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04-29-2014, 01:43 AM
Since I am still having trouble with audio related stuff, I decided to do a screenshot based Let's Play for you guys. I have decided to play one of my favorite Genesis games....


It being one of the best SRPGs of its time!

SEMI IMPORTANT NOTE: Normally, the game only lets you name the somewhat silent protagonist. However, there is a code that let's you name all the characters that you can get in this game, which does sport a rather large cast.

You have to name everyone right in a row using this code. My rule was that I had to name them the very first word that entered my mind. I named the main character "Sephex" because I am boring, but the rest of the cast were thought of on the fly.

Alright, on with the game.



The game opens with a sneaky rat and two burly, shirtless thieves rummaging through an ancient tower. As you can see, they are off to a fantastic start.


Well, duh, you should have checked to the left first. Anyone who played EarthBound remembers the sign that says 70% of players search to the right first!


Oh, sure. Great. Grand. Wonderful. Yeah, messing with these jewels sounds like a fantastic idea. I'm sure everything will be fine Yeah, they're thieves, but perhaps their time would be better spent burglarizing a store or look for some actual treasure. This is the LAST thing you should be doing as a thief! No one is going to touch this score! It's too hot! Plus, it's not like you can simply grab such important artifacts right off the wall like that. There has to be a security measure of some sort!


Meanwhile, the King of the land, Granseal, is making a keen observation of the weather.






Alright, back to the world's stupidest jewel heist. See? I told you that you can't just simply grab them off the wall! They're too important! I know my RPGs. There has to be some sort of ancient ritual to grab them. That or a dumbass fetch quest.


Correct. Go home. Do something better with your time.


Ah, the famous cunning nature of a thief! Right, have fun with that, rat.


HA! See? .... Wait, he got them?! You gotta be f***ing with my mind. Alright, so whoever built this ancient tower put in exactly two security measurements to prevent these obviously important jewels from be stolen:

1.) Hide some stairs.
2.) Hope no one thinks to pull both jewels out of their slots at the same time.



Hard to tell with a screen shot, but the tower begins to shake violently. The thieves make a hasty escape.


Word has traveled fast. The King, his minister, and a guard take note of the tower being opened impossibly.


The minister and the guard leave towards the tower to investigate, leaving the King alone in a darkened chamber. The King reminisces on his days as a Metal Gear Solid guard.


Just then, a shadow is cast on the chamber floor when a bright flash of lightening illuminates the stormy sky! Judging by the shadow, this sure looks like a scary creature.


No scary demon or whatever. It's simply Yoda cosplaying as a...wizard? Really creative you are old Jedi.



Wizard Yoda launches some sort of tornado looking thing at the King, who promptly passes out. After this scene, the title screen appears which leads us to...

PART ONE: Get the Gizmos!


Our story truly begins where most RPGs do: A lone hero waking up and triumphantly standing on his bed, celebrating vanquishing another night of sleep. This dude is so pumped up that he is fully dressed AND equipped. Maybe this will be the day he defies his mom and totally jumps on that bed!


Good morning to you too, crabass. You answered your own question.


Sephex ventures to school and gets an obvious hint from a classmate to grab the teacher from the basement. Probably been drinking again....


Uhhhhh...should I be seeing this? You want me to come back at a better time, man? You couldn't take care of this garbage at home, dude? Can...can you even get...never mind. I'll be upstairs when you are done "preparing" for our "lesson."


Please tell me you washed your hands. I didn't see no sink down there, asshole.


SEE? I KNEW he was drinking! Nah, actually Astral is referring to a character I will soon acquire. You'll see why I did it.


Oh thank god this guard came to clear up the awkwardness. Now Astral can take his...uh...strokes of genius to solve whatever is plaguing the castle.


[insert Life Alert joke here]


Alright, why did I name the centaur Cheeto? His default name is Chester. I am so god damn clever.


Because she looks like a Monkey and I was thinking of Pokemon. Get off my case!


Mankey supposedly has a plan to get in the castle. She and Cheeto officially join the party and off we go!


Alright, Mankey...what's your game here?


Great plan. Cunning and thoughtful. 11/10~IGN


Dude, no. Everyone in the personnel knows that Astral went in to see what's up with the King.


Have I mentioned the security around this kingdom is top notch? Thanks for finishing and believing Mankey's flimsy excuse for us, morons!


They know the King is sick because he has that one Crash Test Dummies song in his head: Crash Test Dummies - MMM MMM MMM MMM (Official Music Video) - YouTube (http://youtu.be/GaUqpnHvua8)


You can tell how concerned Princess Barbie is by the expression on her face. Or maybe she listens to a lot of 90s music.


BUSTED! Who would have thought barging in the King's room would have got us caught!




Right, it might not be in good taste to hit children in front of key witnesses. Astral totally wings it and acts like he needed our help the entire time.


Astral, being amazingly spry for a man of his age, guns it to the tower. We are in pursuit! Hopefully he sobered up some.


You think Astral is making an observation here, but he was actually thinking of Star Wars and misquoting it.


He should have been thinking of "Gremlins!" You...you get the joke?! Well, at least there is only one of them.


Hey, maybe I should learn to keep my damn mouth shut.







Whew! It was a battle hard fought, but we won and--yeah, who am I kidding? It was the first battle. We steamrolled them.


Or it might be gunning for the King, guys.




Astral once again outruns three youths in their prime and makes his way to the King's room again. Princess Barbie is still pretending to be concerned while listening to the Counting Crows on her iPod.


Truly a fearsome battle cry. I am convinced he is possessed! 13/ORANGE~IGN


When exorcizing a demon, be very descriptive on what you are trying to do and be sure to endanger the possessed by launching a fireball at them.


Honestly, how did this kingdom even flourish?


You can only outrun a hangover so long, old man. Jerking it was a good technique to get the blood flowing, but launching a fireball might remind your body that you were hanging out with Captain Morgan, dude.


Actually, Astral fainted from the intense battle, and the Pink Gizmo got away. The minister commissions random castle staff to hunt it down and kill it. I often send a group of strong people at a monster that can possess people. Nothing ever goes wrong.


The minister is worried about the situation and turns to comfort our group...


