View Full Version : [LR] The Pacing in this Game

06-02-2014, 09:55 PM
I'm still only on my first playthrough, on Day Ten, and I've really enjoyed myself! But now, frankly... I'm left with little to do now.

I completed all the Main Quests in the morning of Day Seven (In truth, I could have them done by Day Five, but wanted to stretch it out a bit) and I've virtually completed all of the side quests, and nearly all of the Canvas of Prayers.

From between Day Eight to now, I've sort of just been killing enemies aimlessly, wondering what the hell is there left to do. I actually sped forward time (by sleeping, naturally) just because there was little to do.

I really wish they paced the game better. I was barely trying, and done most everything with half the game yet to play.

What they could have done is have special events happen on certain days (besides an increase in enemy stats and new weapons), or have side quests only available on one day. It makes it higher risk (because you could miss things), but it makes each day feel a tad more special, rather than just another twenty four hours to do whatever.

06-02-2014, 10:44 PM
The question is not if they messed up the pacing of the game, its if they designed the game with the idea of people playing it blind. given how easy it is to share info now a days along with official guides that come out with the game it's possible they did not take that into account when making the game. personally was only on day two when me ps3's blu ray gave up the ghost. have a new one now thou, will see how long it takes blind.