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Loony BoB
04-26-2014, 11:58 AM
Guide for Creating Characters
Firstly, read the opening post of the story thread (http://home.eyesonff.com/showthread.php?t=156024) so you can get an idea of what kind of world you're entering. After reading that you should understand that there are two kinds of characters in this story. Homeworlders, the residents of Sedorra, and Outworlders, those that have simply 'appeared' into Sedorra with no real knowledge of how it happened.

You can create more than one character, however we would ask that you do not create more than two Outworlders unless you also create Homeworlders (so as to provide a good balance for the storyline). Homeworlders are Human, Ursus, Doban and Akim (http://home.eyesonff.com/sedorra-official-eoff-rp/156060-sedorra-native-races-animals.html). Outworlders are of any race you can imagine (so long as they are not overpowered), including races essentially identical to those on Sedorra.

A rather important note for Outworlders: You will arrive into Sedorra with whatever you are wearing and, notably, whatever you are carrying (this can not be too overpowered). This can include things like weapons, gadgets and tools. While it can not include something as big as a vehicle, it can, for the sake of potential storytelling, include another person. This is the only way for two people of the same world to enter this world... for them to be hand in hand.

Once you've created your character, wait for a GM to approve it before making official posts in the story thread.

Here's a couple of templates to follow depending on whether your character is a resident of the host world (Homeworlder) or someone from another world (Outworlder).

For Homeworlders...
NAME: Obvious!
RACE: Your character's race. Current races in this world: Human... and that's it for now. Watch this space!
GENDER: Obvious!
AGE: Obvious! Assume we're dealing with Earthlike years.
JOB/ROLE: Any job or role your character has in the world eg. Bard, Hunter, Soldier, Engineer, Thief, Teacher, etc.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Good singer? Pickpocketer? Cook? Proficient chocobo rider? Make what you will of this one!
WEAPON(S): What they tend to carry and how good they are at using weapons.
APPEARANCE: Tell us what they look like.
PERSONALITY: Tell us about their personality.
BACKGROUND: Tell us about their past.

For Outworlders...
NAME: Obvious!
ORIGIN: Any details about the original world your character lived in. What is it called? Is it high tech? Low tech? Is there magic? Stuff like that.
RACE: Your character's race. Include a description if possible!
GENDER: Obvious!
AGE: Include their age and what the human equivalent age is.
JOB/ROLE: Any job or role your character had in their world eg. Hunter, Soldier, Bum, Scientiest, Mage, etc.
SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Expert in white magic? Gills? Ability to turn oneself into a gelatinous ooze? Good at ping pong? Put what you like in here!
WEAPON(S): What they tend to carry and how good they are at using weapons.
APPEARANCE: Tell us what they look like.
PERSONALITY: Tell us about their personality.
BACKGROUND: Tell us about their past. Remember, many Outworlders don't remember being in another world or only remember limited things. With this in mind, you don't have to have a detailed background for your character - it's up to you.

Citizen Bleys
04-26-2014, 06:39 PM
For Outworlders...
NAME: Desmond Arsibault
ORIGIN: Nexus; Nexan religion is intrinsic in the world's name; they believe their world to be the center of the universe due to a hypothesis involving Tables where aliens have phased into Nexus in the past. Desmond is the first native Nexan ever to be able to phase out to a different world, but a couple of particularly long-lived aliens who came to Nexus have been able to leave. Nexans believe that these aliens returned to their own homeworlds.
RACE: Nexan -- externally indistinguishable from human
AGE: 27 (23 in human terms)
JOB/ROLE: Bartender and musician
SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Bard song, similar to FFXI. Initially very limited due to differences between Nexus and Homeworld. Can influence emotions, buff/debuff individual traits, and carry out limited healing over time effects. Is capable of achieving one effect at a time on Homeworld, but was able to do more effects and across a wider area on Nexus. Terminology for this is called "spiking" (to increase a trait) or "sinking" to decrease it.
WEAPON(S): Gun -- FF-style, not real-world style. Also carries a device called a "jigger" that doubles both as a metaphor for smartphones in our world and a musical instrument
APPEARANCE: Average build, initially clean-shaven, brown hair
PERSONALITY: Drug-addled psychopath
BACKGROUND: Desmond is a man who's lost everything, largely due to his addiction to Brilliance, a drug which does not exist on Homeworld.

04-26-2014, 08:19 PM
NAME: Oris markanth
RACE: Human- Lucrecian
AGE: 28
JOB/ROLE: Merchant
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Very persuasive and friendly, rich and knows seemingly everyone.
WEAPONS: Money, a rapier and a notebook
APPEARANCE: Average height and slim build. Shaggy brown hair and well-kept clothes of the current fashion.
PERSONALITY: friendly and accommodating to a fault, tries to make up nicknames for people. Always seems to know what's going on in the city- almost supernaturally
BACKGROUND: mostly unknown - some rumour that he is the illegitimate son of a noble others say he himself is royalty. Still others swear Oris has been seen leaping across rooftops at night in a mask and cape. He has been active as a businessman for a few years.

NAME: Vork
RACE: Human - Akimolm Tribesman (Wind Tribe)
AGE: 38
JOB/ROLE: Man Hunter
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Tracking, trapping, single combat, agility and strength.
WEAPONS: Doran claw weapon and club for subduing, though he's trained with khopesh
APPEARANCE: Big, dark-skinned and bald. Covered in scars and body hair
PERSONALITY: gruff and quiet but direct
BACKGROUND: Part of a desert tribe. He has lived past his age of glory (when he should have died in battle). Took his final walk into the desert and was rescued by city folk from a trade convoy from Lucrecia.

Lonely Paper Star
04-26-2014, 09:13 PM
NAME: Camille Veritas
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
AGE: 26
JOB/ROLE: Chocobo breeder/merchant.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Chocobo riding; chocobo breeding; some weapon training, but not a lot; herbs and potions.
WEAPON(S): Throwing knives (but still needs to work on her aim). She's more proficient with her one-handed sword.
APPEARANCE: Petite with an athletic build. Dark green eyes, wavy brown hair with slightly lighter colored highlights, the top half of it usually tied back. Tan skin.
PERSONALITY: She smiles a lot and laughs a lot, but every once in a while, her past comes to mind and it causes her mood to sour--and everyone will be able to tell.
BACKGROUND: She was once a prolific chocobo racer, but lost her sponsorships from one bad mistake that no one but she and her former sponsors know about, although the general public thinks that she simply retired from racing to live more simply. Now she breeds chocobos for sale, scraping by. She desperately wants to get out of town and to the islands in the north, but is still saving money.

Loony BoB
04-26-2014, 09:46 PM
ORIGIN: Aison ;) It's a fairly similar world, but magic is a common and established thing there.
RACE: A talking jaguar. Yeah, that's right, you heard me.
AGE: Debatable and irrelevant. Mentally 25-29.
JOB/ROLE: Uh... jaguar. Warrior, I suppose, if anything.
SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Magic has an effect (generally positive) on him. That's not to say that when he gets hit by magic that he'll be stronger, obviously, but rather when he's fighting a magical creature, the magic nearby would trigger his personal strength/endurance, or something to that extent. Same goes for magical areas, if this world is going to have any. I suppose magic colleges would be fun for him, should they be set up at any point. But yeah, it won't be an amazing effect, just noticeable. The main thing would be that when it happens, he'd realise if he is dealing with magic or not (nifty for mages sneaking up on the party and the like). This 'ability' would give him no added resistance to magic. Although he'd probably get back up quite fast. Call it an instant adrenaline rush after taking a hit. Finally, as a jaguar, he has excellent climbing skills and is fairly strong in general. I suppose he's alright for camouflage when hunting stupid animals, too...
WEAPON(S): Jaws'n'claws, baby.
APPEARANCE: A fairly large jaguar. Nothing more, nothing less. The only difference between this and a regular jaguar is that a human spirit got placed inside it and it can magically speak English. Physically, though? Jaguar head, jaguar body, jaguar legs, jaguar paws, jaguar everything.
PERSONALITY: Varies. Sometimes jovial, sometimes cautions, sometimes optimistc, sometimes sarcastic. Just your everyday guy for the most part.
BACKGROUND: He is a human in a jaguar's body because at some point in Aison time some weird magical trap (ward, I suppose) put some random guy's mind into a jaguar's body. He had an adventurous life in Aison but has a habit of popping in and out of time, presumably because he gets sucked into temporal vortexes. When he gets into this world, he'll naturally think he's still somewhere on Aison and that a few centuries have passed or so... until he figures out the truth that he is "not in Kansas anymore". His memory of Aison is hazy on the details once he arrives in Sedorra. He remembers key things but not much else.