WOW. What a jerk hole. Try this line next time your grandpa is hospitalized. Then run before you get your ass kicked.


Astral regained consciousness according to the King. He basically admits to knowing next to nothing about the history of his own kingdom and asks the party to go off to a small town a little ways away to learn from a man called Hawel. Maybe by learning about Granseal's past we can find out what's REALLY going on here...



Aaaaaaand that's why I named him BEEEEER! Look at those cheeks and nose! This whole kingdom is full of alcoholics!


And that's all I have for today! Stay tuned for the next part! Hope you enjoyed!

04-29-2014, 04:14 AM
This is a really attractive looking game. For 1994, I am very impressed. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds as I don't think I've got the time to play through it myself!

04-29-2014, 04:49 AM
Despite how much I seem to be ripping into it, yeah, this game is really fun. I played it all the damn time back within the first couple of years after this was released. As you can see, the dialogue is a bit wonky, but the gameplay is totally worth it, especially after you get different kinds of characters and eventually get the early characters promoted, which changes their class to a more powerful version of itself. Sometimes, the character profile pic changes to reflect the change.

I haven't shown it yet, but the main characters profile pic makes him look like a very young boy, appropriately. Once he gets promoted, he looks more hero-like. These days it seems pretty standard, but back then it was really cool to see a change like that in all these characters I control on the battlefield.

04-29-2014, 04:55 AM
Yo Sephex you need to stream this!

04-29-2014, 05:07 AM
But...but...I already started to do it this way! Tell you what, I'll stream something else.

04-30-2014, 12:56 AM
It's Shining Force II, Sephex. The best game on the Genesis, and one of the best tactical RPGs of all time. You can play it twice.

Or maybe I should figure out how to stream it...

04-30-2014, 01:02 AM
Loving these gorgeous graphics :love:

04-30-2014, 01:16 AM

this gizmo is totally wearing a troll face

04-30-2014, 01:26 AM
It's Shining Force II, Sephex. The best game on the Genesis, and one of the best tactical RPGs of all time. You can play it twice.

Or maybe I should figure out how to stream it...

At work last night I kept thinking, and I'll probably end up streaming it regardless. I meant more along the lines of streaming something else in the immediate future. Also, sorry for the title goof. When I made this thread last night, it was nearing the time I had to leave for work. I wanted to get the thread up before I left, and I rushed some things.

Loving these gorgeous graphics :love:

Back when I met one of my long time friends in Jr. High, he showed be the first Shining Force. Though II looks better, the original Shining Force is no slouch, and I was wowed by the cut scene sequences for battles. Shining Force II was one of the few titles that caused my SNES to collect dust for a bit, and anyone who knows me the slightest bit realizes how significant that is.


this gizmo is totally wearing a troll face

Ha! Good observation. "Problem, Astral?"

Lone Wolf Leonhart
04-30-2014, 06:48 AM
This is a game I know by name but have never seen so much as a screenshot before.

Now I feel like I missed out on this back when it came out. Sephex commentary on top? This is my go-to thread now.

"If he dies, it doesn't matter. He's old."

"Ever think of the jerk hole?"

04-30-2014, 06:56 AM
This is a game I know by name but have never seen so much as a screenshot before.

Now I feel like I missed out on this back when it came out. Sephex commentary on top? This is my go-to thread now.

"If he dies, it doesn't matter. He's old."

"Ever think of the jerk hole?"

Yes, you got my silly ass weird inside joke! For real, what the hell was the minister's problem? I often wonder how accurate that line is translated? Maybe it came across less harsh in Japanese. Maybe it was supposed to say something like, "He's old, so it won't be surprising if he dies." That's still rather harsh, but more understandable to hear that from an official of some sort.

I put too much thought into these things.

04-30-2014, 06:19 PM
I'm disappointed at the slow update rate. :(

Also, it's a lie that you have to name every character at once. There is one character to whom that does not apply.

What difficulty are you on?

04-30-2014, 08:24 PM
I'm disappointed at the slow update rate. :(

Also, it's a lie that you have to name every character at once. There is one character to whom that does not apply.

What difficulty are you on?

*lol, it's been two days. I have other things going on with my life. If things go well, I'll have another update up today, if not tomorrow. In all honestly, I'll probably only update twice a week.

*I didn't lie, I purposely left out that information. The code does let you name the rest of the cast, but the other character you do indeed name on the fly. MAYBE I WANT STUFF TO BE A SURPRISE FOR PEOPLE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE GAME!! RAAHHHH!!

*Normal. It's a humorous Let's Play involving screen shots. Not going to make it hard on myself when the focus is capturing screen shots and cracking jokes once in awhile.

04-30-2014, 10:50 PM
*lol, it's been two days. I have other things going on with my life. If things go well, I'll have another update up today, if not tomorrow. In all honestly, I'll probably only update twice a week.

Unacceptable! [/Agnès]

*I didn't lie, I purposely left out that information. The code does let you name the rest of the cast, but the other character you do indeed name on the fly. MAYBE I WANT STUFF TO BE A SURPRISE FOR PEOPLE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE GAME!! RAAHHHH!!

There shouldn't be people unfamiliar with this game. It's one of the games everyone should play.

*Normal. It's a humorous Let's Play involving screen shots. Not going to make it hard on myself when the focus is capturing screen shots and cracking jokes once in awhile.

I was just curious. I was also wondering whether you knew that "Super" was actually more difficult than "Ouch".

BTW, there's actually a reason why Astral beats you everywhere. Although Sephex doesn't show it, while Astral goes straight to the tower, you typically spend several minutes walking around, talking to NPCs, and looting everything in sight. You know, standard hero stuff.

05-01-2014, 12:39 AM
PART TWO: Headed to Hawel's


Before I set off, I figure I might as well show you guys the profile shot of the protagonist. Oh, and his default name is Bowie. He isn't a Goblin King, though.



The second the party sets foot outside of Granseal, a pack of blobs and rats are ready to pounce! BATTLE TIME!!





Oh, sure. Get the one woman all messy and wet. Never change, Japan!


After making short work of the odd wildlife, we have to pass through the town of Yeel in order to get to Hawel's.


Thanks for bringing the enthusiasm to the table, bro. I know that you're a typical NPC, but you don't have to deflate all sense of adventure out of us! Doesn't anybody have anything interesting to say?


