View Full Version : Replace the job classes with other FF characters

04-22-2014, 05:08 PM
Who have the same job. For example,

Fighter/Warrior - Squall

Thief - Zidane

Monk - Yang

Black Mage - Vivi

White Mage - Yuna

Red Mage - Tellah(?)

Wolf Kanno
04-22-2014, 05:28 PM
Fighter - Steiner

Thief - Locke

Monk - Yang

Black Mage - Vivi

White Mage - Rosa

Red Mage - Terra

04-22-2014, 05:53 PM
I'm going to forbid myself from using any characters from FF4 or FF9, as they are basically direct class analogues.

Fighter - Ingus

Thief - Farris

Monk - Sabin

White Mage - Aries

Red Mage - Celes (I consider the sword a large part of the Red Mage identity, and though statistically similar I always imagined Terra as the more dainty of the two)

Black Mage - Strago (that's totally what he would have looked like when he was younger)

04-22-2014, 06:54 PM
Fighter - Auron
Thief - Yuffie
Black Belt - Amarant
Red Mage - Faris
White Mage - Selphie
Black Mage - Fran

04-23-2014, 06:19 PM
Orlandu - Excellent tanking stats, access to break commands, AoE holy damage and status affliction, HP/MP draining abilities, and auto-haste? Yes, please. Pretty much everything I could ever want in a front line fighter.

Shadow - This is easily the hardest pick, as both Shadow and Edge are fantastic characters and have advantages over each other. For thief functionality, Edge has direct access to the steal command, while Shadow can randomly mug twice per turn via dual Thief Knives. For Ninjutsu, Edge can run out of MP, while Shadow can run out of items and consumes money. Edge has an awesome white ninja outfit, while Shadow has an awesome black one. Both have great damage potential through the throw command. The choice would be impossible if it weren't for Interceptor, which effectively imparts Shadow additional physical evasion and counter-attacks, making him my pick (even if he does have to spend the game in fear of Rippling dog nappers).

Black Belt/Master:
Zell - Extremely high single target Duel damage, at least four elemental/status immunities and a status+elemental attack of the player's choice without consuming party equipment, and the ability to sap enemy magic for additional stats, or turn it against them, make Zell my Black Belt/Master pick.

White Mage/Wiz:
Aeris - On top of her excellent selection of white magic, most of which is shared by many white mages in the franchise, her limit breaks push her ahead for me. She has the ability to grant limits to her allies (hard to say how relevant that would be in FF1, though), has a built in Mega-Elixir, and can make the party outright invincible when she needs to. For a supportive role, she is pretty hard to beat.

Black Mage/Wiz:
Black Waltz 3 - What do you get when you mix a T-800 and a black mage? I don't have a clue, but this thing must be pretty damn close. Fire doesn't stop it, high speed collisions don't stop it, drops from extreme heights don't stop it -- it will steal an airship to chase you, and it will drag its near-dead ass up the side of a mountain to get you. Even better, it's no slouch when it comes to black magic, so there isn't any real tradeoff to be considered, and it likely has access to all of Vivi's abilities, giving it a bevy of potential status immunities, Auto-Life, Reflect x2, and Return Magic. Also, it can fly.

Red Mage/Wiz:
Celes - Attacks, white magic, black magic -- Celes does it all. Unfortunately, she does it a little too well for my general definition of a Red Mage, but I like to think that just makes her a really GOOD Red Mage. ;)