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Forsaken Lover
04-23-2014, 09:29 AM
So FFVIII had some cool music but some of it feels out-of-place to me. One example I had in my mind was Trabia Garden's theme. The music does not fit the wreckage of a school hit by a missile attack.

However, the greatest offender is the concert at FH. In case you didn't know, there are two songs you can make to get two different conversations. One is Eyes On Me (or it has the motif at least) and the other is the infamous irish jig.

Now...why the holy hell does the second song give you a better and more lenghty conversation with Rinoa?! I refused to bother with the jig last playthrough because god help me I like Rinoa and "her love song." Only, IIRC, the whole scene between her and Squall falls apart and she runs away upset.

With the folk music though, Squall and Rinoa have a nice, happy conversation about how everyone loves him and they're gonna enjoy the moment together. This is probably Squall's and Rinoa's second or third most "heartfelt and intimate" moments in the game. It's certainly the first one. And yet that crap in the background takes a huge dump all over the mood.

What the hell. Is someone at Square trying to say folk music is the key to happiness and ballads are gonna ruin your relationship?

I think I might have used the wrong trope but I don't care.

04-23-2014, 03:48 PM
You know, I've never actually done the Irish jig thing. I just always made the assumption that you were supposed to go with the Eyes on Me thing. That is kind of weird.

I think every song actually matched each place and scenario pretty well. The Trabia Garden theme is especially fitting to me, actually. It's more a theme for Selphie I think (considering it's called Where I Belong). It has a nice little mixture of sadness and nostalgia.