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03-28-2014, 09:46 PM
Steroid addiction.

Haha! Yay for half-a-decade-old callbacks :jess:

Anyway, let's make up some fun theories about the party's dark secrets we never find out. This is not Persona, we don't really get to spend a year getting to know the characters intimately from every angle, but there must be done stuff they just won't admit to others! Apart from Sabin's steroid abuse, I'd say Edgar is secretly a crossdresser, while Terra secretly writes yaoi fan fiction about those two.

Wolf Kanno
03-28-2014, 10:34 PM
Terra - Has anger manaagement issues, she's got a nasty dark side that appears everytime someone threatens a moogle.

Locke - Worries that his hair is falling out, which is why he wears the bandana

Edgar - Wanted to be a gynecologist (okay so that one isn't much of a secret)

Sabin - Still sleeps with his childhood teddie bear and still believes he's real

Cyan - Is a "demon in the sack"

Gau - Can actually speak properly and is actually the smartest man in the world, he just fakes the whole "Child wildling" thing to be a dick

Celes - Is a total perv and constantly spying on the guys in the shower

Mog - Is allergic to SuperSlick

Setzer - Got all those scores from an unfortunate childhood accident involving a chocobo, some peanut butter, and something Setzer calls "Mr. Winkle". Totally tells chicks he got them in a gambling fight cause chicks dig scars.

Shadow - Is a classically trained opera singer, which is why he doesn't talk much cause he has a bad habit of randomly breaking out in song.

Strago - Uses Behemoth Horn as an aphrodesiac to get his own little montster up...

Relm - Is actually a bass voice and talks like Dr. Girlfriend, which is why VI will never have voice acting cause it detracts from her Moe Cuteness

Umaro - Is not a yet but just a poor man who got wasted one night and super glued his wife's fur coat to his bare skin. He plays along because he's afraid of the embarrassment.

Gogo - Is actually two midgets under that robe.

Banon - created the Returners because he hates the anachronistic video late fee laws Gestahl had passed.

Arvis - Is a triple spy who is peeved that his whole subplot was removed.

Leo - was tricked inot having that stupid haircut by Locke who wanted something to distract everyone from his own pre mature baldness.

Gestahl - is actually a dog pretending to be a man.

Kefka - Totally has the hots for beefcake Sabin, has a shrine dedicated to him somewhere in his tower.