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04-30-2014, 04:00 AM
I have trouble keeping track when there's a lot going on, so I'm taking some notes. I'll share them here as I take them and others can post some up if they like also!

If I misunderstood something in your section, I apologize, and feel free to correct me so I can better understand and fix the notes.

Loony BoB
:save:Aziish rents stalls in King's Square Lucrecia.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifJahred is his colleague.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifThere is a festival that night to celebrate the 50 years since the Queen inherited the throne from her father.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifDaniel arrives in Sedorra only to be shocked by the chocobos and different races.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe runs in a panic, trips on a rock, hits his head on another rock, and dies.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifSerophyn arrives near a river in Lucrecia.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe encounters a man who tells him of Lucrecia and the festival, so he begins en route towards there.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe has a strong connection to the stars.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifCohen awakes on a busy street, disoriented.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe figures he went out for a walk and starts looking for the University where he resides.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifCohen is a High Priest.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe speaks to a native who informs him that he has never heard of the University.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifTala arrives in Lucrecia from the mountains, which she rarely does.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifShe came down because she read in the stars that something momentous would happen in Sedorra.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifShe consulted with the elders of Aelum and her fellow priestesses and it was decided she would be the one to leave the mountains to tell the other Ursus of the happenings and to gather information.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifKathvi arrives near a river, disoriented and lost.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifShe heads towards Lucrecia in the hopes of finding information about herself and her whereabouts.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifA boy hunts a deer in the woods.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifLocke, who was with the boy, expresses pride at the event.

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Lonely Paper Star
:save:Camille is southwest of Lake Arna, at the edge of the forest, by the fork in the river.
:save:She used to be well-traveled and rich years ago, but now lives on borrowed land and breeds chocobos.
:save:Takka is her eldest chocobo. No one rents or buys him because he limps due to one leg being longer than the other.
:save:She heard about the festival and comments how the Kingdom made her poor because of something she did.

:save:Haruko is near the ocean, speaking to a mysterious woman who says she will be leaving her until the day of the damned.
:save:Haruko wakes up confused near an alley.
:save:Two men harass her and she says something about them not taking her back and she runs away.
:save:She thinks about her 'true' form, which is not human.
:save:She sees a person of a different race and thinks it is a demon.

:save:Nagul is the man Haruko saw and thought was a demon. He pulls a rickshaw and doesn't seem to enjoy his job.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe is a Doban.

:save:Sigrid is working for a fisherman named Bates.
:save:She is a 13 year old girl who lives in an orphanage in Naithe owned by a woman named Ms. Pan.
:save:Sigrid wants to go out to sea with Bates, but he says it's no place for her. She dreams of having her own ship to explore the unknown.
:save:She notices a strange blue creature in the water.

:save:Xilka was up disoriented in unfamiliar waters.
:save:He realizes he is in unfamiliar territory and clutches his surfacing knife as he goes to explore the land.

:save:Jhera, coming from Steel, the capitol of the Empire of Kur, is delivering a message from the Emperor to a rebellion.
:save:He can fly, and also has telepathic abilities, which he uses to convey a cease and desist message to the rebellion.
:save:As he is flying back he is hit by a pulse of air. When he straightens himself, he finds himself in a new, unfamiliar city with unfamiliar races of people.
:save:He overhears about the festival.

:save:Cohen explores the city, disconcerted by the new races of people.
:save:Cohen encounters a bear, who is also confused by the goings-on of the bustling city.

Agent Proto
:save:Radley is sailing the Deeps in a red ship called the Lost Soul. He has been out for over a week, and braved a storm yesterday.
:save:He sees a beach line with a few small huts and theorizes they are near a group of small islands to the north of Sedorra.
:save:He and his crew are excited to be on land again.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifKathvi arrives in Lucrecia. Is insecure and out of her element.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifShe can't remember people from her homeland.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifA stranger approaches and speaks to her as she is trying to work up the courage to ask someone for information.

Lonely Paper Star
04-30-2014, 05:50 AM
It's awesome that you did this, shion. :love:

Miss Mae
04-30-2014, 07:20 AM
This is so incredibly helpful. Thanks so much for compiling this. This is going to be such a useful reference point for people. :jess:

Loony BoB
04-30-2014, 10:04 AM
Excellent idea!

As things move on, this will become more and more important for people new to the RP... and as things move on even further, it may be worth updating the first post with a summary of the summaries. xD

04-30-2014, 11:49 AM
Just a lil correction: He followed the river and path to Lucrecia BECAUSE the man told him in the first place - the scene with the Chocobo guy was a flashback - so point 1 and 3 are part of the same with me not mentioning before hoe much time has passed after he woked up to the point where he met that man. He really only followed the path a bit before but not for hours. The hours have passed after he has met him. He follows the river in the first lines, because he already returned to it and the point in the flashback where I said he went back to the river lead to the present, so the first lines.

04-30-2014, 12:43 PM
Thank you for making this. I haven't had time to make a starter post or anything and I already feel behind so this helps.

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Great job shion. Great way to summarise things. :D

I left Locke's first chapter deliberately confusing. My intention was to have the reader think it was Locke being chased (which is why I had to use 'he' many times over), only to then reveal Locke was the hunter himself. Not quite so sure how that went, really.

As for the victim, as you find out in Locke's second chapter, it's actually a deer they were hunting (Perhaps I should have made that slightly more obvious in the first chapter :p). Furthermore, Locke isn't actually the boy's father. The boy just looks up to Locke.

So, to correct your notes in the first chapter:

- A boy hunts a deer in the woods
- Locke, who was with the boy, expresses pride at the event

04-30-2014, 04:41 PM
Citizen Bleys
:save:Desmond Arsibault shares a home with Janelle.
:save:He arrives home intoxicated, which upsets Janelle. They argue, Janelle giving him an ultimatum about his use of the drug Brilliance and also tells him he needs to get a real job as she won't support him forever.
:save:He works as a dead-end bartending job as his music career has failed to take off.
:save:Desmond walks out and Jerry, the bar owner, allows him to stay at the bar. Janelle doesn't respond to him in the morning. He moves his stuff out of the house hoping to get Janelle's attention, but she still doesn't respond.
:save:A few weeks pass and Desmond begins using more drugs and drinking more. Jerry fires him.
:save:Desmond joins in on criminal activities, including robberies.
:save:Desmond remains clean of Brilliance for one day while hooked in to Nexus, the planet.
:save:He asks a salt-of-Nexus co-worker, Crossbones, for a gun and more Brilliance.
:save:Desmond goes to the Temple, each Temple on Nexus has a Table through which can sometimes be seen other worlds. On rare occasions, aliens have passed through these gates and in to their world. But it is usually several hundred years before the planets line up correctly.
:save:He sees Janelle at the Temple, who ignores him. He plans to kill himself in front of her and the Temple.
:save:He unhooks himself from Nexus in the Temple, which is frowned upon, he takes a lot of Brilliance and raises the gun to himself.
:save:Just as he was planning to pull the trigger, he finds himself in a new world.
:save:He is at first excited about this, as he thinks he can return to his world and become rich off of his discovery, but then he panics when he realizes he can't return.