04-27-2014, 12:48 AM
For Outworlders...
NAME: Kathvi
ORIGIN: A world where magic is a prominent part of people's lives. They each have different types of magic that they are born with and it decides what types of schools they go to, what type of jobs they have, etc. The magic they are born with is decided by genetics, but often you'll see them living in areas that compliment what types of magic they use. Kathvi lived in a snowy mountain area which compliments her magical abilities.
RACE: Kathvi is a race of fox-type humans. She looks mostly human but has fox ears and a fox tail and snout.
GENDER: Female
AGE: 24, equal to about 26-27 human years (not a large difference)
JOB/ROLE: Kathvi is a shop owner on her home world, she sells fresh baked goods, similar to a bakery.
SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Kathvi can use Ice magic, which she is quite skilled at and is quite fast. She is stronger in cold environments but becomes weak the hotter the temperature.
WEAPON(S): Kathvi uses a bow and arrow. Her skill level is average, she isn't great or bad.
APPEARANCE: She has fox ears and snout and tail, she is very pale, and the fur on her ears and tail and head is very white with some small black streaks underneath, making her more of an arctic fox-human. Her hair is shoulder length and layered, hugging up against her face, and she has bangs. She is tall and slender build. She wears tight fitting dark blue jeans (that are tailored for her tail, since it's more common where she is from) and a dark green, tight fitted, sleeveless green shirt that goes up in a turtle neck. Her eyes are blue.
PERSONALITY: Kalvi is quiet and reserved, and usually has a wall up to strangers and doesn't trust much. But she isn't standoffish and she is still very polite and well mannered. She cares for others and often wants to help out, with mixed success. When she fails at something, she takes it very hard and can get sad quite easily.
BACKGROUND: She doesn't remember much about any family or friends, only that she ran a shop in the snowy mountains.

04-27-2014, 02:24 AM
For Outworlders...
NAME: Haruko Mizushima
ORIGIN: Kingdom of Barjassil in an unnamed world. It is a fairly similar world to the current one she's ended up in, but magic is a common and established thing in her home world.
RACE: Kitsune (a magical, shapeshifting and intelligent fox).
GENDER: Female
AGE: 18 as she appears in her human form; 40 in kitsune years
JOB/ROLE: Mix of a Rogue (basically a thief with magical abilities which are low-key) and a Bard. Basically leans more on being a rogue but knows songs from her world.

SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: As a kitsune she can potentially shapeshift between two forms: her native kitsune form (a fox with many tails; she has two due to being young and not too powerful), and a humanoid form (basically indistinsguishable from a human except for her strikingly golden eyes, and the form she currently prefers to use to blend into society).
She has a keen sense of smell, capable of tracking one target at a time (although she can be fooled like you'd fool bloodhounds with herrings etc.). She presently possesses minor magical abilities which mainly help her with thievery, although she has trouble accessing them in this world where her goddess's influence doesn't seem to reach, which makes her struggle from time to time when her magic fails her.

WEAPON(S): A pair of elaborately carved daggers which she's moderately proficient with so she can hold her own in battle but is nowhere near master level. She also has a blowpipe with which she can shoot poison darts which will put the target asleep after a minute or so; however, the ammo for the latter is limited, and the sleep effect takes time to kick in, so she's conserving them only for situations where there's no other way out alive).


A pretty young Asian-looking woman with pale skin, curious golden eyes, and raven-black hair tied in two buns. She's clad in a dark purple dress with some runic symbols, and the cloth is loose enough to let her move in an agile manner if necessary.
In her kitsune form, she looks like an otherwise ordinary red fox except with two tails.

PERSONALITY: Curious, charming, occasionally mischievous. Ruthless when she needs to be and if she feels she's threatened, although she prefers to manipulate people to get what she wants instead of resorting to force or her magic. Despite this seemingly confident exterior she's also confused and scared, lost in a place which is foreign to her and where she believes anyone can be a potential enemy, so she might just as well exploit them first before they exploit her.

BACKGROUND: Haruko was raised by a local kitsune elder in forest which worshipped the Goddess of the Earth. For reasons she can't remember at the moment, she left the safety of her grove, took human shape and became a rogue in the human kingdom of Barjassil until she somehow ended up stuck inside a strange magical crystal before blacking out. The next thing she remembers is waking up in an unfamiliar location, and she doesn't remember much of her past except glimpses here and there which come and go irregularly.
She's aware of her true nature as a kitsune and vaguely recalls that showing her true form might lead to trouble (as people tend to fear what they don't understand). So, she has decided to stay in her human form for now while trying to figure out where she has ended up in and what role the strange crystal from her dream-like past plays in all of this...if any.

I'll think of a native human later. Right now just wanted to get this profile written down.

04-27-2014, 02:38 AM
NAME: Oris markanth
APPEARANCE: Average height and slim build. Shaggy dark hair and well-kept clothes of the current fashion.

NAME: Vorak
APPEARANCE: Big, dark-skinned and bald. Covered in scars and body hair


NAME: Camille Veritas
APPEARANCE: Petite with an athletic build. Dark green eyes, wavy brown hair with slightly lighter colored highlights, the top half of it usually tied back. Tan skin.


APPEARANCE: A fairly large jaguar.


NAME: Kathvi
APPEARANCE: She has fox ears and snout and tail, she is very pale, and the fur on her ears and tail and head is very white with some small black streaks underneath, making her more of an arctic fox-human. Her hair is shoulder length and layered, hugging up against her face, and she has bangs. She is tall and slender build.


NAME: Tori Jacobs
APPEARANCE: Tori stands at a full height of five feet, seven inches and weighs one-hundred and thirty pounds. Short red hair that stops just above the back of her neck and with bangs that hang just above her eyebrows. Emerald green eyes and light beige skin.


NAME: Ozma Twist

APPEARANCE: Long, blonde hair and green eyes. About 5'7". Attractive by most standards, but has metallic arms and legs with a wind-up key in her back.


04-27-2014, 04:01 AM
NAME: Xilkar

ORIGIN: - A land of more sea than air, the indigenous people, the Loquans, live in sprawling underwater cities interspersed with seaweed farms and small trading towns. The staple diet includes all forms of sea life and seaweed, and on the rare occasion when a Surface Explorer brings it back land whale (cow) can be found as an expensive treat in some high end markets.
Very little is known about the surface world and only the truly brave, deemed Surface Explorers, dare to venture out of the water and into the air. In ages past very few returned, but with the advent of science and the few explorers that did return, venturing to the surface is now safer but still only done by the experienced and adventurous, who even make a business out of by bringing back baubles and land whale.

RACE: - A very long lived aquatic race indigenous to the world of Loqoria, once a nomadic people, now have taken to settling down and building cities thanks to their scientific endeavours into ways to control the currents and water temperature. There are 3 distinct types of Loquan; the dark blue, sightless Deep Loquans who live in the very depths of the oceans; the Mid Loquans (just called Loquans by everyone but the High Loquans) are the most plentiful of the three as the middle ranges of the oceans are the safest and most abundant with food; and finally the High Loquans who, with pale blue skin, live nearest the surface in very small numbers.
As the Loquans are an underwater race they worship the idea of the Sun, and revere it as a near deity like presence. Therefore the High Loquans living closest to the surface are seen as nobles or “Those Blessed by the Light Above”. Though the Loquans have no disdain for the Deep Loquans, it has been so ingrained in their culture that they see anyone with pale skin as someone important.
Though a race that spends most of their lives, if not all of their lives living underwater they still possess air sacs (lungs) as well as gills. Loquan scientists believe this is either because at one point in their long history they lived above the water, or had a ancestral species that did.


AGE: 238 (24 in Earth years)

JOB/ROLE: Surface Explorer

SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Gills, fast swimming, ability to swim deep/surface with no adverse effects due to pressure changes.

WEAPON(S): Surfacing knife (diving knife equivalent)

APPEARANCE: Tall and thin with long limbs ending in longer than average fingers and toes with excessive webbing. Middle toned blue skin, large circular all black eyes and a sharp edge like nose. Grass-like hair down to shoulders adorned with fishbone baubles. Gills near the base of the neck, but mostly unnoticeable unless angered, then they flare.

PERSONALITY: Hardworking and eager to please, but frequently gets lost in daydreams about what is or could be on The Surface.

BACKGROUND: A young Loquan who believes there is more on the surface than just land whales and things to fear, joins a Surface Exploring company and quickly rises in the ranks to be one of the best in the city of Linstra. Unfortunately he remembers none of this, all he remembers is that he likes the water more than the land and has a vague sense that the sun is closer than it should be.

04-27-2014, 04:03 AM
NAME: Albert Combs
ORIGIN: Grancia, a world of magic and occult
RACE: Human
AGE: 21

JOB/ROLE: Scholar

SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Using the demon inside him, Albert gains high speed and agility, relying on high speed attacks. HIs hands become jagged, hard, and razor like, his strikes tearing more then cutting.

He's capable of affecting his targets with some minor dark power during the fight to debilitate them.

He uses his speed to avoid getting hit over taking blows, and lacks any means to fight at a range due to his poor skill in weapons.

Decent cook and other basic skills for surviving alone while traveling.

WEAPON(S): Carry's a small short sword and shield, but mostly for show to explain to people how he survives on his own.

APPEARANCE: A bit smaller in build and height, Albert constantly wears a brown travel cloak, usually with the hood down. His hair is shoulder length and usually messy.

When using his demons power, his forearms begin to rapidly become a grey tone, and the skin itself starts becoming jagged and rigged.

PERSONALITY: Quite and keeping mostly to himself, Albert spends much of his time dedicated to research. He tries to be quick and to the point to keep conversations short. Occasionally, however, when he breaks from his research he enjoys some light humor and small talk, though rarely will he get into any sort of deep conversation with another person.

He's good nature d, though his desire to not show his power prevents him from interfering with small things. Pick Pockets,bar fights, and other small transgressions he will ignore, but when another life is on the line, he will likely interfere. Trying to conceal his strength as best he can to not draw attention.

BACKGROUND: A child raised as a cults experiment to fuse a demon with a person. Having escaped the cult, he had been on the run and researching all he could about their ways, slowly become a Scholar of sorts. He planned to find out what their goals were, and discovered they planned to travel to another world, though for reasons Albert could not figure out.

Having traveled his home world, he found and convinced a powerful sorcerer to send him to this world. Knowing he may never return, he wished to find out what was there before his former captures could make use of it.

Miss Mae
04-27-2014, 07:27 AM
For Outworlders...

His first name was given to him by his family. His last name is shared by all of the High Priests, literally translating to Priest-Scholar or ‘Learned Patron’.


Domum translates to ‘home’ in the old language of where Cohen originates. They do not have a word for his world, as it is all they know so it was never necessary. Upon appearing in Sedorra, Cohen simply refers to his world as Domum – home.

Domum has comparable tech to Sedorra, but has a slightly better understanding of magic. Only very basic magic has been understood, and instructional manuscripts are written in the old language, which nowadays is only understood by High Priests and other scholars. Knowledge of how to control magic is not widespread and most lay people recognise the ability to control magic is a mark of the High Priests, who are revered in their society as the mouthpieces of the Spirits.

RACE: Human


AGE: 37

Duties include: understanding and documenting world history, understanding and documenting languages, researching and making new discoveries in magical and scientific fields with the aid of specialist scholars, and providing religious guidance and religious services to the people of the city and surrounding villages.


Controlling magic is a field that has only recently been explored successfully in Domum. The skills High Priests and scholars have managed to acquire are still very basic, such as conjuring and object manipulation. Think lighting candles with fingers or moving an object across a table; don’t think conjuring whole armies out of thin air or making objects levitate.
Academically clever, with an in-depth knowledge of Domum’s history.
Good at reading and a quick learner, particularly in the areas that were important in Domum, like history and language/s. Willing to learn anything.
Ability to hear the Spirits communicate with him. It is as yet undetermined whether the Spirits will still be able to communicate with him in Sedorra.

Carries: Short sword
Strengths: Short sword and polearm
Weaknesses: Ranged weapons

High Priests were the most highly respected members of society, and as such were expected to learn weapon training in order to protect themselves and others. Weapon training included short sword and polearm for close combat, which Cohen excelled in, and ranged weapons (specifically bows), which he was not as good at. Polearm was also taught for the purpose of displays, which taught the High Priests discipline, aided their memory, increased their trust in one another. These displays were used in a sort of meditation that assisted the High Priests in clearing their minds to better hear the Spirits. Polearm displays between the local High Priests were often a feature of city festivals as they were incredibly impressive.



Cohen is disciplined and likes to think that he follows the rules. He is also incredibly clever and curious, so sometimes he bends the rules a little in order to learn or experience something new. This has almost always worked in his favour.
He is reasonably quiet and reserved, a trait he obtained after many years of being separated from society while living at the University. He likes to observe more than actively participate, but if a situation calls for his involvement he will not hesitate.

Cohen remembers little before he became a scholar. During his training as a scholar, and then as a High Priest, he was taught to improve his memory in order to become a living relic of Domum’s history; however, this caused his memories before his time as a scholar seem dull by comparison.
He became an apprentice scholar when he left home at 15 and moved into the University in the closest city to the village where he was raised. He became an independent scholar at 17 – one of the youngest the University had ever seen.
He was inducted into the order of High Priests at 26, after displaying impressive intellect, discipline, curiosity and devotion as a scholar, and was also one of the youngest High Priests to ever be inducted.
He has been a High Priest for over ten years and his work is very important to him. Since he doesn’t have a family or friends to care for, he cares for his work and the order.

04-27-2014, 08:51 AM
I suspect we are going to have a fair amount of Outworlders. I had some really cool ideas but I think the entire exercise is a little moot if everybody rocks up from somewhere else. Can you imagine the impact all of our characters will have on the social fabric of Sedorra? If a half dozen different aliens showed up on Earth tomorrow, it would forever change the path our planet takes... immediately. If there was a larger density of non-human characters already, then perhaps it would be less problematic to see new creatures, but as it stands I will probably just reroll a human so that I can have a go without every NPC being completely smurfing astounded by my existence (or them being utterly unfazed because just this week they saw five new species).

EDIT: PS BoB is just King from Tekken. :hahaha:

Loony BoB
04-27-2014, 09:43 AM
Having traveled his home world, he found and convinced a powerful sorcerer to send him to this world. Knowing he may never return, he wished to find out what was there before his former captures could make use of it.
Just going to point out that none of the characters are to have a "knowing" of why they reached this world. It is certainly not intended by any of them, and should be a fairly notable surprise for all involved. However, they can all come up with theories as to why it happened and I'm sure coincidence could play a part towards leading your character to feel this way.

I suspect we are going to have a fair amount of Outworlders. I had some really cool ideas but I think the entire exercise is a little moot if everybody rocks up from somewhere else. Can you imagine the impact all of our characters will have on the social fabric of Sedorra? If a half dozen different aliens showed up on Earth tomorrow, it would forever change the path our planet takes... immediately. If there was a larger density of non-human characters already, then perhaps it would be less problematic to see new creatures, but as it stands I will probably just reroll a human so that I can have a go without every NPC being completely smurfing astounded by my existence (or them being utterly unfazed because just this week they saw five new species).
Aye, that's why I've made it a rule of "no more than two Outworlders unless you have two Homeworlders". I expect that our Outworlders will be the only Outworlders for the most part, while many of us will end up rocking a Homeworlder or two purely out of the need for people for our Outworlders to interact with.

EDIT: PS BoB is just King from Tekken. :hahaha:
King has the body of a human, BoB has the body of a jaguar. Can't pick up anything with his hands, which means unless he can use his mouth, he's not very useful in a lot of situations.

04-27-2014, 09:51 AM
I'd talked with Ara about that description before posting it, so one of the DM's have already approved of that. :p

Loony BoB
04-27-2014, 09:54 AM
I may have to overrule on that one as it's in direct contradiction to the first post of the storyline. ^^; However, again, it should be noted that characters can certainly have theories and coincidences certainly can happen (I already know that another player has written in their own assumption as to how they got to the new world based on likely coincidence).

04-27-2014, 10:00 AM
Well, the nature of how it's written doesn't really cause any problems as far as I can see. Doesn't give me any knowledge of the area, nor does it give me a way out or to bring others here.

Originally the Idea was going to be I was from this world, simply an area outside of this continent (Same thing in that I still have no way off, no knowledge of the area, ect.) Ara is the one that said just going out worlder would be easier in this case. :p

Night Fury
04-27-2014, 11:35 AM
NAME: Laurie Grey
ORIGIN: Earth! (A very Marvel-esque version of Earth, not full of superheroes, but that kind of crazy sciencey/inventiony stuff!)

RACE: Human

GENDER: Female

AGE: 24

JOB/ROLE: Scientist/Intern

SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Has no powers or magical thingymabobs, but she's very intelligent with an excellent scientific mind.

WEAPON(S): No weapons, usually has a few bits and bobs in her lab coat, but not really weapons.

APPEARANCE: Laurie is around 5'5. She has mid length ash blonde hair which naturally curls around the bottom. Hey eyes are a very blue/grey colour, which she lines with a thin black eyeliner and a little mascara. She also has a few freckles across her cheeks. She has a thin build. Her attire is generally very plain. Usually opting for a mid length skirt with heeled boots, or jeans and a modest peter pan collared shirt. She is always wearing her lab coat. Always.

PERSONALITY: Laurie is a quiet girl, but easy-going. She tends to be more of a listener than a talker - but she's never really had the chance to be a leader or more outgoing. She is very scientific, but not socially inept or too nerdy. She doesn't really know the kind of woman that she is, as she's always been in the background.

