony BoB!).

05-25-2014, 02:32 PM
Alrighty, time for one of the main mechanics of the game to get some explanation.

I'm actually going to be avoiding a lot of the text dumps here, because the explanations try, but without any knowledge of what the system looks like or how it works, the explanations are kind of useless. Plus they're kind of boring, and harder to make fun of. So I'll be doing a better job of explaining by using pictures of the system as I use it.

The new system is in another room, so off we go!


Sweet, I have a fanclub now.


You got it. ;)


Um, guys, this room has been like this the whole game. What changed?


Professionalism, Aidan!


It's a room, Professor. I've seen them before.


So I do have a father. Good to know.


You couldn't even save yourself.


So you gathered a ton of scientists, built a laboratory and designed some equipment of very questionable legality, all because of my father?


And my mother actually got it all working. I have the most awesome family ever.


Where is my father, anyway?


Today the Purify Chamber, tomorrow the WORLD!


Way to kill the mood, Professor.

Epic science adventure! Oh, wait, we need tutorials.


Fine. I guess even criminal masterminds need tutorials every now and then.


So Pokémon could Purify themselves if we just released them to the wild where they could be around "normal" Pokémon?


That doesn't really explain what a "set" is, though.




Wow, someone's pumped about their job. Who's this lady, and why is she dressed like a nurse?

Oh, wait. No name. I guess that makes her unimportant.


Ah, some useful instruction. Thank you!


So the system only works if I use it. Critical information I likely wouldn't have discovered.


What if I don't want to? You can't tell me what to do! :mad:

I'll actually have to finish explaining this after work, and then get back to the adventure itself. Finally. This took way longer than I expected, and I have cut out a lot of tutorial dialogue already.

05-25-2014, 03:47 PM
Pokemon HQ is a nice building

05-26-2014, 03:36 AM

Well, most of my family is awesome.

Actually, Jovi is awesome too, just in a more juvenile way than my parents.


You still never told me why he isn't here to see his dream realized. Is he leading Cipher? Is his real dream taking over the world (like mine is)?


Um, I'd rather let the technicians who know what they're doing start it. I don't even see an "on" switch.


Really? Here I was so sure that Professor Krane's "Let's Talk Them Out Of Being Evil" speech was what was going to thwart them.

Plus, I'm pretty sure this thing is useless without the Snag Machine.


I know. It's a device designed to purify my mindless killing machines and slow my plans for world domination. :crying:


I don't work here though. I'm just the boss lady's son.

Oh, whatever. Let's see, walk to the plate in the middle of the floor.


Ooh, shiny.


Ok, so you guys made the X-Men's Danger Room? Neat, but what does this have to do with purifying Pokémon?


Alrighty, tutorial time. This is a Set. It's a system designed to purify a Shadow Pokémon.


This is Shadow Carvanha. The Shadow Pokémon goes in the middle. Where it can stew in loneliness and despair.


We have to place at least one non-Shadow (the game uses the term "Normal", but since that's also a type, I think it's a bad idea. We'll call it "Regular") Pokémon for the Set to do anything.

Carvanha is a Water type, and Water is strong against Fire. So, while any Regular Pokémon will do, there will be a boosted effect if we put a Fire type in the slot, like Houndour.


Adding more Pokémon makes the Set more effective. Again, watch the type matchups. Fire is strong against Bug, so Ledyba makes a good second choice (plus, Bug is strong against Dark, looping back to Houndour, making this a fairly decent two-Pokémon set).


However, a third Pokémon makes it better still. Since Bug is strong against Dark, Poochyena here makes a good third.


Finally, the fourth Pokémon fills the set. This is where things get tricky. While chaining is basic enough, to maximize potential, you need to loop them all into each other.

Dark is strong against Psychic. But a regular Psychic type would not be ideal, because it wouldn't be super effective against Houndour.

By placing Baltoy, we can use its Ground type to be strong against Houndour's Fire type, completing the Set and maximizing the "Tempo" on the right.

Tempo is essentially the most important thing to Purifying Pokémon. The higher the Tempo, the faster it's Purified. Any time you hover a Pokémon over a slot on the circle, you can see how it affects Tempo. If it boosts it, it is always a good move. Maximizing Tempo the way I have here is called a "Perfect Circle" (and is something that will be important much, much later).