Loony BoB
:save:Jahred spots a strange furry person and nudges his fried Aziish to alert him to it.
:save:They wonder if it is from some new Ursus tribe, although Jahred suspects it is something new and different.
:save:He wants to know more about her so he strikes up a conversation with a guard close to the furry person and watches her closely. He then notices his friend also talking with a guard. And pointing.
:save:Just as he is thinking his friend an idiot, the festival entertainers arrive, setting off fireworks and kicking off the celebration.
:save:Noticing the masks on the performers, he approaches the furry strangers and compliments her on her costume, while leading her somewhere else.

:save:Serophyn arrives in Lucrecia and is overcome with other people's emotions. People stare at him, making him realize he hasn't been here before.
:save:He is uncomfortable with a lot of the negative emotions his empathic abilities are picking up. It isn't necessary for him to feel what others are feeling, but it is his nature to seek out spiritual contact. He also needs to restore his own harmony.
:save:He meditates while walking down the street and searching for an Inn.
:save:He finds the Inn and is happy to feel a lot of positive energy, which allows him to stop meditating. He asks the Inn keeper for a room, and then realizes he isn't able to pay.

:save:Locke and the boy return to the village with their deer, much to the pleasure of the village, who hadn't eaten a large meal in days.
:save:Locke cleans up in his modest, simple home, as the village of about 20 works to prepare the feats they had anticipated. Once ready, they villagers happily celebrate.
:save:The boy Locke hunted with, Alistair, a boy of 12, thanks Locke for taking him hunting and allowing him to make his mother proud.
:save:When Locke first arrived at the village, Alistair's family was the first to greet him. A year later, Alistair's father died, which is never fully explained or discussed in the village.
:save:Alistair brings up the festival in Lucrecia. This makes Locke think about how it has been several years since Locke saw his mother, and that he said he would never venture there again as there were too many bad memories.
:save:A village berates the Royal Family while one of them, Locke, sits a short distance away.

04-30-2014, 04:43 PM
Again, I apologize if I get your information wrong. It's a bit difficult sometimes for me to keep all of the information straight, so I hope you aren't offended if I misunderstand something.

04-30-2014, 04:46 PM
This is great. :) Maybe you should hold off and just update once a day though, so it's easier to keep track of/tell where were are.

04-30-2014, 04:55 PM
I'm just sortof lurking as this project goes on, but this is a great idea!

04-30-2014, 05:00 PM
This is great. :) Maybe you should hold off and just update once a day though, so it's easier to keep track of/tell where were are.

Mostly I'm just planning to have the posts divided to cover up a lot of the story, while also not being too long as to better help digest the information. Especially since some people have long intro posts to help us better understand their back story, putting too much in one block can get a bit more difficult to read (for me anyways) when the goal is more of a short, easy to follow event list.

Depending how many people post, it probably will be a once, maybe twice a day thing. For example, if one more person posts today, I'll just edit it on to the last update or, depending if its 11 hours from now and almost tomorrow, I'll just wait to post it with more posts tomorrow. If 10 more people post today, I'll make a separate one to help better break up the information, instead of just adding it on to an already full post.

Citizen Bleys
04-30-2014, 05:25 PM
Well, one tab isn't a lot of Brilliance, but he's carrying a large amount of it.

This will become significant once it's clear that there's no way to get more on Sedorra. Brilliance is a drug from the universe in which Brillance resides.

04-30-2014, 06:52 PM
I really hope this doesn't become a recurring theme! Sorry Shion!

In Locke's second chapter, you mentioned how Locke was berating the Royal Family. In fact, it was another (unnamed) villager who went off on one about the Royal Family.

"Queen's Festival? Bah, bunch of bloody posh bastards that's all it is" said one villager who overheard Alistair. "All they do is arse about in their high thrones eating fine foods and swanning about. What do they actually do for us?". The anti-Royal sentiment in the village has always been lukewarm, even if not everyone openly admits to it. The Queen's Festival simply strengthens opinion, one way or the other. For Locke, it is simply awkward.

I hoped the bit that said 'one villager' meant that it wasn't Locke speaking it, and also the way the unnamed villager spoke as well. Also finally, the Royal member who overheard all of this is Locke himself. I did mention the Queen being Locke's mother.

Again, sorry Shion! I should really telegraph things better.

04-30-2014, 07:00 PM
I fixed it. Sorry Formy :(

04-30-2014, 07:08 PM
I fixed it. Sorry Formy :D

Better. No harm done. I must improve the clarity of my writing. :p

05-01-2014, 05:05 PM
Lonely Paper Star
:save:Camille finds 2 Chocobos missing, Bristles and Koko.
:save:Bristles is a rare blue Chocobo, which she needs financially.
:save:She suspects thieves have stolen them and that they are headed for Lucrecia. She wonders how familiar the thieves are with the Wylds.
:save:She herself is very familiar with the Wylds, as she trains her Chocobos there. Bristles and Koko, however, are still young and have not completed their training.
:save:She debates which Chocobo to take in pursuit, and decides on her fastest one, Prestissima, Song of the Night, who is a black professional race Chocobo.
:save:Stissi, as she calls the Chocobo for short, is less bonded to her now, as Camille doesn't ride her as much, being reminded of another time and of The Queen's Cup.
:save:They head in to the Bethereon Wylds to find the other Chocobos.

:save:Kathvi is lead from the busy streets by a stranger who she isn't quite sure she can trust.
:save:The stranger asks her about herself and she answers she is from the mountains.
:save:She shows her unfamiliarity with the area by asking what the festival that is currently happening is being thrown for.
:save:As she tries to remove herself from the conversation, a drunk spills on her.

Loony BoB
:save:Jahred introduces himself officially to Kathvi as a trader from Akimolm and sends the drunk away with spare change.
:save:He asks Kathvi more about herself, as he has strong interest in learning new things. He asks where she is from and what she is familiar with.
:save:He tells her it is better to speak to him than a prison guard, which wasn't intended as a threat.

:save:Locke prepares to leave for Lucrecia during a New Moon.
:save:Alistair is distraught, and Locke tries to reassure him that he will be back before the moon is full. Alistair is worried Locke will die like his father, Benton, who passed away on an outside visit, and runs off.
:save:Serrine, Alistair's mother, reassures Locke of the father-like figure he has become in the household.
:save:Locke heads home after talking to Serrine, and will depart in the morning.

Citizen Bleys
:save:The Brilliance Desmond had taken begins to wear off and he tries to establish a plan.
:save:He attempts to use his jigger, to help figure out his positioning, but it won't load.
:save:He realizes he might have trouble communicating with civilization, as some of the aliens who came to Nexus took years to learn. He remembers that Nexus is based off of the language of the Ancients, a subject he'd failed in school.
:save:He attempts to build a fire, pulling out his jigger once again for help, only to remember it won't work. He instead decides on the method of rubbing sticks together, which fails.
:save:He decides to hunt for raw meat, using his jigger as a musical instrument. This results in the rabbit attacking him.

