View Full Version : OMG, remake this top 10 games

01-14-2014, 08:08 AM
This is so not internet standard, top 10 :P
It makes sense, its like games that people loved in their childhood, and think its good that the next generation gets their version of it....loooool.

I mean sure some games nowadays seem more cinematic than a game, but i'd love to see new ideas florish with the gameplay, and rather play old games if i wanted to go back in time, than having to do the same old formula just with better graphics. :P
But knock yourself out with what's on your mind :)

I personally think they should remake "Sonic 3D Blast"..(not.) Because my brother bought it to me, and loved it back then, OMG REMAKE THIS GAME! (Sarcasm)
But an ok game to me, whatever internet says about it can be the same :D

But anyways, back to the main topic, i'd love to hear what's on your mind :cool: