View Full Version : The Tonberry and Cactuar Massacre!

Forsaken Lover
04-26-2014, 04:13 PM
So I might have noted I'm playing a lot of FFVIII.

Well I was doing the Chocobo Sidequest because I wanted the Chubby Chocobo Card. I was on my way to the final forest when I passed over a desert area. "Huh" I thought to myself, "I wonder what sort of monsters are here." Cue me turning of Enc-None. Cue Cactuar fight. Cue 20AP in about 10 seconds. Thanks to Level Down and Squall never missing, you will have all your abilities for all your GFs before you know it. (I'm actually really proud of myself for finding this on my own)

So many Cactuars have been sacrificed to empower my GFs.

And of course I slaughtered dozens of Tonberries to get the Tonberry King to show up.

I like how both of them just kind of...flop over when they die. It's both hilarious and tragic.