BACKGROUND: Since the age of 17, Laurie has worked as an intern and PA to renowned scientist, Professor Evans. He has been a very father like figure to her, and she is emotionally involved in his life - a little more than she should be. Evans developed a drug and alcohol problem when Laurie was only 18, she stuck by him, inspired by his work. She wanted to help him through his addictions, and took on more and more of his work - which he received credit for. Evans definitely saw a spark in Laurie though, and he helped her with experiments and science of her own. The two are an unconventional pair, but have been behind some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of the decade.

04-27-2014, 03:34 PM
(If there's anything that needs changing, don't hesitate to ask. It's a pretty ambitious character, so...)

For Homeworlders...

NAME: Locke Cromwell


AGE: 24. Birthday (assuming we're Gregorian) is 10th June.

JOB/ROLE: Hunter, Explorer, Journeyman, all those buzz words

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Athletically fit, good hunting skills and able to hunt the fauna of Sedorra with not much difficulty. Well educated, and highly skilled with the bow. In his youth, he was also trained with guns (FF style), and carries with him two flintlock pistols, one of the only royal items he took with him when he left the Lucrecian Castle.

WEAPON(S): As previously stated, he carries two ornate royal flintlock style pistols in two holsters on his legs, however, his main weapon is his bow, hand-carved from wood he found in the forest. He always carries a standard hunting knife, for gutting, carving, and a myriad of other uses. He also has his faithful pet dog, Foamy, which can be used to kill animals and distract any enemies Locke comes across.

APPEARANCE: I struggled with this one. You know the male human character from FFXI? You know, the one who appeared in promotional stuff? Something like him.

PERSONALITY: He is, above everything, just an exceptionally friendly man, with an additional sense of humour to boot and tries not to take himself too seriously. Viewing his own Royal family as unhelpful and elitist, he strives to be the opposite and tries to help whoever he comes across in his travels. However, he knows very well how to fight and to survive, and is very capable of fiercely defending himself and others. It can be said that Locke is a tad of a romantic as well, just waiting to meet the right person.

BACKGROUND: Locke was born as eldest son into the ruling family of Lucrecia, one of the prominent city-states of Sedorra. Throughout much of his early life, Locke was taught with a high standard of education, and learnt how literacy, numeracy, the sciences, and even the mythology surrounding magic. His early life as heir was as expected, and when his father died, he was expected to take the Royal name and rule Lucrecia.

However, Locke began to grow doubtful. During his teenage years, he began to question just how righteous the Royal family were. He started venturing at night outside the castle to see how others lived. During his education, he was told of the wonders of achievements of the Royal family, and he drank it all in. Now, however, walking about everyday Lucrecians, he began to realise just how privileged he was. These doubts turned into anger, and as he saw the lower slum sections of Lucrecia, his anger was directed towards himself. He could not handle living such an esteemed lifestyle whilst those in the slums lived in poverty. He quickly grew depressed. However, his personal butler, Cromwell Surl, aided him in this dark time. Slowly, Locke began to foster ideas of leaving Lucrecia altogether.

With Cromwell's advice and guidance, he began plans to leave the castle. Cromwell arranged for Locke a humble little house in one of the outlying villages in the farmlands outside of Lucrecia. At the age of 21, he finally left the castle in the dead of night. To Locke's family, he has been missing ever since.

As for Locke, to further remove himself from his family, he changed his surname to Cromwell, in honour of the butler who helped him so much during his years in the castle. He now lives in the farmlands, and enjoys going on hunting trips and enjoying the outside world he so dreamed to venture in whilst staring out of the castle window...

04-27-2014, 04:03 PM
I was thinking of making a homeworlder, I have an idea for a character, but I'm not used to RPing so I wouldn't want to take on too much

04-27-2014, 04:31 PM
Well, the nature of how it's written doesn't really cause any problems as far as I can see. Doesn't give me any knowledge of the area, nor does it give me a way out or to bring others here.

Originally the Idea was going to be I was from this world, simply an area outside of this continent (Same thing in that I still have no way off, no knowledge of the area, ect.) Ara is the one that said just going out worlder would be easier in this case. :p

Yep didn't think it would be damaging to the story. Still if Bob says it might be then you'd have to accept it and move on.

We have acknowledged that there may be more to the world but we aren't touching on those areas yet. That is why you are either Sedorran or offworlder.

04-27-2014, 05:15 PM
How much time do we have? I want to take part in this, but at this moment I am sorta busy :(

04-27-2014, 06:00 PM
How much time do we have? I want to take part in this, but at this moment I am sorta busy :(

I think you might be fine, I'm sure you could drop in later on. I'm not sure how long-term this RP is going to be, but I think you'll be fine. I'd ask BoB though.

04-28-2014, 03:14 AM
I didn't expect all these people who were like "I'm interested but busy D:" to want to roll multiple characters xD

Agent Proto
04-28-2014, 04:30 AM
NAME: Radley Leadfoot
RACE: Human
AGE: 36
JOB/ROLE: Pirate
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Extremely skilled in swordfighting. Can also navigate ships in heavy storms, though may have lost a few crewmen during his vast travels out in the Deeps.
WEAPON(S): Radley carries a cutlass and a small crossbow on him at all times.
APPEARANCE: Eh, too lazy to describe an appearance. He's basically a rogue pirate in appearance. Rather scruff looking with long unkept brown hair undr a bandana. This weak description holds a link to an image of what Radley should closely resemble. (http://i.imgur.com/Yl1mmHk.jpg)
PERSONALITY: Not really much of a pirate when it comes to how he presents himself. He rarely speaks in the traditional pirate lingo that they are often known for, but he will occasionally say a "yarr" or "booty" every so often. He's rather pretty ruthless and petty. Would do whatever is necessary to get what he wants.
BACKGROUND: Has been sailing the Deeps with his crew of fellow seamen on their rather small sized ship named "Lost Soul", often providing trouble for the islands around Sedorra. Radley doesn't really like to talk about his past, so not much is known about his past before he began sailing the Deeps.

Loony BoB
04-29-2014, 01:17 PM
The only thing I would point out is that while Ursus are very spiritual creatures, having them accurately read the future/present would be having a magical skill, which is something I don't feel would fit in with this world being completely inexperienced when it comes to harnessing magic.

However, you could do it on the same line as Native Americans, who can go on spiritual journeys without any need for magic - relying instead on natural remedies, meditation and so forth. It doesn't allow them to see the future (or present but far away occurances), but it certainly would allow them to open their minds and give them great insight.

In fact, perhaps your priestess could be leading the way towards making breakthroughs in harnessing magic in the future, perhaps through such natural remedies she eventually opens her mind to the magical realm with the guidance of an Outworlder experienced in magic?

EDIT: Of course on re-reading your entry this may be exactly what you meant. :shobon:

Loony BoB
04-29-2014, 01:34 PM
NAME: Aziish
RACE: Human
AGE: 29
JOB/ROLE: Trader/Marketer
SKILLS/ABILITIES: He knows a bit about the city but is nobody special. He earns an average wage at his stall and rents it out at a reasonable fee to his friend, Jahred, whenever he arrives in Lucrecia.
APPEARANCE: Averagely build, average height, slightly sunburnt brow more often than not. Wears decent clothes as most marketers do.
PERSONALITY: Very laid back. Enjoys living a relaxing life, but works hard when he has to. Particularly enjoys sitting on benches and watching the people of Lucrecia go about their business.
BACKGROUND: N/A - Just a regular marketer/trader. I have no idea if I'll ever use him again.

NAME: Jahred
RACE: Akim
AGE: 44
JOB/ROLE: Trader in goods and information.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Expert trader, novice fighter (from unwanted experience on the roads from wild animals and the odd drunk customer). Good intelligence of areas, cultures and distant cities.
WEAPON(S): Short sword, very rarely used (generally only in the Wylds, where every man must join every fight).
APPEARANCE: A clay skin colour and an average height.
PERSONALITY: Curious by nature of his job and experienced at what he does, Akim has journeyed the lands as far west as Akimolm and as far east as the mountains surrounding Lake Arna. He trades information only for himself as he feels information is what keeps him ahead of most other traders and marketers, but he never pays money for information as he feels this just makes people start expecting it. Instead, he tells them stories - anything he can to keep them talking to him. He finds information is easiest obtained by friends talking about their own experiences.
BACKGROUND: Born in Akimolm, he started making his name as a trader at a young age, working for another trader who would send him on courier-like errands and tell him stories. Enthralled by the stories and educated by those he would deliver to and from, he started trading with other tribes outside of his Oasis at the age of 17. Eventually, at 20, he would reach Lucrecia, yearning to see the place he had heard so much about. By 25, he was making regular trade with Lucrecia and Akimolm, recruiting a small ever-changing staff for the journeys. At 29, he made his first venture through the Wylds towards Lake Arna, only returning two years later after establishing a few places to trade with through there. One of few people to make regular (read: every few months) journeys through the Wylds.

