View Full Version : What if FFV didn't have the job class system?

Wolf Kanno
04-21-2014, 11:12 PM
Simialr to the FFIV discussion what if FFV decided to joss the Job class system and give the characters established roles but maybe something similar to FFII/VI/VII's customization system to help you augment them. What roles do your think the characters would use and how much do you feel it would affect the game?

04-22-2014, 05:18 AM
I think it would be cool if they put all new classes in the game, or ones that were unspecified, but still showed uniqueness among the characters.

Bartz would be an all around balanced guy, but still clearly the best at melee attacks and raw strength.

Lenna would most likely be a white mage based character, but also throw in some insane speed for thief characteristics.

Galuf would have the ability to learn enemy skills, but have special attacks that would later be revealed to be unique to his world, which would make the skill transfer to Krile make sense story wise.

Faris would be able to cast black magic, but still have a decent amount of attack and defense since she is a pirate. Maybe give her some unique pirate skill things on top of that.

As for all other abilities? You can still customize the characters a bit by equipping some accessories that would grant them more skills. Alternately, they learn skills after collecting the crystal shards as usual, but keep them designated. My idea is more of an outline of how the characters would be when you first get them.

Colonel Angus
04-29-2014, 02:40 AM
Bartz would have to be your masher. He'd get Dual-Wield, Rapid Fire, Sword Spell.

Faris would be the speed character. She'd get Steal/Mug, Dual-Wield, Time Magic.

Lenna Magic centered. Black Magic, White Magic, Double-Cast.

Galuf/Krile would have to be in-between, as they are both styled differently from each other. Summon, Blue Magic, and maybe Bard/Dancer abilities. Maybe have it Galuf has Blue magic & Dragoon abilities (w/ Lancet to draw the blue spells instead of the current way) & Krile could get that plus Summoner.