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02-03-2014, 06:02 PM
Post your useful macros!

I don't tend to use many...but these are my essential ones:

Armoury Sort:

/isort condition armoury category asc
/isort condition armoury hq asc
/isort condition armoury id asc
/isort condition armoury ilv asc
/isort condition armoury lv asc
/isort condition armoury perception asc
/isort condition armoury gathering asc
/isort condition armoury dex asc
/isort condition armoury int asc
/isort condition armoury mnd asc
/isort condition armoury vit asc
/isort condition armoury str asc
/isort execute armoury1

Sorts every page of your armoury in order of stats. Its soooo much easier than right-clicking every page, every time! I stole it from a reddit thread, from someone who I can't remember...so can't reference them properly - but I didn't come up with it! I am considering replacing my equip set buttons with macros, with this in it....that way the armoury would sort itself every time you change job!

Blacklist last person who sent you a /tell

/blacklist add <r>

This one does what it says on the tin - was awesome for those gilsellers before the right-click BL got introduced, but I still prefer it in a lot of ways!

Graphics Change:

Macro 1

/battleeffect party off
/battleeffect other simple
/echo Low Graphics

Macro 2

/battleeffect party all
/battleeffect other all
/echo High Graphics

This is a bit of a random one, but I was struggling to see which way monsters were facing in 8-man stuffs - with all the black mages pewpewing with their fancy spells! So the top macro will turn off the effects for party members, and the bottom one will turn them back on. Also tends to increase my frame rate :)

So what are your macros? :)

02-03-2014, 10:20 PM
I don't have very many non-crafting macros, but one that really helped me was a macro for the phase 5 to phase 6 transition in Turn 4. I play main tank, and I have 5-6 or so abilities I need to get off within the first couple of seconds of the fight with at least 2 different targets (friendly & non-friendly) to ensure that things go smoothly. I was having a lot of trouble performing consistently and not missing anything, so I decided to just throw all of the actions onto a single macro one after the other and just mash that key when phase 6 begins until everything is done. It's something like:

/ac "Circle of Scorn" <t>
/ac "Flash" <t>
/ac "Spirits Within" <t>
/ac "Hallowed Ground" <me>
/ac "Cover" "Monk's Name Here"

Pretty simple stuff, but it trivialized what was otherwise the most stressful and difficult part of the fight for me, and has helped make our Turn 4 runs quite smooth.

02-12-2014, 10:59 PM
As a tank, I'm always looking for easy ways to mark stuff without holding up the party while I do it. This is by far the best way I've found:
/mk attack <t> That's it. Each time you hit your keybind, it'll mark the target with the lowest mark (attack mark, in my case) not yet assigned. I also have F1-F5 bound to marks 1-5 for those times I wanna dynamically reassign marks quickly. If you need to remove marks, you can use
/mkoff <t>

When healing I've been experimenting with this macro:
/micon "Cure"
/ac "Cure" <mo>
/ac "Cure" <t>
/ac "Cure" <tt>It'll heal your mouseover target first, then your current target if you're not moused over a healable target, and finally the target of your target, if your selected target is not healable. I dunno if I like it yet, cos <mo> seems kinda flaky at times and I'll be repeatedly healing myself when I'm clearly moused over another party member.

I also have a hotbar with all my calling macros, with keybinds on two of the slots. Depending on the fight, I just switch my needed calls into the keybound slots. For example, in the Acheron fight in CT I use:
Ctrl + ` for "/p Claw!! <se.2>"
Alt + ` for "/p Big hit coming, you know what to do!! <se.2>

The latter is my all-purpose "GET TO THE CHOPPA" macro when something big's about to go down.

02-26-2014, 06:50 AM
Piggy-backing off the initial post's suggestion of inventory sorting, as of 2.16 we can now use the gearset icons along with macros. I have two vertical command bars along the left-hand side of my UI with all the jobs as well as the crafting and gathering classes. I replaced the regular icons with macros that also do a simple sort so that every time I change my class, my inventory is automatically sorted so that all armor is organized categorically (i.e. in order based on the job/class as they're order on the character classes screen) while both the mainhand and offhand weapons are organized by iLvl.

Here's what it looks like. For whatever reason, I've tried swapping in the new <wait.number> macros, but it appears to cause things to break.

/micon "gearset [number]" gearset
/gearset change [number]
/isort condition armoury category des
/isort execute armoury
/isort condition mh ilv des
/isort execute mh
/isort condition oh ilv des
/isort execute oh

Obviously substitute [number] for the desired gearset's number without brackets.