View Full Version : Found a sure-fire way to abolish random in Dollet and Galbadia

Lone Wolf Leonhart
12-09-2013, 05:27 AM
I haven't played this game in a long time, but the other day I happened across some notes I took and thought I would share them. I've tested this myself and can verify that both work.

Maybe no one is looking for this info right now, but I know it's been an issue on here before. This is a thread that I would have wanted to see on my last playthrough!

Abolishing the "Random" card rule in Dollet:

1. Go to the pub
2. Save on the second floor
3. Hard reset the game
4. Go to the pub owner's secret room and click on the magazine stack once
5. Challenge the pub owner and say "No" twice
6. Challenge him again, say "Yes", and then "Quit"

Random should be abolished.

Abolishing the "Random" card rule in Galbadia:

1. Save outside Caraway's Mansion
2. Make a SEPARATE save file in Dollet on the second floor of the pub
3. Hard reset the game
4. Load the Dollet save
5. Go to the pub owner's secret room and click on the magazine stack seven times
6. Soft reset the game
7. Load the Deling save
8. Enter the Mansion and challenge Caraway, say "Yes", and then "Quit"

Assuming you can't spread Open or Same Wall, you should abolish random.

12-10-2013, 12:19 PM
Another way to abolish random rule in Dollet is use this method:
Final Fantasy VIII Side Quests: Abolishing the Random Rule in Dollet - Jegged.com (http://www.jegged.com/Playstation/Final-Fantasy-VIII/Side-Quests/Abolishing-the-Random-Rule-in-Dollet.html)
Success rate is 100%.
I remember 1 time I accidentally abolished elemental rule in dollet (after abolish random rule of course). If memory serves, rest at Dollet hotel and then ask the girl in green outfit to play card, she will abolish elemental rule . And Dollet only has Open rule left. Yeah.