05-02-2014, 04:04 AM
Agent Proto
:save:The Lost Soul docks at a sandy beach and most of the crew is out to explore the nearby village, which is mostly small huts.
:save:Radley goes in to a hut with a woman and small child and holds a crossbow up to them, demanding their loot.
:save:Radley notices a chest and demands the woman open it. She tries, but says it needs a key. He sends the small boy to get the key.
:save:The chest is eventually opened and contains jewelry, coins, a few gold goblets, and some knives and daggers.

:save:Serophyn is at the Inn, wondering about how he will pay for a room. The Innkeeper jokes around with him about checking in late, and Serophyn, used to more direct speak, mistakenly thinks he can't have a room.
:save:The Innkeeper calls him back, but Serophyn replies that he won't be able to pay. The Innkeeper then tells him he can have a room in exchange for help moving some barrels, chests and boxes.
:save:Serophyn steals a few looks with his unique appearance, and also due to his Emotio-Libra, people can feel his Aura, even if they can't see it.
:save:He struggles to loosen the connection of his Emotio-Libra and to just be at peace so he can find some sleep, until he finally succeeds and finds some rest.

:save:As Xilkar approaches the shore, he finds his caution replaced by curiosity.
:save:He finds a young girl and asks her many rapid fire questions about herself and her surroundings.
:save:He eventually asks how many there are like her and his curiosity is once again replaced by caution.

:save:Kathvi confesses to Jahred that all she can remember is a snowy mountain and a bakery.
:save:She feels very insecure and wants to leave, but she stays out of loneliness.
:save:She attempts to lighten the mood by asking for some ice cream.

05-02-2014, 11:28 AM
Please edit the last part to "he struggles to loosen the connection of his Emotio-Libra and to just be at peace so he can finally find some sleep, until he finally succeeds and finds some rest", as that is what the end is about. He just wants to loosen the connection and be alone so he can rest. The let others feel positive energy and vice-versa thing was befre.

05-03-2014, 04:17 AM
:save:Azelin, an assassin, is chasing his target in Hy'Ton, a Beastman from the Northern Isles.
:save:The Beastman had robbed his fifth storage facility and was marked for death.
:save:As Azelin draws his Kunai and prepares to attack his target, he finds himself somewhere unfamiliar, filled with crowds and several drunk people.
:save:He suspects he was victim to some kind of trap.
:save:For the third time in his life, he begins to cry when he realizes he isn't in Vil'Deamon.

:save:Ulla feels uncomfortable in the crowded streets of Lucrecia.
:save:One of her fellow Atlus was badly wounded and she didn't have the supplies to heal him.
:save:She meets another Ursus, a white Aelum, who asks her about all of the people. She informs him that it is for the Queen's Festival. He thanks her and walks off.
:save:She continues her search for a stall.

:save:Tala finds herself no closer to finding what she was looking for... whatever that was.
:save:She noticed a strange human looking at her. She wasn't used to interacting with other races, but she knew they didn't stare at Ursus, especially an Aelum such as herself.
:save:The human bows at her, which she takes as a sign of respect, and she bows back.
:save:She picks up his sent, which is somewhat strange to her.

Loony BoB
:save:Jahred advises Kathvi against getting ice cream, worried about how the masses would react, seeing as how they aren't used to her species.
:save:Jahred, seeing Kathvi upset, tries to be positive for her, excited about seeing a new race.
:save:He recommends they seek an Aelum, a tribe of Ursus that live in the mountains, thinking they will be the best shot for information.
:save:They walk among the festival, and Jahred spots a Aelum sniffing the air.

:save:Ja'ak was making good progress on his way to Lucrecia, finding himself halfway to Naithe.
:save:He swipes a crab for breakfast and Linksie the cat, arrives with a dead rabbit to eat.
:save:Ja'ak playfully scolds Linksie, telling her she needed to stay behind and guard the forest. Linksie ignores him.

:save:Haruko happily finds she has escaped the monster, only to notice many other creatures wandering around the street casually. She wonders what is going on that these demons are among humans, suspicious of their motives.
:save:Haruko asks a strange man about the gathering and he informs her of the Queen's Festival.
:save:She mistakenly believes the Queen refers to the wife of King Anshar, someone the stranger has never heard of.
:save:She tries to be more clear with the man, who tells her he knows nothing about the things she is describing, which to her are the two greatest Kingdoms in the world.
:save:She spots the Ursus and runs in to the crowd, hoping its all a dream that she needs to wake up from.

:save:Nargul reaches his destination of the King's Square.
:save:The people he brought by rickshaw pay horribly and treat him in a very racist manner.
:save:Being in a foul mood, instead of bringing the rickshaw back now that his shift is over, he pulls up to the Ceiling Cat to get himself a drink.

:save:Cohen is taken aback by the bear noticing him staring and prepares himself to flee if necessary.
:save:When he sees the white bear expressing what seems to be curiosity, he introduces himself and asks for an introduction from the Ursus.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifKathvi is intimidated by the large Ursus creature that she has never seen before.

05-03-2014, 04:31 AM
I was wondering if anyone wanted to fill in for me on notes this weekend, since this usually takes me a good hour (I'm slow) and I am feeling under the weather and would also like to spend time with my boyfriend. If no one else can manage, I will do it, but any help would be much appreciated.

05-03-2014, 01:57 PM
I'll see what I can do Shion!

05-03-2014, 05:03 PM
Right-O! It's the weekend, so I shall be temporarily taking over Shion's impeccable role as the footnoter. I will probably, nigh, definitely make mistakes, so feel free to smack me with a trout if I mess up. And now, without further ado...

Currently, the only new story is Bleys, but what I'll do is update this as Saturday rolls along. It's the weekend so I'm expecting some exciting additions to our stories!

Citizen Bleys
:save: Still lost, Desmond decides to follow a road in the hopes that it will lead him to civilisation.
:save: His attempts at catching rabbits eventually succeeds, and manages to hunt several.
:save: Desmond is suddenly held at Crossbow-point by a thief. Desmond attempts to 'Spike' the thief's relative lethargy and lack of confidence.
:save: Unfortunately, the youth fires his Crossbow, creating a gash in Desmond's cheek.
:save: Primal instinct takes over Desmond and he viciously strangles the boy until the life drains out of him. He has never killed a man before.
:save: His senses back, he realises the enormity of what he has just done.
:save: Quickly hiding, he slumps by a tree, and wonders to himself why the boy he has just killed spoke and looked like a Nexan.

:save: "Blackie" Ganister, a Doban, checks the straps and harnesses of his Cargo Chocobos. He is expecting two sellers to arrive for a legally dubious exchange in the Betheron Wylds.
:save: They haven't arrived at the expected time, and thoughts cross through Blackie's head as to why.
:save: Passing the time, he begins sketching, one of his talents.

