View Full Version : [Art] Relm's Fan Art Contest - May: Cosplay

Ace Protorney
04-29-2014, 04:00 PM

Hello artists of EoFF! We are nearing the end of month of April and what better time it is to start next month's fan art contest for May. Considering that there had been no art entered for last month, there was no winning fan art, so this month will be slightly different from the past months. We will have two winners as oppose to a single one. Hopefully the theme will be much easier to work with. So good luck to those entering.

Please remember that the goal for these fan art contests is to create a calendar comprised of Final Fantasy fan art that were created by the members of EyesonFF DeviantArt group and the forums. The winners of each contest will have their winning artworks in the calendar, and will also have their name entered in a pool for a chance to win a copy of the finished calendar for 2015. It's all very exciting, so we hope you continue to contribute fan art in these contests throughout the year.

For this month, the theme will be "Cosplay." Have your favorite character dressed up as another character of your choice from another fandom. (Example: Cloud dressed up as Sherlock Holmes.) There are many possible ideas to come out for this, so go wild and have your entries ready by May 24. That should be enough time for everyone.

Rules for Relm's Fan Art Contest.
- Artwork should fit the chosen theme and must have a clear Final Fantasy influence such as characters/creatures/monsters/summons/etc. You should know that considering we are a Final Fantasy group.
- Artwork should be clean (no porn, no hentai, nothing crude)
- Artwork must be your own creation - so don't copy/paste/edit existing work and make something from scratch! Digital and tradition forms of artwork are both acceptable.
- Artwork should also be sized to fit on a wall calendar. So let the artwork be roughly 8" x 11" as possible. (That's 800 x 1100 w/ 100 ppi)
- Artwork to be submitted will be sent to me through the Mognet Message. Please include your username from DeviantArt and/or EoFF Forums along with a link to your artwork.
- After the due date, the submitted art will be posted here on the forums for voting for two entries as opposed to one. This will last for a week. The winners will be declared on the same day the next month's contest will start.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this contest, feel free to ask, and good luck!

Remember to submit your art by May 24.