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06-20-2014, 03:21 PM
Hi everybody! :)My name is Samuelle but my friends call me Sam, I live in Quebec and I'm studying Psychology.
Final Fantasy is my favorite game of all time. I just bought a Playstation, so I didn't beat all the games yet. I did FFI, FFIV, FFVI, FFIX and I am currently doing FFVII (almost finished), but I will do all of them this summer! ;) I also tried FFXIV, but I realised I was not a huge fan of MMORPG :P
My favorite one is for sure FFVI because I like everything in this game: the characters, the scenario, the gameplay... I hope someday Square Enix will do a remake of it in HD *-* I played it hundred times so I know the story by heart, but I am always really excited when I play it.
I am also a huge fan of music!
I am glad to have found this forum! :)

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Wow, you are a new member and you are real! I am very pleased to meet you. Please find this link right here RIGHT HERE RIGHT HERE (http://vocaroo.com/i/s19ClP9kquHR), this is a must listen for new members of this forum, brought to you by myself and Kelevala.

I hope you don't leave and enjoy the Eyes On Final Fantasy Forums Experience as much as every other member does; our lives are rich and full of joy because of this place and yours could be too! :greenie:

06-20-2014, 04:27 PM
Thank you guys! :)

06-20-2014, 04:38 PM
Hi, Shiva95! How did you find us here? Welcome to the forums!

06-20-2014, 04:42 PM
Thank you! :) I found you because I was looking for a Final Fantasy Forum on Google! ;)

06-20-2014, 04:57 PM
Google is a friend to this forum. I am so gladly happy that you chose this one, this is the best one. This is the only Final Fantasy forum that matters! :greenie:

06-20-2014, 06:08 PM
Welcome to EoFF! Hope you enjoy this forum and all who inhabit it! :D

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Hello, welcome to the forums! :)

Miss Mae
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06-21-2014, 09:38 AM
Great to have you here! :D

06-21-2014, 01:45 PM
Thank you guys! :D

06-21-2014, 01:47 PM
Welcome Sam :3 I am glad to hear that you enjoy playing Final Fantasy so much - we all share this in common which means we are all excellent people!

I also played both the MMORPG (11 and 14) - even though personally I enjoyed them, I can't play them successfully... Console games all the way for me! \o/

It sounds like you have a lot more FF to play which means you have a lot more joy to come! ^_^ You will enjoy being a part of this forum - please don't be shy, people here are really very nice!

06-21-2014, 09:08 PM
Welcome! :D Glad to have you!

06-21-2014, 09:23 PM
I like that you are actively posting! I hope you never stop :love:

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06-22-2014, 01:37 PM
Thank you! :D

Colonel Angus
06-22-2014, 01:42 PM
Welcome, Shiva95! It's always good to see new posters around here. I hope you like it! :D

06-22-2014, 04:53 PM
Thank you! :) I like it for sure!

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Madame Adequate
06-25-2014, 11:24 PM
Hi Sam! Welcome to the forums :jess: How are you liking it here? Hopefully you'll feel welcome and post for a long time to come :D

Pant Leg Eater from the Bad World
06-26-2014, 04:58 AM
Why did you choose your name? Why Shiva? Why 95?

Is Shiva your favorite summon? She is one of my favorites. Also Leviathan.

Do you love tacos? If you don't I am unsure if we can be friends. I hope you love tacos.

06-26-2014, 09:44 AM
I am so gladly happy that you chose this one, this is the best one. This is the only Final Fantasy forum that matters!This is really best forum for me.

See? This place is so awesome that a user with one post knows what's up!