:save: Azelin has just arrived in the world of Sedorra. His emotions are highly frayed as he contemplates violence, but knows better, and sheaths his kunai.
:save: Maggie, a Hyu'man lady, stumbles into Azelin and, mistaking him for a Doban, asks if he is alright.
:save: Stumbling over the common tongue of Sedorra, Azelin manages to ask for directions to a library or bookstore, but is told they are closed on account of the Queen's Festival in Lucrecia.
:save: Maggie and the other lady offer to take Azelin to 'The Ceiling Cat', a tavern that is frequented by many Doban. Seeing no other option, he complies, and joins the two ladies.

:save: During the morning, Locke visits Serrine's house one last time to check that they will be alright while he is away. Serrine assures Locke that they will do just fine.
:save: Locke travels along the O'Hare Highroad, bound towards Lucrecia in what will take approximately two days.
:save: During the evening, Locke sets up his camp for the night. Sounds coming from a short distance away startle him, but it is only Alistair, who followed Locke at a distance.
:save: Alistair is insistent that he stays with Locke, to ensure he does not die like his father did.
:save: Locke attempts to reason with the child. After some time, he comes up with a compromise.
:save: Locke will allow Alistair to join him to Lucrecia, though under strict supervision. He goes to sleep, even more anxious about what will happen at Lucrecia.

Citizen Bleys
05-04-2014, 01:40 AM
swears in his native tongue profusely.

Is that a reference to drek, or Kn'thrak and harakh? Because drek is just idiomatic slang, and the other two are references to a part of Nexus's history that the Nexan people try to ignore or pretend didn't happen, like Americans with slavery, Brits with colonialism, and Canadians with Celine Dion.

I guess harakh is kind of sweary, but Kn'thrak just means the end of all things.

05-04-2014, 01:48 AM
swears in his native tongue profusely.

Is that a reference to drek, or Kn'thrak and harakh? Because drek is just idiomatic slang, and the other two are references to a part of Nexus's history that the Nexan people try to ignore or pretend didn't happen, like Americans with slavery, Brits with colonialism, and Canadians with Celine Dion.

I guess harakh is kind of sweary, but Kn'thrak just means the end of all things.

I'm afraid I don't know the native tongue! Sorry I got it mixed up Bleys!

Citizen Bleys
05-04-2014, 06:18 AM
It's not an easy job summarising a story with multiple authors, each of whom know things the others don't xD

That's why we clarify, though.

Technically it's possible for you to have known, but very, very unlikely.

Miss Mae
05-04-2014, 06:58 AM
swears in his native tongue profusely.

Is that a reference to drek, or Kn'thrak and harakh? Because drek is just idiomatic slang, and the other two are references to a part of Nexus's history that the Nexan people try to ignore or pretend didn't happen, like Americans with slavery, Brits with colonialism, and Canadians with Celine Dion.

I guess harakh is kind of sweary, but Kn'thrak just means the end of all things.
I also thought this was Desmond swearing, because in the second post about him there's the section that says:

"Drek!" he cursed as the bunny bit into his calf, drawing blood. "You drek-rotting piece of drek!"

Desmond really needed to work on his swearing.

and then in this most recent post there's:

Holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek

If it isn't a swear word, maybe an edit of that second post is in order?

05-04-2014, 11:59 AM
swears in his native tongue profusely.

Is that a reference to drek, or Kn'thrak and harakh? Because drek is just idiomatic slang, and the other two are references to a part of Nexus's history that the Nexan people try to ignore or pretend didn't happen, like Americans with slavery, Brits with colonialism, and Canadians with Celine Dion.

I guess harakh is kind of sweary, but Kn'thrak just means the end of all things.
I also thought this was Desmond swearing, because in the second post about him there's the section that says:

"Drek!" he cursed as the bunny bit into his calf, drawing blood. "You drek-rotting piece of drek!"

Desmond really needed to work on his swearing.

and then in this most recent post there's:

Holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek holy drek

If it isn't a swear word, maybe an edit of that second post is in order?

Yeah, this was what I based my assumption on. I just assumed that was their version of 'Holy F-word!'.

Citizen Bleys
05-04-2014, 06:47 PM
Drek is "shit," so yeah, I guess it's a kind-of swear.

"Harakh" is also "shit "

05-04-2014, 08:13 PM
I...I am going to go out on a limb here, but that sounds like a swear because the context is clear, origin and translation be damned. Will others say, "omg thats a bad word!" if drek is said in front of them? Maybe not, since it is unfamiliar to them, but Desmond certainly knows what the smurf he is saying.

These footnotes can be useful and it can be great to have such a resource available.

05-04-2014, 09:11 PM
Lots of fish based words in your language Bleys!

05-06-2014, 06:17 PM
:save:Serophyn remembers a dream he had last night. He knew it wasn't just a dream, but he couldn't tell is it was a vision or a memory.
:save:Serophyn had dreamt about a girl named Cecily who was beautiful and had a beautiful aura but she was sad.
:save:He wants to cure her sadness and he remembers thing seeing her, but the old Innkeeper wakes him up from his dream.

Agent Proto
:save:Ziad, an Akim, arrives to Lucrecia from Akimolm Desert
:save:He meets a stranger and it is implied Ziad has visited before and didn't know it was the time of the Queen's Festival. He says he has somewhere to stay and isn't there to meet a friend.

:save:Radley is back on the Lost Soul with the loot and food stolen from the villagers.
:save:The plan is to head on a week long voyage in to the deeps to sail to the opposite end of the bay, just east of Lucrecia.

Lonely Paper Star
:save:Camille is in search of her 2 missing Chocobos, worried she may have went the wrong way.
:save:She begins to doubt herself and thinks of turning back, but Stissi pushes forward, speeding up.
:save:Camille gets thrown off of Stissi's back from the speed and the Chocobo continues running ahead without her.
:save:Camille is tired, in pain, and fed up. She eventually catches the Chocobo's attention, and being able to mount her again.
:save:They head to the Betheron Wylds, hoping nothing bad will happen.

Agent Proto
05-06-2014, 07:47 PM
There is no "and Akim" with Ziad.

05-06-2014, 08:17 PM
Sorry, I mean AN Akim. He is an akim, correct?

Agent Proto
05-06-2014, 09:38 PM
Yes he is. :P

05-07-2014, 10:06 PM
:save:Locke and Alistair arrive in Lucrecia just past noon.
:save:Alistair is excited about the festival and the performers and Locke thinks about the slums of the city.
:save:They locate an Inn, the Carbuncle's Cave.
:save:Locke lies about Alistair's age to get a free room. Alistair is shocked at his behavior.