04-29-2014, 01:38 PM

Open the storythread; Bob, so I can speedrun the game.

Loony BoB
04-29-2014, 01:45 PM
'tis open!

Loony BoB
04-29-2014, 02:27 PM
So, is my current Ursus as OK character? I could always put her on the back-burner and we can discover her later? I really have another character I'd rather make my main.
Should be fine based on your most recent post!

Loony BoB
04-29-2014, 05:03 PM
FYI, unless a GM has been in touch with you regarding something to do with your character, all the characters up to this point have been approved.

04-29-2014, 05:27 PM
Seeing how many humans there seem to be at the moment, time to bring in a character who's from another Homeworlder race. :)

NAME: Nargul
RACE: Doban
AGE: 33
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Is acquainted with the wilds and has extensive herbal knowledge, capable of brewing various remedies if given enough time and proper ingredients. Is an average fighter who's slow in combat but due to his tough skin can take damage for a little while.
WEAPON(S): Staff, sickle.

APPEARANCE: Bald, muscular, pointed ears, large jaw, average height (for a Doban; short by human standards), scarred right eye. Wears tanned leather clothes (and fancy green cloaks whenever he can afford one...although he has a tendency to lose them if he goes drinking).

PERSONALITY: Likes to drink and uses mushrooms to see visions from what he believes to be the Spirits of the Wild. Laid back most of the time but becomes reserved and quiet if people keep asking him about his distinctive scar and how he got it; he instead prefers to steer conversation elsewhere if the subject is brought up. Isn't fond of people who call his race dumb muscle and likes to believe himself more intelligent than the average Doban. Fashions himself a poet and hopes to one day compose the Perfect Ode but hasn't had much luck so far due to his unorthodox verses which some consider off-putting.

BACKGROUND: Born in a Doban city deep within the mountains, Nargul was raised to become a worker in the mines. However, he didn't think much of his surroundings or his less than creative job and when he learned that an old druid in the community was seeking an apprentice, he sought him out and was accepted after he proved himself to him. He was taken to the outside world where he studied herbology and human language with his master and came across other races, including a band of human actors from whom he purchased a tome full of old poetry. Having read the book, he was inspired by the words and planned to one day compose what he'd deem the Perfect Ode, a poem which would bring tears to the eyes of anyone listening to it.
After his master's passing, he decided to continue his journeys to explore the world and gain more knowledge about herbology and poetry while doing odd jobs as a translator and as a muscle-for-hire. He received his distinctive scar at some point and has remained secretive about it for reasons only he knows. His journeys and need of money have recently led him to Lucrecia where he hopes to earn enough money to purchase proper travelling clothes for his future journeys after losing his previous cloak in a drunken bet.

Lonely Paper Star
04-29-2014, 05:38 PM
Yay, a Doban! You're approved, Kossage.

The Summoner of Leviathan
04-29-2014, 05:38 PM
NAME: Dr'll Ornatus
RACE: Ursus - Itore
AGE: 85
JOB/ROLE: Teacher, Collector, and Scholar.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: As an Itore who has lived and become attuned to the lake at the heart of the Betheron Wylds, he has preternatural sense of when his home is being disturbed. While his home is a lake, because he is Itorean he has knowledge of the ocean and fishing too. To that end, he aids the small village of Naithe whenever he visits, helping the fishermen and warning of incoming storms. Due to his curious nature, he also can read a variety of scripts though writing in the more humanoid languages are rather difficult given his paws.
WEAPON(S): He has teeth and claws, need I say more?
APPEARANCE: He is smaller than most Ursus though still has trouble with most human habitations. (The pic is of a Spectacled Bear because I am cool like that).
PERSONALITY: Curious for his species which leads him to interact more often with the neighbouring village of Naithe than most of his kind has. This has also lead him to have quite the collection of odds and ends. It would not be surprising if he "collects" Outworlder's lost stuff that he finds during his strolls. He's just that kind of guy (think Ariel but a bit more worldly). He is pretty jovial though is very territorial of the lake he lives near, to that degree he does not consider would-be poachers friends. Academic by nature, his first reactions tends towards diplomacy or stealth than force. Given his lifespan as well as age, he has grown to be a patient Ursus and finds the impatience of others odd, if occasionally annoying.
BACKGROUND: He has resided in the Betheron Wylds for a couple of decades now and has on-going dealing with the nearby fishing town of Naithe. While in the village, he will trade his collection and his time for a variety of goods and service--there are some things Ursus have a harder time doing without opposable thumbs! As a cub his mother's territory was coastal and further south, which explains why he does have knowledge of the seas and storms.

Lonely Paper Star
04-29-2014, 05:45 PM
Aaaand approved, Summoner. :D

The Summoner of Leviathan
04-29-2014, 05:50 PM

Ursus love! :D

Loony BoB
04-29-2014, 05:51 PM
Ooh, someone who resides in the Wylds (only an Ursus could get away with that)! I like it. Given it's considered a rather dark and dangerous place, it's interesting to see such a happy kind of character living in there. What does he think of where he lives, Bobby?

Loony BoB
04-29-2014, 05:55 PM
Just thinking in case you guys are putting any Itore into that place - you can still add to the map by saying "I live in a forest that is in [place where no other landmarks are]. The maps was intentionally left with a lot of blank areas (they have grass stuff on them for now) so we could update it as we go.

The Summoner of Leviathan
04-29-2014, 06:01 PM
He finds it an interesting place to live, especially given the biodiversity. He rare travels into the depths of it preferring either to take the coastal route to Naithe or the less dense area to the north. Given his patient nature, he is a cautious traveler so he will avoid unnecessary problems and will remain aware of his surroundings. He also may have a trap or two set near his living quarters just because. Sadly, he ain't much of a climber, though a swimmer, so he can't just escape to the trees. While it is dangerous, it does provide protection for the lake from poachers and other ruffians!

Jinx, so Dr'll will have a neighbour (ish)?! :D

The Summoner of Leviathan
04-29-2014, 06:29 PM
Dr'll's tribe (his mother's tribe) is actually a small tribe from the ocean coast south of Lake Arna. His dad's tribe is from the larger tribe of Lake Arna proper. Dr'll moved to the Wylds out of curiosity since he knew little about the lands northwest of Lake Arna then he kinda stayed there. So you don't have to worry about an Itore tribe being there, just Dr'll who mainly sticks to the northern end of the lake in the Wylds (it needs a name).

Pant Leg Eater from the Bad World
04-29-2014, 10:54 PM
NAME: Ja'ak (pronounced like jock)
RACE: Ursus (Altus)
AGE: 70 yrs
JOB/ROLE: Healer and Tinker
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Can fix pretty much anything. Knows many healing helpful herbs and the knowledge to mend broken bones. An excellent fisherbear.
WEAPON(S): Claws, teeth, and all that massive bear muscle.
APPEARANCE: A very very large and burly brown bear. Ja'ak stands 9.5 ft tall on his hind legs, and over 5 ft tall on all fours. Weighs roughly 1800 lbs. Ja'ak also has two long scars on his face that refuse to regrow hair. They from over his left eye down his snout.
PERSONALITY: Ja'ak is very calm and collected. He doesn't enjoy loud noises or the company of others. The only exclusion to that is the small lynx-like cat who has seemingly adopted itself to him after he nursed her back to health after a bad fight with another cat.. Ja'ak is very protective of Linksie (the cat).
BACKGROUND: When Ja'ak was a younger Ursus, he was headstrong and did not get along with anyone from his tribe in the Wylds. He decided he had enough and left the tribe to find his own way. His journey brought him north through Naithe and around the coast to a forest that hid itself just south of a lonely mountain. He stayed there by himself, learning to heal and tinker from travelers who have passed by.

NAME:Jhera (pronounced zuu-rah)
ORIGIN: Kur, a low-tech world ruled by an elvish like peoples who are also called Kur. The Kur are tall humanoids (7-9ft average height) who are extremely robust and have a thick skin that does not puncture easily. Because of this thick skinned-ness, they have taken to developing close relationships with the Shuur. While the Shuur cannot wield magic, they are natural facilitators of magic. Because of this relationship, the Kur have become a mighty magical race who rule over and oppress the lesser race of human like beings. The humans from Kur have little to no magical abilities, excepting a few great wizards, and have no ability to fight back against the rule of the Kur.
RACE: Shuur. The Shuur are a telepathic winged reptilian race whose size does not exceed that of a dog. Think border collie size. They naturally make magic users more powerful just by their presence and encourage magic to come forth from those who have the potential. Shuur have a lifespan of ~20 years
AGE: 9
JOB/ROLE: Magicians assistant and messenger.
SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Telepathy. Increases magical prowess in others. Can teleport short distances.
WEAPON(S): Claws and teeth. Seldom used, but very deadly.
APPEARANCE: Medium dog sized dragon looking thing. Kind of a golden yellow coloring.
PERSONALITY: Jhera is a smartass. Willing to do anything for the ones he likes, but he's going to let you know just how grateful you should be.
BACKGROUND: Jhera was hatched as part of a clutch meant for magicians who have passed their Ascension Tests. Once passed the magician is free to muck about on their own, raising their Shuur as they travel and gain wisdom before being groomed for a political position. Well, Jhera's magician, Gaul, was killed by another magician in a duel. After recovering from the death of his closest friend, Jhera became a messenger for the Emperor's palace guard.

