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Ace Protorney
01-04-2014, 08:50 PM
Hello! I'd like to take this time to bring back the Monthly EoFF Fan Art Contests for our members at EoFF!

It has been several months since our last contest, and since Loony BoB has been rather busy to host another contest, I've decided to takeover and run these contests. Allow me to explain how this is going to work this year.

Each month this year, we'll be having a themed fan art contest where we get as many artists from EoFF and DeviantArt as possible to be involved. We will have a theme announced on the first week of each month and submissions for the contests will be sent to me, via Mognet Message. Once the final day for submitting artwork passes, the entries will be showcased here at Relm's Studio and voting will be carried out to determine a winner.

Our goal for this year is to create a calendar comprised of Final Fantasy fan art created by members of EoFF and those from DeviantArt, and the winners for each contest will have their winning artwork in the calendar. They will also have their name entered in a pool to win a copy of the finished calendar for 2015. I know it may not be enough for a prize, but I hope everyone will participate and help us each month.

The due date for this contest will be on Jan. 19th. So that's about two weeks!

Rules for the Monthly EoFF Fan Art Contests.
- Artwork should fit the chosen theme and must have a clear Final Fantasy influence such as characters/creatures/monsters/summons/etc. You should know that considering we are a Final Fantasy group.
- Artwork should be clean (no porn, no hentai, nothing crude)
- Artwork must be your own creation - so don't copy/paste/edit existing work and make something from scratch! Digital and tradition forms of artwork are both acceptable.
- Artwork should also be sized to fit on a wall calendar. So let the artwork be roughly 8" x 11" as possible.
- Artwork to be submitted will be sent to me by Mognet Message (or by Note on DeviantArt). Please include your usernames on DeviantArt and/or EoFF Forums along with a link to your artwork.
- After the due date, the submitted art will be posted on the forums for voting, which will last a week. The winner will be declared on the same day the next month's contest will start.

This month's theme will be "Celebration"~

Ace Protorney
01-20-2014, 12:45 AM
I have some contest news. I've stated that today would be the deadline, but I've since extended the deadline to the 24th to give our artists some extra time for their art. As of now, I currently have two entries for this month's contest. Voting will also be delayed, so expect that to happen on the 25th.

Thank you for your attention. :)