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06-27-2014, 08:30 PM
I don't think I've ever done a Let's Play, and I want some of this cake, and what better way to start actually playing Final Fantasy games than by killing two birds with one stone!

My history of Final Fantasy has been woeful, frankly. I've played VII, X, X-2, XII, XIII (and XIII-2 and LR) and... that's been about it frankly. Shocking, I know. Besides VII, I've played none of the 'classic' Final Fantasies, and so I want to start correcting that.

I am genuinely brand new to VI. I obviously know a bit, just from passing comments and general knowledge, but I know so little I'm basically going into the game new. I'm excited to see how the game will play. I'm somewhat intrigued by the sheer amount of characters - I'll see how that develops as the game plays out.

So I chose VI, adored by many on this site, so I may as well begin there. Now that I have a new laptop that is decent enough to actually play emulations, let's get cracking shall we? This first part will just be the prologue section, while I get used to screenshots and commentating. Bear with me!


Part One - The Prologue


I always feel so excited being at the start screen. It's like the beginning of a new adventure!

I should just add, this is the GBA version of the game. I looked around and people on the internet appear to give it the thumbs up.


An opening introduction. It all sounds pretty dark if you ask me. It's interesting. You'd think iron, gunpowder and steam engines would make the land even more barren, but apparently not. I'm certain we'll learn more about this War of the Magi as the game progresses.




So we begin the game with Biggs and Wedge! How fun! Didn't know they were in this one. So their on some excursion to investigate an esper. Spooky.


Rule #1 of Video Games/Horror Films - Never doubt. Doubt at your peril. He who doubts will probably end up killed first.

Nice knowing you Biggs!


Biggs also comments about how this girl fried fifty Magitek armored soldiers. Wow, she sounds powerful! I can't wait to use her in battle! She does have those same awesome powers from the start, right?


Also, low blow calling her a mindless puppet right in front of her face. Come on girl, show them a piece of what your-... oh right. Mindless puppet.


And we're at this screen. Seriously, this goes on for awhile. At least I like the sound of the music while this plays.

So Biggs, Wedge, and this mindless puppet are travelling towards the apparent site of this esper. What will they find? Tune in next time!


For now, this will be it. This is just an introduction. I'll play on for awhile longer and suss out the battle system and whatnot and try not to die.

I really hope you enjoy my LP. I know practically everyone has played VI by now, but I hope you'll stick with it and watch my LP through the eyes of someone who has never played it before.


06-27-2014, 09:20 PM
Great! Can't go round these forums for too long without having to play this game eventually. Enjoy, it's a great game ^_^

06-27-2014, 09:23 PM
I think I'll reallocate this to the FFVI forum.

For forum activity's sake.



(As long as that is okay)

06-27-2014, 09:57 PM
That's fine by me, you're the Cid's Knight :p

06-27-2014, 10:04 PM
YAY EXCITING :excited:

06-27-2014, 10:22 PM
Also, feel free to drop me hints and advice along the way. I'm not using a walkthrough, and I'm not a fan of dying or messing up!

Of course, do give me advice more generally about LPs. I want to make mine at least decently enjoyable. Here's hoping!

Wolf Kanno
06-28-2014, 12:58 AM
Just a tidbit that is useful at the start, check the clocks, almost every clock in the game has an elixir hidden in it.

You're doing fine with the Let's Play so don't worry about it, everyone has their own way of doing these things so don't fuss over how you are doing compared to other LPs.

06-28-2014, 01:42 AM
Just a tidbit that is useful at the start, check the clocks, almost every clock in the game has an elixir hidden in it.

Too late! Funny you say that, I got an elixir from a clock before I read your post. I will endeavor though to check them all though, thanks!

Also, I've completed the next part of the LP. The pictures, with commentary, will be up tomorrow.

06-28-2014, 02:56 AM
Cheers, friend! You'll enjoy FFVI, I'm sure.

Yeah, checking clocks for Elixirs is kind of a FFVI thing. Also, during the first few bits of the game, you can basically put everyone in the back row. They have abilities that aren't affected by being in the front row/back row that you can abuse. Personal preference, maybe, so your mileage may vary.

06-28-2014, 03:29 AM
Just a tidbit that is useful at the start, check the clocks, almost every clock in the game has an elixir hidden in it.

You're doing fine with the Let's Play so don't worry about it, everyone has their own way of doing these things so don't fuss over how you are doing compared to other LPs.

Yeah mine is to post my confusion every few seconds :P

06-28-2014, 02:26 PM
This is a fairly sizable update. Buckle in!


Part Two - Encounter with an Esper


So I check the party screen and find out I've finally arrived in Narshe. I'm surprised with how low the HP is - I guess I've been spoiled with higher starting totals in later games!


The town doesn't seem to like us, and my team are harassed as we head towards the mines. Thankfully, in these Magitek suits, I can kill these wolves and guards in one hit. Somehow, I don't think I'll be keeping these.


This introduces me to a pincer attack. I still off everyone easily. I don't know why the guards think they could win against three massive armored suits.


And so we enter the Narshe Mines. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Here Comes A Boss Battle!


That's some pet snail.


It's apparently a Lightning Whelk, which the Narshe guards have trained to defend the esper which they insist on keeping but have no clue how to use it. Hmm.


I'd be sure to ignore this advice if Barret was in my party. On the flip side, it sure is nice getting an entire battle strategy handed to me. If only every boss battle came with this piece of advice! Unfortunately, it's the first boss battle, so I can't really expect much. It is so painfully easy. Attack the head when it's out, stop and heal when it's inside it's shell.




With the pet snail defeated, the esper is free to enter our clutches!


Do you see any other frozen espers in the room Biggs?


Pretty creepy sequence begins. The music isn't helping. What's going to happen?


Wedge was somehow vaporized by the frozen esper. Biggs followed soon after (nice knowing you Biggs!).

Then the esper turns attention to our mindless puppet. Suddenly, the screen turns blank.


So the girl wakes up in some house, recovering from what happened.


So, if that thing was say, knocked off in the heat of battle, she'd be free from mind control? They should design their slave equipment better, personally. Also, how does she wash her hair? Hope that thing isn't electric.

Anyway, our girl is free from slavery, and tries to remember her name. For the purposes of this LP, I'm just sticking with the default names.

Welcome on board Terra!


I actually did this part before Wolf Kanno's comment about the clocks. I'm just a stickler for checking everything. But I'll make damn sure to check all the clocks now. Oh, and guards are knocking down this kindly old man's door. Hang on, wait while I inspect this clock.

Anyway, the old man tells me to go flee into the mines to escape, as the guards won't accept that a mind controlled woman isn't responsible for what she's done. I dread to think how the law courts are like in this world.


I was very lazy with the healing.


Suddenly, guards surround Terra, but before they can do anything, Terra falls through a hole in the floor...


Poor girl can't catch a break can she?

Anyway, this causes a flashback sequence...


Seriously, who laughs like that?


Uh-oh! Creepy evil empire with ambitions to rule the world! I think I've seen my primary antagonists!But anyway, all looks lost, as the guards start encroaching on Terra... what will happen next?

Tune in next time!


That will be almost immediately, because there's only a 25 file limit per post and I still have images to post! Part Three up soon!

06-28-2014, 03:20 PM
Oh he can laugh far better than that.

If you're having trouble with the image/post limit, consider using imgur. Free, unlimited space, direct links that can just be put into [ IMG][/IMG] tags.

06-28-2014, 03:31 PM
Told you I'd be quick.


Part Three - Rescue Deep Down


Hey, that isn't a nice way to greet someone. Learn some manners, Old Man!


But it is time to greet our second playable character. It's Locke!

Anyway, the Old Man explains the situation in Narshe, including the dilemma with Terra.

He goes on to say stuff about how Narshe is just in it's own independent bubble.


An underground resistance group against the evil empire? I smell a plot-line!


After Locke learns that the girl is fleeing the guards as they speak, hero Locke springs into action!


That was quick.

Anyway, maybe Locke's bitten off more than he could chew. The guards are approaching, and it is just a lone Locke.


Hey, a convenient posse of moogles to help out!

Also, this is sort of a tutorial to something called group battles. I'm in control of three sets of four characters. Locke leads one team, Mog leads the second, and then the last team is lead by other moogles.

I think Mog is a new character because I can edit his equipment and he has a unique ability called dance. Maybe I'll get him now!

Anyway, this is actually properly tough.


Watch how much damage that mammoth looking creature deals with it's Snowstorm attack! A whole damn heap. There's no Terra to cure us as well, so we're left with just potions (which I don't really want to use up, I only had four!).

I used all three teams to spread out the damage, and had Locke steal to just try and break even my stock of potions. Not to mention, there's a surprisingly large amount of these fellows.

I do defeat them all (for the experience and gil, mainly), and then do battle with the leader.

Here Comes a Boss Battle!


The Guard Leader is just stupidly powerful. He has this Charge attack which wipes off at least 50 HP to one ally, sometimes even up to 70 or more. It is actually ridiculous.

I wiped out the Silver Lobos first, just to clear the field. After that, I had Locke steal a Mythril Knife from the Leader, and then just kept hitting the Guard Leader. It's pretty fruitless though. There was no point healing because the potions only healed me by about 40 or so, and the Guard Leader keeps spamming Charge all the damn time anyway. My first team actually perished to this idiot, but thankfully, they re-spawn with 1 HP each. I then used my second team of Mog and co., to finish the leader off, using Mog's Dance move to deal some great damage to the Guard Leader.

