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Loony BoB
04-26-2014, 11:57 AM
Character Creation FAQ
Please see the character creation thread (http://home.eyesonff.com/showthread.php?t=156022) for a guide on how to create a character.

What is a GM?
A Games Master, the person who controls the storyline and decides if you're not RP'ing correctly. They basically run the RP in general.

Who are the GMs?
Araciel, Citizen Bleys, *Devore* and Lonely Paper Star are the current GMs. Loony BoB is also involved in the general management of the RP itself at a higher level (selecting GMs, defining the world/opening scenario), if not the distant future plots and RP moderation.

Can I become a GM?
At the moment we are not recruiting any new GMs but keep posting, show maturity and who knows, maybe in the future!

How do I RP?
I'll try to keep this as simple as possible...
Post in third person perspective.
Remember that this is a story. There is no HP, no MP, no Attack or Defence statistic to bother with. No dice are used. The people involved are effectively writing a book together, so write it like a book would be written.
Try not to get too detailed or make a lot of extremely long posts. People won't have the time to read multiple novels every day. You can have long posts every now and then, but try not to force people to give up keeping up with everything.
Don't be Peter Jackson's version of Legolas. Being overpowered and taking out 500 enemies without getting a cut is unrealistic and a GM will probably edit that stuff out of the RP. You should have strengths, absolutely, but you should also have weaknesses. You should find some battles/obstacles easy but some battles/obstacles tough. Likewise, don't write out posts declaring yourself The One True Saviour of the World or anything like that.
Of course your character can die if you want them to. Sometimes this makes for excellent storytelling!
Respect others. Don't control their characters without their permission. You can trade conversation with them (obviously this avoids endless waiting for a conversation to take place), but if they feel their character is being portrayed incorrectly they can let you know and you should respect that and edit the post. You also can't damage or kill off other people's characters. Always learn about other characters as much as you can before RP'ing them - read the posts about them as much as you can to get a good feel for them.
Feel free to talk to the GM's or other people about your characters, their characters and potential storylines that could come about.
Read the first post of the story (http://home.eyesonff.com/showthread.php?t=156024). It'll give you a good feel for the kind of world you're about to get yourself into, and what kind of tech you will be dealing with. For example, don't walk into the world saying you are driving a car or piloting a spaceship, because they don't exist in this particular world.
Chocobos, not horses. :)

How does magic work?
There is magic in Sendorra, but the Homeworlders (Sendorrans) don't know how to use it yet. Outworlders could have come from a world experienced in magic use, though... with different options as a result. They could arrive in this world and use the magic as they always did, or perhaps they will find it to be "a different kind of magic" to that used in their world of origin, and have to cope with a loss of their magic use and the need to learn everything from scratch all over again.