Lonely Paper Star
04-29-2014, 10:59 PM
Both approved. :D

Citizen Bleys
04-30-2014, 05:42 AM
For Outworlders...
NAME: The Colonel
ORIGIN: Gallifrey
RACE: Time Lord
AGE: 483
SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Makes a damn fine chicken.
WEAPON(S): Skillet
PERSONALITY: Loves chicken.
BACKGROUND: Has travelled throughout space and time running restaurants and yet has managed to keep secret his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

05-01-2014, 09:55 PM
NAME: Azelin Te'Hilon
ORIGIN: Vil'Deamon, a world ruled by dark magic. The planet is surrounded by thick purple clouds which occasionally erupt into thunderous storms of rain and lightning. The world shifts between darkness and twilight with the latter being the shorter period of time. Many races exist here, each have a high affinity for a specific branch of dark magic and they uses them for the betterment of their race, for power and for gold. Most races sleep during the twilight periods and are active during the darkness.
RACE: Yuzol, secretive dark magic users who specialise in assassinations. They have an average height of 6 foot, athletically built, grey of skin, pointed ears, eyes can be a range of colours but are always very pale/almost white. Their hair is just the same.
AGE: 18 (12 Earth years)
JOB/ROLE: Assassin
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Naturally light footed and highly capable with throwing and bladed weapons. Wields a type of dark magic which allows him to manipulate his own perception of time or that of other peoples allowing for greater reflexes and speed or greatly reduced or even temporally stopping movement. But due to his age and lack of experience, he can very rarely affect other people and occasionally stops his own movements from time to time.
WEAPON(S): Short sword, 10 kunai, 15 shurikens
APPEARANCE: Short, spiky, pale blue/almost white hair with the same colour eyes. He wears a tight but flexible, black jump suit which has an intricate blue pattern on his back and down his right leg. Over the top he wears a large grey robe that has a hood that conceals most of his face.
PERSONALITY: Brash, cocky, aggressive and takes pleasure in the act of murder. Unfortunate traits he's gained from a life surrounded by murders, his immaturity and an as of yet incomplete training. He hates weak people and greatly respects anyone he considers strong
BACKGROUND: Raised by a clan of Yuzol assassins who have taught him the basics of their trade and their dark magic. Azelin skill with magic is below average by standards of the Yuzol assassins but to make up for this he trained much harder and longer with his weapon skills and has reached a level far beyond that of his peers. But his hot headedness causes him to make make mistakes during fights that should be easy for him. He was rising up the ranks and has completed several missions on his own before his disappearance

Lonely Paper Star
05-01-2014, 11:30 PM
*Devore*, you're approved!

05-03-2014, 09:25 AM
For Homeworlders...
NAME: "Blackie" Ganister
RACE: Doban
AGE: 140
JOB/ROLE: Black Marketeer
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Good artist, better forger, and avid spelunker. Better than average math skills. Basic understanding of architecture and physics.
WEAPON(S): Axe, minor skill; Knife, minor skill
APPEARANCE: Stout, barrel-chested Doban with long grey hair tied in a top bun. Has a pot belly. Has a moustache to put cartoon villains to shame. Has a thickly braided beard that splits and rejoins at the back of his head to go up into his top bun. His thick limbs suggest an immense strength despite their poor reach. Pale, blushing skin, and blue-grey eyes. Wears black and grey leathers, bandoliered with pouches, purses, and packs, each bristling with miscellaney. The ensemble is complete with a red silk top hat that holds his mass of hair and braids.
PERSONALITY: Been around the block enough to look a gift chocobo in the mouth. Willing to trust a scoundrel when their backs are to the wall. Will sell out anyone not a friend, but tries to separate business from pleasure, the latter only being money and beer.
BACKGROUND: From the Ganister merchant family of Pikewind. For the first half of his life, he stuck to the honest trade of brokerage, and that business kept him firmly underground. However, the long and steady life eventually wore down his interest, so he sold his portion of his family's interest to them so he could fund a trip to the greater outside world. First, he ran a hamstery in Lake Arna, which got little praise for raising, breeding, and selling rodents, so he sold his stock to a questionable butcher's shop. Then, he ran an organ shop in Lucrecia, which was initially profitable, but soon enough churches had enough organs, and he was forced to re-think careers. Not to deterred, Blackie begun management of stocks in Lake Arna, but that too fell on hard times after public imprisonment was outlawed in the city-state. Jobs opportunities bounced our now life-experienced doban between the city-states of Lucrecia and Lake Arna enough that he actually began to hire himself out as a transporter and guide between them. In his many travels into the Wylds, he also discovered old, disused tunnels and mines he was able to shore up and use as a quicker path between the cities and circumvent the border tolls of both lands. He offers this path occasionally to those in desperate situations or to transport black market goods for those in need of a fence.

Agent Proto
05-05-2014, 01:22 AM
For Homeworlders...
NAME: Ziad Zaman
RACE: Akim
AGE: 80
JOB/ROLE: Explorer
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Easily adaptable to his surrounding environment. Quite agile and skilled and mountain climbing.
WEAPON(S): Carries an all-purpose pocket-knife, pickaxe, and a rope with grappling hook.
APPEARANCE: Has a light brown, leathered skin. Is also bald with the ridges on his forehead closely resembling a wide trident. Also sports a head-scarf around his head to protect himself from the harsh region of the Akimolm Desert.
PERSONALITY: Humble and polite to many people. However, he's fairly serious and very oblivious to sarcasm.
BACKGROUND: Ziad has been traveling around Sedorra for years, but will always consider the Akimolm Desert his home. Having ventured around the continent, he has never set food on another continent, and has plans to do so in the future.

Lonely Paper Star
05-05-2014, 05:09 PM
Approved, Proto!

Miss Mae
05-08-2014, 01:05 PM
For Homeworlders...
NAME: Jacques Palomer
RACE: Human
SEX: Male
AGE: 22
JOB/ROLE: Woodworker, with his dad.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Woodworking. He’s better at whittling and fine details than carpentry and making furniture, much to his dad’s disappointment. Knows how to fish, but doesn’t enjoy it. Has a knack for telling stories about exciting adventures, which is a skill he learnt from his mum.
WEAPON(S): Good with a small blade when woodworking and would perhaps be able to transfer these skills to a dagger or short sword, but he hasn’t had to try.
PERSONALITY: Had a sad past, but is still very optimistic and positive. Has a few friends and enjoys spending time with them, but is generally a bit of an outsider. He is tired of the fishing village and wants to go on adventures.
BACKGROUND: Grew up with his parents. His mum used to tell him stories that made him excited to see the world, but she became very ill and died at an early age, having lived her whole life in the village. His dad is a woodworker and a simple man. When he isn’t working, he likes to fish. He taught Jacques, but Jacques doesn’t find it relaxing – he’s too impatient. He used to sit on the shore with his mum and watch, but after she died he stopped going to the water with his dad. Their relationship is quite strained now, even though they see each other daily for work. They have different priorities and Jacques’ dad disapproves of his desire to leave the village.

Loony BoB
05-08-2014, 02:03 PM
For Homeworlders...
NAME: Damon
RACE: Human
SEX: Male
AGE: 28
JOB/ROLE: Guard/Soldier
SKILLS/ABILITIES: More than handy with a sword, be it long or short. Capable of fighting with both light and heavy armour.
WEAPON(S): Keeps a longsword and a dagger on him depending on the kind of combat he's faced with.
APPEARANCE: 6'2", brown hair, brown eyes, strong build.
PERSONALITY: An honest and kind guard. Protective of those he loves as well as the city he loves.
BACKGROUND: Born and raised in Lucrecia. Felt a duty to the people of Lucrecia, a city he loves, so signed up for the military at a relatively young age to protect everything he feels is wonderful about the place. No further background at present.

