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09-14-2013, 02:13 PM
So BoB and smitten are officially married! Yay!

Post your congratulations here. :)

I've not known either of you very long but it's obvious that you're both meant for each other. Getting married is a pretty big step in life. As I couldn't be there and didn't know what to get you both I decided to take a big step myself and made you a picture! Armed with a Biro (no mistakes) and a sheet of A4 I drew something for the first time in about... 11 years! Congratulations to the both of you - may your love transcend all Astral and Umbral eras! :3


I'm equal parts happy and ashamed with how tacky that picture turned out. I'm sure BoB will appreciate it though!

The Man
09-14-2013, 02:25 PM
Congrats an' trout :monster:

09-14-2013, 02:48 PM
Guess I'm too late to win him over :(

Congrats, you two. I dunno what to say that hasn't or won't already be said so just attribute all the nice things people say to me as well :monster:

09-14-2013, 02:51 PM

09-14-2013, 03:02 PM
:happybday (no wedding smiley)

09-14-2013, 03:10 PM
I'm excited and happy for you two :c)

09-14-2013, 03:20 PM
Congratulations to the lovely couple.

09-14-2013, 03:29 PM
She showed up then? Gotta be honest I was taking bets.

Madame Adequate
09-14-2013, 03:39 PM
What a wonderful day for you two :) Biggest congratulations and long may it last! :love:

09-14-2013, 03:44 PM
I only logged in because I expected live updates and photographs from those attending. I'm disappointed in you, EoFF. :mad2:

Congratulations, Daniel & Danielle! :jess:

09-14-2013, 03:44 PM
A Chocobo and a Kitten produces all the love! Congrats!

09-14-2013, 03:47 PM
Wait. You mean he didn't marry his Spreadsheet database?

Congrats, yo. I sincerely hope that at least half of mine & Rantz's song picks were played at the reception (I also almost typed funeral for some reason. Sorry)...



09-14-2013, 04:13 PM
Congratulations to you two! I don't really know you two that well, but I know you two are made for each other, and I'm sure you two will reminisce about this day for years and decades to come. Congrats! :)

I am expecting pictures. I bloody missed that Twitch thing in the other thread, so I better damn get the highlights!!

Del Murder
09-14-2013, 04:19 PM
Congrats! You will find that married life is...no different than what it was when you were already living together. :D

09-14-2013, 04:20 PM
Congrats! You will find that married life is...no different than what it was when you were already living together. :D

Pretty much this aside from tax benefits.

09-14-2013, 04:47 PM
congratulations guys

09-14-2013, 05:01 PM
CONGRATULATIONS! It's about time. Took you two long enough to get hitched! Now you can stop worrying about the wedding all the time and enjoy married life! Congrats! ^_^ I'm sure the wedding was the bomb diggity.

09-14-2013, 05:16 PM
Congrats. :beer:

09-14-2013, 05:23 PM
:monster: Congrats to all the winners!

09-14-2013, 05:25 PM
i watched you guys online and it was moderately cute!


09-14-2013, 05:45 PM
Congrats :love:


09-14-2013, 05:48 PM
Congratulations! I hope you both had a wonderful day, as I'm sure you did :)

09-14-2013, 06:06 PM

I guess I drew this and will post it even though there is no video footage or not even so much as a single bloody photo of this event on the entire internet what the hell ;_;

09-14-2013, 06:15 PM
Faris sent me a pic of Rantzien's feet that's basically all the wedding-media that exists right now

09-14-2013, 07:10 PM
Congratulations! Pics plz

09-14-2013, 07:55 PM
Congratulations! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyFQVZ2h0V8)

Captain Maxx Power
09-14-2013, 09:11 PM
Good luck to the both of them, hope all is well in the future.

09-14-2013, 09:48 PM
A thousand congrats!

09-14-2013, 10:07 PM
Congrats guys, you chose the best day of the year for a wedding! :bigsmile:

Lonely Paper Star
09-14-2013, 10:10 PM

Congratulations to both of you~!!! :D

Ace Protorney
09-14-2013, 10:56 PM
Congrats on the wedding, guys!

09-14-2013, 10:57 PM
Congrats you two~

09-14-2013, 11:47 PM
Hb and shit :monster:

09-14-2013, 11:48 PM
What's that White Wedding song?

09-15-2013, 12:00 AM
Congratulations guys, enjoy your life in paradise! :)

09-15-2013, 12:57 AM
Thank you for a wonderful time. Congratulations and please let us know what food was in the magical box thing.

09-15-2013, 01:18 AM
Gorgeous wedding and a great time was had! Congrats to you both :D

Thank you for a wonderful time. Congratulations and please let us know what food was in the magical box thing.

I opened mine but got distracted and forgot to look inside. SADNESS

Pant Leg Eater from the Bad World
09-15-2013, 02:05 AM
This is fantastic.

Congratulations you two! We all are wishing you the very best! :)

Del Murder
09-15-2013, 02:22 AM
pics or it didn't happen

09-15-2013, 02:30 AM
Congratulations to the both of you! =)

09-15-2013, 02:32 AM
There are some pictures on facebook, although they are camera-phone quality.

09-15-2013, 02:32 AM
Coming to post what Del posted.

Congratulations! I wish you guys all the best and I wish you would post some drunk pictures of EoFFers.

09-15-2013, 04:28 AM

Night Fury
09-15-2013, 04:39 AM
Just throwing this out there:

To anyone who attended the wedding and needed to burp, or god forbid they needed to fart, that was myself and Phil's spirit.

Dr Unne
09-15-2013, 06:24 AM
Congrats to all the winners.

09-15-2013, 09:01 AM
Mazal tov!

09-15-2013, 09:35 AM
Hi, I'm Daniels sister, took a gamble on my 10 year old login details and It worked! I had a great time meeting the eyesonFF crew last night at the wedding, what an awesome and welcoming bunch, thanks for letting me hang with your awesomeness. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. Don't know how to put pics on here from my phone but I will try! Xx

09-15-2013, 09:49 AM
Sorry that we were too busy having fun to post pictures and be active on the internet. :3

But, it was a wonderful day and it was lovely too see a bunch of screennames in person.

Thanks for inviting us, Daniel & Daniel, and we wish you all the best for the future. :D

09-15-2013, 09:52 AM
A great wedding

and I have to say although we say it a lot. We have some damn fine good looking people on here and it was a pleasure meeting you all. Looks aside great fun to be around.

My camera died halfway through the dancing but they will all be up as soon as I can get them. Will all be on Flickr. Link provided soon

09-15-2013, 02:07 PM
Congratulamations to the newlyweds !

09-15-2013, 02:55 PM

09-15-2013, 05:00 PM
Trowbridge Family Reflections: THE wedding of the year (http://trowbridge5.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-wedding-of-year.html?m=1)

09-15-2013, 05:15 PM
Excellent stuff. Jokes aside congradulations to em both. Although if you all didn't get drunk I will take it as a personal insult.

09-15-2013, 05:18 PM
Just try and tell me this is the happiest guy in the world


09-15-2013, 05:34 PM
Trowbridge Family Reflections: THE wedding of the year (http://trowbridge5.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-wedding-of-year.html?m=1)


09-15-2013, 05:36 PM
Oh wow her dress was gorgeous!

09-15-2013, 06:07 PM
Trowbridge Family Reflections: THE wedding of the year (http://trowbridge5.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-wedding-of-year.html?m=1)

BoB you and your sister look so similar that it's weird to me

09-15-2013, 06:38 PM
You can start praising me for my amazing speech at any time you guys :(

09-15-2013, 07:09 PM
Your speech was great! The soup was a lovely touch. :3

09-15-2013, 07:11 PM
Nikki I loved loved loved your speech - esp the 6th form ball photo and stories from high school, cause that's the Daniel I remember! :) and your art of them is spot on perfection - well done! Xx

09-15-2013, 07:31 PM
Thanks, and thanks for posting the photos! I took a look at your blog and it looks like you're having a great time.

09-15-2013, 07:40 PM
Trowbridge Family Reflections: THE wedding of the year (http://trowbridge5.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-wedding-of-year.html?m=1)

BoB you and your sister look so similar that it's weird to me

Don't say that I thought his sister was álainn. Don't ruin that for me by adding a beard.

09-15-2013, 07:44 PM
Daniel's whole family are ridiculously photogenic and they all look infectiously happy too.

I'm having a bad day at work and just looked at those photos again and suddenly I became all zen.

09-15-2013, 08:19 PM
Awww! Congrats you two!! Very happy for you both! Everyone looks so happy and lovely in the photos!

09-15-2013, 09:03 PM
Daniel's whole family are ridiculously photogenic and they all look infectiously happy too.

I'm having a bad day at work and just looked at those photos again and suddenly I became all zen.


09-15-2013, 10:29 PM
So now you guys are known as Double D. You're welcome.

09-15-2013, 11:35 PM
I couldn't resist.

http://i.imgflip.com/3n2j6.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3n2j6)

Del Murder
09-16-2013, 03:40 AM
There are about a thousand memes you could make with that picture.

And I want to see them all posted in this thread.

Ace Protorney
09-16-2013, 04:48 AM
We should rename the Ciddies to the BooBies for the next awards.

09-16-2013, 04:52 AM
http://i.imgflip.com/3n8b7.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3n8b7)

09-16-2013, 04:54 AM
http://i.imgflip.com/3n8d5.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3n8d5)[/url]

http://i.imgflip.com/3n8ga.jpg (http://imgflip.com/memegenerator)[url=http://imgflip.com/memegenerator]

09-16-2013, 05:03 AM
This thread just went from good to great.

Loved the pictures! It was nice to see myself there, haha.

Loony BoB
09-16-2013, 09:08 AM
xD Loving the memes. I'll post some pics at some point but I'm struggling for time right now - but will say that it was a ridiculously awesome day and I wouldn't trade it for any other. Definitely competing with the first days of meeting Danielle as the best time of my life. Luckily I have a pretty decent memory and I can remember pretty much all of the wedding, but I can't wait to see the video from my new brother in law, chronos (registered at EoFF and all that). I'll also note that as part of my speech...

I thank the people of Eyes on Final Fantasy for being so wonderful that people like Danielle and I can both enjoy it enough to stick around and meet each other. Sean Robinson, the founder, has always been one of the best people I've known online and I have endless respect for him. Rory, who sadly couldn't make it today, introduced Danielle to the site which I'm naturally more than grateful for. The last specific person from Eyes on Final Fantasy I'll mention is Shauna Mitchell, who didn't make it to the little meetup we organised back in 2006. Because you cancelled on the day, Danielle and I were thrust into a meeting with just each other for company. It wasn't a date, but it was definitely dinner and a movie and that day changed my world forever. I've never been so thankful for someone flaking on me in all my life.

09-16-2013, 09:23 AM

09-16-2013, 01:14 PM
so what you're saying is that everything is Shauna's fault

09-16-2013, 01:18 PM
Sounds about right.

The Summoner of Leviathan
09-16-2013, 01:49 PM
Congrats you guys! :D

09-16-2013, 04:10 PM
http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa196/narcissisticprincess09/MemeCenter_1379344202991_335_zps1c2d101d.jpg (http://s198.photobucket.com/user/narcissisticprincess09/media/MemeCenter_1379344202991_335_zps1c2d101d.jpg.html)

Del Murder
09-16-2013, 04:23 PM
That's the best one so far. Keep them coming.

Flying Mullet
09-16-2013, 05:24 PM

09-16-2013, 05:25 PM
This will literally never get old.

09-16-2013, 05:26 PM
http://i.imgflip.com/3njhj.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3njhj)

Flying Mullet
09-16-2013, 06:03 PM

09-16-2013, 06:09 PM
http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa196/narcissisticprincess09/c58ba1c0-8b5e-4361-9465-f1909a6d309a_zpsc621f459.jpg (http://s198.photobucket.com/user/narcissisticprincess09/media/c58ba1c0-8b5e-4361-9465-f1909a6d309a_zpsc621f459.jpg.html)

09-16-2013, 06:27 PM

Dat Matt
09-16-2013, 06:58 PM
http://i.imgflip.com/3nlm8.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3nlm8)via Imgflip Meme Maker (http://imgflip.com/memegenerator)

09-16-2013, 08:55 PM
Such a brilliant day all round. :)

Anyway if anyone cares to hear my thoughts not only on the wedding but on the general EoFF meet itself then read a spoiler! It's a tl;dr of course but hey ho, I am sure a couple of you who have only seen pictures and haven't heard much about the day might enjoy reading it.

The day before when we met up initially p much summed up the classic EoFF meet up experience. Walking around for smurfing miles with no real purpose, then wandering back to the flat Daniel got organised and arsing about doing very little of anything. You think it's all fry messages and dry humping, I assure you they never talk about all the walking.
As Daniel took Sarah out for a SPECIAL LUNCH, the rest of us (Me, Lev, Pontus, Ashley and Clement) wandered out to a restaurant called The Huxley! It was a pretty awesome steakhouse and I had a steakboard with rare cuts of steak, it was great.
We got bored of waiting around for Matt and Shauna to arrive, so we all buggered off 5 minutes before they showed up. Oops. :shobon:
On the morning of the wedding we went over to Daniel's. 5 years ago me and Levian slept in the spare bedroom. I peeked in. There are no beds. There is just a big ol' pile of stuff with a black and white cat head poking out!
Disaster struck though, when I got changed we noticed my waistcoat was missing a button and me and Shorty had to bomb it over to the tailor's to get it sorted.
We then arrived and sadly I did not get the chance to mingle with the unwashed hordes of EoFFers. Me and Lev were meant to "greet" people. We may have bounced them instead and told many of Daniel's family members to jog on.
I'll throw this here, their families are both pretty great. Josh (Daniel's brother, groomsman) is a top bloke and his sister Nikki who I think has posted in this thread is such a livewire and a genuine pleasure to be around. Danielle's brother Jordan is a funny guy too, (he's apparently a member here too) he breaks out in giggles at the slightest provocation.
I mentioned to Daniel at least 3 times before the ceremony that I needed the rings and he kept putting me off. Then right as Danielle showed up he remembered and had to send poor Josh running for them.
As I'm sure you all saw, Danielle looked amazing as she walked up the aisle... to smurfing Twilight xD A single tear rolled down her cheek at the start but other than that she was her usual bubbly self.
I had to sign a legal document confirming the wedding. Everyone called my signature stupid and the celebrant said it looked like a rocking horse. :(
Briefly got to finally speak to some of the EoFFers before being dragged up a mountain with Danielle's sisters. They had a battle with the taxi driver as he didn't seem to know where he was going... I kept out of it.
Off to the reception! Me and Pontus, who is one suave and chilled out dude, had a bit of a nightmare getting the projector set up to show Nicky's speech. I say me and Pontus, I just stood about a bit looking serious (also how smurfing serious do I look in all the photos xD jesus christ I smiled a lot I swear) while he and the hotel staff did most of the work :shobon:
Now, I had been given the legal documents by the celebrant who had also produced Daniel's speech. I had put them in my hotel room for safekeeping. Daniel assumes this means I have his speech and I have to go sprinting across the road (I nearly got ran over by a bus!) to get it while Danielle's dad started his speech. I make it back in record time... only for Daniel to have had the speech all along. That mothersmurfer I nearly had a heart attack!
Danielle's dad's speech was great. We all learned about how Danielle abused cats, killed a hamster and plucked a mole from the ground and put it in a pram! Daniel's speech was fantastic too and he ended it in song!
My own speech, I won't lie, it was out of my usual comfort zone as I don't do a lot of public speaking and I was a bit nervous. I had been working on it all week and I spent ages tweaking and refining. It's like, you have to strike a real balance - I have to rip poor Daniel to pieces but I couldn't go too far, I couldn't be too cruel! And I didn't know how naughty I could make it as I had no idea if kids would be there. But heck, even if you have a good speech, it's nothing if you don't have good delivery, a good sense of timing etc. And after Danielle's dad put in an amazing speech I was like "well smurf xD"