Is...is that a brand or something? I'm all for safe sex, but I don't think anyone is excited about wearing a raincoat. AND CUTE IS ANOTHER WAY OF SAYING ITS SMALL!! :( You guessed it. That's another character I'll get waaaaaaaay down the line.


We run into this bored looking man who offers to guide us to Hawel, who he is studying under.


The first word I thought of when he came up to be named was, "Whatever..." Look at that face! He was asking for it. Him and the real Squall should get in a shrug off.


More blobs, rats, and a single bat decide that they want to end my journey. I'll spare the battle screen shots for now, as there isn't anything real different to show.



Oh, really? The lone house in the middle of nowhere where everyone said to go is where he lives? Whatever...



After barging in, our heroes discover that Hawel was being AXED a few questions from some soldiers! They quickly flee the scene.


...which is exactly what many FFVIII players said when it took Squall forever to share his feelings with Rinoa, even after she was sitting in his lap.


HEY! You're the protagonist in an JRPG! You're not allowed to talk, even if you are just whispering!


Galam is the kingdom to the north of Granseal. Like, seriously, it's just across a short field. And they wanted to know about something called Ground Seal. HEY, I WONDER IF IT IS RELATED TO THE KINGDOM OF GRANSEAL?!



Come on, no one in Granseal could figure out what the name of their kingdom was inferring?



Hey man, if you knew the seal was so important, why wouldn't you take the 10 minute walk to let the kingdom know that perhaps they should be wary of the obviously super important jewels on their land? You can't cry about it now! Look at all those books! You didn't just discover this!


Hahaha, I like how direct he is about it. Squall is totally aware he's in a cliche' scene. If this was a TV show or something, he would have quickly eyeballed the camera and winked.



Hawel pleads with Squall to set things right and he officially joins the party. Well, as tragic as Hawel's death is, at least he lived a happy, peaceful, fulfilling life and--


Oh my god. :(

PART THREE: Free Trip to Galam!


As per usual, the second we set foot outside, the party sights potential enemies.


That would be Mr. Condom and a gang of Galam soliders. I don't think I have to explain this name.


Oh, come on, man! You are begging for the whole group of soldiers to laugh their asses off. Then Condom will make a bad pun or deliver a nasty taunt.


"Sick burn. Total devastation of feelings. Mission accomplished." Deep Impact/Armageddon~IGN


Just to let you guys know, Squall's whole deal is attack magic. This may look like a weak fire spell, but before you know it, he's literally raining hell on enemies. Love it.


Oh, and the soldiers have growing red eyes? I am sure they're just wearing contacts or something...


From my memory, this is the only battle that you can lose and the game will still continue. I did indeed win, which is why Condom is praising me for my hardline tactics.



Condom knocks Sephex out. Well, he is indeed the leader, but what prevents everyone else from continuing to battle?


Well, the golden rule to any Shining Force game is that if the leader is defeated, the battle is won. That goes for the good guys or bad guys. I just think it's amusing that Condom seems to be reading straight out of the instruction booklet and the rest of my party is all like, "Damn. He got us! It's in the rules! Curse it all!"


What is with everyone in this game greeting everyone in the game as rudely as possible after they wake up? Dude, I was knocked the f*** out by a solider with possible decades of experience ahead of me! What did you expect?!


Hey, look who is in the slammer with us!


The party gets in a discussion with other inmates about the sudden hostility of Galam, and what exactly happened to the jewels.


Okay, rat. Play it cool. There is no way they can connect you to the crime!


Well played. Just help them, and they'll be on their way. No questions asked!


Oh, I see this inmate has a copy of the instruction booklet, as well!


Look, I was thinking about "Of Mice and Men." Yes, I know it's supposed to be "Lennie." The 'Y' makes it more amusing to me and I love anticlimactic RPG names.



Oh sure, cast suspicion on the rat thief!




That was an awfully quick trial, Mankey. As you can see by Lenny sitting in the corner, Mankey knocked him over in anger.


The party decides to stupidly go up the stairs to the left. Lenny, still feeling bad about all the chaos he caused, shows the party a secret passage he knows about so they won't be caught.


Lenny fesses up fully to what he did, and decided to follow the party out to escape with them.


Boy if I had a nickel for every time I faced this dilemma...


As the party crosses the path above King Galam's throne room, they eavesdrop on his speech to his soldiers...


That's the reason you're giving your army to attack your neighbor across the yard? Were there reports of weapons of mass destruction in Granseal?<--ORIGINAL JOKE DO NOT STEAL


Seeing how you have been JAILING people who do (an inmate in the jail said he was in there because he disagreed with the idea of attacking Granseal), I don't think you're going to meet much resistance, jarhead. The King, Condom, and the army leave to attack Granseal.


...said no man ever.



BUSTED. Our escape is cut short. The enemy I highlighted was bragging about being gifted a certain Jewel of Light by King Galam for capturing a rat...hmmmm...


The party easily squashes the Galam soldiers in a quick battle. Lenny confirms the obvious. We also learn that King Galam took the Jewel of Evil with him to Granseal.


What the...? Well, that's certainly strange!


Well now Lenny HAS to officially join the party! He was so close to getting his jewel back! Actually he feels guilty about the mess he created, still. He joins to hopefully set things right.


And off to Granseal we go! Will we stop the incoming war between Galam and Granseal? Why is King Galam acting strangely so suddenly? Stay tuned for the next part to find out!

05-01-2014, 05:09 AM

This is something I should have done earlier, and something Skyblade reminded me of via PM.

One of the drawbacks for a Let's Play in this style is the lack of sound. This game has excellent music. It's very much worth a listen.

For now, I am only going to post links to most of the music that has been "heard" in this playthrough. As I progress further, I'll add more links when "new" music is played. If you don't want to wait on me, feel free to follow any of the links below and take a listen to other tracks.

Shining Force 2 - Introduction [Genesis] Music - YouTube (http://youtu.be/np2gJfpADSU)
This is the music that plays during the game's opening. I know I was joking around when I covered that part, but when I was younger this track honestly creeped me out. Very effective at getting the player at the edge of their seat from the start.

Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Wandering Warriors - YouTube (http://youtu.be/-L-hF0PZqqg)
This is the main theme of Shining Force II. It is played on the world map no matter if you are traveling or battling. Always gets me pumped up for an adventure.

Shining Force 2 - Lively Town [Genesis] Music - YouTube (http://youtu.be/__lfMKhWKOE)
The typical town theme. Very upbeat and fun.

Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Castle Theme - YouTube (http://youtu.be/vf39a_hh84Q)
Plays in any castle in the game. I love how it incorporates the main theme.

Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Journey into Darkness - YouTube (http://youtu.be/fu1-4vXSOfY)
This plays in most interior settings in the game. In fact, this was playing during the Gizmo battle. I love the straight up "down to business" vibe I get from it.

Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Time to Attack - YouTube (http://youtu.be/YlVqDnlE6ZQ)
When any party member attacks, this is the music that plays. There is another hero based battle theme that plays later on, but this one gets the point across.

Shining Force 2 - Enemy Attack [Genesis] Music - YouTube (http://youtu.be/PKzmTB0GGzQ)
When a normal enemy attacks the player during battle, you will hear this music. It also plays during perilous scenes during story cut scenes. Again, there is another enemy themed battle music that is much better, but this is a cool choice for the average enemy. Keep in mind that the original Shining Force only had one type of battle music, for the most part.

Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Receive Item - YouTube (http://youtu.be/pmh2KkvSDhA)
This fanfare plays when you get an item. I love how even picking up an items warrants an exciting (small) piece of music.

Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Joined Party - YouTube (http://youtu.be/A0WPPP9bvYU)
Whenever you saw a screen shot of "[character] joined the force" this is the fanfare that played. A nice, rewarding tune.

Shining Force 2 - Dying Wishes [Genesis] Music - YouTube (http://youtu.be/71PxG6VEs98)
Remember when "Squall" was talking to a dying Hawel? This is the track that was playing. Again, I may have been joking, but this one gets to me a bit.

Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Joined Party Sad - YouTube (http://youtu.be/C4jI3S7koX4)
Which leads me to this interesting track. When "Squall" joined the party, it doesn't play the standard fanfare. Something terrible just happened, so it actually plays this instead, which is a good idea since the regular fanfare would have totally conflicted with the scene.

Shining Force 2 - Enough for One Day... [Genesis] Music - YouTube (http://youtu.be/FxQP63ncXrI)
And that's enough for now. As I said, I'll post more links when I come across more of the music, so to speak. I chose this track to end this post because this is the music that plays when you save and quit your game. It's basically a slightly minimized version of the file/options selection screen. I'll go more into that when I post the next part.

05-02-2014, 01:47 AM
PART FOUR: Grave Granseal


Before I begin this part, I should point out that this game has a pretty creative file/options screen. Apparently you, the player, is lost in this dark forest until you come across this witch looking woman. You have to help her (beat the game) before you can escape! When you quit, you basically see the same thing, but she goes back to tending whatever she is making in that pot.


If you had to take a shot of something whenever you get in a battle when you step outside, you'd have a pretty good buzz going by now.


Hmmm? Maybe they can talk their way out of this, after all!


Oh geez, that excuse again! Well, it did work when Mankey used it on the Granseal guards...


*sigh* It looks like the Galam forces could be just as incompetent!



Nope, they have the right idea. Actually EXAMINE the people who want to catch up with your forces!



The Galam soldiers finally recognize the party, and a battle begins!


In battle, Lenny is very fast and has some awesome movement range. He also hits decently hard too. However, he becomes much more useful down the line...


Oh, and I told you that Squall would soon start raining hell on enemies!


With the Galam forces disposed of, Sephex and his gang quickly rush into Granseal...


Dead guard from the get go. Not a good sign. Also, this music is playing: Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Devastation Theme - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvTRS1u52Es&list=PLEEC0D764EB9074BD&feature=share&index=6)

This is also heard if you lose in battle.


Mom is alright, at least, and since she doesn't want me to go to the Castle, that's where I obviously have to go! You should have said, "Don't go in the house and hide under the bed!"


On the way to the castle, it turns out that Galam soldiers even had it in for defenseless animals! It looks like they set them free, but that's still kind of a dick move!


Looks like I found one!



Had a falshback of watching "Rugrats" when his name prompt came up. Another one joins the force!





I have a feeling the Granseal forces didn't fare too well.


Condom seems reluctant to be put in use. Many feel the same way about him, so to speak.



Astral does his best to talk Condom out of a sticky situation.


And if you haven't guessed it by now, that's where the Pink Gizmo went off to!


Either Princess Barbie lost her iPod again, or maybe a certain possessed King is up to no good.


Condom is still weary of trusting Granseal people, so Astral convinces him to be more at ease if they go investigate together with a couple of soldiers.


The party, King Granseal, and his minister decide to follow them. Granseal really doesn't want to have to buy a new iPod for Princess Barbie AGAIN.


Right when we get to the entrance, Condom is near death and the soldiers are long gone (they're being covered by the dialogue box). It took the possessed King Galam directly attacking them to finally convince Condom 100% that s*** was going down! Astral managed to avoid the attack and pursued the King inside the ancient tower.


Back to the room the party fought the Gizmos in the first battle, but now there are stairs leading down. They lead to a series of pathways until they come cross a large room that holds....


Yeah, I would say the demon possessing the King knows the jig is up at that point.


Good news: Princess Barbe can still listen to the Smashing Pumpkins. Bad news: Possessed Galam has her in his clutches!



Galam wants to kill Astral before the party gets a chance to do anything. Astral brings his bar fighting trash talk to the table and they throw down!!



Their scuffle ends in a draw, but still feel well enough to continue the trash talking.


Galam had enough and another battle begins!!


Reptar has two methods of attack:

A) Throw his hat at enemies
B) Cause enemies to double over laughing at his bowl cut.


I also love how FABULOUS the enemy archers look when they fire arrows.


After the battle is won, Astral continues to trash talk from the floor.


Too bad Galam took that time to recover!


Whoa, calm down there Gruber.



Normally, this is where I would make a joke about the bad guy being stupid enough to fall for a distraction by getting him to talk about his plan, but Astral is genuinely talking to him!



Alright, cool. So what does that exactly do?