Flow is nowhere near as important as Tempo, but it still helps Purify Pokémon faster. This is actually the max we can get it right now (due to having limited Pokémon and limited types), but we can boost this quite a bit higher later as we unlock more options, and I'll show you that as we get there.


Once you've set up the Set, you can view a holographic overview of what it looks like. But, since it provides no information other that what Pokémon are in it, this is kind of useless.

I wonder how this system got okayed. Did someone in the Lab just mess around with the VR training program, discover the neato holographic visual effects, and decide that they had to go into the Purification Chamber?

Kaiba may have gotten flak for creating a holographic system just to make card games look more interesting, but at least there was a reason for it. This system is just pointless.


Um, you guys said it was right here.


I don't think Nine is that many. Not given that we're slowly creeping close to 1000 varieties of Pokémon. Besides, I don't have near the Pokémon to use all the slots, and none of you wonderful scientists are offering your own.

There's a perfectly good Blissey right there!

Oh, that reminds me: Normal types, despite having no types weak to them, count as Super-Effective against other Normal types for the purpose of increasing Tempo. So a set of all Normal type Pokémon will maximize Tempo for a Normal or Fighting Shadow Pokémon.


Thank goodness. As you learn if you play Pokémon Colloseum, you had to travel back to the Agate Village stone any time you wanted to Purify a Pokémon. That meant a lot of pointless backtracking.

While you still have to actually come back to the Pokémon Center to do the Purification, switching out the Sets makes it so much easier to keep Purifications coming fast, especially given the number of Shadow Pokémon we wind up getting.


Let's see, you tried asking nicely, and that didn't work.

We could set up a Game Corner and get them to gamble them all away?

Ooh, or how about we just march into their base and arrest them all?

Maybe we could...


I'd have never thought of that. This is why you are our brilliant leader. :roll2

05-27-2014, 05:53 AM
So, having discovered most of the secrets of the Purify Chamber, it's time to find out what I'm supposed to do next.


We've been back like ten minutes, and she just got finished with making the Purify Chamber work.


His name is "Datan"? Wow, he was doomed to a scientist's life, huh?


Ok, I'll fight the bad guys and capture all the Shadow Pokémon, but I'm not going to do a fetch quest upstairs just because you're too lazy.


Yay, go Jovi! I told you she was awesome!


Stop trying to insert yourself into my family. You're not good enough.


Have some patience, dangit! No wonder nothing gets done around here when you're constantly bugging everyone for status reports.



Jovi is more than capable of telling someone to come here. Just wait.


Ha ha. No.

Heck, handing kids control of something like a level 50 Salamence is not nearly the best way to train them to fight in Pokémon battles.


You imply that they once were.


Am I ever going to meet this father of mine?


So the only reason Jovi couldn't get the Data ROM was because Datan ran off. It's his fault, not hers.


Great. Downstairs it is.


This guy is worried that all the Pokémon on the cruise ship may have been turned into Shadow Pokémon. We call this "foreshadowing".


While this news article does raise some questions about the quality of ONBS's reporting, I have to love the reference to the fact that random NPCs only replay a single line of dialogue.


This game is on the GameCube. There are no achievements. Unfortunately.


Baby? It's a Kirlia. Ralts is the baby form.


It might be easier if you actually leave the room.


Great. More running around.


Dangit, Datan. You've wasted this entire post. Where the heck are you?!

I've realized that this has sort of become more of a riff track than a standard Let's Play. I'm thinking I should probably start doing more summary and less comments on each and every line of dialogue. Otherwise this game will take forever, and you all will probably lose interest. I mean, I have 50 folders filled with pictures (10 to 25 apiece, based on post length at the time) that I've been using, and I still have almost 100 pictures either cut or waiting to be used.

05-27-2014, 06:23 PM
It's hard to know which screens to cut off sometimes, I know :/

You don't want to have too many text blocks because they're uninteresting but you also don't want to post everything everyone says either

05-28-2014, 08:47 PM

Gosh, if only we had this laboratory headquarters filled with the greatest minds of the region to call on or something.