Anyyyyyyway - it went over amazingly, the EoFF and Kiwi crew in particular were in an uproar of laughter. Afterwards so many people came up to me and told me it was brilliant. Daniel also told me how many people had told him that and him I had knocked it out of the park. Honestly it was such a boost to hear all of that and I am so pleased about the reaction.
Nicky's speech was amazing and I'm not going to spoil it as I think it could be posted!
The meal was pretty good. I was sitting next to Danielle and she seemed to enjoy that and the drinks a whole lot! I kept popping over to the EoFF table.
Then came the first dance. And then out of nowhere I was randomly told I would have to do a formal dance with Danielle's sister, the maid of honour. I am sure Bubba and Pontus could tell you how funny my horrified reaction to this was! I begged them to tell me how to dance like that (I dance well to cheesy 80's pop and also any rock, but not slow dancing!) but Bubba just grinned and said he was going to enjoy this. At the time I was moderately narked, because I genuinely expected him to teach me how to slow formal dance in 30 seconds and he let me down :colbert: Honestly Danielle's sister is a beautiful woman and as you all know, I am a bit of an ugly twat so I felt bad for her! It didn't go anywhere near as bad as I thought though :)
Yes we all danced like idiots to random songs. There was a live band that we thought would never stop! (they stopped eventually - they were very good - even Bubba approved!) My own personal highlights include dancing with Sarah to the Killers of which I think you will see many photos soon - Bubba for some reason smurfing loved our dance and shook my hand after it xD Top bloke. I also enjoyed dancing with my dear pal Ashley who is, as I type this, sitting less than 3 foot from me. She is holding her chin. I looked at her and now she is scared. "What are you giving me that face for?" hahaha. But special highlight was Matt (Mr. Shauna) going smurfing hog wild to Queen, what a hero.
After losing our hearing from the music and screaming at each other to be heard, Me, Ashley, Lev and Pontus set up shop on a couch outside. One by one, other EoFFers wandered past, noticed and joined us, and then random siblings of the Townses, until we had the best area in the whole wedding. That was such a brilliant time, all of us together spouting utter random bollocks about every subject on earth. Shout out to handicap ghost! It then wound down and we all went off to bed.
The next day was great, we all ended up meeting in a McDonald's in a basement of a mall. Yes, fry messages were made... and worse things besides. It was the first time I'd really got to spend with some people and I just want to say Matt is an absolute smurfing psychopath, I absolutely adore him and his comedy. I thought he and I bounced off each other well and, well, Shauna, I am going to murder you in order to make him mine. Just a heads up :aimkiss: Mind you, I love the way your dry and calculated wit contrasts with his bombastic and manic style, it's fantastic!
Danielle and Daniel turned up and as usual that mothersmurfer Towns made us climb a mountain. And he says "oh it's lovely weather" and as soon as he said that trout a god damn hurricane hit. You will see photos of us up this hill soon looking ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. GOD DAMN YOU DANIEL TOWNS!
We bid the Shaunas farewell and headed back to the flat in two taxis. In our taxi (aka the best taxi) was me, Lev, the Townses and Ashley, and Danielle started barking like a dog. So we concocted a plan that she would walk into the room, bark like a dog for no apparent reason at everyone, then sit down nonchalantly like nothing had ever happened. She stumbled into the room, giggling, laughed for three minutes straight, did a bark-laugh hybrid and then stumbled down. Honestly though I remember meeting Danielle 5 years ago and she was so smurfing brilliant then, endless entertainment, and it has not changed. She is utterly bonkers and it's amazing. From randomly shouting out Pokemon noises to telling everyone how she clapped and cheered with excitement as some poor woman on a tv show had her eyes cut out and had to crawl... fantastic.
The gang purchased huge volumes of alcohol... say no more. And a random shout out to Marion who I have not mentioned yet. She is an absolute sweetheart! Anyway we played some loser stays on Tekken and ripped into troutty movies on TV. Good times. Oh and I think there is a video of us singing along to songs from Shrek.
Me and Ashley sung the chorus to this majestic song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6a-AHLRoAw) endlessly (it is our house song) and pissed everyone off xD
Had fun with Lev and Ashley shouting out obscenities from the Buffy swearing keyboard (google it, not posting it).
As Pontus looked on approvingly and Sarah disapprovingly, the three of us then tried to pick up local gay guys on Levian's grindr app. Pick up lines such as "I am the pickled egg emperor" and shouting insults such as "ham sandwich. racist" were very juvenile but were howling with laughter at some of the responses.
Another shout out to Sarah who I roomed with. As we were looking out the window of our room we saw some dude dressed like smurfing Neo from the Matrix wandering about xD THEN we saw some woman walking around in a god damn bright red Harry Potter cape - complete with hood - like it aint no thang. Had a great time staying up late and singing random songs from my iPod. We rule.
When me and Sarah arrived at the flat today, we had a nice surprise. See, I have been encouraging window pranks all the time. Like, when Clement arrived I stood at the window, smiled and waved a giant knife at him. This is the first time he has seen me in 7 years. Anyway, they all got their revenge on me (and poor Sarah - you will see her reaction photos soon!) by having the entire lot of that shower of bastards standing at each window waving and wearing various utensils. Utter nutjobs, the lot of them!
Also I just got back and all the messages I've had are about how bald I am. smurf all of you, I bloody well know xD I referenced it in my speech and got a huge laugh, so I'm more than adequate at publically humiliating myself without you arseholes joining in! :p

Flying Mullet
09-16-2013, 09:23 PM
Such a brilliant day all round. :)

Anyway if anyone cares to hear my thoughts not only on the wedding but on the general EoFF meet itself then read a spoiler! It's a tl;dr of course but hey ho, I am sure a couple of you who have only seen pictures and haven't heard much about the day might enjoy reading it.
I enjoyed reading through these highlights as much as I did looking through the pictures. Thanks for the recap! Brilliant time!

Dat Matt
09-16-2013, 09:34 PM
"But special highlight was Matt (Mr. Shauna) going smurfing hog wild to Queen, what a hero."

"I just want to say Matt is an absolute smurfing psychopath, I absolutely adore him and his comedy. I thought he and I bounced off each other well and, well, Shauna, I am going to murder you in order to make him mine. Just a heads up :aimkiss: Mind you, I love the way your dry and calculated wit contrasts with his bombastic and manic style, it's fantastic!"

Clearly I left some sort of impression.

To be fair though, I am Nuts.

Del Murder
09-16-2013, 09:53 PM
Great highlights, Psycho. I want to see the text of your speech and also Nicky's video.

09-16-2013, 10:16 PM
I can't stop.





09-16-2013, 10:45 PM
Fantastic summary, Paul. I want to do a summary of my own but right now my brain is rather broken from it all... specifically and especially Mr. Shauna.

Dat Matt
09-16-2013, 10:51 PM
Aww man I'm gaining a bad reputation here!

09-16-2013, 10:53 PM
Nobody to blame but yourself.

09-16-2013, 11:05 PM
Mr. Shauna: The Canadian Slayer

09-16-2013, 11:18 PM

Dat Matt
09-16-2013, 11:24 PM
I see. So I started with a bad rep from all of shauna's stories and I never recovered?

09-16-2013, 11:53 PM
I have a condition.





Flying Mullet
09-17-2013, 12:02 AM
I have a condition.
It's like Evil Bert.

09-17-2013, 01:39 AM

09-17-2013, 03:06 AM
I was just gonna post that, hah. Del, I'll send you the speech xD

09-17-2013, 03:17 AM
BoB memes this is the best thread ever

09-17-2013, 03:28 AM
Based on my favorite part of Psychotic's story.

http://i.imgflip.com/3nxse.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3nxse)

09-17-2013, 03:44 AM


09-17-2013, 03:47 AM
Oh how I hope this becomes a real thing.

09-17-2013, 04:48 AM
Oh man these are great!

Psy, sounds like you cool cats had a super fun time!

Madame Adequate
09-17-2013, 06:17 AM
I wish I wasn't completely unable to interact with people in meatspace and getting ready to depart to America tomorrow, or I'd have been there, sounds like an immense time. Especially with Mr. Markie in attendance :)

I Took the Red Pill
09-17-2013, 06:34 AM
Especially with Mr. Markie in attendance :)How the hell does lonny bob know Biz Markie and did he perform "Just a Friend" at the reception?

Del Murder
09-17-2013, 06:51 AM

09-17-2013, 07:08 AM
Congratulations on becoming institutionalized. :)

09-17-2013, 07:28 AM
I woke up this morning sandwiched between Rantz and BoB in the living room. Danielle and Lev are nowhere to be found, but I think she's finally turned him and they've run off to make the most beautiful babies ever. I am alone in a foreign country with no knowledge of the nearest mental health professional to my location. Please send help.

09-17-2013, 07:48 AM
Disregard that. No help required.

09-17-2013, 09:06 AM
Disregard that. No help required.

Oh my, you have me giggling away like an idiot, my mum asked what was so funny so I had to share. All you guys are so fun, you just make me want to hang out with you and be a geek too. Wish I was a nerd (Sigh)...

And thank you Paul for calling me "a genuine pleasure to be around" - did you read that little bro?! "Live wire" was a very nice way to desceibe my craziness. How kind. And I loved your speech xxxx

09-17-2013, 09:17 AM
I don't think there was a wedding.

This was all some clever ploy to get people together to capture Daniel in a suit for the explicit purpose of creating the best memes this side of the equator.

09-17-2013, 11:18 AM
The wedding was a lie, the cake wasn't though

09-17-2013, 01:07 PM
Ah, here is the thread.

Congratulations again to the happy couple!!!

09-17-2013, 04:30 PM
Shorty I hope you are not trying to steal the man just after he got married. I know you paid Lev to steal smitkit away!

09-17-2013, 04:31 PM
How dare you. Lev's the one I wanted, why would I pay him to run off with someone else!

09-17-2013, 04:46 PM

09-17-2013, 04:53 PM
Haha lovin the memes! Congrats again Mr and Mrs Towns x x hope it was as wonderful as it seemed :D

09-17-2013, 06:36 PM
Hahahaha all those memes..excellent xD

Thats a great summary of the weekend Psy! I think I haven't told you yet, your speech was great :3
About the Mountain-horrible-weather story..actually BoB summoned the storm! It was all nice, just windy but sunny, then he said "Now it will rain." And it started. Like 2 seconds later. (I'm so glad btw that no one remembers that it was me who wanted to see the "mountains" :x )

Oh and btw... congrats Smitten and BoB ;)
No, seriously: I would wish you all the best, but I know you have already found the best :3

09-17-2013, 07:15 PM
Shorty I hope you are not trying to steal the man just after he got married. I know you paid Lev to steal smitkit away!

http://i.imgflip.com/3oe81.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3oe81)

09-17-2013, 07:16 PM

09-17-2013, 07:23 PM

I want to know how many of these we have to make before Daniel's face appears in the "popular memes" section.


09-17-2013, 07:24 PM

Oh come on, that was pretty funny.

09-17-2013, 07:27 PM
Right after Sephex made his meme, Daniel was like "but the special lunch was before the wedding!"

09-17-2013, 07:40 PM
That means you can't contest mine, then xD

09-17-2013, 07:41 PM
I know, it hurts xD

Del Murder
09-17-2013, 07:41 PM
Hey man, a guy has to have one last fling before he gets tied down.

09-17-2013, 07:47 PM
Really though Daniel Towns wants Levian. The happiest I've even seen BoB is in the picture of the main wedding party crew where Levian is sitting on his lap.

09-17-2013, 09:16 PM
For those who are impatient, there should be some photos coming ~soon~. Drift, who took a lot of the pictures of the EoFFers over the weekend, has returned home. So... within the next fortnight. ;D

09-17-2013, 09:32 PM
Really though Daniel Towns wants Levian. The happiest I've even seen BoB is in the picture of the main wedding party crew where Levian is sitting on his lap.

this is very true. i was there. there might be pics

09-18-2013, 03:54 AM

09-18-2013, 02:24 PM
Super duper late but better than never. Congratulations!


09-18-2013, 03:35 PM


09-18-2013, 04:08 PM
That second one is great Jiro.

09-18-2013, 07:08 PM
http://i.imgflip.com/3p5j7.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3p5j7)

09-18-2013, 07:09 PM
We have another door collaboration photo coming soon.

09-18-2013, 07:10 PM
That's it people. We've reached the epitome, the pinnacle, the climax. There's no topping this.

09-18-2013, 07:11 PM
I don't get this reference. Was this before I joined?

09-18-2013, 07:11 PM
I will still be anticipating someone topping it, although I don't know how it can happen.

Flying Mullet
09-18-2013, 07:13 PM

I loaded the thread before the discussion of topping the previous image popped up. It's like giving the follow up speech after a really good first speech. Right Psy?

Ace Protorney
09-18-2013, 07:14 PM
@HC they took my door - Blogs - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums (http://home.eyesonff.com/blogs/34877/blog1490.html)

09-18-2013, 07:15 PM
@HC they took my door - Blogs - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums (http://home.eyesonff.com/blogs/34877/blog1490.html)
Thanks. I had forgotten about that.

09-18-2013, 10:03 PM
Does anyone have a serious face picture of BoB in his tux? Or in dress-up clothes at least?

09-18-2013, 11:26 PM
Does anyone have a serious face picture of BoB in his tux? Or in dress-up clothes at least?

http://i.imgflip.com/3pcjo.jpg (http://imgflip.com/i/3pcjo)

09-18-2013, 11:50 PM

09-19-2013, 02:23 AM



Del Murder
09-19-2013, 05:43 AM
I feel bad for everyone who made a great thread in the last six months thinking they had a chance for Ciddie.

09-19-2013, 12:17 PM
Well as my nice thread has been derailed...






09-19-2013, 01:34 PM
Lockharted xD

09-19-2013, 10:09 PM
Here is a taster of what is to come... also I like seeing you guys get impatient for things. :3 (I hope you don't mind that I stole your picture Drift)


09-19-2013, 10:11 PM
okay who are the two jerks who put their left foot in instead of their right???

09-19-2013, 10:15 PM
It's up to you to figure it out!

09-19-2013, 10:42 PM
http://i.imgur.com/lwUjPGR.jpg (http://imgur.com/lwUjPGR)

09-20-2013, 07:19 AM
okay who are the two jerks who put their left foot in instead of their right???I'm the one between them if it helps.

Loony BoB
09-20-2013, 08:01 AM
Well, we've had pretty much zero time to relax since Thursday 5th September, and we have another 30 or so hours before we can really do so... at around that point I will try to put together my thoughts, but given that my wedding times have effectively lasted two weeks, it's hard to know exactly where to begin. I'll probably do quick sum-ups of the first five or so days before my family arrived, then another summary of the next two days, then will take it step at a time from the moment Rantz arrived. Will be tricky remembering everything, that's for sure. Big thanks to DC for all the photographs as they help a lot!

09-20-2013, 08:44 AM
Here is a taster of what is to come... also I like seeing you guys get impatient for things. :3 (I hope you don't mind that I stole your picture Drift)


reason why my photos now have a placemark! (bottom right).

Link to the whole album is here: 14/09/2013 EoFF Wedding - a set on Flickr (http://flic.kr/s/aHsjJpfYXQ)

I'll make a thread in the art section to for those that frequent it more than GC

Night Fury
09-20-2013, 08:52 AM
Thanks for the link DC :D

Amazing photos.

I am absolutely GUTTED I wasn't there, like, seriously. There's an ache in my heart when I think about it :(

09-20-2013, 10:42 AM

09-20-2013, 11:14 AM

09-20-2013, 11:43 AM
#tot rules

09-20-2013, 12:03 PM

Looks like either BoB or Shorty just let out a really loud, wet fart.

Del Murder
09-20-2013, 04:24 PM
Clearly it was BoB.

Flying Mullet
09-20-2013, 04:50 PM

09-20-2013, 05:23 PM
Those are nice pictures! You clearly had a great time, I wish I knew who everyone was, though. It's always interesting seeing people's genuine smiles vs. their "someone is about to take my picture" smiles.

I can't believe you jerks didn't write my name in fries :(

09-20-2013, 06:12 PM
Daniel told us to write Rocket Edge's (Donal) name in fries. Blame him!

09-20-2013, 10:21 PM

Looks like either BoB or Shorty just let out a really loud, wet fart.

I am pretty sure Bob did it since he then did this:


Yeah, I was actually there. Forgot to mention that. No one noticed since I had invisible mode on, though.

Loony BoB
09-21-2013, 05:05 PM
Oh man I hope you guys like to read because this thing is going to be one of the longest things I've ever posted anywhere. It's over 8,000 words so far. I'm not kidding. This is as much so I can remember my big day as it is to let you guys know how it all went down, to be fair! I don't want to forget a thing.

09-21-2013, 05:39 PM
I look forward to reading your run down! :} 8,000 words or no!

09-21-2013, 06:17 PM
Oh man I hope you guys like to read because this thing is going to be one of the longest things I've ever posted anywhere. It's over 8,000 words so far. I'm not kidding. This is as much so I can remember my big day as it is to let you guys know how it all went down, to be fair! I don't want to forget a thing.

Don't wanna close Eyes on ♪
I don't wanna be logged out ♪
'Cause I'd miss you, BoB ♪
And I don't wanna miss a thing ♪

Del Murder
09-21-2013, 06:22 PM
Oh man I hope you guys like to read because this thing is going to be one of the longest things I've ever posted anywhere. It's over 8,000 words so far. I'm not kidding. This is as much so I can remember my big day as it is to let you guys know how it all went down, to be fair! I don't want to forget a thing.
This post was already too long for me to read until the end. Please summarize the events of the day into 140 characters or less.