Eventually, and I do mean eventually, he falls.




Oh dear, I have amnesia (http://home.eyesonff.com/showthread.php/157566-Oh-dear-I-have-amnesia).


So Locke and the amnesiac Terra make it out the mines and back into the entrance to Narshe. Around here is the Beginner School. I raid it for items and there's a Monster-in-the-box for more experience. I also listen to what they had to say, you know, being a beginner and all.


We can't really go much deeper into Narshe, what with the whole "they're trying to capture Terra" thing going on. Locke decides instead to head south to Figaro, for safety.

Tune in next time!


Part Four will be up in due course. These early parts of the game are probably faster to go through anyway. I will try to get these parts up in a nice timely fashion.

06-28-2014, 03:59 PM

Do you see any other frozen espers in the room Biggs?


06-28-2014, 10:47 PM

Part Five - Adventures in Figaro


So I'm in the Overworld, and it is quite nostalgic having a world map. I spend this time having Locke steal from the enemies to get a healthy stock of potions (after being painfully away of how little potions I had in the mines). By doing this, I also get a few levels on my characters as well, which is always welcome. By the end of this little exercise, I amassed over fifty potions, and my team is level nine and eight, respectively. I also nearly have 10,000 gil. Not bad for not much effort, really.


It helps also that Terra's fire magic kicks the bunnies ass. This is when she isn't being stopped by the Alcran's incredibly annoying 'Numb' move. But anyway, I move on with the story and head to Figaro, this castle city which is randomly in the desert, because why not.


Uh-oh, not more guard trouble is there?


Hello Mr. Celebrity!

So I proceed up this path to meet the king. I'm a friendly fellow, so I speak to all the guards, who all say the same identical phrase: "go and speak to the king". Their not all like, twins, are they? I meet this king, who speaks to Terra.


Oh God, he isn't going to be a schmoozer type is he? Ladies man and all that?


Oh, it's only another playable party member! Edgar! Fancy having a king in our party.




How... reassuring.


I think Edgar only cares about your ability in the bedroom, if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*.

Actually, Edgar states three reasons:

1) "your beauty has captivated me!" (Bleh)

2) "I'm dying to know if I'm your type!" (BLEH!)

3) "I guess...your abilities...would rank a distant third" (Huh, okay). Terra asks Edgar what the matter is.


I think something else is getting rusty, and it isn't your technique.


Revulsion, perhaps?Anyway, both Locke and Edgar have left Terra on her lonesome. Now that I have free reign of this castle, I go ahead and do some looting, nabbing a phoenix down, potions, antidotes, and a gold needle.


What lax security they have here. Inside the castle, I find this guy selling items. I have plenty of gil on me at the moment, so I purchase a Noiseblaster and a Bioblaster, which are apparently used with the 'Tools' command. I'm sure I'll learn about those in due course. In the other room, I find the other items guy, and purchase a few more Phoenix Downs, just in case. Of course, I also buy some echo screens and other items. I could afford it. I explore the castle some more and happen upon this old woman.


Oh, we have a flashback! Let's go see what it says.


Sad story.


On the flipside, it looks like Sabin is going to be a new playable character! Wooo!


He isn't like a feral child, is he?

I keep exploring the castle, trying to figure out where to go next. I eventually end up back in the Throne Room, where there's story to get through!


Very lootable. Suddenly, someone from the Empire arrives. I wonder who it is.


Oh, it's this... clown. After getting his guards to get the sand out of his boots, I take control of Edgar. Looking at his equipment, I give him the Mythril Spear, the one Mog was using (and seeing how it turned out he isn't joining us for now, I felt glad I un-equipped him of his goods). The Mythril Spear has an impressive 90 attack, compared to Edgar's Mythril Sword, which only has 58 attack.

Anyway, Edgar go speaks to Kefka...


She must be so unimportant to trek through the desert getting sand in your precious boots eh Kefka?

Yup, completely minor. Nothing to see here!


Translation: I want her to join my harem, therefore I will not tell you where she is. Anyway, Kefka warns Edgar not to lie, otherwise the Empire will crush Figaro. Edgar says his goodbyes to Locke and Terra, saying that he has 'kingly' duties to do.

Meanwhile, Terra is sent to her room, for being a very naughty girl.


Edgar wouldn't do this, Edgar would carry me across the desert! Call yourself a ladies man? Terra asks if the rumors about Locke being a thief are true.


Locke sets the record straight. Edgar actually is assisting the resistance group 'The Returners', and only pretending to be best buddies with the Empire. How interesting! Locke is the go-between from Figaro and the group. Some interesting plot details here.




How... kind of Locke. Locke leaves Terra to rest, leaving her to ponder which choice is the right one (protip: don't join the evil empire). Uh-oh! Creepy music alert!


The creepy music was right! Figaro Castle is on fire!