05-08-2014, 02:38 PM
NAME: Kris Douglas
RACE: Human
SEX: Female
AGE: 22-years-old
JOB: Fisherman
SKILLS: Good at boats. Skilled fisherman.
WEAPON(S): Could probably stab people with a fishing spear if necessary.
APPEARANCE: Shoulder-length black hair, typically tied up out of her face. Tanned from working long days out on fishing ships. She is thin, but muscular.
PERSONALITY and BACKGROUND: As the only child of a fisherman and his wife, Kris was raised as if she were a boy. She was tasked with helping her father work out on the boats, and often spent her afternoons mucking about with the other boys in the village. Though she was often bullied for being a girl, Kris developed a thick skin and quick fists. She is quick to dislike people who discredit her for being a female. Because of her gender -- and her status as an only child -- she feels compelled to prove herself as competent. She doesn't have any great ambitions, but would one day like to work on a large cargo ship. She also has a fascination with pirates because of stories her father has told her.

NAME: Gerhard Eckstein
RACE: Doban
SEX: Male
AGE: 64-years-old.
JOB/ROLE: Innkeeper. Bartender. Bouncer.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Good cook. Talented brewer. Intimidating demeanour.
WEAPON(S): Barstools. Other patrons. Fists. Forehead. Hatchet.
APPEARANCE: Long, brown hair and a brown facial hair. He keeps his chin and mouth area shaved so everybody can see his intimidating, snarling teeth. He has various scars, and stories to go with them. The city is a lot warmer than his hometown, so he chooses not to wear a shirt. His inn, his rules. He is fit and muscular, and has the natural broadness many Dobans share.

PERSONALITY and BACKGROUND: Gerhard hates stuff. He hates a lot of things. He is cynical and jaded. It takes a lot of effort to win him over, but doing so has many benefits. He might not be affectionate, but he takes care of his lot. He came to Lucrecia after a period of time maybe or maybe not spent in the Wylds; you'll have to get on his good side to have a chance of hearing his mysterious past.

NAME: Ceres
RACE: Novan
AGE: Appears to be mid-20s in your human years
JOB: Various
SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Keen senses. Weak manipulation of weather, manifesting as control of wind. Asexual replication.
APPEARANCE: Can take various forms post-replication. The current incarnation of Ceres has short, white hair. Xie appears human in nature, and is tall, thin, and androgynous.

PERSONALITY and BACKGROUND: Ceres is almost serenely calm. Xie has an innate curiosity about this strange place, and is interested to learn all xie can. Due to the differences between xer homeworld and Sedorra, Ceres is often unaware of social conventions or possibilities/restrictions. Ceres assumes, until proven otherwise, that all people xie meets are similar to xem. Xie has a friendly demeanour and is quick to bond with those who are kind, but shies away from those who are aggressive or cruel.

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05-08-2014, 04:58 PM
BoB (lolol), Jiro, and AlaynaMae, you're approved!

05-09-2014, 04:18 AM
NAME: Derk Kizban

RACE: Doban

SEX: Male

AGE: 78

JOB/ROLE: Miner, Inventor, Drunk

SKILLS/ABILITIES: A good miner and smithy, a capable inventor when not drunk..

WEAPON(S): Pickaxe, fists, feet, head, anything within arms reach.

APPEARANCE: Mid-length shaggy red hair and a full length red beard, dark eyes and dark skin. Often seen wearing short leather pants and a leather apron.

PERSONALITY: Gruff but pleasant once you get to know him, will sit for hours drinking and talking once he deems you a friend.

BACKGROUND: After many years of failed attempts he trained a Drigger to find Black Diamonds, using these and a method known only to him he was able to create a pair fo special goggles he calls ‘Night Eyes’ that allows Doban that have spent most of their lives underground to see in the light as well as they can in the dark. This invention netted him a sizable chunk of money, which he used to buy his own plot of land and build a smithy so he could work and mine for himself as opposed to the large mining companies that are prevalent in Doban society.

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05-09-2014, 04:20 AM
Approved! :D

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05-09-2014, 06:42 PM
NAME: Alfarshear Hornfels; Alfar for short.

RACE: Doban

GENDER: Female

AGE: 63

JOB/ROLE: She does some of the dirty work in the mines, but lately, she's mostly been helping her father keep track of the businesses and lands. A lone child, she is groomed to take over someday.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Very organized, always on top of things. Great cook. Can mine, but is not the best.

WEAPON(S): Her obsidian warhammer is the only weapon she's ever trained with. She's pretty decent with it. Her pickaxe could count, too, probably, but she can't hit anything but rocks with it.

APPEARANCE: Her skin is a dirty-looking beige. She has blue eyes, curly black hair, and what other Dobans liked to call a "noble's nose," less flat and slightly longer than typical of a Doban. She is short and stout like the rest of them, though, with a square jaw and slight underbite.

PERSONALITY: She's very professional and aristocratic in demeanor, even when she doesn't mean to be. Like many people of her race, she is materialistic sometimes; she enjoys her family's luxuries. She is also fine with using money or trade if it means getting things done. However, unlike her father, she doesn't use the wealth as an excuse to be offensive or cruel, and often has to cool down a situation when her father gets too hotheaded toward the other miners and the Driggers.

She enjoys the company of the family's personal Drigger, Frigga, and visits her in the mines when she has time.

BACKGROUND: Her family is rich, in charge of many Doban businesses in Sedorra. They also rent out land to small business owners of all races, including Camille Veritas. Alfar has always grown up obedient, never challenging her parents or her future. Her current life is the only life she's ever known.

05-22-2014, 01:57 AM
NAME: Dirus Holtin
RACE: Doban
AGE: 152
JOB/ROLE: Treasure Hunter
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Keen eyes and a sharp mind is all that is left from his glory day although he surprisingly strong for someone of his age.
WEAPON(S): Dragon Hide gloves. They are plain brown and look like any other lizard skin gloves but in certain lights they will flicker red and gold as if on fire. Extremely tough and durable, only specific kinds of blades can penetrate them.
APPEARANCE: Average height for his race, light grey of skin with dark yellow eyes. His hair is short and almost white while his beard was long, reaching his chest. He wears a mixture of brown leather and cloth common to most Doban but on closer inspection you’ll see that they are of a higher quality than most.
PERSONALITY: A patient, clever Doban who can occasionally be very stubborn. Despite his age, he is always seeking adventure and the unknown.
BACKGROUND: Born in the Doban city of Tyli, situated within the mountains between the Betheron Wylds and Lake Arna. From a young age, Dirus loved to explore and discover new things, this eventually lead to his career as a treasure hunter where he was able to explore a large portion of Sedorra and make a decent amount of money at the same time. As someone who craves knowledge over material objects, a lot of his wealth is either given away or hidden in various towns, cities and some places between. Dirus has a son and a daughter who are a treasure hunter and a knight respectively.

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05-22-2014, 04:31 PM

Loony BoB
05-26-2014, 11:46 AM
For Homeworlders...
NAME: Galrad
RACE: Human
AGE: 40
JOB/ROLE: Commander of the military (soldiers/guards) of Lucrecia
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Excellent swordsman, incredibly strong yet surprisingly agile. Intelligent fighter who has lived through many a fight and won all of the more recent ones, one way or another.
WEAPON(S): Proficient with use of blades and axes of any length, yet prefers a longsword and always carries one on him. Competent with various other weapons as a result of his many years of training.
APPEARANCE: Dark skin, bald head, 6'8", carries a few scars but none on his face that are notable - aside from those brought upon him by the sun and time itself. The bigger scars are along his body, but none are gruesome and generally they stay covered. He has a strong athletic build which he has worked to retain over the years.
PERSONALITY: A voice of authority if ever there was one. He is very charismatic when dealing with soldiers, if not so much with the public. Men flock to him and respect him because he is strong in heart, mind, body and intellect. Yet when the going gets tough, he expects men to everything asked of them. He obeys the queen's commands without question.
BACKGROUND: Grew up as the son of a mercenary and quickly learned to defend himself (through honest fighting and dirty fighting alike) in various environments from Akimolm through to the Wylds. Prefers combat in open areas, with men at his side, but is more than capable on his own regardless. Despite having fought against Lucrecia at the age of 15 capably, he was captured and inevitably sentenced to death. However, upon learning that it took four men to catch him (not to mention his already impressive size), the previous commander of Lucrecia's guard spoke to the Queen and requested a pardon on the condition that Galrad be kept under constant guidance of the commander in order to train him up as a soldier of Lucrecia. Galrad, an honest young man, has been eternally thankful for the mercy provided to him by the Queen and has done everything he could to repay her. He is now one of her most trusted men and is loved like an adopted son.

06-04-2014, 09:17 AM
NAME: Lucas Warmwater

Vabyriaur is a world where magic is known by all and practiced by few. The presence of magic in this world is very weak compared to other worlds; however, as they do not know of any other worlds to compare their magic to, those who know how to wield the mysterious power are feared nonetheless.