09-21-2013, 06:47 PM
Waistcoat button got lost. Took pictures of shoes. Said words and ate food. Lost speech, trolled Paul. Danced. A handicapped ghost appeared.

Loony BoB
09-21-2013, 09:52 PM
me = Loony BoB
Danielle = smittenkitten
Paul = Psychotic
Lev = Levian
Josh = Loony JosH
Sarah = Shorty
Pontus/Rantz = Rantzien
Bubba = Bubba
DC = Drift
Ashley = Faris
Shauna = Shauna
Matt = Mr. Shauna
Marion = Raine
Jordan = chronos
Mum = Mum
Nikki = Tweety_Ch1ck


At the moment I type this first sentence out, it's just hit 1pm on Saturday 21st September 2013. In something like an hour, it'll be a week since I got married. I'm really tired. I'm physically and mentally drained and emotionally exhausted. The past two weeks have completely overwhelmed me, I feel like I've been thrown into a whirlpool... but it's also probably been the best week or two of my life. Ever.

Not only did I meet my family for the first time in eleven years, not only did I meet so many friends for the first time in years if not ever, not only did I meet my closest and best friend for the first time, not only did I get all of these people together in once place as a result of endless planning... but I married the love of my life and I couldn't have hoped for a better wedding day. It was amazing. For any of you who got involved in any way, be it as a guest, best man, groomsman, livestreamer, therapist, speechmaker or even well-wisher - thank you so much, from every part of my heart. I love you guys.

Now. On to the story, I suppose. This will probably be written over many hours, perhaps even days, so forgive me if it doesn't flow perfectly. Also, note that it's told from my perspective and therefore skips a lot of things that happened when I wasn't around, and the images for the most part focus on what I remember.

It all started when...

Going back as far as the 5th September, eleven days before the wedding, Thursday and Friday at work were a nightmare and Thursday night was spent cleaning at home and preparing for the next day. Why? Because as soon as I finished work I was getting picked up and whisked off to a B&B north of Glasgow for a wedding of Danielle's work colleague. Stu & Lou put on a mega-wedding of amazing proportions, something Danielle and I found interesting and educational. It was a wonderful time, though, and I'm really glad we got to attend, and it was a pleasure to see them at our wedding the next week.

We returned on Sunday and Monday was supposed to be for cleaning our flat, but in the end it was a day of non-stop running around to get last minute stuff sorted out before my family arrived the next day. We kept hoping to tidy up again later, but it just never happened. Who knew the week before a wedding could be busy!? The place has had a few rush-
tidies, including today as we got back after taking Rantz to the airport, but the place is still a tip. Oh well. We can deal with that later.

Familiar Faces

Mum and Murray, my stepdad, met Danielle and I at the airport where we were waiting for my family. I was excited to say the least and refused to sit down. I watched eagerly as dozens - no, hundreds of people popped through the gates, but my family were nowhere to be seen. After a while I was leaning on the barrier and just grumbled to my Mum, excited puppy syndrome out the window, "They're taking their sweet arse time about this. Should we just text them and tell them we'll meet them in town!?" Luckily, they eventually arrived. Murray whisked off with their bags to drop them off at their respective accommodations while Dad, Josh, Steph, Nikki, Danielle, Mum and myself all piled into the AirLink bus to the city.

Stephanie was full of excitement every time we passed a stone building, let alone how amazed she was at the cathedrals and so forth. It was a joy to see everyone. We roamed around for a little while, with Josh and I heading to the Lothian Buses depot to get his bus card while Dad and co went off to sort out phones before catching up with Josh and myself. We spent the next two days hanging around town and off to my place for dinner if I recall correctly. It was just like hanging out with my family years ago, as if nothing had changed. It was wonderful.


The next day we went to Edinburgh Dungeons... I got called to the stand in 'court' by the 'judge'. The people before myself were very quiet and intimidated but I was... less so. xD I got into character pretty quickly telling the booing crowd where they could go before making cheeky comments at the judge, who quickly accused me of crossdressing and then told me I could get out of my punishment by buying him a pint that evening. Flirty bugger. ;) Either way, it was hilarious. Shame we couldn't take photos as Danielle got thrown in a small cage in the torturer's chamber, too, after they found out she was my wife-to-be. Perhaps less of a shame they couldn't take photos when the torturer picked out me (I must stand out like a light bulb on these tours) as the person to demonstrate various torture methods on. A great day all in all. After that climbed Scott Monument, which was pretty awesome, I must concede (I'd never bothered before because I thought it'd be boring).


Eyes on Arrivals

With my two family days sorted, the next day I was looking forward to in equal measure and it was expected to be the busiest day of the two weeks outside of the wedding. Rantz, Sarah and Lev were all arriving and needless to say I was excited. All three of them are just such wonderful friends to me and have helped me through all kinds of times over the past months and years, but it almost goes without saying that Sarah is special in my life.

Pontus arrived first of all (first EoFFer in, last out!), a mere hour before Sarah, so we hung around in the waiting area for that period and just chatted about whatever came to mind. You might notice I interchange his username Rantz and real name Pontus in this lengthy post - people were amused about how I called him Rantz and I made a slight effort to change to calling him Pontus, but it was tough for me. I find it hard to switch away from usernames after knowing people for so long! I'm halfway there. xD I'll probably remain that way for a while, though, it's just a force of habit.

Anyway, Sarah eventually got through the gate and after some long-overdue hugs, we all hopped onto a bus (Sarah's first ever bus ride in her life, what the smurf) and chatted out merry way through to town. Rantz dropped his stuff off at his flat before we headed to my place where Sarah was staying the night. We then headed straight to Vittoria on the Walk, the favourite restaurant of Danielle & myself, where our two families were eating. We were a touch late, but we got there in the end to a large cheer from the 19-strong contingent who had already been wining and dining on starters while waiting for us. Many hellos were had and many photos were taken, it was a proper feast and very enjoyable!

After a really nice dinner and a bit of confusion regarding who was doing what that evening, Danielle headed to our flat with her Dad to move out for the two nights before the wedding (not to mention dropping off the suits) while Murray took Pontus, Sarah and myself to pick up Lev and return him to my now vacant home. The four of us had an enjoyable evening before I took Pontus back to his place and returned at midnight to a dark flat with two snoozing travellers in the lounge half asleep, bless 'em.


The Pre-Wedding Panic

Friday was intended as a fairly relaxing, de-stress day before the wedding. It was anything but! Sarah, Lev and I went to see Pontus before we nipped out to collect Paul and Ashley from their bus they had grabbed from the airport. They were a little later than expected, but that allowed my three current companions to grab their one-week bus cards over the road. We crossed the road, waited a few minutes and then zipped over to the shared apartment. We got the keys, dropped everyone off at the (very nice) place we booked and then Sarah and I left for what is seemingly referred to around EoFF as our "Special Lunch" (once again at Vittoria on the Walk). It was very much an instantly relaxing moment when we sat down on the bus already somewhat exhausted from all the goings on.

Sadly, the intended therapy session where I relax myself didn't quite work out much further than the bus journey. While eating lunch, I commented that I hadn't heard from Rory in quite some time. It was about a few seconds after saying that when I checked my phone and - hey presto! - a message from Rory. Sadly, family emergency was amongst the words in the message and he wouldn't make it. With roughly 24 hours to go, I messaged Bubba who, along with his friend Chris, was an evening guest. I also discovered shortly afterwards from Danielle (via phone, don't worry, I'm not seeing the bride before the wedding) that another person had not pulled through as a backup from a previous cancelled guest so I had two spots. Luckily, Bubba and Chris were both able to grab suits and fill the seats for the very expensive and very much already-paid-for meals the next day! Life savers. :)

Also mentioned during the phonecall to Danielle were various other things that I suddenly had to do because Danielle had "had enough". Therefore, along with the organising of guests, I had to reorganise the table plan, get the new plan to the Scotsman, confirm changes to dietary requirements, move photos to a USB stick and print them off, tweak the playlists, do my speech, email the pre-vow readings to our celebrant, fold up the order of service things and... and... I forget what else. Oh, yeah, cufflinks and whatnot. Sarah napped on the couch while I slaved away on mobile phone, landline and internet for the next hour or three sorting everything out in time to pick up Marion at close to 5pm. Sarah and I arrived to see Marion just getting off her bus. Phew! Still with a lot to do, we whisked her off via taxi to her B&B and, as Sarah was staying there later in the week, I let them both check it out and also walked them to the extremely close by venue where Danielle and I would be wed within 24 hours.

Promising to collect Marion personally the day of the wedding, Sarah and I took flight to the shared apartment where I offloaded my PS2 and some games. I got to meet DC at this point, who is fantastic, and while we wanted to hang around for Shauna and Matt, we ran out of time as I had to do various things. By this point I had nipped across the road to an internet café and printed off the various things that were required (we don't have a printer. Those of us not staying overnight jumped into a taxi and fled for the city, dropping off Pontus, Sarah, Paul and finally myself and Lev at my flat. Danielle's Dad was summoned and we traded papers - the pictures we'd printed to him and the orders of service to myself. It wasn't long before I was sitting at the PC, doing everything I could to not just stay awake but also to keep myself sane, typing out my speech while IRC'ing with Rantz to educate him on how to stream the wedding on his laptop. Lev, thank God, was eager to help and took on the folding up of the 60 order of service papers while we chewed on pizza and chicken strips ordered in from Dominoes. Swiftly emailing the very lately written speech to our celebrant for last-minute printing, we went to bed.

The Big Day

I got Lev up the next morning and we ate crumpets for breakfast. While I was stressed the day before, I was freaking out in the morning of the big day. Lev got ready so he could let in those arriving at the flat (Paul, Sarah, Dad, Josh, Stephanie) while I was out getting my hair cut. I quickly changed the songs on the playlist, hooray for remembering at the last minute, before I nipped out.

I distinctly remember the rather surreal moment. If I wasn't feeling so rushed by the bus being due I would have taken the time to type into Facebook saying something like "In a t-shirt, hoodie and jeans waiting for the bus for my haircut. Can't help but think I'm supposed to be doing something else later today..." Off I went, and the hairdresser we go to had done Danielle's hair the Friday beforehand in preparation for the wedding one week earlier. I'd say she helped calm my nerves but those nerves are not so easily calmed. I twice had to get her to cut it shorter - I wanted it just right. She was great, though, and got it perfect in the end.

I headed back by bus and as I got off, noticed a taxi across the road. I spotted Paul and Sarah buzzing themselves in thanks to Lev and got across the road just in time to stop the door from shutting in my face! I casually hopped up the steps behind them and they didn't pay me any attention until I stared them in the eye as they rounded at the top of the first flight of stairs. Lev was equally surprised as I was first in through the door. :)

I grabbed the suits and we all got sorting ourselves out. Lev and myself got set (many thanks to Sarah for taking care of our last minute ironing!) and then Josh and Paul got suited up... however, as Paul mentioned, his was one button short! Frantic calls and Paul & Sarah were sent on a taxi run through to Slaters to get fixed up and, as my family, Lev and myself rode a second taxi moments later to the venue, it was remembered (I think by Lev or myself) that we had to pick up Pontus so we could set up the live stream! Thankfully Paul and Sarah had not yet caught their taxi from Slaters and were able to be advised to detour to Rantz's place and collect him as our taxi was full.

We arrived at the venue and laid out the various things such as rings, wedding schedule, orders of service, speakers and so forth in the designated bag/cloak room. It was beautiful weather and the Abden House staff had thankfully taken it upon themselves to pre-empt my decision to move everything outdoors, which saved us a small hassle and also acted as something of an instant relief to myself. The arrival at Abden House was a departure from my nerves for pretty much the entire rest of the day, with small exceptions for the more terrifying moments such as readings, speeches and dances. It was a dramatic switch for me and I can't stress just how much changed there - I was suddenly at ease, relaxed, calm, zen. I just felt that everything was going to be okay. Dad, Josh and Steph opted to head for lunch but Lev and I stuck around in case people arrived early and because I wanted to test the outdoor power. With iPod and speakers tested successfully and Marion still battling with her hair curler, Lev and I suddenly felt hungry after all.

We headed over to Dad, Steph and Josh using their instructions and quickly realised they were not at a sandwich place but at a pub, which Lev and I didn't have time for. We eventually got a bite to eat from the local swimming centre. The staff there were lovely, noticing our suits and trading banter about weddings. As we ate our sandwiches on the way back to the venue, I remember a lady looking at us and just exclaiming "For God's sake, don't get your food on your suits!" Lev quickly commented that people in Edinburgh are really social, and I quickly noted that it seems to only really happen when you walk around looking as dapper as we clearly did!

When we got back, it wasn't long before some more familiar faces arrived in the form of Ben and Jordan, Danielle's brothers, and Steve, the maid of honour's boyfriend (the maid of honour is also Danielle's sister) - not to be confused with Iceglow! Steve mentioned it was really frantic so they had headed in early. Alarm bells went off in my head but I got on with things... My memory is slightly hazy with all that happened from this point. More greetings were quickly made when Pontus arrived with Paul and Sarah, and that's about the point that the flow of guests grew steady, including our absolutely perfect wedding photographer, Claire Tennant. Any alarm bells were muted when she noted how incredibly calm Danielle was while getting ready. Also arriving was the celebrant Catherine Wright, with speeches all beautifully printed. By this point Pontus and I had set up the livestream and posted it onto Facebook and EoFF, so all was going well. I understand the number of people watching the stream was in the 30's which I was delighted with, particularly due to my cousin, Sus (ms_devli at EoFF) being able to watch from New Zealand. This included people from EoFF, FFXIV and other friends and family from around the world.


I think it was Pontus, Sarah and myself that walked down to meet Marion just as she left her B&B and helped her to the EoFF crowd which had now gathered, and it was also great to see Shauna and Matt there who I consider good friends offline as much as online nowadays. I also remember my workmates arriving and counting everyone off to notice they were one short - Stu (not the one that got married the week earlier, but a friend of mine from work) looked stunned as he thought Kat was only coming to the evening! This was news to me! Calls were made by Stu and in the end it was established that her childcare arrangement had been cancelled last minute. D'oh! I opted to deal with it after the ceremony as naturally I had priorities...

Claire Tennant then wrangled myself, Paul, Lev and Josh together for some groomsmen photos which involved a fair bit of abuse between Paul and myself, a fair bit of catalogue poses and at one point Paul pointed out that I smelled really nice, which provided me with a little amusement as I pointed out that it was the cologne Danielle bought for me a while back - the David Beckham one. Paul thinks Manchester United smells nice. :D


The Ceremony

While everyone mingled, at some point I got Steve (maid of honour's boyfriend, if you're not keeping up) to 'stand guard' and let us know when the bridesmaid car was arriving so Pontus could flick the iPod to the designated song that would naturally catch everyone's attention and get them seated... Europe - The Final Countdown! So this happened and I basically got pretty excited. Paul casually asks for the rings.

<Psychotic> Remember those rings I asked you and you kept saying "not yet?"
<Loony BoB> *_*
<Psychotic> ¬_¬
<Loony BoB> ...Josh, you know where we left the yellow bag in the bag room and how it had the rings in it?
<Loony JosH> Yeah...
* Loony JosH (Quadratic@abdenhouselawn.com) Quit (Quit: Legging it)
* Loony JosH has joined #groomsmen
* Loony JosH hands Psychotic the rings
* Psychotic receives rings
<Loony BoB> ^_^;;;;; ty


The guests gathered and Ben (Danielle's brother, again for those not keeping up) stood in the building ready to let us all know when to start the music. He gave the thumbs up and ran to his seat as Pontus flicked on Christina Perri - A Thousand Years, and seconds later bridesmaids Lee-Anne (Danielle's sister), Claire (friend through Danielle's old work, not to be confused with the photographer) and Michelle (maid of honour / Danielle's sister) walked their way down through the aisle.


At this point, just as Danielle exited the building far enough away from me to not allow me a great view, the guests were requested to stand and any sighting was lost. It seemed like forever at the time! Danielle and her father, Daniel (seriously, ha!) made their way down the aisle and never in my days could I have imagined her to be so beautiful. To describe her by the dress or the tiara or whatever seems silly. You can see the pictures if you want to know what that looked like... but as she walked down towards me I just don't think anyone could really describe accurately just how amazing she looked. I love this girl with all my heart and with her smile and her eyes and... a;ihsga;igha; she's my wife now and I'm giddy about it. Anyways. xD Sorry. Back to it.


Amongst the various things said by the celebrant and a blessing from my Dad, we read our readings to each other (we had no instruction from each other aside from length - we had no idea what each other would say). Here's the stuff I have in writing thanks to the celebrant...

Daniel, I love you in more ways than I could say. I remember when we first met after pestering you for a year online to meet up until you finally agreed, even though you were hesitant. I didn't know what to expect and I was so excited I thought I was going to burst, but always made sure it was in Central Station so if I didn't fancy you I could make a quick getaway! Luckily, however, I didn't and I stayed and here we are today.