:save:Azelin walks down the street with some plump, irritating ladies who are giving him directions by guiding him.
:save:He is surprised by all of the Hyu'mans, as the ones he is familiar with are no longer allowed to rule themselves and are always starting wars and hungry for power.
:save:He spots some Doban who look somewhat similar to himself but are slightly taller, sturdier, and older.
:save:The ladies point him to the Ceiling Cat.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifKris, a lady in Naithe, is letting her legs drift in the water as her father checks the crab pots. Today had been a slow day.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifThey find many empty crab pots and knowing this to be a good spot to fish and having taken care to not overfish, they wonder if something is scaring them off.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifAs her and her father row back, she thinks of telling him to take the day off tomorrow after seeing the disappointment getting to him.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifShe looks out on to the sunset and remembers the legend that the more striking a sunset, the more promising tomorrow will be.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifJacques sat on the veranda waiting for dinner. He had to wait for his father before he could eat, though.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe was happy his dad had a day off because every day his dad had off he also had off. He spent it mostly whittling.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe notices two dark silhouettes and eventually recognizes one to be Kris, whom he is happy to see.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifTala watches the human pace uncomfortably before finally introducing himself as Cohen.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifShe introduces herself as Tala Aurora and can see many emotions washing over the man when she speaks.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifShe asks him his name.

http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifCohen is excited about the bear speaking and understanding him. He thinks of shaking hands with her, but decides against it.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifHe asks Tala where he is.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifTala explains that he is in Lucrecia on Sedorra. The man obviously doesn't understand her and she gets impatient. She is clever and wants to speak to a clever human and not someone slow.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifTala asks what he's wearing and Cohen rambles on about how he woke up here from the University, before explaining he is wearing the Robes of the Order, the robes of a High Priest.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifTala concludes that Cohen must be from a different world and Cohen agrees.
http://home.eyesonff.com/images/eoff_smilies/savepoint.gifThey spot two strangers looking at them.

05-09-2014, 04:28 AM
Updated. Also very very tired so forgive me if I got stuff wrong.

Miss Mae
05-09-2014, 04:40 AM
All good, shion. There's a little typo in Jiro's where it says 'crab post' instead of 'crab pots' that you might want to fix. Also, I'm 99% sure Kris' dad isn't actually an Ursus - he just has big hands. You know, like if someone has 'bear hands', but in this world there are Ursus instead of bears... :jess:

Thanks again for writing up these cliffnotes. It made reviewing what had happened in Naithe before I started my character there so much easier!

05-09-2014, 04:42 AM
Oh, sorry about that! The bear stuff apparently has me confused haha

Miss Mae
05-09-2014, 04:43 AM
No big deal - easily fixed. :)

05-09-2014, 07:40 PM
:save:Derk heads to the Cornerstone Inn after a long day at the Forge.
:save:He is tossing a bright blue material in his hands.
:save:He removes his night eyes and uses the blue material, cobalt, to pay at the bar for his usual.

:save:Gehrard was the bar and was in high spirits because had chased away 2 filthy human scavengers.
:save:His favorite customer, Derk, had walked in. He serves him in exchange for the cobalt.
:save:Gehrard doesn't like tabs and asks Derk if he had a good day or a bad day since a bad day led to the same ale but with less upfront payment.

Agent Proto
:save:Ziad feels out of place in Lucrecia due to how many people there are.
:save:He goes to check out the Carbuncle's Cave

:save:Kris hears Jacques calling out to her and her father leaves knowing how much of a talker her is.
:save:Jacques asks if Kris saw his father down by the docks and she tells him she hasn't.
:save:He worries his father may be missing and suggests going to look for him, but Kris tells him he is being dramatic and they say goodnight,

:save:Jacques is very hungry and worried about his dad, who hasn't stayed out past dark much since his mother died.
:save:He eats an apple and tries not to worry.
:save:He throws his apple core outside and nearly hits his dad in the face with it.
:save:His dad told him he went up the coast to nowhere special and is frustrated at his lack of success for the day.
:save:Jacques, knowing his dad would not approve of his whittling, hides it behind his back and tells his dad he is going to bed.
:save:In his bedroom, he puts his whittling in a box he keeps underneath his bed. He doesn't get along with his father and thinks about his mother telling him stories of knights and pirates and such.

:save:Derk tells Gehrard that he had a good day.
:save:He talks about how a woman came in wanting him to make her a pair of earrings and he laughs her off saying its a smithy and not a jeweler.
:save:He asks Gehrard how business is with the fetival.

Loony BoB
05-10-2014, 07:32 AM
Doin' great, shion. :up:

05-18-2014, 11:27 PM
In case you're wondering what is happening with the footnotes, I am going to takeover after Shion's spectacular performance.

Well, I will be after my darn exam tomorrow. Expect a HUMUNGOUS update at some point. Thanks guys for your patience!

05-29-2014, 04:33 PM
Right, so where were we? Sorry I've been so behind, life issues.

Anyway, I'll be catching up. The footnotes below here are all the ones on Page Four that haven't been footnoted. I'll do Page Five and Page Six of the Official Story when I've had a break reading everyone's stories!

Again, any corrections, don't hesitate to slap me, and then inform me as to what needs correcting.

Loony BoB
:save: Having noticed an Aelum, another person came to greet her, much to Jahred's chagrin.
:save: Determined to meet her, Jahred ushers Kathvi in the direction of the Aelum.
:save: Showing great respect because the Ursus assisted him earlier in life, Jahred enquires to the Aelum, asking if she recognises the race to which Kathvi belongs to.
:save: Meanwhile, the companion to the Aelum is fascinated by the three people stood before him, making Jahred uncomfortable.

:save: Blackie Ganister is disturbed by the sounds of warking and loud noises. He is less than impressed.
:save: A young, big, dumb man came crashing through, asking for Blackie. His companion confirms this, all the while, struggling with his chocobos. Blackie noticed they looked abused and fearful.
:save: The two men are looking to sell the two chocobos, and know from others that Blackie would buy and sell almost anything. Blackie simply frowned.
:save: The two men had no papers, and the loud noises has disturbed the entire Wylds, and the men need a good axing. Blackie's confrontational style alerted the two men.
:save: Blackie exclaims he is a businessman, not a murderer, and offers them the paltry sum of 130 Arnan Coin. The men scoff at this offer, and claim that it is two versus one.

:save: Locke and Alistair prepare to leave the inn when they notice an Akim and the innkeeper, haggling. The innkeeper struggles over the Akim's name.
:save: The Akim is introduced as Ziad. Locke instantly recognises him as a traveller, and the two converse, particularly about the Queen's Festival.
:save: Ziad offers to play a game of darts, which Locke eagerly accepts.

Agent Proto
:save: Ziad misses his first dart by a wide margin. Playing the game reminds him of his childhood.
:save: Locke inquires further. During calm, windless days in the desert, Ziad explains, he and his friends would draw targets in the sand, and throw rocks, scoring points based on accuracy.
:save: Intrigued, Locke asks for it's name, to which Ziad replies there is no official name.

:save: Tala, the Aelum and Cohen, the human look upon the odd couple with much puzzlement. She recognised one of them as an Akim, but the other, while analogous to a Snow Fox, was a creature she has never seen before.
:save: Tala listens to the Akim's question while Cohen grins, enjoying himself.
:save: Equally puzzled as to Kathvi's race, she responds that only during dinner would she see something looking like her.