This makes sense. If you want to get data off a hard drive, give it to a group of news reporters.


Yeah, but they mostly did that through reporter things, like spreading knowledge and coordinating common people against Cipher.


So they're sending me on errands again. Apparently my scooter is the fastest vehicle at the HQ.

Actually, I think it's the only vehicle at the HQ. No wonder they send me everywhere. There's no garage, or even a parking lot. Most of them live there, I think. Even though the only rooms with beds I can remember are mine and Jovi's. Weird.




Don't make me smack you.


Well, this is Pyrite Town. It seems kind of run down, to be honest.

Still, it's one of the few Towns in the Pokémon world to have a Hotel (visible as the orange dome in the back left). Also the only place I've seen a Fortune Teller's shop.


And a reporter running away from her cameraman is how this town greets us. No idea why, it just kind of happens.


This is kind of a trend in Pyrite Town. Over half the people wandering the streets want to battle with you. Plus the big white dome in the back is a Colloseum.


You can put any Pokémon into the Purification Chamber to Purify it, even if it has opened its heart by staying in your party, but you still need other Pokémon for the actual Purification ritual.

05-29-2014, 01:49 PM
So, how far are you into the game, now Skyblade?

05-29-2014, 08:29 PM


05-30-2014, 04:03 AM

Holy moly. There's actually a police force here. I am in shock.


Yet they don't do anything except warn me about street thugs who are going to try to beat me up and take my money. Le sigh.

Why do we not have a sighing smiley?


So I'm investigating the people person locked up, and he seems to recognize the Snag Machine. That makes me a little nervous. The only ones I know who would recognize the Snag Machine are the researchers, who already know about it, and the bad guys. I guess that's why he's locked up.


Item boxes have to be punished for crimes too! This one was locked up for disturbing the peace.


Dude, they were literally just walking down the street. No wonder there's no police in this world, if they're all going to harass everyone who walks down the street. I mean, that's pretty much the same as acting like a regular trainer.


Oh, they're "former" criminals. Yeah, I don't really blame you in that case. There isn't a lot of success with the rehabilitation projects in this world.


While I approve of your disbelief, I'm not sure how much you can do to them without evidence. Also, to collect the evidence, you should actually chase after them when they leave. Follow and observe, man.


You're letting Cipher goons roam around the town?!


Or maybe they just ditched the costumes and lied to you.


Well, I knew that no wild Pokémon lived here, but I didn't really know why.


Seriously? What "ravaged" this land?

Is this the region mentioned in Pokémon X and Y that lost the war with Kalos and was obliterated by the ultimate weapon?!

Note: We never get any explanation for what happened to Orre to eliminate its wild Pokémon, but playing this again after playing X and Y, that REALLY makes sense to me. We know from X and Y that the weapon was powerful enough to not only eradicate life, but also draw out life forces to render areas inhospitable. Orre just got way more awesome.


First an item locked in jail, now we have several staying at a hotel. What the heck.


This guy explains the structure of the Colloseum fights. Which I might do some of later, but since I haven't been EV training my team, and I am working with the very limited roster we get, I probably won't beat all of them.

Especially since the game's ultimate post-game challenge arena is here, and it pretty much expects a trained team transferred from the GBA games.


I guess that makes him a very responsible mayor, then. :eep:


Is this one of those "street thugs" I was warned about? He's just a cheerful old man getting off work and wanting to relax.


Oh. These would be the street thugs then.



Wait, so is this actually an officially sanctioned location for Pokémon battles or what? I'm so confused now. The police warned me about it, but it really seems like a nice, inviting place. Everyone sits around and waits politely for a challenger to talk to them. It kind of reminds me of the Pokémon Link Systems, or even my old school cafeteria when everyone was playing Pokémon and looking for trades/battles constantly.


Ok, these are seriously some of the nicest trainers in the entire series. They're friendly, they enjoy a challenge, they aren't sore losers, they're willing to rematch, and they don't assault you for walking in front of them.

Maybe this is because of the police force? It keeps the usual psychotic behaviors of trainers in line?


I can't believe I forgot to nickname this guy. I'll do it as soon as I find the name changer. Because I am definitely going to be using him.