After getting lost that day in Glasgow like two silly kids laughing at nothing, I look at you now and still see that kid in me and you, but we have both grown up together. You have loved me through my ups and downs, supporting me in every way possible and help picking me up when I fall. I love you greatly for everything you have done for me and I hope I can return the support you have given me by respecting and standing by you in the good or the bad times we might share.

I think you're awesomesauce! You are always there to find solutions to any of my problems whether they be emotional or financial - but they usually tend to be the latter! I love that I can be myself around you and you understand me completely which is probably more than I understand myself.

I want to marry you because I love and care for you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

When I first laid eyes on you, I was taken by surprise - I never expected you to be so beautiful. Like I am right now, you were nervous that day. You always laugh when you're nervous. Because you laughed, you smiled your incredible, infectious smile... because you smiled, your eyes lit up, and they have continued to light up my world ever since.

You are bubbly, charismatic, hilarious, highly creative - such a fantastic imagination - fiercely protective, brutally honest, razor sharp-tongued and very quick to put me in my place when I state entirely accurate comments about the many great things about myself. Many people also often add the word 'special' to that list, but it couldn't be more true to me. There is nobody in this world that I love more than you, there is nobody more important in my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, without question.

You bring the best out in me, you always drive me to improve myself and you push to make me a better man. Which I like to think is a huge success and that, let's face it, I'm pretty bloody awesome... because of you. You are the best thing about me. I love you.

I love how you laugh and cry at Disney films you've seen a thousand times. I love how you happily sing along to foreign music despite not understanding the language... or, indeed, knowing the lyrics. I love how you clap your hands when you get excited and I love how you hug me when I'm doing the dishes. I love you for all the small things that make up who you are.

You are too good to be true. I love you, every day, for everything you do, everything you are, everything I am because of you and everything we are together. I was captured from the moment I met you, and in so many ways I feel I'm living in that very same moment today.

Do you, Daniel, take Danielle to be your wife? Giving her your love and care, encouraging her growth and freedom as your own, cherishing and respecting her, embracing her in times of joy and in times of adversity for the rest of your life?
Daniel: I do

Do you, Danielle, take Daniel to be your husband? Giving him your love and care, encouraging his growth and freedom as your own, cherishing and respecting him, embracing him in times of joy and in times of adversity for the rest of your life?
Danielle: I do

Daniel/Danielle, I love you. You are my best friend and my soul mate. I'm a better person for having you in my life. I promise to support and understand you, in good times and bad. I will be faithful to you in my words, thoughts and actions. I promise to love and respect you for the rest of our lives.

Ring Exchange
I give you this ring as a sign of my love, I ask you to wear it as a sign of your love for me. And with all that I am and all that I have, I honour you as my wife/husband.

We knew what would happen next, because I'd tried on my ring before. It takes some work, but it eventually got there after a good half a minute of twisting the ring around my knuckle. xD


And at that point, we were announced as husband and wife. :) As for the next bit, I'll leave that to the wonderful Marion (aka Raine, remember) to elaborate on...


<Loony Bob> Just got to the part where we're supposed to kiss >=]
<Loony Bob> So... still a lot to be said >_>
<Mitchla Mitchness> Jesus, how long did you kiss for?
<Loony Bob> xD
<Raine Zenyphael> they kissed quite long
<Loony Bob> I can barely remember. But I hear it was a little while. >_>;
<Raine Zenyphael> IT WAS!


What can I say? First kiss with my wife, I'm gonna make it a good'un, thanks! The Celebrant then said a few more readings and noted something specifically for us...

Daniel and Danielle, I have loved meeting you. Your connection with each other is so strong, and the appreciation you have for each other is very evident. I have great faith in your love for one another. Danielle is so beautiful, inside and out. And I have a hunch that that lovely laid back smile of Daniel's will see you through many a long year.
...which I thought was quite nice. :)

Husband and Wife!


With that, we walked up into Abden House and the guests were allowed to mingle with us. As with every other moment that I start talking to a large number of people, I kind of forget the order things happened here, but I distinctly remember talking to Danielle about the missing guest for the meal, Kat. Instead of inviting Gordon Tennant (work colleague) to replace Kat, I talked to her about something Claire Tennant (husband of Gordon & our wedding photographer) had mentioned to me - she normally, during the wedding meal, eats a sandwich in the other room. Danielle and I simply wouldn't have it - she was already a guest to the evening as she was Gordon's wife and he was invited to the evening, but as far as we were concerned she was everything we could ask for not just in a photographer but also in a calming influence and even a friend on that day, if not also on previous days we'd met her (a few times to sort things out). We requested she join us for dinner and she was gobsmacked and repeatedly asked if we were sure, and we insisted. She was delighted and it felt great to make her feel so involved because as far as we were concerned, Pontus was doing the livestream and was eating a meal with us, Jordan was doing the video and he was eating with us... sure, we knew them as friends and family before the wedding but we'd known Claire since meeting her and we were both more than happy to have her with us, and she knew some of the guys from work through Gordon anyway. I know this is a lot to say about some trivial thing but I can't stress just how good it made me feel to see how happy she was. Packed sandwich... or £80 dinner with wine included? I understand she may have missed out on the wine because she was worried about how much it might affect her photos, but yeah.


Speaking of Claire, it was around this point that Danielle, myself, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were whisked up (much thanks to Jim the driver of our car, less so the apparently quite rude taxi driver for the groomsmen and bridesmaids) to St. Leonard's Bank to get some wedding photos against the rather striking backdrop of Arthur's Seat. Bridesmaids got photos with Danielle, the groomsmen with myself and we all got some shots as a full bridal party before a (different) taxi was sorted for our party so that Claire could get some shots of just the two of us. It was loads of fun and I really think it went well - I can't wait to see how the photos turn out! :excited:


Five Star Meal at a Five Star Hotel

Eventually Jim drove Claire, Danielle and myself to the venue where we snuck in a few more photos and then jumped up to the Penthouse (our overnight stay - the top two floors of The Scotsman, woohoo! :D) so Michelle could fix up Danielle's dress... apparently it's a bit like a transformer and you can hook up the long trail so that she can easily sit down and/or move about in it for the rest of the day, which I must admit the practical brain of mine really appreciated. It wasn't long before we headed back down and sat in The Scotsman's Vermillion Lounge, a favourite room of Danielle and myself within the building where we arranged many a meet up with various people while preparing during the months prior to the wedding.


We waited a bit longer than we had thought we would. There was a slight issue with the sound on the projector which was a requirement for a pre-recorded speech by the most long-term friend in my life, Nicky (Calliope here at EoFF). This was more amusing than annoying, to be honest, because one by one guests would pop out of the room and see us waiting and, with very embarrassed looks on their faces, note that they really need to run to the toilet. xD Danielle spent our time having a drink, practicing a dance for about five seconds (this is the total amount of practice we had, as our lessons regrettably never came about with all the frantic goings-on the week prior) and joking about with various people. Eventually between the skills of Pontus and The Scotsman's staff and the ever-helpful mere presence of Paul (hi, I read your post ;)) things got sorted out and we were able to walk into the room to a standing crowd of friends and family, which I have to say was pretty great. I know I saw them all beforehand but there's something about seeing everyone at the tables that is pretty damned cool.


I'll note at this point what it was that I was printing out for extortionate amounts of money at an internet café the evening before the wedding - two different things. Firstly, each of the tables (bridal table excepted) had 5-6 pictures laid out on them to suit the table. While for the family it wasn't as huge a deal as they just got pictures of family members and Danielle/myself, Danielle and I got a lot of feedback from the other tables. EoFF's table was the Fat Chocobos, which included various pictures of... fat chocobos (and one fat irl bird). Danielle's work got pictures of Charlie the Unicorn stuff, which Danielle loves and as a result many of her workmates have been shown and now also love. My work table got artwork of Birldo, a character created by Terence Simms (an ex-work colleague invited to the wedding and seated at that table) that provides many of us with amusement. Finally, there was the Smitzy table, which was for the friends that wouldn't fit into the other tables but also people we knew would get along. One of them is Harriet, an ex-colleague of Danielle's that owns the mother of our cat, Smitzy. She was delighted and I'm told she kept all the pictures of Smitzy we left there!

As for the other things I printed off, they were pictures of people who couldn't make it to the wedding, many of which you may know. There were also pics of people who could make it but that's mostly down to a bit of confusion as the people who put together the boards didn't know which pictures were for the tables and which weren't. xD Either way, here they are!


Dude, Where's My Speech?

The speeches at this point were due. Now, I don't have time to transcribe Daniel (Danielle's Dad, that is) McClymont's speech nor Paul's (and Nicky's is on video and I'm sure it'll be shown sometime soon and will be greatly appreciated by people around here in particular...), but I do have the script for mine which was for the most part what I went with. But firstly, I know Paul has touched on some things, but I want to elaborate my point of view of it all. The last time I saw my speech it was with the wedding schedule. However, at some point they got separated, unknown to myself. I had been told that the wedding schedule was with Paul and he quite rightly knew it was basically what proves we got married and was therefore of massive importance. He put it in his hotel room across the road, the smart lad. I didn't know about that either. I casually sent someone into the room as I waited in order to ask him to pass them the speech so they could pass it on to me. I forget if it was Vitor (a most wonderful master of ceremonies for the day, courtesy of The Scotsman) or if it was Pontus or... someone else, I don't know. They came back out and the conversation went something like this.

<Person> >_>; He doesn't have the speech.
<Me> What.

End result is a bit of a panic between Paul and myself and upon realising that the wedding schedule is in his hotel, he does a runner for it while we walk into the room and the father of the bride carries out his speech. Thankfully Paul got back in time to do his one, let alone me doing mine! He also handed me the stuff with the wedding schedule, and as you all know by now, my speech script wasn't there. The entire time I was listening to the father of the bride speech, I was basically troutting myself. It was then that I got called to do my speech, and quickly announced the slight hiccup. "WING IT! WING IT! WING IT!" cried my supposedly loving family and friends, but I basically stated that I've been married for about an hour or two and I was going to not wing it, but leg it. To the next room, where all the bags were. And found the speech looking all pretty. "Yes!" I think. "smurf you, you smurfing bastard wanker!" is probably something along the lines of what Paul was thinking as I walked back in holding the speech high in the air. Of course, it wasn't supposed to be easy, right?


For the past few years I've wanted to be Projects Manager. After the final 24 hours before the wedding, sorting out last minute cancellations, missing items, missing people, forgotten birdcages, dodgy USB sticks, not to mention this speech being written at 10pm last night... I changed my mind. It's been emotional! This entire past week has been really, really, emotional. Family reunited, endless hugs from endless loved ones, I couldn't be surrounded by better people right now. I can't stress just how amazing this past week has been and I hope the next week will be equally amazing as I'm not finished yet! I don't think I could ever be finished with this. Thank you.

I'd like to quickly - well, uh, give me a few minutes - give thanks to a few people who have made this day possible for everyone here. Our Celebrant, Catherine Wright, who allowed us to make every choice regarding our ceremony without question, guiding us through everything we never knew we needed to know.

The staff of Abden House, notably former and current events co-ordinators Helen Tweedie and Carla Cumming. The Scotsman staff, in particular former and current events co-ordinators Kirsty Hunter and Nicole Hunter and the manager of the restaurant, Ian, who have all done us every favour for every aspect of this wedding, notably bumping us up to the Penthouse this evening. *cough* Two floors, just saying...

Our wonderful wedding photographer, Claire Tennant, who not only has captured our evening but has done it as part of a more than generous package that Danielle and I are both grateful for. Also, on that note, Laura Cramb who isn't here just yet but will be later tonight, for passing by my desk as I ranted about a photographer cancelling on us at the last minute and mentioning Claire does wedding photography.

My good friend, Pontus, for streaming this wedding around the world so that those unable to make it could watch, and of course thanks to anyone who did pay attention to the stream. I promised it, but Pontus delivered it!

My new brother-in-law, Jordan, for spending far more money than I can understand being sensible on a video camera and recording everything... I'm sure it'll be nice to actually watch how many times I buggered up on various things throughout the day. But seriously, thanks man.

Vittoria on the Walk restaurant, for providing us with delicious food this week, and Gum Gum, who's incredible generosity has not only financed such delicious food but also allowed me peace of mind throughout my wedding week - she could not make the journey, but without her I can comfortably say I would be looking a much more fatigued, much more tired, much more bankrupt man than you see before you.

Danielle's parents, Christine and Daniel, for helping us at absolutely every turn regardless of cost be it in time, effort, finances or anything else. I couldn't ask for more caring and more giving parents-in-law and I may not phone as often as Danielle does, but I will always love you for everything you have done particularly this week. I've been stunned by how far out of your way you've gone for Danielle and myself.

My parents, for paying more than anyone to be here - not just for themselves but also for my wonderful siblings. For those not aware, I haven't been home to New Zealand since I arrived so this Tuesday just past was actually the first time I'd seen my Dad, Nikki, Josh and Stephanie for over eleven years. There is no less love in my heart for them over the years - it's felt so right having everyone around and I treasure every second you are with me, I really do.

That also goes for Mum and Murray as well, of course, who have made multiple journeys back to Scotland since they departed for New Zealand and long may that continue as I always get excited to see them again. Murray in particular on this occasion has gone above and beyond the call of duty, making late night trips to the airport to pick up my friends and cancelling his entire day plans in order to play courier service for Danielle and myself. I thank you very much for this, I owe you more than one.

I'd also like to make a special mention to Anneke and Danielle who are still back in New Zealand, I love you both with all my heart, I wish you could be here and I can't wait to see you both again someday. Another special mention of absence goes to the late Jim McClymont, who treated me like I was his own grandson from day one and gave me the biggest smiles every time I entered the room. You're in our hearts forever and you're a true grandfather to me now, I consider myself just as much a part of your clan as Danielle is of my own.

Some more people did make the journey, however, and I'd like to thank everyone who has come from overseas, it really astonishes me that we have people here that a week ago I had never met in person in my life but they have made the costly journey from as far afield as America, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand of course and even those that have traveled up from England are without doubt appreciated. In particular I'd like to thank my closest friend outside of Danielle - Sarah Cobb, a friend of twelve years and I met you on Thursday, it's insane. But you in particular kept me sane throughout yesterday just as you have done over many years now. Without your help, I imagine I'd have buggered things up with Danielle a long time ago!

I thank the people of Eyes on Final Fantasy for being so wonderful that people like Danielle and I can both enjoy it enough to stick around and meet each other. Sean Robinson, the founder, has always been one of the best people I've known online and I have endless respect for him. Rory, who sadly couldn't make it today, introduced Danielle to the site which I'm naturally more than grateful for. The last specific person from Eyes on Final Fantasy I'll mention is Shauna Mitchell, who didn't make it to the little meet up we organised back in 2006. Because you cancelled on the day, Danielle and I were thrust into a meeting with just each other for company. It wasn't a date, but it was definitely dinner and a movie and that day changed my world forever. I've never been so thankful for someone flaking on me in all my life.

Finally - yes, don't worry, I know long thank you speeches are awful - I would like to thank my groomsmen and Danielle's bridesmaids. You all look amazing, you've supported us and been there for us over the years and we love you. Michelle, Claire, Lee-Anne, you all look beautiful. Paul, Josh, Lev, you all look dashing. Lev, you could probably tone it down a bit, you make me look bad... these are six of the nicest people I know, the ones that will stick by us through thick and
Now, this is about how far I got before I got into a slight panic (which I've been repeatedly assured I winged my way through pretty well). I don't know how this happened, because I checked a good few times and thought "Oh crap, the remainder of the speech is GONE. She only printed two pages." I say I don't know how this happened because I have the full three page speech in front of me. The pages must have been perfectly slotted together and I just didn't notice. Either way, everyone and their uncle knew what my next word was but me. "THIN!" cried my loved ones. "THIN!"

I winged it. This is what was supposed to be said, and in some kind of order or another, I've highlighted in green the parts that I definitely got included in some way or another.

thin and take care of us when we're in need. These are our family, our friends, and we love you guys. And Paul - I'd say you have to be nice to me in your speech because I've been nice to you over the years, but that's a filthy lie and I will do my best to take whatever you dish out on the chin. And then deny everything.

Well. Now that that's out of the way... I suppose I should talk about Danielle!

Danielle, you're just too good to be true. From the day we first met, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You feel like Heaven to touch and I just want to hold you so much. From the day your train arrived, your voice has kept me alive. You really are too good to be true. I can't take my eyes off of you.

[singing, loudly!] I love you, Danielle, and if it's quite alright, I can't wait to kiss you, again, and call you my wife.
She's my wife. [smugface]

And I know that's not how our song goes, but even after it being our song for over seven years and you singing our song all through those seven years, you never could get the lyrics right so I feel entirely justified.