:save: Sigrid notices a blue creature rising out from the water.
:save: This fish-like man begins asking a myriad of questions, about the land, about Sigrid, and so on.
:save: Excited about the strange new creature, Sigrid responds to all his questions and looks at him in expectation.

:save: Derk, one of his favourite patrons, was complained to Gerhard about his driggers, while also relaying today's activity at the smithy.
:save: Repeating his motto about 'the customer isn't always right', Gerhard tells Derk about his business during the Queen's Festival. He complains about humans, thinking that they 'own the place'.
:save: Just then, three humans enter his pub. They ask for a bed, some ale and some stew. Gerhard flatly refuses, and throws a stool at them, deliberately missing so he doesn't have to mop up any blood.

:save: Kris awoke and ate with her father, and set off by herself fishing, to prove that she could do it on her own.
:save: The day started slow, and the fish were avoiding the nets. Undeterred, Kris rowed to an inlet in the west, where she noticed a boat aground on the shoreline.
:save: A figure lay inside, seemingly dead. He suddenly sat bolt upright, startling both Kris and himself.
:save: Introducing himself as Ceres, Kris felt him warm and comforting, and so was not nervous around the stranger.
:save: Kris informs Ceres where he is; he is not familiar with Naithe or other Sedorran cities. Knowing the man could not survive in his wrecked boat, she offers the mysterious man a stay at her parent's house.

:save: Jacques struggled to get some rest, and thinking it a fruitless endeavour, decided to go for a walk.
:save: Creeping out of the house, he wandered towards the beach, feeling the cool water between his toes.
:save: Jacques counted the fishermen, and Kris, rise with the sun and row towards the Deeps. He found it odd that Kris was by herself.
:save: The sun fully risen, Jacques walked back home, before his dad could wake.
:save: His dad already awake, Jacques is chastised for not working on Mrs Pan's table, and is denied breakfast, working until mid afternoon.

Loony BoB
:save: Kathvi winces at Tala's remark, but for Jahred, he is certain that Kathvi is very foreign, as even an Aelum could not identify Kathvi.
:save: Unsure as to the tone of Tala's remark, Jahred bows again to the Aelum, and ushers Kathvi away once more to find a place of rest.
:save: Jahred was anxious to ascertain who Kathvi was, as after the festival, Kathvi would surely stand out more obviously.
:save: Jahred takes Kathvi to an inn where he has a room booked, and leaves her there to close up his stall, whilst admiring the pyrotechnics the Doban had on display.
:save: He tells his men he would be busy for the coming days, and to take the wagon to Akimolm after it's use.
:save: Returning to Kathvi, Jahred tries to learn more about her, and where she came from.

05-30-2014, 12:05 AM
Time for Part Two! This is the entirety of Page Five of the Official Story. In case you're wondering, this does quite some time.

Page Five is mostly a back and forth between Tala and Cohen's intertwining storylines, which makes for some interesting reading.

:save: Having met three highly unusual people in Lucrecia, Cohen remarks on what a curious world he is in.
:save: Exhausted by the day, Cohen looks for somewhere to rest, helped along by Tala the Ursus.

:save: Distressed, Kathvi lies in her room in the inn, scared and threatened by today's events.
:save: Jahred re-enters the room, and asks her what she remembers of her home, the people she remembers, and so on.
:save: Concentrating hard, Kathvi remembers others like her, alongside humans in the mountains, and that there were lizard-like beings in the desert.
:save: Kathvi's mind strains, as if attempting to reject her own memories.
:save: She further remembers baking bread in an oven, the heat making her uncomfortable. She then trips, but cannot remember further.
:save: Sensing her growing panic and discomfort, Jahred decides to give Kathvi some air, hoping that he will not regret that decision.

:save: Tala is gathering her thoughts about what just happened, and how this may relate to the warnings the Stars gave.
:save: Cohen asks Tala for somewhere to rest. While Tala is not familiar with Lucrecia, she is aware of The Quiet Lobster, and offers to take Cohen there.
:save: On the way there, Tala cannot help but find Cohen's fascination with his surroundings peculiar.
:save: They reach the Quiet Lobster, where she hopes to continue their conversation.

:save: Despite arriving at their destination, Cohen is immediately drawn to the smell of human delicacies, and seeks to find the source. Tala, exasperated, relents.
:save: The source of the smells is a seedy looking inn: The Cornerstone Inn. Entering, Cohen notices a lack of people, and that the man behind the bar seemed unapproachable.
:save: Still uncomfortable because of the possibility of breaking a Order rule, Cohen begins talking with Tala about what an Aelum is.

:save: Following Cohen into the Cornerstone Inn, Tala cannot think of how demanding this peculiar human is.
:save: Cohen, scared to order food at the bar, instead asks Tala just exactly who she is.
:save: Forlorn at how ignorant Cohen is about the Ursus and the Aelum, she informs Cohen that she is a High Priestess among her people, and asks who Cohen is in turn.

:save: Cohen is thrilled to meet a High Priestess, of the same profession as himself. Tala's vocation reminds him of University; invoking pangs of homesickness.
:save: Noticing the darkening clouds, Cohen realises that he has no bed for the night, and that he is still starving.
:save: Cohen dismisses these practical concerns, thinking that this strange place is an opportunity to discover a new world.
:save: Knowing that Tala is a High Priestess, Cohen asks if she has a meditation hall so he could speak to the Gods for guidance.

:save: Derk listens to Gerhard discuss the Queen's Festival's effect on his customers, agreeing with Gerhard's view on humans.
:save: Sensing three humans wander in, he observes quietly while Gerhard 'deals with' the three humans.
:save: Enjoying the excitement, Derk gives Gerhard a small golden nugget for the stool, the entertainment and for another round of ale.
:save: A large Ursus and a strange looking human enters the Inn. Derk sighs, hoping they don't cause trouble.

:save: Xilkar listens to the small creature's responses to his questions, and stands straighter while the human asks some of it's own.
:save: He tells the human that he is a Loquan, and that he never has never heard of humans before.
:save: Knowing that he is not in his own world, Xilkar explains what his surfacing knife is for, before diving back into this foreign ocean, espying the little human on the shore.

:save: Hearing Cohen out, Tala surprisingly feel pity for him, sensing he is quite conflicted.
:save: Tala hears Cohen's request to speak with the Gods. Not knowing which Gods Cohen believes in, Tala nonetheless points to the Stars for the guidance he seeks.
:save: Cohen doesn't seem to understand, and looked expectant and forlorn. Tala explains further, stating that she herself does not know all the answers, and that they could find these answers together.

:save: Curious to learn that Tala prays to the Stars, Cohen quickly remembers that without a meditation hall, he would be unable to pray himself.
:save: Cohen is crestfallen that Tala could not give him the answers he seeks, but is pleased to have a companion.
:save: Finally succumbing to the pangs of hunger, Cohen inquires to Tala whether his home currency would be accepted here.

