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05-27-2014, 07:22 AM

ProTip: don't try to write about music (or write at all, really) while listening to music. At least, it's too hard for me to do.

As far as the basic battle theme:

Each FF on the SNES has a different way of introducing battles. FFVI goes with the ride up the strings (also featured here) into a bassline (that familiar part). FFV, on the other hand, seems to have a xylophone or something mixed in on the ride up, and the bassline is overscored with the strings from FFIV's "Battle With Zeromus" theme.

In FFVI, however, the addition of a heavily phase-shifted electric guitar synthesizer is added. This would be the last time for a while that the battles start with this particular bassline...it was replaced with something different in each game thereafter excluding IX. The guitar sounds give way to a single trumpet stating the primary theme.

An A-minor mode (?) is used to flesh out the main melody, and is joined by harmony on the "stabs" in the B section. The stabs are alternated with some flourishes on the trumpet, underscored with strings carrying the rhythm and chord structure.

I must confess, the rest of the main battle theme kind of falls flat for me. The synth guitar from the intro is reused, to make an attempt at having an "instrumental break," but it never came across the way something like the Rondo of Blood's guitar sounds. It was a good attempt at a guitar tone.

As for the Boss Battle Theme and the Ultima Weapon theme, well, let's discuss.

And don't forget that there's also the Veldt Theme and the World Of Ruin Theme that plays when you get Tritoch/Valigarmander.

And, you know, Dancing Mad.

05-27-2014, 01:52 PM
I find it interesting that the main melody starts as a variation on FFV's battle theme. While I admit it gals a bit flat (I still think VII has the best regular battle theme in the series), I do like it substantially better than V's, if only because it's longer and more varied. As in, now it's ABAC (or ABAB'? Not really sure how to classify it) instead of plain AB.

The boss themes, however, are exceptional! I know everyone loves the main boss theme, but my favorite is probably the one that is used when you fight the Ultima Weapon. It's criminally unserused. There's this crazy piccolo flute there that just makes the whole track seem so urgent and energetic! And Grand Finale is also beautiful and also underused.

And Dancing Mad. Hoo boy. That's a ton to analyze. Might return to it. I think it's the best final boss theme in numbered FFs. Really ambitious, it pushed the limits of its medium.

05-27-2014, 02:00 PM
I think the Battle Theme is very boring and "only" the Decisive Battle, The Fierce Battle and Final Kefka's Dancing Mad are good.