Danielle is the most wonderful person in my world. She's a lot like me in many ways - we both believe in honesty before anything, we're both cheeky and give as good as we get, we're both obviously gorgeous... well, okay, maybe she has me beat in that area. She makes me look good. I love you, honey. Oh, and one more thing about Danielle that very few people know is that Danielle likes the odd drink. With that in mind, if you can all celebrate this beautiful lady with me in the most appropriate way, here's to my wife, Mrs. Danielle Towns!

So yeah I ballsed it up for the most part but I managed and luckily got a huge round of applause and cheers for shouting/singing to Danielle at the top of my lungs (much to her dismay!).

And then Paul and Nicky basically tore me to shreds. To be fair to them, they didn't do it nearly as viciously as I knew they were capable of so I'm eternally thankful to them both for that. I'll let them post their respective speeches whenever they wish to. =]

Nom Nom Nom

Dinner followed. It was awesome! Of course, we'd had it before, but that didn't stop us adoring it all over again, and I'm told most people really loved it, so yay. For £80 a head you'd bloody well hope so. Kat turned up after the starter and she was really apologetic but I calmed her down very quickly - I did however explain that her meal was handed to someone else, which she didn't mind at all about, and said she'd go upstairs to the bar. Again, I quickly waved away such suggestions and spoke to the waitress, Anna, advising her that I don't like wine and since there was free wine with the meal, Kat was to have my glasses. The more the merrier! Kat was delighted and that was good enough for me. I can't feed everyone but I'll be damned if I can't get them all drunk!


I can't remember things as well from this point onwards, to be honest. xD It was a mass of mingling, cake cutting, dancing - and more dancing, and more dancing... weird, I was assured I'd have to do three dances total (one with Danielle, one with my Mum, one at the end) yet I kept getting dragged to the dance floor. I think I did about six dances in total and they were really wanting more, but when they called me out for the fifth of the six dances I completed I turned on my ankle (the bad one) and felt it immediately. I told Danielle, and I swear she said "Oh, okay" and I assume I misinterpreted that as "I can't hear you, what did you say?" because she got more and more ankle-abusive as it went on, at one point insisting I rock back and forth from foot to foot, putting loads of pressure on my bad ankle which I winced my way through. Having done it, I rapidly sat down on some chairs and put my feet up on other chairs... and then the DJ, Danielle's cousin, immediately started another song "for the bride and groom". Fed up and in pain, I refused and Danielle apparently got annoyed at one point as she was quite drunk enough to not remember what I said to her just five minutes ago. In the end, though, she was laughing as multiple people danced with her. Her Aunt came over and I tried to explain and her Aunt, a 'larger than life' lady, promptly whacked my ankle! As I cried out in pain, her face came to realise that by pointing to my ankle I wasn't saying "Nah, I have my feet up, I'm too lazy" but "My ankle is sore!" and quickly apologised, bless her - hey, at least it gave me something to talk about, I guess? I did, however, save my ankle for one last dance at the very end before we retired to the penthouse.


I'll not say what happened from there, but it was a beautiful red rose petal heart shaped display left on the bed by the staff. We finally got to sleep at around 2am. Getting that wedding dress off her was a pain in the arse!

This Show Ain't Over

Sadly, we only had a couple of hours in the morning before we had to get our butts out of the hotel, and that meant getting not only ourselves but also the speakers (my PC speakers mad the full wedding journey), the gifts, other people's crap they left, our 'missing person' boards, our well-wisher tree (we had a tree where people could peg post-it notes to and permanent markers so they could draw or write something, because guestbooks are boring obviously), the wedding dress, the works... Danielle's Dad got it all shipped for us and then we were off to have lunch with the family at Howie's Restaurant. It was really nice and I got a "YEAH NAH BRO" hoodie from my folks, which the few NZ'ers here will appreciate.


Danielle and I talked around this point about what we were going to do. The intention was originally to spend that day on our own and recuperate (which perhaps would have benefited the final days of the meetup from our end, but I have no regrets) but we also knew that Marion was leaving for Switzerland the next morning and we wouldn't see her again anytime soon as she lives in Switzerland. We decided to go and see her instead! So we found out that everyone was just around the corner from us and headed over to see them spelling out names in fries and whatnot.


Marion wanted to go up a hill and while we didn't have the power to go up Arthur's Seat, we did have the power to go up Calton Hill which has just as good a view! Onwards we marched, and the weather was beautiful. People commented on the wonderful weather and I jokingly said "And it'll start raining.... now."


Who knew I could predict the weather with such accuracy? Within five to ten seconds of me saying that, we felt the first drops. It got windy. It got wet. It happened very, very fast. We managed to get a few photos regardless and the view was still spectacular! But yeah, we got properly wet. DC's umbrella was blown inside out a few times, many a pun was made about Marion's online username, and we finally got to a spot where we could have the wind blocked from us and I turned around to see Ashley say "Come here!" and held her arms out as if to hug me. So, it turns out that wasn't her intention, but hey, I got a hug all the same! And then everyone got hugs! And eventually, finally, Ashley managed to zip up my backpack like she originally intended. xD


After Matt got a quick few pics of his gigantic cannon, we headed back down in time for the rain to clear up. I suggested heading back up but they weren't interested for some reason... after dropping Shauna & Matt off at the train station, we inevitably returned to the shared flat to spend our evening amongst good friends. Lots of fun was had, including Loser Stays On Tekken Tag Tournament, Shrek singalongs and much drinking goodness. Danielle and I really enjoyed ourselves, but tiredness took it's toll eventually and people headed home to their various accommodations. In the end, it was Danielle and I in a taxi with Marion as we talked about travel and differences between countries and other random things, and I have to say now that Danielle and I are in agreement on something (and this specific part is from both of us). Marion is the most adorable person we have ever met in the world. When we left her at her B&B for the evening it genuinely broke our hearts to say goodbye. She is just such a beautiful person inside and out, and yes, Marion, we saw those tears welling in your eyes and if I was capable of doing the same thing I'm sure I would've. You're a genuine sweetie and we both hope we see you again.


Danielle and I slept in our own bed that night and to be honest it was really great to do so. xD

Sleeping Around

On Monday night we did not sleep in our own bed (or even in the same bed!). A few things happened on the Monday - Marion, Ashley and Paul all sadly departed. DC had his flight out but he was enjoying it so much that he opted to buy a new ticket for the following day. xD I'm pretty sure it was on Monday that Ashley & Paul sadly departed (I miss both of you guys :( seriously hope you come up again sometime in the next 12 months), DC and I went into town to grab a fourth controller for the PS2 and met Michelle & Steve in town and then bought KFC for lunch (Rantz's first ever KFC, it should be noted) my brother Loony JosH moved in, and played a fair bit of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy... well, some of us - DC, myself, Josh, Lev and Danielle, because we're the cool kids after all. Oh, and Dominoes pizza for the third night in four nights for Lev and myself. I'm pretty sure it was for a few others, actually, because I think everyone had it on Friday night at the apartment, too. xD I'll also note now that DC is an awesome host, because he basically was our host at the apartment. He organised us all extremely well, ordered all the food, kept the drinks and games interesting, so :up: to him for that.


Was it also that night we played "Never Have I Ever"? I think it was, yeah, because DC was still there. Good times! Interesting revelations. I can't talk about them because #tot rules applied. ;) We finally spent the evening watching Hot Fuzz and then... some kind of trash TV until we fell asleep. Yes, everyone fell asleep at the shared apartment because Sarah, Josh, Danielle, Rantz and myself are too cool for our own respective living places / accommodation. We created a gigantic bed and Sarah, Josh, Rantz and myself all slept there while DC, Lev and Danielle had their own bedrooms because apparently we're not good enough for them. Danielle did, however, give us the pleasure of a little routine to make up for it.


The next day we all woke up and dined on leftover KFC and pizza for breakfast. I think everyone was particularly tired this day, and it was amusing as Josh, Sarah, Rantz and myself repeatedly woke up and looked at each other. Never were all four of us awake, and nobody wanted to wake anyone else, so we kept meerkatting about and eventually DC crept in and we turned on the TV to watch some (really bad) kid's TV shows. Lev was last to rise, but Sarah's insanely loud cackling did the trick. xD "Sssshhhh, you'll wake Lev!" "Oh, God, sorry!" Seconds later, Lev walks in, we all laugh. :D Sarah is a walking alarm clock. Jeremy Kyle followed that up. Trash TV for the win... right?


Inevitably those of us not technically living there - so, everyone but DC & Lev - had to go to get clothes and whatnot after the completely unintended overnight stay. Lev also still had stuff at our place (he still does, actually, oops - we'll ship it to you when we tidy the place up, Lev! xD) so he came over with us, leaving DC on his lonesome. While we were away, DC converted what I refer to as the ManyBed into what I refer to as the MegaBed, and it was pretty freakin' awesome.


We all made it back in time to say our farewells to "basically the host" DC and then after that I think we went to Indigo Yard where Sarah discovered her love of sausage and mash and everyone discovered their love for my fries. On the way back we bought a stash of crumpets which we would consume the next morning (a first for Sarah and Rantz). We slept pretty solidly after an evening of cleaning, drinking and relaxing. Oh, and epic Thai food. :) Nom nom nom. I admittedly really struggled to stay awake that night and I think I was the first out. This is probably around the point that the tiredness was really getting to me, but certainly not to a huge degree - just noticeable. The same bed organisation was on this night, with Danielle & Lev on their lonesome in their own rooms while the other four of us slept in or next to the MegaBed (which naturally had to be reverted to the ManyBed to accommodate us).


BoBBye, Apartyment

The next day we had to evacuate the apartment because it was game over on that front. :( We were out by 11am and went off to our respective places to freshen up or whatever. It was Lev's last day and he was super keen to clime Arthur's Seat, so he and Rantz had that agenda on that day while Sarah was in recovery mode and catching up on her lost sleep. I left her with my phone so we could catch up later on and guide her into town. Danielle and I met up with Josh and the rest of my family for a trip around the Edinburgh Museum, which was pretty neat, but more than anything it was probably the best time for getting to know my family a little better. Everyone was really chatty and it was just a load of fun. At 4pm my family had to go do a Mary King's Close tour, so Sarah met up with us before we headed to Rantz's place. We saw Lev off to the airport bus and had our goodbyes. Lev gets bonus love from me as he's travelled overseas three times to hang out with Danielle and I now, and we both love him to bits. He's also the only person from the initial line-up of groomsmen that actually remained a groomsman so gets even more bonus points for that. xD

It was around this point that things started getting a bit hairy about how much time we could spend with family and friends, and we were down to just two friends over outside of the family. I was also really, really struggling with tiredness and the groups were tricky for me. For this reason, I spoke to Danielle and we agreed we'd spend that night with my family eating Indian food at my flat while Sarah and Rantz did their own thing - I believe they watched some movies at Pontus' place. Steph wasn't well that evening so she actually sat outside our flat in the stairwell for a little while and she even ate outside, too. She was still in good spirits despite it all, though, and we set up a homeless person situation around her and dropped coins in her mug. ;) In the end she got inside to spend most of the rest of the evening with us before she slept on our bed until everyone went home. Perhaps she was struggling with the stress of it all as much as I was, but either way she was still her smiling, cuddly self - just not well.


I had it agreed that the next day was fairly well arranged so that I could spend time with everyone as a group, so first of all the family, including Murray and Mum on this occasion, went to Holyrood Palace for an interesting (although very expensive) tour. We saw some pretty amazing stuff, got told off by a tour guide who later apologised as he thought we were in his group and people in the group tours have to not talk. I laughed it off and Danielle, pouting at me, walked off saying (to me, out of earshot) "I hold a grudge! I hold a grudge!" Don't double cross that girl, everyone!


Murray headed back home to catch 40 winks and the rest of us had to find out where Sarah & Rantz were. Josh and I steamed off ahead in the rain and we eventually found them, called everyone else up and they were here in a flash. We had a very small amount of time to look around Forbidden Planet before we grabbed some lunch and headed off to the Butterfly & Insect World which I'm delighted to say was really fun - well, it was for me, anyway! We got to hold millipedes, snakes, butterflies (if we could get them to land on us!) and a tarantula. The snakes are so awesome, when you feel the power in their muscles as they move around it's really cool. We had some ice cream and before you know it, we were on our way. My family headed off to do their own thing that night while Rantz, Danielle, Sarah and myself went to Wetherspoons for the authentic British meals.


We grabbed some tonics and headed back to Rantz's place for a round of drinks, popcorn and a bit of Jersey Shore (oh that trash TV!). After the drinks, we split up so that Sarah and I headed back to my place while Rantz and Danielle hung out at his place. I'd basically been needing to get away from groups and was keen on spending some time with Sarah since she'd spent more than anyone to get here (given that the Friday before the wedding was a total disaster). It was genuinely nice to finally spend some time just talking about life, love and whatever with her - while I do have friends in Edinburgh, I don't have anyone outside of Danielle that I can be that kind of close with as they're all workmates and I prefer not to mix work and real life. We basically talked like old pals (which we are, but... well, you know what I mean) non-stop for a couple of hours. Outside of romances, I'm pretty sure I've never been as close to anyone as I am to Sarah (arguments could be made for Sus back when I was in NZ, if anyone)... and as I prefer good company to basically anything, this was exactly what I needed after being so stressed from all the never-ending group sessions over the past week or so. Eventually Danielle arrived, we had a few more laughs before Sarah departed to hang out with Pontus before heading home while Danielle and I went pretty much straight to bed. xD


The Last Days

Friday... well, yesterday was really rough for everyone, I think, at least for the most part. I was completely shattered from the start which didn't really help. We met up at Rantz's place then headed out for breakfast, which was expensive but really nice. There was some Mr. Organic Italian tomato sauce bottle there which had a disturbing message on the side of it... :erm: We took Sarah to the airport, sat around the café there taking photos before saying our byes, then headed back into town. For the most of this time, though, I was basically sleepwalking... it was just so hard to do anything. Danielle and I went back and Pontus wasn't feeling too hot so he went to his place. My family were nagging me to head out because for some reason they thought because we were tired we wouldn't join them for dinner, which was a weird assumption as we were telling them we needed our nap so that we could actually head out for the dinner. Either way, we got there in the end and it was a great evening at the place they were staying. Josh and his old pal from NZ who lived in Edinburgh, Katie, joined us for dinner as did a German Werder Bremen fan and a bubbly Texan. It was a delightful evening but we did head out at around 9:30pm or so in order to get back home for our much needed sleep. Many byes were had as we weren't sure if we'd see them again the next day when they departed at 7:30am from the train station.

We made it, though. So many hellos and byes in the space of about 20 minutes were had, so many hugs. It's hard watching your family take the train and just slowly float away... but yeah, we got it sorted. I'll perhaps feel it more when I'm not so exhausted! I just love them all to bits, they're so important to me despite me not being around them often. They're family. Danielle and I headed up the train station steps to McDonalds where we had some breakfast and Rantz met us there shortly afterwards and had his, too. We then headed to the airport while messing around with predictables and whatnot. Our lovely gentle giant was chatty that day after recuperating somewhat, and I hope you get well soon, man. You stayed longer than any EoFFer (sans family), you helped at every turn during the wedding and you are as ever a great friend to me and to everyone. For those who don't know it, Rantz is one of the few people who actually helped me through a really rough patch earlier this year when I had some serious wedding jitters, so kudos to him for that, too, now that I'm actually married and can mention it. xD


And... after that it was basically more hugs goodbye and then that weird feeling that everyone has now gone... it's a little weird. We really need time to ourselves right now, time to rest, time to not talk. Danielle and I haven't talked much at all today and anyone who knows us will know that's just weird, because we're both hugely talkative. I've spent the entire day writing out this, or at last the past uh... seven hours or so. Danielle has mostly slept and played FFXIV. It's a recuperation stage, and I understand other people around the world who were here for a long time are doing the same... I'm dreading work on Monday.


I can't say how much I've enjoyed these past two weeks regardless of the tiredness at the end. I wouldn't change a thing, everyone was just so wonderful to us and everyone who was in the EoFF Wedding Crew were just... perfect. We all gelled so well, we all got along, there was never a bad word said as far as I know. So much laughing, so much singing, so much randomness and a good few inside jokes have kicked in. I've met people I've never met before, some I only really knew through FFXIV until recently, some I'd known for years without being hugely close to such as DC and in both cases I feel like we're just such good friends now that I could hang out with you any day of the week, and I really want to do so. There were people I'd met once (hi Paul) or twice (hi Lev) or a handful of times (Shauna!) before and I would happily meet a dozen times over again because you guys were great the first time I met you and you were great just now, too. And, of course, there was Sarah who I'd never met despite being... just... so indescribably close to over the years that I could tell her absolutely anything, and to meet her and be exactly like that in person was just a perfect dream.