Asshole! You just said you'd tell us!


Oh, wait! More enemies?


Oh. Light tubes....alright. Oh, and Sephex isn't commenting on the situation. He is correcting Astral from misquoting Star Wars wrong hours ago. Look at the smug face, he knows what he did!


Looks like Galam wants to take Princess Barbie to the evil world with him. Princess Barbie normally would be opposed to this, but it's a good chance to get some Marilyn Manson on her iPod.


Uh, what? Wait a minute, guys...


Never mind. Guess I have to deal with this garbage now.


Whoa, it worked! And I got a firm grasp on the other Jewel!


Princess Barbie misheard Galam and switches over to M.C. Hammer on her playlist.


Sorry babe, you aren't my type. Just in this for the adventuring!





Even if I break every bone in my body from this drop it will be totally worth it! Did you see his face!?


Oh, thank God I landed on STAIRS. I was worried for a second!



I hope there isn't a major bad guy that will be totally pissed at you or anything...



I know that it's not fair, but you know we'll come to your rescue later. You're a princess! You oughta know!


Again, tough to tell with a screen shot, but the whole place is shaking. Time to make a hasty retreat. Oh, and this music is playing: Shining Force II (GENESIS) Music - Panic Moment - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVyR4sHgdfY&list=PLEEC0D764EB9074BD&feature=share&index=17)

This theme is commonly used for when a major boss attacks you in battle. I love it. It carries the appropriate amount of terror.


Everyone quickly escapes the tower and the castle as everything is violently shaking. These guards were loyal enough to wait for everyone in order to escort them to the harbor, where the kingdom plans on making its escape!


More like JERKquake! :(


Still, everyone else safely makes it to the ship.


Yo Astral, I don't think this Earthquake is waiting on my decisions! Let's go!



I think it might be best if Granseal relocates.


STOP TALKING! It's so strange to see the main character talk in these games!




Anywhere else seems like a fantastic idea at this point.


Ah yes, BEEEEER usually does make the best decsions.


Our newest member spots land and....


The ship carrying the remaining Granseal citizens has reached a new territory. What's in store for the kingdom and our heroes now that they have forcibly relocated to a foreign land? Stay tuned to find out!

05-02-2014, 02:37 AM
I always felt the hero (literally) had Galam by the balls with him yelling "MY JEWELS MY JEWELS LET GO OF MY JEWELS!!!"

Catchin some memories off of this!

05-02-2014, 05:06 AM
Sephex somehow overlooked pointing out one of the greatest NPCs in gaming.


The "I like trees!!" kid in Galam. At least he doesn't say that they're comfy and easy to wear.

05-02-2014, 05:11 AM
Ah, I forgot about that dude. I probably would have made a dumb pot joke, anyway! :D

05-03-2014, 04:05 PM
sephex snapchat me a pic of your jewel suddenly flaring tia

05-04-2014, 03:00 PM
fucking Mr Condom wtf xD this game is brilliant

05-04-2014, 07:08 PM
Glad more of you seem to be enjoying it! :) Weekends suck for me to keep up with this sort of thing, but I should be able to update tomorrow (if not, Tuesday)!

05-06-2014, 12:15 AM
Part Five: New Granseal and a Bird


Not a bad plan, actually. I suppose you could also use the nearby trees as a source of lumber, but that ship is full of materials prime for building structures. A couple of people gripe that they won't have a ship, but really, you guys aren't going to need a ship anytime soon. Anyway, let's go see how the party is helping out...




I hate when this happens.


Actually, BEEEEER was trying a little to hard to break a plank off the ship. Not sure why he feels that the floor of the bottom level needs to go first, but hey, it is what it is!


No, honey. You were all on the same ship. You ALL need a bath! Especially you since this world has consistently nice, but probably warm/hot weather. BEEEEER wears clothing that breathes a bit. You're a couple of cloths away from wearing a burka!


Meanwhile. Squall gives Sephex unnecessary instructions. Maybe I was wrong and the main character should speak up a bit more. Hey Squall, why don't you use your fancy education to learn you some HARD LABOR! I have no idea why I am so bitter while writing this today...


"You have been battling soldiers with years of experience ahead of you, plus demons and various other types of monsters and winning...but holy s***! Better take that plank away from you! No way you can handle that!!"


Someone relieves Sephex of the plank, but it seems like there is some trouble nearby.


What was he doing out by some cliff? That was one less able body to help break apart the ship! THERE IS NO DIRECTION IN THIS KINGDOM!!


I almost want to say no on principle, but I have a funny feeling the game won't let me progress until I give in.


The party travels with the dude to find the other dude that may be in peril. They spot him without much difficulty.


How much you bet Granseal has some corrupt worker's union and that guy is just sleeping on the job?


Alright, I was wrong. Looks like some monsters are to no good, starting some trouble in the new neighborhood! Now let's get in one little fight, even though we might be scared and [poorly written parody cut short due to rampant stupidity]


Well, I have to respect the monsters obvious nod to Breaking Bad, even if the quote is off a bit. Anyway, battle time!!


BEEEEER gets Freeze cast on him, but jokes on the monster. Everyone prefers BEEEEER to be cold.


Oh, and even the goblin archers are FABULOUS when attacking.


As usual, we make short work of the monsters and check on the teamster.


Good cover story, man.


He knows how closely I am tied to the top of the kingdom! The dude knows he is going to be busted for slacking off!


Okay, okay...I know that the monsters were responsible for this, as I said earlier. He really was knocked out. Good thing his buddy screams at him and hits him. That's the best treatment to give to someone who is concussed!


Repeating the same information already. Yep, that's a concussion all right...


We decide to journey back to the ship.


Alright, let's get back to work!



Wow, either that battle of ours just now lasted weeks or the work ethic of Granseal is fueled by tons of cocaine. There were a decent amount of barrels on that ship...


But why would you say that and THEN tell me to cheer up? Oh well...


I guess the people of Granseal would need a massive cooldown time after building a town in a matter of minutes.




The minister seems to want the King to rally everyone after a year of hardship. After all, they built New Granseal out of a hard ship! *laughtrack*


Wow. Okay, man. I get that you are upset over losing Princess Barbie, but it's basically your job to rise above your feelings and lead a kingdom!


