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12-11-2013, 02:05 AM
There is one of these in the VII forum so I figured why not here too.

VI is my favorite, but I would definitely change a few things if given the chance to add some input in a remake. It would mainly be tying up lose ends and character development in the WoR.

I love the characters but some just don't have the same motivational pull that others do, and we are left wondering "Why do they wanna kill Kefka so much?" Umaro doesn't need much, just leave his story tacked on to Mog's reasoning.
Add to Shadow please! I'm not as crazy about Shadow as many are, and I'd like to know more about him and the situation between Relm, Strago and Shadow mainly. I could leave him in the WoB or take him along, because he really just doesn't impress me the way he does some others. It's hard to balance out a game with so many characters, but if your going to have all of them try to flesh out a few of them a bit better.

I don't think there is much argument that Kefka, Terra, Celes, the Figaro brothers, and Locke (Setzer and Cyan coming in a few paces behind) steal most of the show from the other half of the cast, and I'd improve upon that. I do like that the game can be finished with only a few characters if you wish, but it's also always felt odd to me that you were allowed to finish the game leaving certain character's fate a complete mystery. I go back and forth if I'd change that tactic, because it's the players decision, but just feel wacky to abandon characters that have played such a pivotal role all the way up until the WoR.

I might change it to where the second half can begin through the idea of two different characters rather than just Celes. Have them play out there part and collect members of the party and meet up near the end. Yet, the way WoR plays out it lacks a linear path and that open world is just awesome and different from most other games, so I'm not sure that it wouldn't steal a great aspect about FFVI instead of benefit it.

Anything you dislike or would want changed?

12-19-2013, 12:11 PM
That's including the fact we've added onto it already through our own fiction and these forums. As for the game itself it had limited programming for the time. Also, I wonder if this clears things up for people who haven't read this.