And, of course, there was the person I live with, the person I love more than anyone, more than life itself, Danielle Towns. Nobody in this world could make me so happy as her. She is the best. Someone very recently asked me how it is to be a husband. I replied "basically just like not being a husband, only with a heavy ring on my finger." And in some sense that's true - Danielle and I are just like we always were, absolutely. We're happy, we're in love, our attitude towards each other and towards life hasn't changed. But I will make special mention of that ring. I feel it all the time. If you look carefully through all the photos, you might just find one where I'm touching my ring... I'm constantly spinning it around. While that's just the weight, I do know what the ring stands for. When I notice myself touching my ring, I think about Danielle, I think about what the ring stands for. It makes me happy when I do that.


Del Murder
09-21-2013, 10:35 PM
Longest. Post. Ever.

Loony BoB
09-21-2013, 10:39 PM
And I cut bits, too...

09-21-2013, 10:41 PM
Longest. Post. Ever.
Should we give him the Ciddie now or wait till Christmas?

09-21-2013, 11:10 PM
Aw I'm just full of happy feelings and stuff reading this thread. I'm glad everything went so well c:

09-21-2013, 11:12 PM
Between Paul's post and Daniel's novel, I think that any summary I would write would be redundant. But I'll touch on some small personal highlights later tonight or tomorrow. Jetlag affects me so badly, I have been out of it all day and there's no end in sight. :(

09-21-2013, 11:23 PM
Claire Tennant (husband of Gordon

09-21-2013, 11:23 PM
I had more than fun chief, I've made friends for life and when I come up again it'll happen all over again. Buying a new flight meant nothing to me compared to the amazing time I spent with you all and be invited to the best day of your lives. If I needed to buy a new flight everytime I was with you guys I'd gladly pay it (although it came close to a second time xD). The pleasure was all mine and I'm glad to have documented some of the days for you. I did warn you I get camera crazy :D

09-21-2013, 11:40 PM
That was wonderful. :) I am glad to have been a part of your wedding! Looking forward to seeing you all again.

May handicapped ghost watch over us all until that time. :3

09-21-2013, 11:42 PM

09-22-2013, 12:04 AM
I feel violated I can't wordulate very well but I had the time of my life and feel overly fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet some old friends and make new ones. Honestly I can't describe the amount of fun had.

09-22-2013, 12:12 AM
Oh FFS BoB, now I have to learn to read on top of everything else :cry:

Glad it was all good, shall read the round up over the next few days :joey:

09-22-2013, 12:29 AM
I just read this entire thread and my eyes are all funny from reading it on my iPhone.

What a lovely "summary", Daniel. It almost makes me feel as if I was there (which makes me feel much better about the fact that I wasn't)!

However, I think the most important part of this thread is as follows:

Danielle and Daniel turned up and as usual that mothersmurfer Towns made us climb a mountain.
Seriously, if any of you meet the Townses in the future, be prepared and purchase some walking shoes. And insect repellent. Don't think I've forgotten about being attacked by a million bugs on the way down from that mountain (that's the real reason I've never come back. I'm scarred for life! :jess:)

In all seriousness though, I'm thrilled for the both of you. You are perfect for each other, and you're both amazing people. Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime! It's been a long time since 2008! ;)

09-22-2013, 01:00 AM
Damnit, who's chopping onions in this thread. It's the only explanation for the tears.

09-22-2013, 01:09 AM
and yeah,you did it again BoB. Always make me cry!
Great summary of a perfect wedding. I can't explain with words how happy I am for being a part of those wonderful days. You gave me the opportunity to meet all those amazing people, you and Danielle included. I tried really hard to hide those tears when I had to say goodbye! Apparently I failed. You just made me feel so loved and accepted though we met for the first time. You both have a special warmth.
Relax now,enjoy the time together as husband&wife! It was so cute to see your happy expression everytime your ring made a noise when you grabbed your glass :3

09-22-2013, 01:17 AM
Jesus fucking Christ. Unless that story involves Steve turning up uninvited and seducing everyone I'm not reading it.

Disappointed I never got an invited Robert but I'm sure it was an administration oversight and i'll be invited to your next one.

Rocket Edge
09-22-2013, 02:13 PM
Congrats again guys :)

09-22-2013, 02:55 PM
woahhh there, congrats to you both!

09-22-2013, 08:04 PM

Rocket Edge
09-22-2013, 10:59 PM
Where are the BoB meme's gone? Outrage!

09-23-2013, 01:40 AM
Congrats! You will find that married life is...no different than what it was when you were already living together. :D

Except that you now have a gazillion thank you notes to write .. most of them to that relative that sent you an ashtray or similar shit :p

Flying Mullet
09-23-2013, 03:33 PM
Congrats! You will find that married life is...no different than what it was when you were already living together. :D

Except that you now have a gazillion thank you notes to write .. most of them to that relative that sent you an ashtray or similar shit :p
Oooh, tell us what gift you have to write a thank you note for and we'll help you with them. :angel:

Loony BoB
09-23-2013, 06:59 PM
Some of the professional photos from our big day. :)

Beautiful wedding at Abden House followed by The Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh -Claire Tennant Photography (http://www.clairetennant.com/wedding-at-abden-house-followed-by-the-scotsman-hotel-edinburgh)

09-23-2013, 07:39 PM
Some of the professional photos from our big day. :)

Beautiful wedding at Abden House followed by The Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh -Claire Tennant Photography (http://www.clairetennant.com/wedding-at-abden-house-followed-by-the-scotsman-hotel-edinburgh)

Thank you everyone who has posted in this thread and I hope those that were able to come enjoyed the day as much as me and Daniel did, this is my favourite photo so far from our awesomesauce photograther Claire Tennant.

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y179/Reaha/Wedding/DampD1_zpsdc3b1170.png (http://www.clairetennant.com/wedding-at-abden-house-followed-by-the-scotsman-hotel-edinburgh)
http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y179/Reaha/Wedding/CTPLogo_zpsf8d6a623.png (http://www.clairetennant.com/wedding-at-abden-house-followed-by-the-scotsman-hotel-edinburgh)

09-23-2013, 11:51 PM
I've been getting paid all day at work to write my summary and I'm only on day 3/8 :stare: It is very possible that I may write more than Daniel by the time everything is said and done. I know that most all of the events have been touched on and the photos all viewed, but I'm mostly writing this for memories to cross-post into my livejournal, so :monster:

09-24-2013, 12:58 AM
(I will include photos from DC and the rest of the crew at a time later than now because I have to leave work and this is all I've got so far.)

EoFF Wedding Crew Adventures, Pt. I

What an incredible journey. I'm still utterly exhausted from it, but it was worth the flights halfway around the world.

It took me three plane rides to arrive in Scotland - Spokane to Seattle, Seattle to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Edinburgh. Such a long ride! I only slept an hour of the journey on my first plane ride and was fully awake for the rest of it. Additionally, I experienced the worst airplane meals I've ever had in my life. I haven't had many to compare to, but these were not great.

Customs took a million years because I had been directed into the wrong line at first. There were apparently two lines for non-UK and EU residents - what's up with that? Grabbing my luggage was super easy, though. As I approached the belt, it was coming right around to me! I grabbed it and set off through the security doors, where I was greeted by Pontus and Daniel. Daniel made a beeline for me and audibly told Pontus he had to wait his turn (a very Daniel thing to say and do), and I had the biggest hug from one of my oldest and dearest friends. Pontus was next, of course, and it was great to see him for our third meetup.

As we exited the airport, Daniel told me that he had the opportunity to have had a car come pick us up but he wanted to punish me by forcing me to ride the public bus system because I had never done so before. :stare: I was less than pleased about this because I had been up for about 24 hours by that point and was toting around a very heavy suitcase, bag and purse. The bus ride was fine, though, and allowed us to get a nice view of the city. Daniel was a little trouthead, though, and dragged us all over the goddamn city with our luggage and I was even more less than pleased about that because I was so goddamn effing tired. :aimmad: We hopped off the bus and walked for what felt like ages to get to Pontus' flat (later when we made this walk several more times, it was considerably shorter).

By this time, we were running very late for a family dinner Daniel was supposed to be at, which he graciously invited Pontus and myself to. We dropped Pontus' bags off and made our way as quickly as we could to Daniel's flat, which also felt like it took ages. And the walking! My god, the walking. Up for over twenty-four hours, dragging bags around, dead tired. I was ready to kill him, but we finally made it to his place to drop my bags off. Unfortunately, we didn't have any time to rest! I hurriedly washed my face to reapply makeup, did my hair and changed my clothes so we could set off to the restaurant where everyone was waiting for us. I can't speak for Pontus, but I was incredibly intimidated by walking in with Daniel to greet both his and Danielle's sides of the family. That feeling was soon put to rest because each and every one of them were so inviting and warm and it was impossible to feel like a stranger. And this was my first time meeting Danielle! (I suspect she was a bit boozy at the time.) Her mother was so sweet and kind to me, and her brother came to sit with Pontus and I and we had a good long discussion about cinema and film. He's a super cool dude and he spent a bit of time with us later at the wedding. Daniel's family was also incredibly warm and welcoming - his mother and sister and father chatted us up quite a bit. And the food! Oh man, the food was delicious. I was very much ready to go into a food coma afterward.

After the dinner, Daniel, Pontus and I scrambled a bit to catch Lev from the airport. We managed to get a ride from his step-father Murray (who is a hilarious fellow), but Murray had some place to be so we were on a time constraint. Our journey once again involved chasing down Daniel as he sprinted through the airport (seriously, he should be in the smurfing olympics or something, fastest person ever :|). Lev finally came through the gate at the last minute before Murray would have had to leave, so we were very thankful he spared some time for us to give us a ride back to Daniel's flat where I could finally sit down and smurfing relax. We spent some time making some drinks (Daniel is a ridiculous lightweight) and we all sat around listening to music for some time, unwinding from our long day as Daniel blew up Lev's air mattress. The time came for Pontus to go to his flat, so Daniel escorted him via bus while Lev and I climbed into our respective beds on air mattress and couch (I saw him in his underwear, tee hee!).

The next morning, we stopped at Pontus' flat before picking up Paul and Ashley at their bus stop. We said our hellos and headed toward the shared flat to drop everyone else off before Daniel and I set out to have lunch at the place we had just dined at the night before. We ate and chatted. It was nice! Toward the end, though, the phonecalls started coming, and when we returned to Daniel's flat, and hope of one-on-one talking was blown out the window. So yeah, I napped on the couch while he argued with Danielle and made calls for arrangements and phoned a plethora of people. Didn't matter to me, I was catching up on my sleep! After that, we ran off to pick up Marion, who is the sweetest little thing I have ever seen in my life! We checked out her B&B and walked down to Abden house, which was literally a 30 second walk from the B&B. (I would be staying in Marion's exact room the next week after she left!) Later, we headed back to the shared flat where we met DC and heard about the adventures of Paul, Lev, Pontus and Ashley heading out around town for a little bit.

Paul and I were rooming together in a hotel downtown, so we headed to check in and inspect the room. We were just across the street from a fairly loud local pub so we stood at the windows people-watching for quite some time. As he mentioned, throughout the course of the night we saw Neo walking around looking like he owned the place and a woman in a red cape with a super long pointy hood that looked as if she had just robbed Melissandre blind and couldn't be more content to walk about the streets of Edinburgh looking like she stepped out of a George R. R. Martin novel. Later that night, I awoke to a bunch of drunk nerds singing Sweet Home Alabama across the street at the pub as loud as they possibly could and I just laughed at the irony of it. On Sunday night, I'm fairly certain it was, we witnessed a couple in a very intense and heated argument with many hand gestures, pointing and huffy folded-arm action to which Paul acted out and monologued his own lines to. There was much people-watching and laughter involved from the Carlton Hotel third floor.

The wedding was the next day! I got up damn early to start getting ready. We had to be to Daniel's by... 10am, I think it was, so we finally set off to meet everyone there. There was far too many people crammed into Daniel's tiny apartment by that point! Daniel, Lev, Daniel's father, his brother and sister, myself, Paul, and Daniel's damn cat. The boys were getting their suits gathered and I ironed my dress and helped iron shirts a little bit. When Paul had finished putting his vest on, it was noticed that a button was missing! Daniel was on the phone with the tailor in a smurfing second and I thought to myself that it was mighty silly to be stressing about a silly little button. But it wasn't my wedding! If Daniel and Danielle wanted it perfect, it should be perfect. Paul and I dashed off to the tailor as quickly as we could to get it straightened out, which they did a superb job of. They even helped him with his tie and pocket square! We grabbed a cab back to our hotel and dropped off our clothes we had brought to change out of, then went to pick up Pontus and headed off to the wedding venue!

Abden house was just utterly gorgeous. We were some of the first folks to arrive, and Paul and Lev broke off to go do their Groomsmen Duties. Pontus was rushed off to start setting up the media for streaming and whatnot, so I found myself a seat nearby. Jordan, Danielle's brother who we had met the night before, came to sit next to me and we chatted for some time while he took some test shots. He is quite the enjoyable dude, and one of the funniest people I had the pleasure of meeting during this entire trip! More and more folks started to arrive, and I think it was at this point where I actually got to meet Shauna and Mr. Shauna for the first time. All of us EoFFers of course stood and sat around together. Bubba and his friend Chris arrived a short while later, and this was the first time and of us had met him! The dude is suave as all hell, let me tell you. I'll admit I was a bit apprehensive about how his friend was going to fit in with our group, seeing as none of us knew him or his personality or anything. We all got along like a house on fire. Bubba and his companion were so well-suited to bounce off eachother and after we all got to know eachother a little bit better, they couldn't have fit in better.

The procession began, and the beautiful bridesmaids entered out into the yard, followed by Danielle herself who was just dazzling in her amazing dress. The ceremony began, and it was unfortunately a bit difficult to hear what was being said at the back of the setup. :( What I could hear, though, was very touching, and the officiant was great. When she pronounced them man and wife, the happy couple sucked face for a bit longer than I think the rest of the crowd expected, and it became so uncomfortable that we wondered if we ought to start looking away.

Mingling time! There were nice sparkly drinks served (non-alcoholic, to my dismay) and we all stood around chatting and taking photos for quite some time while the bridal party prepared to run off to get their photos done. DC snagged some pretty awesome groups photos of us during this time. After waiting around for atleast forty-five minutes or so after the ceremony ended, we snagged two cabs and caravaned it to the Scotsman Hotel, which is where the reception was held.

Upon entering the Scotsman, we weaved through doorways and thresholds and stairs until we found The Towns Party gathering site where champagne was being offered! Everyone dumped their bags (Bubba and Chris, their luggage) at the door, snagged a flute and I led everyone through the goddamn tiniest Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole door I've ever seen in my life to the patio outside where there was more room and fresh air and space to talk. The patio tables were huge, but somehow we managed to fill every seat at ours, and needed more squeezed in! We all had a great time sipping on drinks and chatting away. Bubba and Chris proceeded to order drink after drink and subsequently became funnier and funnier. Jordan joined us at our table for a short while as well. We were quite the popular crew! Eventually, some of the wedding party arrived, and Paul, Lev and Josh (I think) joined us at our table. Sitting around the table there with almost everyone present was one of my favorite moments of the day. I ordered a gin and tonic and around this time I decided I needed to change out of my pumps into flats that I had intelligently brought with me, because we had done far more standing around than I originally anticipated and I was not prepared for it. Soon, though, Paul and I had to dash across the street to our hotel so I could try to pull out my laptop to assist with streaming or something, but my laptop gave me the finger and didn't want to be woken up, so we went back empty-handed. Shortly , Daniel and Danielle showed up, and everyone was escorted into the dining room to find their tables.

Fat Chocobos table! I was sandwiched between Pontus and Ashley. Our placemarkers were on these dainty little white birds and we all deemed it necessary to sport them on our persons in one way or another. Mine would not take, and after several failed attempts of clipping it to my dress, it found its home back on the table. We talked and laughed and joked while the guests found their way to their seats and the projector was set up for Nicky's speech. After what seemed like ages, Daniel and Danielle arrived and everyone cheered.