Hopefully Astral can say something more motivating.


Not a bad idea, actually. Though they really shouldn't have waited a year to seek the aid of other towns!


Everyone is dismissed and I run into the world's happiest guard. Man, I love this. Usually these types of NPCs are so boring, but this dude is pumped up beyond belief!


Hmmm..it seems we have a visitor.


There seems to be a large bird that stopped by. Three kids want to harass the birds and every adult in town sort of lets this happen.


Try as they might, this bird seems to be just too slick.



Why is anyone surprised with the amount of species that speak English perfectly? Come on, even the demons and monsters communicate just fine!


The bird is understandably mad about his feathers being ruffled. Also, I love his little afro.


The minister just gives the bird random statements until he cools down the situation.


It seems to be working!


The bird decides to go to the castle with the minister. Every adult in the previous situation feels like an ass for letting children pick on an obvious sentient being.


And he's a bird of legend? Man, if I saw a creature in real life that I thought was legend, even as a kid I would not want to go screw with it!


No need to be some humble, man. The fro completes the legend!


Alright, so I thought I was the funniest man alive for naming him Afrodo.


Angry is another character I get down the line. I assure you my reason for naming that character as such is about as worse as any of my names so far.


Oh, good. Our first impression towards the species that is directly related to this god was to let our children pick on him. This god is going to love us!


Astral gets pumped up and wants to go with Afrodo to meet the god.


But the minister objects! What's his reasoning?


Translation: Our king is a sad sack of s*** and you are basically the only person capable of any semblance of leadership.


Yikes, even the king indirectly admits this.


So the party decides to go instead. Afrodo joins us, as you can see. He does battle, but I can't control him in battle yet.


Ooooooo! What is it? What is it?!


Are...are you serious? that's the average price I get for defeating an enemy. You know what? I'm glad I get to journey away from this town. None of you have a clue how to run things!


Bam! In a battle! No introduction this time. We journey towards the east and a bunch of monsters jump us!


Have I mentioned that Reptar's defense is awesome? He sucks if it is a magic attack, but even the most brutal physical attack only hits him by 1 HP.


Again, I can't control Afrodo, but he sure is good at harming enemies by screaming at them.


With the battle won, our party spots a town. What's going to happen around these parts? Anyone else going to join forces with us? Stay tuned for the next part!

05-06-2014, 09:16 PM
I can't wait until we get to Volcanon.

And now we're only three battles away from one of my favorite battle themes of all time.

05-08-2014, 09:36 AM
Next update for this coming Friday. Also, I just wanted to let anyone who is following this know that I am shooting for a Monday and Thursday or Friday schedule on a weekly basis. If I find myself with nothing to do during the weekend, I'll throw in another update, but as I said earlier in this thread, my weekends are usually booked.

Alright, so see you guys again Friday!

05-10-2014, 01:10 AM
Part Six: Do the Polca! Go to Bedoe!


We enter Ribble, and as you can see, the Granseal people still have a knack for making first impressions.


The NPC runs off to the north, and I decide to pursue. The second I barge into the mayor's house, he pushes me back and shouts questions in my face.


Well, you suddenly pushed me and are an asshole!


I swear, everyone in this game needs a Xanax or something.


It seems they are absolutely convinced that we are invaders.


Damn straight, Afrodo!


Sorry, man. I only have about five or six lines in this game, and I'm not going to waste them here!


No! Don't tell them about our kids picking on you! You'll make things worse!



With people this stubborn, I strongly doubt that will work.



So....you guys just noticed the dude is a bird?! Well, it seems to turn their opinion around, at least.


Holy s***! Afrodo had to have rolled a 20 on top of a charisma state that even has a base of 20! Good going!


Not much else to do here--wait, who is this?


Eh, they thought we were invaders, pushed us around, and refused to submit to us on the assumption that we were bad news. I don't think that's cowardly at all, but you're looking for an excuse to join us, right?


That's what I thought! Sure, why not?


Though she's actually young, the first thing I thought of is that she looks like the stereotypical hot mom, hence the name!


Once again, we are jumped by a gang of monsters as we journey towards Afrodo's homeland...


MILF is actually an archer and becomes a great asset once she gets absurdly powerful ammo later in the game.


As usual, the enemies fall to my mad skills. In our travels, we come across a cave that is our only path to Bedoe, Arfodo's turf.


Afrodo plays a tour guide. I just want to get through this cave, man.


Hey, I wonder if--



Yep, you might as well as screamed for monsters hurry to our location. Battle time!


Just wanted to note that I really love the background for the cave setting.


Also, I bet the hobgoblin regretted his decision to challenge us.


All right, almost to Bedoe! But first, we have to travel our way through the town of Polca. No, nobody dances here. It's the home of beastmen, though.


Now I wish they danced. :(


...and centaur's that are high as f***!


Who is this? Well, for now I only know him as a guy that wishes that he was more hairy!


As I explore the town, I come across this fellow that seems to be having trouble.


Wouldn't you rather be helped up? Unless you want to get turned over to....? NO! I already made enough juvenile jokes as it is for this Let's Play!


This just keeps getting weirder and weirder...


The second he is successfully turned over, the guy transforms into a fairy! OF COURSE!! Apparently, this was a test.


But the test is related to someone that remains a mystery for now. The fairy flies off after that.


There seems to be some action going down on the nearby mountain!


Right when I head towards the commotion, a boy appears, moseying into town. Strange...


Yikes! The poor kid was caught in the eruption!


What an odd set of circumstances! Sucks about the eyes, kid.


The mayor and a beastman carry the kid off to help him recover. Guess there's nothing left to do but head up the mountain!


Immediately, we spot a group nearby!


Huh. Monsters and demons seem to be searching for someone! Awww, even they care for their own!


They see that the land is scorched from the eruption and think Volcanon did it to kill the previous wave of monsters that were apparently around moments ago...


Crap! We are spotted and the gas cloud assumes we are kids from Polca. That is a sentence I never thought I would be typing.


The assume we are pushovers, and another battle commences!


Once again, loving the battle backgrounds!


As a kid, I was convinced the death monks were wearing baseball umpire masks.


Also, I love how the bad guys have evil looking fairies when they cast a healing spell.