Vabyrian mages use faerlstone, a substance that absorbs ambient magical energies, to aid in their spellcasting, usually adorning the top a staff or wand with the stone. Mages are utterly incapable of using magic without a faerlstone, but there are very few sorcerers, including Luke, who are capable of drawing power from their surrounds without a stone. This is difficult even for them, however, so they still prefer to keep their foci close.

The practice of magic is outlawed in most parts of Vabyriaur. Those suspected of using magic, usually by possession of a faerlstone, are harshly punished. Those who seek to learn to use it, whether for personal power or to unravel its mysteries, are forced to do so in secret, often resulting in the formation of covens.


The Vabyrian people are a race essentially identical to humans. High Vabyrians are rare individuals who have surfaced seemingly at random throughout the ages, regardless of lineage, whose blood has a quality similar to faerlstone that allows them to use magic without a focus.

These individuals are unaware that the source of their ability is in their blood, instead believing that their power was achieved through their great skill or sufficient practice. The phrase High Vabyrian has never actually been used within their world to describe them, as they have no reason to believe that they are truly any different than the average Vabyrian; rather, those who are able to use magic without the help of faerlstone are simply referred to as sorcerers.

AGE: 38
JOB/ROLE: Court sorcerer, mage hunter
SKILLS/POWERS/ABILITIES: Capable of using many forms of magic, but specializes in offensive magic. Preferring lightning over other forms of attacks, though he is equally skilled with fire and frost.
WEAPON(S): Staff, shortsword
APPEARANCE: 5'10” with short, dark hair and pale blue eyes. Wears a blue robe, carrying a shortsword on his belt and a staff in his hand. The staff is topped with a globe of faerlstone, whose appearance strongly resembles opal. The back of his right hand is branded with a symbol used to label mages who have been caught and punished by Vabyrian authorities.

Luke Warmwater was once a highly skilled mage and leader of his coven on the Crescent Isle. As magic was a feared and outlawed art throughout Vabyriaur, he lived like most other mages in constant fear and paranoia that he would be discovered.

One day a member of his coven, Sierra, was caught and arrested. Sierra made a deal with her captors, selling out her coven leader in exchange for a reduced sentence. Luke's home was then searched, his faerlstone staff found, and he too was arrested. With his hand branded and his staff confiscated, he was imprisoned.

It was within the first few nights of imprisonment that Luke, trying anything he could think of to try breaking out of his cell, discovered that he was able to use magic without his staff. He escaped his cell, but was caught again before he managed to find the exit to the building.

Luke was returned to his cell. However, after seeing that the lock on the door had been melted away, they instead brought him immediately to Earl Grey, the lord of the Crescent Isle, to ask what should be done with him. Luke made the lord an offer: He would turn in the remaining members of the coven who had betrayed him in exchange for his own freedom. Earl Grey made him a counter-offer, that in addition to these conditions Luke would serve as a mage hunter, seeing that a sorcerer could be an invaluable tool for finding and infiltrating their covens.

Luke accepted this offer. His staff was returned, and for the next few years he sought mages across the Crescent Isle. He would gain their trust, become a member of their covens, then wait until the time seemed right to arrange for guards to raid a meeting. Even while doing so, the guards were never happy about the lord's decision to have them work with a sorcerer. Very few of them trusted him, and fewer showed him any degree of respect.

Eventually he grew weary of serving those who treated him as a criminal, while betraying anyone who trusted or respected him. One night, after falling asleep with wishful thoughts in his mind that he could simply forget everything that had happened and start over, Luke vanished from the world of Vabyriaur.

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06-04-2014, 05:19 PM
Approved! :D

06-30-2014, 09:31 PM
Just read through the story, and don't know if you're still accepting new characters, but:

NAME: Dronba-ba-Nori
RACE: Doban
AGE: 36
JOB/ROLE: Engineer
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Is a masterful engineer, able to grasp the mechanics of moving objects intuitively and use lessons learned from observation of his surroundings to apply to new inventions.
WEAPON(S): Doesn’t ever have any reason to fight, but in a pinch could use his prodigious knowledge of the world to cause great pain to anyone trying to cause him (or those he loves) harm.
APPEARANCE: Typically Doban, with the exceptions that his arms are a bit long (too long for his torso) and they pull his posture forward, making him appear nearly hunch-backed. Has a pronounced underbite and often tucks his wide upper lip into his bottom teeth. He has dark eyes, though they are lighter than those of his under-dwelling kin. Wears many layers of clothing, each with pockets and pouches full of various gadgetry and tools.
PERSONALITY: Curious to a fault. Day-dreamer. Is seen by his friends as spaced-out and erratic, but is actually very focused, especially when a new idea is blossoming in his head. Is very open-minded, and accepts others almost absent-mindedly. Sometimes treats people like machines without intending. Appears gruff, partly because of his underbite, but also because he has trouble staying on topic, and therefore seems to disregard other peoples’ comments or ideas. Also extremely disorganized and sometimes absent-minded in his own unique way.
BACKGROUND: Dronba was born in one of the primary Doban mountain cities, but was raised by his mother in and around Lake Arna. His father died in the mines, killed by a dragon according to the tales he was told as a young boy, though Dronba’s pragmatic nature leads him to believe that it was something much less exotic, perhaps a rogue Drigger. Dronba and his mother, Noribdar, have not always been fully accepted in Lake Arna society, but Dronba hardly notices. Such things are not his concern. At a young age, he was apprenticed to Lake Arna’s blacksmith. The blacksmith appreciated the boy’s curiosity and allowed him his quirks, for Dronba’s keen mind often thought up new ways to fold metals, new techniques for lacing minerals into the metal at different stages of the forging process, and so on, so that the blacksmith became more renowned (and richer!) than he had ever been before Dronba. Later, Dronba opened a shop as a freelance engineer, an unheard-of outlet for that occupation, at least in the Lake Arna region, and became something of a local legend for his odd ways and interesting gizmos.

Dronba’s mother died a decade ago, and Dronba has never really dealt with the reality of her passing.

Dronba has an apprentice, a human boy named Trevin.

Dronba’s best friend is the merchant, Takud, a nomadic Akim who is fascinated by Dronba’s many curios.

Loony BoB
07-02-2014, 09:17 AM
Approved, although Lake Arna is some distance away from the events going on right now. Perhaps worth being in Lucrecia for the Queen's Festival?

07-02-2014, 02:18 PM
I thought of that. Opening story was going to take him that direction. That okay?

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07-02-2014, 08:36 PM
You can also check out my table of character locations (http://home.eyesonff.com/showthread.php/156150-Lucrecian-Star-Calendar-(Reference)?p=3409109#post3409109), which I still need to update for the last page or so of RP posts, but it's mostly accurate.

07-03-2014, 05:53 PM
Thanks, LPS. So is it okay to join in now? I see that basically everyone's either in Lucretia or Naithe. I'd planned to open dude's story at the lake but take him to the rest of characters through his opening story. That okay?

Lonely Paper Star
07-03-2014, 08:47 PM
I don't see any problem with you joining where you want to. I mean, I started closer to Lake Arna but moved west in later posts. We just want to make sure you eventually have people to interact with. :3

07-06-2014, 04:02 PM
NAME: Lyra Heathwood
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
AGE: 31
JOB/ROLE: One of four Queensguard unit leaders
SKILLS/ABILITIES. A highly skilled swordsman and archer who has very quick reflexes and makes very precise strike with both sword and bow. She makes up for her lack of strength by being very agile.
WEAPON(S): Proficient in a variety of swords, daggers and bows of different length but she usually carries a standard Queensguard short sword on her waist, short bow on her back and a buckler on her left wrist.
APPEARANCE. 6'2", tanned skin with a slick but athletically built body. She bares several scars over her body including one on her right cheek. She has short Brown hair and Brown eyes. She wears a modified version of the gold and blue Queensguard armour. Gold platted armour with a Blue trim cover her left arm, shoulder and the left side of her chest. A gold platted vambrace covers her right wrist and gold platted greaves covers her lower legs. the rest of her is covered by blue dyed leather and cotton.
PERSONALITY: stern and to the point when it comes to her duties. She strives for excellence in everything she does and expects the same from other. She is very protective of the soldiers in her unit, even if they don't reach her standards. In the presence of Commander Galrad, she becomes very giddy and girly.
BACKGROUND: Lyra grew up on a her fathers pirate ship were she was expected to do a fair share of the work from a young age. She was initially taught how to use a bow as her father didn't want her too close to the combat but at a point after her 8th birthday, they were bordered and Lyra was nearly killed. It was at this point that they began to teach her how to use short swords and daggers. Three years later, her father was killed and their ship was sunk of the coast of Naithe. At the age of 17, she found herself at Lucrecia committing petty crimes. After weeks of eluding the soldiers she was eventually engaged and captured by Galrad. Impressed with her skill, Galrad convinced the Commander to allow her to become a soldier. Grateful for being given a purpose and a second chance, she strives to become a great soldier and has admired Galrad ever since.