The speeches were incredible. Danielle's father was so absolutely hilarious and told outrageously amusing stories about Danielle as a child (cats and moles were mentioned), and I hope that someone can post a transcription or the speech itself at some point (I am fairly certain Jordan recorded it). Daniel's speech was equally as amazing, and ended hilariously, as Paul mentioned, in song. Paul's speech was next, and between the EoFF table and Daniel's relatives loving the punches he was getting, it was an overall hit, and he even ended it on an incredibly touching note. The speeches for the night concluded with Nicky's fantastic video speech, and I am wondering why the hell I have not yet seen it posted in this thread, for god's sakes. :colbert: Nicky looked classier than anyone at the wedding, pulled out several fantastic anecdotes about Daniel in their time together at school and delivered and overall air of fresh wit and sparkling charm to top off all of the speeches. It was very well-received, and ended in applause. (We wish you were there, dear. :()

Food, finally! We had such a great time with our table. Conversation seemed to flow effortlessly. A couple of times I became concerned that we (read: I) was being too loud, but the rest of the room was equally as involved in their own loud conversations as the night went on and we all just focused on having a great time with our tables. We were visited by so many people! Once again, the cool kid table reigns. Daniel's father and his sister Stephanie and Nikki came to sit with us, Danielle's brother Jordan joined us and eventually Paul and Lev got up from their Special Table at the head of the room to join us. Also, I'll just come out and say it - there were too many fancy utensils. Ridiculous. And somehow by the time we got to dessert, I was missing not one but both of my fancy forks! I don't even know where they went! I had to manhandle my amazing pear tart with a spoon and it ended up in utter shambles. The wait staff were great about refilling drinks, and I was feeling pretty good and buzzed by this time, and also ready to go into a food coma. I think I may have finished someone's glass of wine, but I do not remember. So much had happened so far, how was the evening not over yet!

After and amazing dinner and, as I will speak on behalf of everyone, the guests feeling extremely full, we were ushered into a large room across the hall which served as the dance hall. Somehow a full band had squished themselves into the corner with enough room for a dozen or two folks to get their groove on, with tables lining the walls. Daniel and Danielle took the first dance, followed by the dance with the parents and the groomsmen and bridesmaids joined (I think that was the order it went in) and slowly but surely, more folks started joining in with the dancing. Lev was such a sweetie and asked me for my first dance! At any given time, I feel about half of the EoFFers were sitting at the table, cautiously avoid eye contact with Auntie Joan who was snatching up guests left and right to dance with. Another one of my favorite moments of the day/night was after Paul had asked me for a dance and I was getting ready to go sit down when the band started playing Human by The Killers, to which he promptly stopped me from leaving and we had ourselves another dance that trampled the one we had just done. We had so much fun singing and dancing and jumping around to it (because we both love that song). Despite having taken ballroom for a number of years, I am a terrible, dorky, goofy dancer in anything that is not choreographed, but for The Killers, I cared not! I was ridiculously out of breath and jump jump jumping around so much, so I stepped outside for some air. Paul reported back to me that Bubba and Chris immensely enjoyed our dance, which made me feel pleased and much less dorky about it.

The evening went on and more dances were had. At some point later that night, some of us found ourselves outside at the tables through the itty bitty Alice door on the patio and we talked for a bit in the cool night breeze. Back inside, two particular great songs that involved group dances were Shout by the Isley Brothers and 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. I'm pretty sure all/most of the EoFFers were up for both of those two dances. A couple of songs later, Valerie by Amy Winehouse came on, and Pontus and I both love that song so we both jumped up to dance to it. I cut out a bit early, though, because I needed some air. I think it was at this time that Shauna and Mr. Shauna danced to Queen, because I missed it :(

When I returned, the group had migrated out to one of the waiting rooms and I cuddled up on the couch next to Bubba. He and Chris were being hilarious as usual, and it was around this time I was introduced to handicapped ghost. We all had an amazing time relaxing after such a big day and after getting our groove on. We must have spent atleast an hour out there. As usual, most folks who passed us by sought to join us, and soon we were pulling chairs up around us to fit others into the group. I think our group had such an amazing dynamic and each and every person fit so well with it just like a perfect puzzle piece. It was incredible how we all just flowed with eachother and even if we had momentary cliques of conversation with one or two people, everyone as a group was just phenomenal. It really worked, and I was so glad to have been a part of it with everyone there.

After spending our hour or so out in the lounge, we began to see people leaving and decided it was time for us all to bid our farewells. We said goodbye to Bubba and Chris who had to get up early to leave in the morning and as such, we would not be seeing them again. Everyone got their coats and bags and we lingered outside the Scotsman for a few minutes before we all went our separate ways. I worried about Pontus and Marion walking to their hotels because they were both so far away and in complete opposite directions, but they both insisted on doing it! Paul was a gentleman about getting me to the room because I think I was still a little bit boozy, even though it was wearing off. I do not remember if we did any people-watching that night; I suspect we were both in bed fairly quickly.

And so, the wedding of the year/decade/century ended with everyone going to their respective accommodations and crashing into bed, I'm certain. Who knows what sort of mischief Daniel and Danielle got up to. The hotel added on an extra suite to their honeymoon suite, so they had two entire smurfing floors all to themselves! Could have invited the entire crew up there and had more space to do their dirty work, if you ask me. :colbert:

(Note: This is day 3/8. More parts to come.)

09-24-2013, 02:56 AM
Holy wall of posts. You know I have read every word of this thread so far. You lot type too much.

I now know what a real life EoFF sims house would play out like.

Flying Mullet
09-24-2013, 03:21 AM
I'm mostly writing this for memories to cross-post into my livejournal, so :monster:
What's a livejournal?

09-24-2013, 03:23 AM
You tell me, Smartypants McGee. (http://flyingmullet.livejournal.com/)

09-24-2013, 07:40 AM
we witnessed a couple in a very intense and heated argument with many hand gestures, pointing and huffy folded-arm action to which Paul acted out and monologued his own lines to.hahahaha holy trout I forgot this bit. "You have been collecting too many dicks! Dicks dicks dicks!" hahaha.

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 09:49 AM
Daniel made a beeline for me and audibly told Pontus he had to wait his turn (a very Daniel thing to say and do)
It was a joke! You weren't letting go and he was just standing there in front of my face and I felt awkward. xD

As we exited the airport, Daniel told me that he had the opportunity to have had a car come pick us up but he wanted to punish me by forcing me to ride the public bus system because I had never done so before. :stare: I was less than pleased about this because I had been up for about 24 hours by that point and was toting around a very heavy suitcase, bag and purse. The bus ride was fine, though, and allowed us to get a nice view of the city. Daniel was a little trouthead, though, and dragged us all over the goddamn city with our luggage and I was even more less than pleased about that because I was so goddamn effing tired. :aimmad: We hopped off the bus and walked for what felt like ages to get to Pontus' flat (later when we made this walk several more times, it was considerably shorter).
I took your luggage! You big moaner. x(

We spent some time making some drinks (Daniel is a ridiculous lightweight)
This is more of a warning to you than anything for next time we meet - I wasn't drunk at any point while you were over. Not even close, possibly excepting the wedding day at a push. I was massively excited and running on adrenaline that day, though, which might explain any silliness... but oh man, if you think that was me drunk, you have another thing coming someday >_>; I mean, that night I had one drink, maybe two? Wait 'til you see me on fifteen. =x Tara has seen me five times as drunk as you, and Psy has seen me about a hundred times worse. xD

On Sunday night, I'm fairly certain it was, we witnessed a couple in a very intense and heated argument with many hand gestures, pointing and huffy folded-arm action to which Paul acted out and monologued his own lines to.
This sounds like one of the greatest things ever and I wish I could have seen/heard it.

When she pronounced them man and wife, the happy couple sucked face for a bit longer than I think the rest of the crowd expected, and it became so uncomfortable that we wondered if we ought to start looking away.
I honestly don't remember much of this but I've heard it said a few times. I'm dreading watching it in video, I must admit. xD I apologise, but at the same time, I was running on adrenaline (as I was the days before the wedding, shame I ran out after that!), so I probably wasn't thinking much beyond "YAY!" xD

Mingling time! There were nice sparkly drinks served (non-alcoholic, to my dismay)
The cost of corkage for booze was way too high, and Danielle and I agreed we didn't want to get tipsy early because when Danielle and I drink early, we shut down early, too.

At any given time, I feel about half of the EoFFers were sitting at the table, cautiously avoid eye contact with Auntie Joan
Ahahahahahahahahahaha, I'm doing everything I can not to burst out laughing at work. xD

I worried about Pontus and Marion walking to their hotels because they were both so far away and in complete opposite directions, but they both insisted on doing it!
Dammit, Raine, wtf! I know it's Edinburgh and it's safe as Danielle walks about all the time but had I known you were walking home Danielle and I would have picked you up and thrown you in a taxi ourselves. I'm not sure I could lift Pontus, though, he's a giant.

The hotel added on an extra suite to their honeymoon suite, so they had two entire smurfing floors all to themselves! Could have invited the entire crew up there and had more space to do their dirty work, if you ask me. :colbert:
Actually the Penthouse covers both floors in a kind of open way, and sadly there isn't much on the top floor outside of a massive bathroom and a library. But yeah, if we had time we would have definitely invited people up. It could probably take a good twelve or so people in the living room / dining area.

Loved reading that, Sarah. =] Looking forward to the remaining days~

09-24-2013, 09:53 AM
Nowhere did I say you were drunk! But you thought it was a good idea to call and harass poor Ashley at 11pm before a very early morning for her the next day! You were definitely buzzed. Lev, Pontus and I all witnessed it.

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 09:57 AM
I was super buzzed, definitely. I wouldn't put that down to the drink, though. I think people underestimate my ability to get excited because it's a rare thing for me to do so, but when meeting EoFFers... well, I know at at least two points that week I was accused of being drunk before I'd even drunk anything at all. You guys are all just intoxicating! :<3:

09-24-2013, 09:59 AM
No, dummy, you had one Malibu cocktail and were bouncing off the walls. Definitely buzzed, and it was because of the alcohol.

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 10:11 AM
I just met you guys, I genuinely am like that when I just meet people, drink or not. I'm serious! xD Ask anyone who has stayed at my place. :D

Oh, I'm remembering that night better now that you mention Malibu cocktail. That was the night when we had flat lemonade and I tried to find something that would work with Southern Comfort and couldn't. I didn't have a Malibu cocktail, but I did have two absolutely horrid drinks of Southern Comfort, firstly with the flat lemonade and secondly with Red Cola in a desperate attempt to get something I could tolerate. It was so bad. And then I blew up that bloody airbed and that affected me badly more so. Oh boy.

To address a person 'in the know': Matt, I blew up the double airbed and I think I did it on my own, perhaps with a little help from Lev at some point. Sadly, no songs were sung... it's not the same without you. I was so freaking dizzy after that.

09-24-2013, 10:13 AM
Should have gone with the Malibu! The rest of us were fine with it!

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 10:15 AM
In retrospect it may have been a better option, yeah, but you guys used up the last of it anyway and I am very wary of the idea of drinking something that isn't Southern Comfort ever since "the incident".

09-24-2013, 11:17 AM
To address a person 'in the know': Matt, I blew up the double airbed and I think I did it on my own, perhaps with a little help from Lev at some point. Sadly, no songs were sung... it's not the same without you. I was so freaking dizzy after that.

But the musical instrument airbed is great! No "Guess the Final Fantasy song?", how sad.

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 11:38 AM
I know, I just... couldn't do it without my blowing partner. I was about to start but then looked across to Matt and Matt wasn't there and I may have shed a single tear. It was almost as bad when we were playing on the PS2 and nobody was really interested aside from DC and Josh. We missed you on those days. Can't wait to Gauntlet it up with you guys.

Flying Mullet
09-24-2013, 03:58 PM
I blew up the double airbed and I think I did it on my own, perhaps with a little help from Lev at some point. Sadly, no songs were sung... it's not the same without you. I was so freaking dizzy after that.
You know they make air pumps for those, right?

It was almost as bad when we were playing on the PS2 and nobody was really interested aside from DC and Josh.
Really? tsk tsk

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 03:59 PM
Air pumps are for pansies. Real men blow.

09-24-2013, 04:00 PM
Daniel had to put his whore training to use somehow. He was so excited for Lev to arrive, but Lev wanted no part of it.

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 04:08 PM
Oh, I assure you, Lev arrived.

Flying Mullet
09-24-2013, 04:55 PM
These are too obvious or the OOC thread. :(

Never has a meet up sounded so much fun.

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 05:01 PM
I've had a lot of meetups and it's hard to compare them because they were generally under very different circumstances with people who liked to do different things, and of course there were different numbers of people at each of them. There are probably six or seven meetups which I would class as my "equally favourite" meetups, including this one. All were insanely fun. Best times of my life.

09-24-2013, 05:04 PM
It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Congratulations, you guys.

09-24-2013, 05:25 PM
We all got along like a house on fire.


09-24-2013, 05:26 PM
It's a common expression! Have you seriously never heard that before?

09-24-2013, 05:30 PM
I have not. But the internet seems to confirm your claim. I'll let it go this time

09-24-2013, 05:32 PM
Gee golly, I was awful worried!


09-24-2013, 05:34 PM
Quiet Cobb, and git writing!

09-24-2013, 05:36 PM
yes ma'am :(

Flying Mullet
09-24-2013, 06:12 PM
yes ma'am :(
"This one time, at band camp..."

09-24-2013, 06:35 PM
I just met you guys, I genuinely am like that when I just meet people, drink or not. I'm serious! xD Ask anyone who has stayed at my place. :D
Yes! But I do remember you drunk. That is something I will never forget! Have Paul's arms forgiven you yet? :jess:

09-24-2013, 09:29 PM
we need to get more drunk next time we meet up

09-24-2013, 09:36 PM
I am on the fence about that. On one hand, yes, fun and hilarity. On the other, I don't trust you nerds not to saran wrap and moustache and/or penis the shit out of the poor fellow who passes out first.

09-24-2013, 09:48 PM
It's okay, I'm a responsible drunk. Matt can confirm!

09-24-2013, 10:00 PM

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 10:05 PM
It's okay, I'm a responsible drunk. Matt can confirm!
I'm a responsible drunk when drinking Southern Comfort.

...not so much whiskey.

Dat Matt
09-24-2013, 10:13 PM
I'm a responsible drunk when drinking Southern Comfort.


It's okay, I'm a responsible drunk. Matt can confirm!


09-24-2013, 10:16 PM

Flying Mullet
09-24-2013, 10:22 PM
Dog house!

09-24-2013, 10:23 PM
uh ooooooooooooooooooooh

Dat Matt
09-24-2013, 10:30 PM
Shauna is clearly just mad that she can't hold her liquor cause her arms are folded in disapproval all the time.

09-24-2013, 10:34 PM

09-24-2013, 10:46 PM
I am on the fence about that. On one hand, yes, fun and hilarity. On the other, I don't trust you nerds not to saran wrap and moustache and/or penis the trout out of the poor fellow who passes out first.

I don't drink, so I'll make sure everyone stays physically safe.

And also make sure all the saran wrapping and moustaching/penising is caught on camera.

09-24-2013, 10:55 PM
As long as it's not me, I don't mind.

We can all take turns slipping everclear into BoB's drink when he's not looking.

Loony BoB
09-24-2013, 11:19 PM
Just keep in mind that the more drinks you slip in, the more likely someone is to end up with either a moustache or bruises. I genuinely don't trust myself on those other drinks. >_>;

09-24-2013, 11:20 PM
No, dummy, you get the moustache after you pass out.

09-24-2013, 11:41 PM
You should all drink with me. My personality is actually better (thank BoB's) when drinking.

09-25-2013, 12:20 AM
EoFF Wedding Crew Adventures, Pt. II

I took my sweet time getting out of bed the next day (Sunday). I wasn't aware that there was a reason to get up! I wasn't hungover, but I was still absolutely exhausted. Traveling does me no good. By the time Paul and I reached up with the rest of the group, we discovered that Shauna and Mr. Shauna had brought their things with them to leave! :( If I had known that, I would have been up much sooner. We spent atleast a good hour in the Waverly cafeteria center eating and fashioning names and words out of fries. (sorry, Nicky, I am a bad friend ;___________; ) DC, Lev, Pontus and I headed upstairs to get some coffee (I was the only one who chose an iced drink, which was a bad idea considering we were all already wearing coats and jackets). Soon, Daniel and Danielle showed up! We were not expecting them, I do not think, as I thought their plan was to remain holed up in their Scotsman suite all day. We sat around and spoke for a bit longer, until we all just started getting up to leave. I was under the impression that we were going to walk around town a bit or perhaps go back to the flat, as I had not really had a chance to hear what the plan was at the other end of the table where it was being discussed.