:save: Tala is surprised at the level of emotion that is being exhibited from the human, identifying both sadness and curiosity in his voice.
:save: Cohen tells Tala that he is happy to stay with her for awhile; Tala cannot help but think her role as a babysitter in this situation. She tells herself that this must have been what the Stars has ordained.
:save: Cohen asks her if his purse of gold is accepted currency here: letting out a growling laughter, Tala tells her it is accepted everywhere.

:save: Cohen, smiling, asks Tala if she wants anything to have as well.

:save: Tala is surprised that she is warming up to this human.
:save: Flashing her pointed teeth, she tells Cohen to fetch her the rarest slab of meat he can get.

:save: Cohen approaches the bar, incredibly nervous against the glare of the barkeep.
:save: His voice trembling, Cohen asks for whatever stew is cooking, and for the rarest steak they have.

Loony BoB
:save: Getting some air, Jahred and Kathvi head to King's Square, and Jahred is relieved that no-one pays her any heed; she is just another performer.
:save: Suddenly, trumpets start blaring, pronouncing the official beginning of the Queen's Festival.
:save: Human, Akim and Doban alike clinked glasses, a rare sight outside of Lake Arna.
:save: As the festivities become more rapturous, dancers, fireworks and Doban Bonfire Wagons flooded King's Square. On the far side of the square, Doban travellers tell enamoured kids all about their scary adventures.
:save: Jahred realises that the Queen's blessing of the city will be beginning shortly. Meanwhile, Kathvi is pestered by several children to dance to the beat of the band.

Lonely Paper Star
:save: Camille and Stissi, her Chocobo, could hear distressing Chocobo cries in the far distance along with sounds of struggle, and Stissi moved with great haste toward the source of the noise.
:save: About half an hour passed before another sound, this time a heated conversation between three men. Stissi was ready to interrupt, despite Camille's pleading to stay still, away from danger.
:save: Not listening to her owner, Stissi warked loudly and crashed on through into what appeared to be someone's camp.
:save: Camille immediately noticed her two Chocobos, Koko and Bristles, clearly worse for wear. Her heart sank at this sight, but not before realising the dangerous situation she has gotten herself into.
:save: Before her were three shady looking people: a Doban, and two humans across from him; one of the humans tell her to shove off, frightening her.
:save: However, seizing the moment, Camille decides to take advantage of this ailing situation. In a bold manner, Camille enters herself into the business 'meeting', stating that Koko and Bristles are hers.
:save: One of the humans recognises her as the girl who won the Queen's race. Steering the conversation back on hand, Camille demands reparation for the abuse suffered upon her two Chocobos.

Miss Mae
05-30-2014, 02:56 AM
Thanks for doing such a good job of the notes Formalhaut. :)

05-30-2014, 03:14 AM
I promise, I'll actually get to writing Locke's storyline again once I've got through Page Six of the footnotes. Once I've caught up, I can get to a regular schedule with the footnoting. :p

On that matter, I'll do Page Six tomorrow. It's like 3:00am in the morning here now. I think I'd die doing it right now.

Stay tuned!

06-02-2014, 01:12 AM
Now it's time to do all of Page Six, and by doing so, I'll be all caught up with the Footnoting!

Again, I apologise for the delay in the first place. Let's begin!

Critical to the majority of the events on the sixth page revolve around Kathvi and the public demonstration of her ice magic, an event with implications for several character's story arcs. Desmond makes a welcome return, his last chapter being way back in page three, and Azelin receives several new chapters.

:save: Having reached The Ceiling Cat, Azelin spots a large group of humans and Dobans being merry outside.
:save: Walking into the tavern, the smells, atmosphere and drunkards made him nauseous and uncomfortable - an old Doban stares at him.
:save: A drunk man questions his age to drink; Azelin brushes him off, yet is aware that at least in his home world, he is under the age.
:save: Stating that he has to find someone, Azelin backs away from the drunk man - just then, the old Doban from earlier says that he has found him.

:save: The old Doban tells Azelin that he just wants to talk, and takes Azelin outside - the assassin gripping onto his blade, just in case.
:save: In King's Square, the Doban introduces himself as Dirus. He tells Azelin that he has never been here before. The comment puts Azelin on guard.
:save: Azelin covers, stating that he has never been to the continent before, which surprises Dirus. Azelin asks Dirus what he wants, to which Dirus replies he is simply curious.
:save: Azelin pressures Dirus to assist him in finding other foreigners to the continent.

:save: Blackie Ganister is irritated by the arrival of Veritas, complicating matters.
:save: The humans (Shoopuf and Weasel) tell Veritas that she should be paying them for finding her Chocobos, not the other way around. Veritas rebukes them, and Blackie senses high emotions from her and her Chocobo.
:save: Blackie interrupts the tense 'negotiations' with a loud roar - Shoopuf and Weasel instantly draw their weapons.
:save: Blackie reminds Shoopuf and Weasel that it is still two against one, unless they are willing to re-enter a deal.
:save: Acknowledging that both Veritas and the two men both claim money from the other, he suggests that their debts cancel each other.
:save: Shoopuf correctly points out that Blackie gets nothing from this. Blackie counters, stating that he doesn't want to deal with the paperwork; or the aftermath of a fight.
:save: Sensing that the deal needs sweetening, the Doban offers the two men a flask of Xanderdraught, and Veritas some greens.

Citizen Bleys
:save: After killing the bandit lad, Desmond hid in the woods for three days. He finds it easier to hunt since the incident - he rationalises this to be his 'hunting instincts' reawakened.
:save: Approaching a distant city while carrying several caught hares, he activates his jigger to to ease the guard's suspicions with the power of boredom. He walks in with ease.
:save: Asking a guard for the name of this city, Desmond learns he is in Lucrecia, and begins walking the streets for inns, tanneries and butchers.
:save: With a hundred tabs of Brilliance, Desmond pops a tab, unsure where he would get more.

Bravely Proto
:save: It has been a week since Radley and his crew set sail into The Deeps, and it has been a tough journey.
:save: Sighting land, several crew mates ask Radley what their orders are once they reach land.
:save: Radley informs them all that once they set foot on the soil, the First Mate will become captain of the ship, and that Radley will be exploring the land on his own in search of treasure.
:save: Understanding the orders, the crew salutes their captain.

Loony BoB
:save: Damon, a guard in the city of Lucrecia, keeps watch. He is on high alert, as is customary when the Royal Family will be on show.
:save: Worse, Damon have heard rumours of unusual characters around Lucrecia - including a person who looked like a fox.
:save: Currently, his watch is on King's Square. It is a quiet watch, only slight scuffles to break up now and then.
:save: Just then, he notices the Fox Lady from before. Thinking her 'features' to be too natural to be a costume, he approaches her and asks her to remove her mask. Just then, he reels backward in surprise, placing his hand on the hilt of his sword.

