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Ace Protorney
05-02-2014, 07:18 PM
Welcome to the month of May! Exciting things are happening this month, which includes a new fan art contest as well. This month, the theme will be "Cosplay," so hopefully we will be seeing plenty of cosplaying fan arts later this month. With that aside, let's get to this week's showcase, shall we?

ValerieBlood @ DA (http://fav.me/d7go4lk)

Aw, it's the adorable traveling Moogle from Final Fantasy IX. He's certainly a fan favorite, and a favorite amongst forumers of Eyes on FF.

StylerKairi @ DA (http://fav.me/d7gkpam)

And here's a cute drawing and coloring of Vivi. He is also much of a fan favorite as our previous character, so it's no surprised to see his adorable self here. :)

Kastella72 @ DA (http://fav.me/d7gji12)
Aria di Mezzo Carattere : FINAL FANTASY VI : Celes

This was a very beautiful depection of one of the most widely beloved scenes from Final Fantasy VI.

darkly-shaded-shadow @ DA (http://fav.me/d7gkmjl)
Final Fantasy XIV FC

It may not be the Fat Chocobo's, but this was a picture done for yet another free company from the online MMORPG, FFXIV. I'm quite sure the Immortal Virtues are very honored to have their picture showcased this week. Will we see one for the Fat Chocobo's in the future?

AndrewRyanArt @ DA (http://fav.me/d7gr6pj)
Final Fantasy 8 + Pokemon

Imagine if we combined Final Fantasy with Pokemon no more. Here, we have several characters from FF8 depicted as Pokemon Trainers with their own Pokemon. Nice touch to include Seifer and Edea playing the role of Team Rocket.

05-02-2014, 07:34 PM
That Pokemon one was pretty good :D

05-02-2014, 09:13 PM
Moogle! Vivi!

Oh my god that Pokemon one xD

05-03-2014, 07:54 PM
The last picture is an awesome crossover! Epic! :D