We decimate the demons, and the Death Archer leader is dumbfounded at our success.


Once he spots the jewels around Sephex's neck, he suddenly remembers that, oh hey, he was supposed to be WATCHING OUT for you guys! Too late, man. Should have taken the battle more seriously while you had the chance!


Ha, when Afrodo has his eyes closed he looks so sassy! Also, I am pretty sure they want the jewels. It's not that big of mystery!


When we get to Bedoe's entrance, we are greeted with a familiar friendliness.


Afrodo is worth it just because he is good at talking down people...by talking down to them.


I want to give Afrodo a little black hat so he can say, "You're god damn right!"


Turns out the original wave of demons broke through Volcanon's barrier. Finally, a legitimate reasons why I was greeted with hostility. If a force broke through what is essentially god's power, I would be uneasy, myself!


The guards are worried since they were unaware of the other demon forces that we wiped out. They go off to do the Polca.


So, what's going to happen when we meet the big bird himself, Volcanon? Looks like we'll find out in the next part!

05-10-2014, 01:20 AM
I'm heartily enjoying the Let's Play, Sephex.

That said, you forgot something.


Which plays in that last battle before Bedoe.

Man, I love that music. I don't exactly know why. But it is one of my favorite battle themes of all time.

05-10-2014, 02:20 AM
I'm heartily enjoying the Let's Play, Sephex.

That said, you forgot something.

Which plays in that last battle before Bedoe.

Man, I love that music. I don't exactly know why. But it is one of my favorite battle themes of all time.

Ack! Thanks, man! I did mean to put it in there, but I was rushed while putting together the thread today.

05-10-2014, 02:45 AM
I'm heartily enjoying the Let's Play, Sephex.

That said, you forgot something.

Which plays in that last battle before Bedoe.

Man, I love that music. I don't exactly know why. But it is one of my favorite battle themes of all time.

Ack! Thanks, man! I did mean to put it in there, but I was rushed while putting together the thread today.

That's ok. Your commentary is still great, which is the important part. I just couldn't let the track go because it's so awesome.

I kind of wonder how long the fairy will wait there if you don't try to help. I mean, I don't think I've ever avoided that on any of my plays. And I have played this game a lot.

05-17-2014, 03:39 AM
Part Seven: Angry Birds: God Edition


We venture into Bedoe and find...a bunch of drunk birds! Good to know they are taking the threat of devils outside their gates so seriously.


I would say that this bird warrior is hurt because of a recent battle, but after running into the bar birds, I'm positive he's just nursing a hangover.


The more I look around Bedoe, the more I wonder how yet another civilization learned how to thrive. That should be instinct, guys! There's no book for humans that's titled "HOW TO WALK!"


Confirmed. The bird people of Bedoe have a long history of alcoholism.

Enough of this, let's just to talk to the king.


Hah, another amusing NPC guard! It's actually kind of clever that kneeling isn't in their kingdom's tradition since these dudes fly in place when idling (assuming they aren't drunk in bed).


Direct conformation that their God did indeed annihilate the devils in that mountain path that we fought on earlier.


The conversation moves to a Greater Devil that seems to be missing. The guards worry that they should do something about him, lest he has a second wind. But hey, not even the bad guys can find this mystery Greater Devil, so whatever!


Oh? Another seemingly important bird character!


Yes, this is the character I named Angry. Because he's a bird. I am sure this one is going to get me banned from here.


Angry reveals that he met up with the people of Granseal, so he already knows what Afrodo, Sephex, and the gang is up to. It's almost as if the writers didn't feel like having the same conversation again or something...


Ah, that great evil that was unsealed on Grans island indeed has a name...


They warn Afrodo that Volcanon is angry, but that the legendary bird and Sephex should go have a chat with the Big Bird, himself.


Nice shrine. Oh, and this music is playing. I like how it gets kind of creepy eventually that tells the player the world has a long history. It's also used as a battle map background music later: http://youtu.be/_nbl2K8kstU


Were the other birds pulling a prank on Afrodo? Volcanon seems pretty chill to me.



No, please, let's not ruin this.



Told you! Yeah, Volcanon is just....mildly irritated that a great evil was unleashed by Grans peo--wait a minute! Screw that, get that rat up here! Lenny's the one to blame! He's, like, the only rat person in the world! Can't you just forsake his race and call it even instead of lumping us ground walkers in one basket?


No! Giving him the sassy look is only going to anger Big Bird further!


Damn right, it was that rat bastard! Literally!


Yup. I knew he was going to lump anyone who moves on the ground in the same category. Enjoy the Occupy Bedoe movement, Volcanon! We are the 11%! Because...each number 1...uh...represents a leg and so the number...uh...11...represents people who walk and stuff.

Nailed it.



That's....not going to help, man.


Oh, hahahaha! Really? You've been "protecting" us while I've been manhandling the devils, demons, and various other enemies? So, basically, nothing has changed, huh?


Well, that actually might be a problem then. Crap, I already mocked him. :(


Hey, I know a human that you would love, jerk! The minister of Granseal basically had the same dismissive attitude when Astral was down and out! Also, NOW its just the human's fault?! We all know the rat guy did it!


I got the jewels. Fly me back to Grans island! We can take care of this in five minutes!


I don't need advice. Just give me a lift, man!


Oh, ho ho ho! We got a funny one, here!




You can see the jewels. You are aware of the jewels. You are aware that I have been fighting the bad guys. You want Zeon resealed. But your contribution is to guilt trip my race, even though no one from it caused this problem, and let very young warriors (on average) take on evil beings that come close to your power or greater?

"Prefect planning and management skills. God Of The Year!" 12/Bloody Nipples ~IGN


Same plan as always, got it.


His heart is fine. His ability to think rationally and strategically on the other hand? Uhhh....



And with that, Afrodo officially joins us. Now I can control him in battle. Finally, he won't steal kills from other members that I rather have gain experience! The jerk!


No, man. The shaking he caused while he was screaming at us was merely part of a pep talk. Don't pretend like you didn't hear all that! Angry is like the older sibling that knows you got yelled at by your parents, and plays dumb just so he can subtly rub it in your face!


If I don't do it, Volcanon is going to brood some more and blame more crap on humanity, so yeah, looks like I have to go take care of this!