:save: Feeling incredibly threatened by the guard, Kathvi resists the urge to protect herself, given her naturally kind personality. However, she lets out an instinctive small growl.
:save: The guard takes this as the opportunity to draw his sword out, telling her to come with him to answer questions.
:save: Kathvi's baser instincts are driven out. Placing her hands around the sword, she freezes the metal, rendering the sword useless.
:save: The guard, visibly frightened and frustrated, can only watch on as the edge of his sword breaks off. Kathvi drops the frozen chunk of steel.
:save: The guard withdraws to get more backup. Kathvi is left to think about what has just happened - she has now exposed herself, and is unsure as to how Jahred will react to this.

Loony BoB
:save: Jahred, like the other onlookers, is simply astounded at the immediate events.
:save: The crowd flees, leaving just Jahred, Kathvi and the oblivious band left in the Square.
:save: Coming back to his senses, he tells Kathvi that whatever she did was certainly not normal in Lucrecia, or in all of Sedorra. Knowing that they had to leave, the left through the gates, people making way for them, still in shock.
:save: Entering a rowdy bar, he asks for two ales, looking back worryingly at the door.

Citizen Bleys
:save: Having just witnessed the events in King's Square, Desmond stalks the pair who caused the scenes.
:save: The scenes appeared to have resonated with Desmond, and realises that he is developing a hunter's itch in his fingertips, causing a sharp pain.
:save: Desmond dismisses this and resumes focus on the two, entering the bar they have just entered.
:save: A barmaid worryingly tells Desmond that he is bleeding. In shock, he looks at his fingertips, and is just able to make out small, yet unmistakable claws. Instinctively, he retracts them.
:save: Desmond ponders why they are forming, and can only surmise that the surgery performed on him as an infant does not work in this world.
:save: Laughing heartily at his newly unlocked primal instincts, Desmond believes he is able to embrace both sides of his heritage here, and is no longer held back by old societal bonds.

:save: Azelin and his Doban companion, Dirus, are also present in King's Square, and notice an Akim and an unknown being, confronted by a guard.
:save: They witness the unknown, fox-eared being, grabbing the guard's sword, and turning it to ice. Dirus is taken aback, but Azelin recognises the feat as ice magic.
:save: Azelin knows that magic is present in his continent, but he cannot recognise what species the ice wielder is from.
:save: Azelin informs Dirus of all of this, including that whoever it is, the fox-eared being is a powerful wielder of this magic.
:save: They both decide to follow the Akim and the magic wielder, but spots a human who is also following the pair.
:save: Azelin is perceptive, and can tell that this human has malicious intent towards the two. Thinking fast, Azelin and Dirus make haste toward the pair as well.

Loony BoB
:save: Damon is back at the Barracks, and in his anger and disbelief, throws what is left of his sword on the floor.
:save: His Commander, Galrad, enters, bluntly asking what the noise is all about.
:save: Damon, still in shock, informs him that a strange woman, foreign to Sedorra, froze his sword and snapped it in two. Knowing that Damon is a well respected, loyal soldier, Commander Galrad immediately instructs him to apprehend this woman.
:save: As Damon leaves, Commander Galrad roared for the Queen to be safely escorted back to the palace.

Citizen Bleys
:save: Wiping the blood on a napkin, Desmond attempts to push his claws out further, but do not grow larger. Recounting the teachings of Drak'Sivar, Desmond knows that they will eventually reach an octoyar (16cm) in length.
:save: Popping another tab of Brilliance, he notices his reflection in a mirror, and is happy to see that his appearance is changing in dramatic ways - his beard growing, and his hair developing an orange colouring, to name but a few.
:save: Most strikingly, he notices his fangs are becoming very large.
:save: Approaching the table where the pair from King's Square are seated, Desmond sits down next to them, unannounced.
:save: Introducing himself as Desmond Redclaw, he tells the pair that he hails from another world, just like the fox-eared lady, and that they should stick together to remain safe.

:save: Dirus asks if magic is a gift from the gods to Azelin, while they bob and weave through the crowds.
:save: Azelin replies that there is only one god, whose name is Aeon and that it brings only death. Continuing, he also informs Dirus that magic is a fundamental force, which contradicts and is opposed to all other fundamental forces.
:save: In Azelin's world, he goes on, many beings are able to utilise magic at various levels, but that many are not. Dirus is confused, and Azelin is in no mood to give him a science lesson.
:save: Asking one last question, Dirus wants to know if Azelin can wield magic. Pondering whether to tell Dirus about himself, in fear of giving away information about himself.
:save: Azelin eventually informs Dirus that he can wield time magic - the ability to hasten or slow time for himself or others. However, he is not skilled at this, something which created much ridicule.
:save: While the Doban has more questions for Azelin, he cuts him off for now, and tells him the plan: they will observe the ice wielder, while also keeping an eye of the unusual human who was stalking her.

:save: Sigrid eyed this strange blue creature, and, ever curious, wanted to learn more about him.
:save: Observing that the creature submerged himself, save the eyes, Sigrid stared in contemplation, trying to work out what sort of creature he was.
:save: Because of this focus, Sigrid doesn't notice a wave approaching the shore, and the strong tide pulled her under. Fighting against the waves, her vision begins to turn a dull black.

06-09-2014, 11:26 PM
Now it's time for another round of footnotes!

Not as many notes in this one, only three, but they are good ones! Gerhard brings a new perspective on the tavern scene, Luke has his debut chapter in these footnotes, and Locke returns for the first time since the fourth page.

:save: Gerhard comments on how nonplussed his regular patrons are to the latest altercation - they were simply used to it.
:save: Derk comments that Gerhard should have done even more than a thrown chair, but gives him some gold for the entertainment (and another ale).
:save: Just then, an odd pairing of an Ursus and a human walks in. Gerhard observes the unusual pair, but allows them to stay.
:save: He observes as the human rather awkwardly orders some food, using some highly interesting coins. Gerhard notes that they are genuine, and could sell to collectors for a tidy profit.

:save: Luke, riding on his great bird, is in pursuit of a person who had betrayed him.
:save: Raising his staff to command lightning, he strikes his target and the steed she was riding on, killing them both.
:save: But this was but a dream. Luke may very well have strong powers in his world, but even with his faerlstone staff, he could never call lightning down from the sky like in his dream.
:save: Suddenly, the storm turns on him, striking him and making him fall. Rather than seeing clouds and the vista of the Crescent Isle, instead he falls through a dark, gray void.
:save: He awakes as he crashes through the canopy of a forest, dropping harshly on the ground. He struggles to remember about what exactly happened.
:save: Clearly injured, he hobbles towards a small fishing village seeking an inn.

:save: Locke and Ziad continue to play darts and share adventuring stories as the hours tick by, almost forgetting about the festival.
:save: Two festival goers enter the inn, looking for a room. They converse about the strange scenes they saw - an unusual fox looking lady with magical ice powers.
:save: Locke overhears the two, and inquires further into what they saw.
:save: Ziad listens in on this, and the two discuss the possible origins of this creature.
:save: The events make Ziad remember a story from his youth, told by Akim elders. Locke presses for Ziad to tell all, and Ziad tells him to sit down.