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Ace Protorney
02-28-2014, 04:34 AM
Welcome to a new week of Final Fantasy fan arts! Last week, we've announced the entries of this month's fan art contest, and the winner seems rather clear from the results of the votes so far! However, it's not time for that, but it's time for a new Showcase of the Week! Let's take a look what we missed from last week along with some of the artwork from this week as well! It's two showcases for the price of one! Behold!

KeyMemories @ DA (http://fav.me/d77dgxs)
Origami Chocobo

It's an origami of one of the most recognizable icons of Final Fantasy! Well, it's not an actual origami, but it's an art vector featuring an origami of a chocobo. I really do like the use of blue background which makes the yellow stand out more!

nightkidlaura @ DA (http://fav.me/d77u4i4)
FF4: Cecil And Rosa

This piece on the Cecil and Rosa pair is rather a part of a small project for the artist. There's going to be 50 other fan arts all from various fandoms, Final Fantasy included. This is just a small sample from that project, and it is now featured in this showcase. You may want to check out her gallery (http://nightkidlaura.deviantart.com/gallery/) for more!

camelpimp @ DA (http://fav.me/d76q1xb)
Rydia and Pals

A rather beautiful rendition of Rydia. It looks like it's been done by a paintbrush, so that's what makes it look unique. It has that special touch to it.

Todou-Heisuke @ DA (http://fav.me/d775z8g)
Locke Cole - Final Fantasy VI

He's one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games ever. He looks like he's ready for adventure! Either that, or to seek treasure waiting to be found!

sonkkuli @ DA (http://sonkkuli.deviantart.com/art/Moment-of-poetry-435090782)
Moment of poetry

This fan art is really detailed! All done with ink, markers, and gelpen too, so I have to say that I'm really impressed that it looks very crisp and clean. One would have thought the artist had some assistance with Photoshop, but nope! It doesn't seem to be the case here. I really love the detail put into this. You can see that it's not just Beatrix laying in the grass, but if you look close, you'll see the entire cast of Final Fantasy IX. Can you find them all?

Silash @ DA (http://fav.me/d7801di)
Yuna Braska

A rather simple fan art of Yuna hanging out by the logo of Final Fantasy X. It's rather cute and charming the way Yuna has been drawn. :)

MyFinalParadox @ DA (http://fav.me/d773qke)
Let me show you

You may not notice this at first glance, but in this fan art, it appears that Hope is a Time Lord, and he's about to show Lightning inside his very own TARDIS.

02-28-2014, 04:38 AM
Love the Yuna and the origami chocobo :jess:

03-01-2014, 02:06 AM
based on what I've seen around the net, it seems there are loads of people who really want Hope to show Lightning his "TARDIS" :jokey:

03-01-2014, 10:05 PM
That origami chocobo is excellent.

03-01-2014, 10:13 PM
Oh my god. I want to buy that Rydia and Pals.

03-01-2014, 11:44 PM
Chocobo ftw

03-01-2014, 11:53 PM
based on what I've seen around the net, it seems there are loads of people who really want Hope to show Lightning his "TARDIS" :jokey:

Even Fang has more chances to get Lightning. Plus she is good with long sticks. Or me, as I live in Europe and she does as well.