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11-25-2013, 06:43 PM
Anybody who has any questions, I'll be happy to field them.

1. Did you make any money doing this?

No, I was busy not making money playing music. :D But srsly, I did this totally not-for-profit because I adore the artwork.

2. Who else worked on this?

The readme file included in the download will tell you everyone who made patches that went in, and everyone who helped with the script.

3. Are you crazy?

Yes, but I'm one of the happy ones?

4. Can I make a repro--

THIS EXHIBIT IS CLOSED (draws curtain)

5. Did you include references to things? I love that/I hate that!

Love him or hate him, Victor Ireland is one of my literary influences, so I have a smart alecky way with things. Look for Star Trek, Ninja Turtles and Princess Bride refs, among many FF nods all around.

6. If there was a voice acted version

I only would not want to do the female voices, and I'd like to have one woman to do all the female voices. Varispeeding can make them sound different.

7. What other hacks/translations have you worked on?

I don't technically do any translation, since I only know a smattering of French and too much English, but I also proofread Final Fantasy IV - Cosmetic Changes (a cool version of J2e's translation that has the font from the SNES), and made a version of SMB where Mario and Luigi look like their future selves color-scheme-wise.

8. How did they achieve this, sir?

Romhacking.net - Home (http://www.romhacking.net)

9. Who is your favorite character?

Haagen, of course! In FF6, It's Cayene, as my original avatar upon joining the site would have told you. For great justice!

10. How do I apply the patch?

There are instructions in the readme file.

11. What is the content rating?

MA-13 or Teen, Idk they keep changing the rating system. No f-bombs, but Siren's bottom is shown. She is of age, you might think. Some may find content inappropriate for children.

12. Why?

Because it was made for us, who played this when it came out, then played Sky Render's, then played the GBA version, and still weren't done.

13. Least favorite music?


14. [your question here]

Floor open.