Ugh, no! I can't stand that band!


Oh, Creed is the name of a former bad guy. Got it. We'll go seek him out!


We have to go downriver to meet up with this Creed fellow, so King Bedoe wants Angry to go tell the mayor of Polca to hook us up with a raft.


Alright, time to head back to Polca and--wait. Let's see what is over to the left...


Oh, a parent irresponsibly playing catch with her baby who is incapable of flight! I sure hope alcohol isn't involved!




Sephex is there to break the fall! All is well and mother and baby return insdie. NOW let's head to Polca...


Not a few steps in town, there seems to be commotion nearby.


Ah, Angry is arguing with devils! Great comeback, by the way. I am sure they are scared.


The top and bottom devil quickly struck the other birds. Angry is guarded by plot armor.


Nah man, Angry don't roll like that.


Eh? They're after that injured boy that came down the mountain earlier...


The bearded man appears to help out!


Ah, so Oddler is the same of said boy.



Yup. I named him Beardo. Again, they all can't be winners!


Angry wants to join to! Sweet, two new party members before bat---


I guess it will have to wait till later. Battle begins!


Beardo has a great balance of attack and defense, but I love how he looks like a drunk dude when fighting.


As usual, the enemies posed no real problem. Better make sure Angry is alright.


I know he is supposed to make a bird sound, but imagining a dignified deep voice (I assume Angry sounds that way) literally saying "squawk" is cracking me up.


Angry is okay, and he honors his duty to procure a raft.


This would be Oddler. The damage to his eyes when he was found earlier did blind the poor kid.


The mayor assumed the devils won the battle and is scared out of his mind.


Come on, mayor. If the blind kid isn't freaking out, neither should you. Plus, the devils would have had your head on a pike by now!



Angry is angry. All the more reason to guilt the mayor into giving us a raft!


"Yes, sir! Preparing a raft angrily!"


We barley have taken a few steps when the mayor pesters us.



Angry, I know you are living up to your namesake, but stop being so dumb. Like, three waves of devils were here in less than 24 hours. They are after the blind kid, Oddler, for some reason. No matter what that reason is, it can't be good. Let's just take him with us.


Yep. He has purple hair. He qualifies as a dude who can hang with us RPG folk!



And he has amnesia? Bro, you're totally in! You definitely qualify as RPG folk!


Seriously, this better not be the band we're talking about.



And Angry officially joins us!


Down the river we go! Hey, let's see what's over here!


Ah. Well, battle time!


Angry is a decent fighter that has the advantage of having no range limit since he flies. He pales in comparison to Afrodo, though.


There was no way we were going to be the devil's dessert in the desert, so we easily won once again and head for this interesting location...


After being mistaken for a person called Petro, this dude wonders who we are.


The old man seems to think we are this Petro character, as well. Guess he stole some treasure from them or something.



We eventually get to talking with the old man. He claims he knows of a place that has a tunnel leading all the way back to Grans! Whoa! Maybe we can sneak back there and put this thing away early!


Apparently, this is the location! Does this place truly lead back to Grans? Well, stay tuned for the next part to find out, silly!

05-17-2014, 11:08 AM
Mt. Volcano? Jesus christ xD Also amnesiac with crazy coloured hair is such a cliché omg

05-17-2014, 02:26 PM
Mt. Volcano? Jesus christ xD Also amnesiac with crazy coloured hair is such a cliché omg

Yes, but this game does do a pretty good job with the cliché. Oddler is not the main character, has a reason for the amnesia (massive trauma from the volcanic eruption), and there are a couple of other twists with him later.

Also, if we're allowed, I'm totally voting for Tyrin as the guy you get from Creed's place. Most awesome grizzled wizard in the game. He's like Astral, except actually useful in combat.

Karna is a waste. She's completely broken, to the point that even if you get her later in the game, she can level up fast enough to match the rest of your team in just a few battles (plus, it'll give you time to get the second Vigor Orb).

Randolph is probably the second best choice, and he is fairly awesome, but I like Tyrin better.

No one likes Eric.

05-19-2014, 11:54 AM
Having just looked at this thread, and by that I mean I haven't read all the posts yet, I seem to gatehr in this game there is a place called Mt. Volcano.

...What the fuck? XD

05-20-2014, 01:43 AM
I played this game so many times that the Mt. Volcano name doesn't even phase me. That's probably why I didn't make a joke about it or comment on it!

Oh, also, update this Friday. :)

05-21-2014, 10:27 AM
Just now catching up with this thread, so sorry for some of the late comments! Haven't read all of your posts yet but I plan to catch up soon

Here are some of my thoughts so far

Anyone who played EarthBound remembers the sign that says 70% of players search to the right first!

I find this interesting because I almost always make a point of going left first

Grenseal looks like a depressed drunk

This dude is so pumped up that he is fully dressed AND equipped.

This made me lol. Well, a lot of your comments do, but I'd never thought before about how heroes almost always wake up fully dressed.

Squall looks so bored with everything

Mr. Condom looks like a dweeb

I like Lenny bragging about being a thief and then Mankey's all "ARE YOU THE THIEF?@?@"

How does the battle system in this game work? Seems like you use 1 character at a time?

05-21-2014, 10:52 AM
The game is a strategy RPG where you do indeed move one character at a time on the battle field. The battle screen shots are actually short cutscenes that happen when you or an enemy attacks.

05-21-2014, 06:52 PM
That's neat. Kind of reminds me of the war battles in Suikoden.

More comments: I do enjoy how quickly the people built a town. Giggling guard is also a highlight.

The phoenix looks so dweeby xD Also hahaha Afrodo

I like the roll me over test. What xD

Beardo is also an excellent name

05-23-2014, 03:08 AM
Update on this Let's Play:

Stupid ass errands that I have to do tomorrow that I didn't realize I had to do until a few minutes ago (at work now, so I can't do it now, either) are going to get in the way of the update I had planned. :mad:

I couldn't work on it any other time this week because I am streaming games for people, as promised.

Good news is that I will be on vacation after tonight's shift at work. So I'll be able to make up for lost time with my free time!

06-21-2014, 05:29 PM
I am still looking forward to the update you promised...