We did not walk around town and we did not go back to the flat. We headed down and across the street a bit to stairs leading up a smurfing hillside. :colbert: A hillside! I was not prepared for this, not in the slightest. As we are all getting a workout going up these stairs, Daniel says something along the lines of "I'm sure it won't rain!" or "I'm sure the weather will be fine!" or "I'm sure nothing terrible will happen within the next five minutes!". Something assuring us of good-natured weather. He was wrong. Oh, how he was so wrong. In fact, I am beginning to suspect he made such a comment on purpose after having looked up the weather prior to visiting us at Waverly and intended on dragging us up that hill just as hurricane-league storms came chasing in purely to spite the lot of us. Right as we reached the top of the hill, the rain came in. The flash of weather change was ridiculous! I'm not certain how poor Marion wasn't entirely blown away, the winds were so harsh. It was around this time that DC's poor umbrella gave way, and the mangled thing didn't work properly after that. We made our way to some ruins to get on the other side of where the wind was blowing and took some great group photos, and somehow found ourselves in a big knotted hug to get even better photos. The wind was still blowing something fierce as we came around the corner of the ruins, and Pontus was kind enough to offer to be a buffer against the wind for me because he is a giant (as you all can clearly see). As we headed back toward the stairs, we came across an exhibit of an ancient cannon that Matt decided to pretend was his penis. The photographic evidence is exactly as you might imagine it. Right around this time, the weather decided to clear up! Couldn't have just put off it's troutty attitude for fifteen minutes! :argh:

After stopping to get photos of Matt making love to a cannon, we made our way down the mountain and I went arm in arm with Lev because I felt like we hadn't spent much time together. As we all collected as the bottom of the hill again, it was determined that Matt and Shauna finally needed to head off (they dragged their crap all the way up that hillside!) so the group escorted them to the train station. The train station was... interesting. It seemed that everywhere I looked, people had booze with them! At mid-day! Some dude going past carried a twelve-pack with his luggage, others walked around with cans of beer. One character in particular came chatting up to Matt as he purchased his ticket and was issued handfuls of coined change from the slot (to which Daniel cried "You won!!!"). I have no idea what it was this mysterious fellow was saying, but I am fairly certain that each and every one of us were focused on the plastic bag in his hand that had a four-pack of something that seemed to be alcoholic in it. The bag was ripped and dripping, and the cans had very nearly slid out of it. It seemed that at any second, they would become uncradled from their hold and cause an explosive disaster when it inevitably happened. Thankfully, we did not have to witness such an unfortunate incident, as the mysterious drunken man went off on his own way again. Bouncing between watching him try to drunkenly converse/slur with Matt and watching the ticking time bomb of his tearing bag and praying that it wouldn't drop the cans it held proved to be incredibly amusing.

We finally said goodbye to Matt and Shauna as they boarded their train. Afterward, we made our way to snag a taxi in the longest taxi queue I've ever seen in my life. We must have been waiting atleast twenty minutes for two of them before we were finally off on our way back to the flat where we were able to relax for a few minutes. DC suggested we gather a convoy for booze, so he, myself, Lev and possibly Marion (I cannot remember who the fourth person who joined us was ;-; ) took drink orders and walked down the street a bit to the nearest store for booze and chocolate and other yummy things. Upon returning, we did not wait long to start making drinks. I am not too entirely sure what we did for the rest of the day, but we mostly hung around the flat drinking, watching tv and I think the video games were busted out a little bit. And pizza! We ordered Domino's. I got tired soon after and found my way to the chair in the corner where I curled up and closed my eyes but partially remained a part of goings on. Later in the evening, everyone retired to their own places and Paul and I went back to the Carlton to people-watch and sing songs from ipods, and then I think we were out like lights fairly early (I do not know what time).

Monday started out a little busy! I got up early to take a long bath in the tub because it was so huge and ginormous and inviting and the hotel was so nice that I couldn't pass up an opportunity to use that tub. It did not disappoint. Spent time getting ready and Paul and I each packed up our belongings, and we got a call from Daniel saying he was swinging by to pick up Paul's suit. It was around this time I began to feel a bit ill, and I could feel the day was going to go downhill from there. We went down to the hotel lobby and waited for Daniel for a few minutes, but I was smurfing starving. Like, stomach eating itself starving. We went down the street looking for a place to eat and stopped at this adorable little restaurant called Bella Italia and Paul texted Daniel to meet us there to grab the suit. We were seated and shortly later Daniel popped in like lightning and popped back out right away! I thought he might be joining us for breakfast, but he did not. I had a traditional English breakfast, which I had been looking forward to having overseas for a couple of days. We finished up and headed back to the hotel to check out and grab our luggage before we snagged a cab over to the shared flat.

It is at this point in time when we arrived outside the flat that I was minding my own business, trying to get the luggage out of the taxi and come up to the door to buzz in when Paul motioned for me to look up, and so I did just that. As my eyes registered, what they saw looming over us through the windows were a bunch of god damned crazies waving about kitchen knives and serving spoons and all manner of utensils with pots and pans on their heads like insane vikings and I had no other reaction in me other than to just drop my jaw in absolute shock. Ashley was kind enough to open the door for us to let us in, and I managed to snap out of my shock only to have it replaced by paralyzing fear of entering the apartment. We got inside with our luggage to find everyone still wielding their utensils and pots and pans on their head. Apparently, they got the genius idea from Daniel Towns himself, who because so oversought with excitement of Matt leaving behind his Frosted Flakes cereal bowl that he simply had to don it as a cap. The rest you know.

Not long after, Paul, Ashley and Marion all departed, leaving our group significantly smaller than it was. One by one, we were dropping off into a chocolate river in the nightmarish adventure that was the EoFF Wedding Crew Scotland Adventure, and Daniel Towns was our twisted Willy Wonka. We spent the day watching bad, bad tv (I am fairly certain this was the day in which we watched Eragon, but it could have been the day before) and everyone else played video games (Pontus and I did not have an interest; we merely spectated). DC and Daniel stepped out for a bit and returned with a mountain of KFC (it should be noted that by this time, 90% of what I had consumed while abroad was strictly American food. Ridiculous!). Drinking started around this time and we continued with more games and tv. We later ordered pizza and played Never Have I Ever, as mentioned by Daniel. DC was set to leave this day, but he was having so much fun with us awesome nerds that he ate the cost of his already-bought ticket and purchased a new one entirely to leave the next day instead! We were thrilled to keep him longer. Later, Hot Fuzz came on and it was absolutely insisted that I watch it because I had never seen it before. Daniel was not happy by the fact that I was on my phone the entire time and also that I played The Actor Game that Rantz and I engage in whenever we watch something. (It just consists of me remembering often times obscure actors/voices that I have seen or heard before and where they are from, and I am very good at it.) He was constantly berating me to watch when I was watching. :colbert: After that, though, I was made to watch a show with Jeremy Kyle and it was absolutely hilarious. It's so shocking to me what can be shown on tv in the UK! Some of the jokes they make, things they show and do would absolutely not be allowed here and it's such a trip to see it. I was in no way offended, more shell-shocked at what I could see going on because it is just not something that happens in the US. I think it was that same night that we watched some super trashy show about young teenagers going to Spain in order to get laid. It was a trainwreck, but as always with these shows, we couldn't look away.

It was this evening that we made our collaboration mattress fort bed. I think we actually did it prior to Hot Fuzz coming on (I do not recall), but Pontus, myself, Daniel and Josh (I forgot to mention Josh! Daniel's brother joined us earlier in the day and he couldn't have fit in with our group better. The kid is just a blast to hang around with and is ridiculously hilarious) all crashed in the Nerd Collaboration Bed with the tv on. I think that at various points in time we each woke up and looked at eachother, but we were never all awake at the same time or something like that. It's very possible that this happened the next night, actually. The days of this trip have all started blurring together.

That's Sunday and Monday! I still have Tuesday through Friday left, and I may need some help from fellow nerds remembering what we did on which days. Part III to come next, followed by an OOC EoFF WC Whatsapp Conversation Quotes Tribute and a collaborative photo post from our EoFF WC dropbox and some other randoms from facebook.

09-25-2013, 12:53 AM
Nicky looked classier than anyone at the wedding

I don't dress up often, but when I do it's fabulous, and of course I would have to "arrive" at the reception fashionably late, dear.

I'm loving your commentary thus far! Feel free to provide us with MS Paint renditions of what you would have done had Daniel passed out.

Loony BoB
09-26-2013, 12:24 PM
Bubba has asked me to post this on his behalf. :)

My summary will be brief(ish) as I spent roughly 11 hours with my EOFFers… enjoyed every minute though! Here are some of my (occasionally hazy) recollections.

The end of my working week and the eve of BoB and Danielle’s wedding. My friend Chris and I were fortunate enough to have been invited to their evening reception to join the celebrations. There were still a couple of hours before my train up to Glasgow in Scotland. I was enjoying a well-earned pint of flat, lukewarm lager in a bar in Manchester Piccadilly station. I was quietly mulling over some of life’s great unanswered questions when I received a slightly panicked message from one Daniel Towns. There had been some unfortunate late cancellations which left two open spaces for the wedding and afternoon dinner. Obviously, the prospect of a beautiful wedding, five-star meal and free wine was not in the least bit appealing… but we decided to help BoB out of his little dilemma and rushed off to procure some suits for the big day.

Our journey to the gorgeous Abden House for the wedding was not without incident. To save money for the reception, Chris thought it would be a splendid idea to get the bus over (from Glasgow) to Edinburgh. I had forgotten what a truly horrifying experience the bus can be. Funny smells, deranged faces and unnecessary aggression… and that was just the driver. Luckily, we didn’t feel out of place at all in our full wedding suits.

I was decidedly nervous when we arrived at Abden House. Mainly due to the fact that I didn’t know what most of the EOFFers looked like... nor had I met any of them. There was only BoB, Shorty and Rantz that I’d seen pictures of. Chris and I stood awkwardly at the entrance being appraised by two (Lev and Paul) very sharply dressed young men. I had no idea who these two were but thankfully Paul recognised me and stepped forward to make introductions. Being used to Paul’s cutting wit on the forum I was surprised at how pleasant he was on first meet! He didn’t even rise to my dig at his love for Liverpool FC. We were then led to a room to leave our luggage by Lev (such a lovely guy) and we then ventured into the garden. A familiar face in Mr. Towns greeted us on the steps looking very dapper. Obviously he was quite busy with it being 30 minutes before getting hitched, he quickly directed us to the circle (or was it oval?) of EOFFers that had congregated in the garden.

More first meetings, this time with Sarah, Pontus, Shauna, Matt, Marion, DC and Ashley. I was unsure of the correct first-greet etiquette but Sarah pulled me into a full-on hug. Pontus followed suit as did most of the others. What a fantastic group of people! We were made to feel so welcome (especially Chris who wasn’t part of the EOFF crowd) and it was an absolute delight to be around everyone.

Next came the main event. Now it must be said, I’ve never met Daniel Towns before but I’ve never seen anyone look so incredibly happy. Whenever I picture him now, it’s always in that constant state of elation. I imagine people in the street giving him strange looks and a very wide berth as they pass his grinning face. The reason for his manic delight became clear when the gorgeous Danielle walked towards him looking absolutely stunning. The ceremony itself was just beautiful. My favourite moment was the vows that the happy couple had written for each other. It made it so much more personal and they were just lovely to hear.

After the pictures had all been taken, our group jumped a couple of taxis to the outstanding Scotsman Hotel in the centre of Edinburgh. Upon arrival, we were delighted to be offered a free glass of prosecco/cocktail. There was the standard one glass per guest rule in place. Matt nonchalantly ignored this to procure a second glass for him and Shauna. This may have contributed towards his slightly demonic dancing at the end of the night! Chris’ attempt at obtaining a second glass of prosecco was rebuffed immediately to no-one’s surprise.

Sarah found a lovely outdoor area with a huge table which seemed to have been placed there just for us. This was such a nice time finally getting to know everyone. I’d chatted to Sarah a lot on the forum but it was great to have a proper conversation with her. She’s just such a warm person with a highly infectious laugh! Matt, Shauna and Chris (all hailing from the Glasgow area) were discussing Scotland with equal amounts of pride and deprecation but with great hilarity. Pontus and Lev are ridiculously cool and great to chat to. I seem to remember Marion trying (and failing) to avoid DC’s relentless picture taking. Not sure why as she looks fabulous in them. The photos are great in general and I’m glad DC persevered. I remember me and Ashley chatting about Ice Hockey in which my home town of Manchester is not particularly well represented!

The evening meal was stand-out and made me love Mr. Towns even more for inviting me along. It all started with the speeches of course which were stellar. Danielle’s father had me in stitches with Danielle’s borderline animal abuse! I hope no-one from the RSPCA was in attendance. Daniel did an excellent job with his speech/singing (not a bad voice!) which was always going to be topped by Paul. You couldn’t tell he was nervous at all and he ripped it… and BoB! Nicky’s speech was amazing too as I hadn’t been expecting that at all. I’m just glad BoB wasn’t around when the topic of soup came up again while we were at the table! After that the food arrived which was exquisite. This was again a lovely time chatting about really random stuff with everyone. I remember us all being baffled by the tiny gifts that were on our table. I may have gone a little heavy on the white wine as I completely forgot to take mine with me. What was it in the end? Fudge? It was great to be visited by members of the family notably Jordan, Josh and of course the lovely Nikki who became an honorary member of our group before the end of the night!

After dinner came the dancing along with the quite excellent band. First dance between the happy couple was always going to be lovely... and it was. More entertaining though was the one that followed. Paul was understandably nervous when he discovered he would be dancing with the lovely maid of honour. Pontus and I took great delight in his pre-dance nerves! He was actually fine and did a really good job. However, this dance was far outstripped by his dance to The Killers with Sarah. All inhibitions gone, they literally went bat-trout crazy; throwing their bodies around the dance floor with reckless abandon. It was like observing a couple of deranged children after drinking four litres of coke… truly a sight to behold. I was up dancing for a few but was royally upstaged by Matt with his Queen tribute! Towards the end, Marion and I danced to a song then were immediately disgusted with ourselves for doing so. We promised to never reveal this song to anyone and I will keep my word!

The final stages of the night were probably my favourite of all. We had all abandoned the dance floor and one-by-one found ourselves a little EOFF den in the back of the hotel. There was probably enough seating for about 6 people but we all squashed up together and proceeded to talk the most random bollocks. I was contentedly sat between Paul and Sarah while we all drifted from one random topic to another. It’d be nice to have a transcript of that whole conversation so we could remember some of the daft things that came up. From passive-aggressive unicorns to the now infamous Handicapped Elevator Ghost. If anyone overheard us they would probably have thought we were all insane. Well, if that’s how conversations go in a nuthouse then I’ll happily be committed right now.

This highlight unfortunately marked the end of proceedings as we decided it was late enough in the evening to say our goodbyes. We all exchanged hugs and I definitely felt huge pangs of sadness at seeing everyone leave. Chris did his best to cheer me up by taking me to a live music bar round the corner. It was probably not the smartest move considering our early get-up the next day but hey-ho. We rolled into our guesthouse at around 3am and thought it would be a good idea to watch Monty Python on my iPhone… again sleep would have been the better option!

All in all, it was one of my favourite ever days. One of my few regrets is that I didn’t get to spend much time with Mr. and Mrs Towns. I think it’s fair to say though… they did have rather a lot on their plate! Regardless, it will give me an excuse to pop up there again so I can get to know them properly. Finally meeting the people I’ve been chatting to for the last couple of years couldn’t have gone any better. The EOFF crowd were the most warm, friendly, funny, beautiful, and crazy people I’ve ever met.

I think the possibility of a two-year reunion has already been mentioned by those involved. If that’s the case, then time can not pass quickly enough.
As I've mentioned on LJ and to Bubba himself, I'm genuinely gutted I didn't get to spend more time with him and Chris as I kept hearing about how awesome they both are. Sadly time was lacking during the big day! Was regardless a delight to meet you and I will most certainly hold you to that excuse to pop up again. :D I think we can do something earlier than two years for those of us that are living in the UK, don't you? ;D I mean, that's still a lot of us - Danielle, Bubba, Chris, Shauna, Matt, Psy, Faris, DC and myself makes nine already!

As for me looking so happy, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face once the bridesmaids started coming down. It was physically impossible, not that I was trying not to smile but I felt that my lips were trying to tear themselves out of the side of my face. The second I saw Danielle it seemed to grow even wider! I remember it well.

09-26-2013, 01:05 PM
Bubba has asked me to post this on his behalf. :)

As I've mentioned on LJ and to Bubba himself, I'm genuinely gutted I didn't get to spend more time with him and Chris as I kept hearing about how awesome they both are. Sadly time was lacking during the big day! Was regardless a delight to meet you and I will most certainly hold you to that excuse to pop up again. :D I think we can do something earlier than two years for those of us that are living in the UK, don't you? ;D I mean, that's still a lot of us - Danielle, Bubba, Chris, Shauna, Matt, Psy, Faris, DC and myself makes nine already!

As for me looking so happy, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face once the bridesmaids started coming down. It was physically impossible, not that I was trying not to smile but I felt that my lips were trying to tear themselves out of the side of my face. The second I saw Danielle it seemed to grow even wider! I remember it well.

2years is too long! just gimme a date far enough in advance and i'll come fly up asap :D

09-26-2013, 01:28 PM
We are having a party on Saturday... that enough notice?

09-26-2013, 02:40 PM
Aww, Bubba you sweet thing. Come back, we miss you!

09-27-2013, 07:48 AM
Haha I actually forgot what song it was..but I remember the promise! I can never break it even if I wanted to xD

It was such a pleasure to meet you and Chris!