View Full Version : sharky and shion's FFVIII Let's Play!

04-21-2014, 06:17 AM
We don't have pics because we're playing it on the PS2. Whatcha gon do about it?

We listen to Overture because it is a great song. Then we watch the opening video and sharky claims that Squall is getting his butt kicked but that is a lie! Squall is da bomb!



We are now in Balamb. So beautiful, so majestic. Great music. Squall lays on a bed with a dorky/sexy bandage depending which one of us you ask. Kadowaki scolds our dear friend Squall and we scoff at the small amount of space we have to name him. I mean, we named him Squall anyways, but that's not the point.

We then start arguing about who is better, Squall or Cloud. I say obviously Squall and sharky says they are similar. I point out the many differences, such as Cloud being a blonde cross dresser and Squall being a sexy brunette. Then I also point out that Squall is much cooler, and I ask sharky to notice the lack of spikes on Squall's head.

Afterwards we argue about how to pronounce Seifer. He says its like Safer and I say its like Cypher. Because Cypher just sounds better. And then sharky says that he isn't smart enough to decode Cyphers, but he isn't exactly safer than most thing either. Well, some things. We honestly wasted a good half hour on this one scene.

Then Quistis comes in and we argue about her hairstyle. Then she starts hitting on Squall and we walk along and I fuss at sharky for not keeping up with her properly. Eventually we head to class or something. We read the console and Sharky fusses about Squall's clothes and asks why Squall and Cypher weren't wearing their uniforms because everyone else was. I said because they were in the infirmary after their training and didn't have time to change before class. And then he asks why they would train in regular clothes and not their uniforms. Then I pointed out the scene where Quistis tells him later on to change in to his regular clothes to go in to the training center and to meet her there. So apparently they train in casual clothes. Then we see the part in the console where it says uniforms are optional and he can't understand why they ever wear them.

Then we notice a lot of stuff about relationships. First it says no sexual promiscuity, which is fine, but then under conduct or something it has something along the lines of, think before starting a relationship. Thx Balamb.

Then we get our first 2 GFs and give Selphie a tour. Sharky starts to make up nonsense about gold detailing, the elevator, homeless men giving out cards. He honestly went on for about 7 minutes just on the gold detailing near the classroom.

Afterwards I send him to the library (I am the game navigator today) and he couldn't find the Occult Fan so I had to do it. Then there was that Esuna draw point but no one could draw so I told him to Junction a GF and it took him forever to figure out what he was doing (this is tied for his favorite Final Fantasy btw). Eventually he figures it out and we get some Esuna's. Then he talks to a library guy who says not everyone is using the seats for reading and sharky thinks it means drugs but I think he means homework. Then we head to the cafeteria and sharky gets annoyed at Fujin. Then we head to the Quad and get harassed by Selphie.

Eventually we make our way out to Quistis. She tehn gives us a long, very dumbed down tutorial. Sharky tries to make it amusing but gives up halfway through saying she doesn't deserve the funny british man from the 1920's voice he was giving her. It really is very dumb. It's like "click blank spot, select ability. Now for the active ability..." and we're thinking "The exact same thing as the other ability" and sure enough its the exact same thing. SHE EVEN REPEATS HERSELF.

Then it got late so we ended it there.