Oh my. Is Edgar still putting his head in the sand!

In other castle burning news:


How much do I pay you again? Mentally noting to cut the pay of all the guards, Edgar heads north...


...to awaiting Chocobos! What a nifty escape option! Then, for some reason, the castle can sink underground.


How the guards and Chancellor is meant to survive, I don't know. Of course, we need to ensure our own survival first.

Here Comes a Boss Battle!


So there's two Magitek Armors to defeat. Precedent wasn't very good - I killed the guards in Narshe with naught but a scratch, but because we are the heroes, these armors are much easier. Anyway, so I made Terra use cure during the battle, and this hilarious scene played.


Um, guys, two big scary Magitek armors still there.


Great, cool, come on now, a battle is there to be fought.


Locke, may I consult you to this screencap:


At what point did you not think this wasn't magic? What did you think was going on? Terra was using a flamethrower or something?


Oh no, not a big deal at all. Only interrupted a boss battle and spoke at length about Terra's magic. Anywho, Edgar's Noiseblaster did most of the work for me. The machines fighting each other was pretty entertaining. All in all, much simpler compared to the horror that was the Guard Leader.




And that's a wrap for this part! Tune in next time to find out where the team are heading to next.

06-29-2014, 01:21 AM
I really like Edgar and Sabin. I used to not like Edgar but I appreciate him more and more as time goes on. He becomes less one dimensional lady's man and more AWESOME

06-29-2014, 08:17 PM
Only a smaller one today. Part Seven will be a major one, me thinks.


Part Six - Looting South Figaro

We begin where we left off. Our gang on their Chocobos. Talk turns to recent events:


How old are you, six? Yes, of course they were bad people, they set fire to an entire castle!


Locke tries to convince Terra that they're not the bad guys, and the group decides to head to the Returner Hideout to meet the leader.

Edgar then changes the subject back to Terra's magical abilities...


Way to cockblock yourself Edgar.


On our Chocobos, we then head to exactly this cave he was going on about.


Erm, through the South Figaro cave? (The cave name is literally called South Figaro cave).


Oh, wait, you mean the recently sunken castle? Also, this is the 100th screencap I've taken.

I think I take too many :(


The enemies are quite easy, as they are all weak to fire. Those red eye things look hideous. Furthermore, Edgar is pretty powerful with his tools command, and does way more damage than the standard attack option.

I won't spent much time on the cave, as it is very simple. Like the Mythril Cave you go through in FFVII: terribly short.

I make it back out of the World Map and as I'm wandering around I chance upon this small house. Let's go see what's inside!

Apparently, not much. No one is home. However...




Three beds?

My, this isn't the three bears house is it!


Alas, there are no bears, or no mauled human girls around. After looting the house like common burglars, Edgar inspect some of the items around the house, including the tea, and the flowers, even the damn dishes, to discover that it was the ones he liked. Whom, I wonder?


If he does, he hardly lived far from home.


And just as abruptly the man appears, he walks off. Thanks!

With that out the way (and seemingly with a new goal for the team), I travel to what I think was my intended destination in the first place.


I more or less know my destination anyway (the Mountains), but I decide to stop here regardless. I suppose this is sort of like my first town. It has a weapon and armor shop, an items shop, and also a relic shop.

Having amassed a decent amount of Gil, I equip my team with the best equipment on offer (though the Mythril Spear I got from Mog is still my best weapon, which Edgar still holds). I also stole a Mythril claw from one of the creatures outside of South Figaro, so that boosts my coffers.

I get a brief tutorial on relics. I purchase four of the ailment preventing relics, one sprint shoes and one knight's code (buying more would be redundant for them anyway).

There's not really much else to this place. The townspeople are annoying, always getting in my way, but here are some highlights from the town.


Drunkard, much?


I just randomly entered the rich guy's house and stumbled into a hidden cellar type room. Most of the treasure chests here contained money! Hooray for stealing!

I also went to the pub, and encountered this fellow...


For an assassin, he's not very well hidden, is he?


But no matter, because this screen means he'll be a future playable character! Woohoo!

This seems like a natural end to this part. Tune in next time to see Terra, Locke and Edgar venture up into the mountains to see if Sabin will be there.


06-29-2014, 11:22 PM
yaaay :D

06-29-2014, 11:39 PM
Glad to know someone is enjoying it!

06-29-2014, 11:53 PM
Of course! Your commentary is excellent

06-30-2014, 12:22 AM
That's uplifting. Thanks shion.

I am genuinely enjoying it so far. There's a pretty funny sense of humor in this game, though that is probably because I have have-ago-hero Locke and ladies schmoozer Edgar with me so far.

06-26-2015, 11:53 PM
Eww, cobwebs! My FFVI Let's Play has returned! Sorry it has been nearly a full year since the last entry. A combination of University, summer, winter, and general forgetfulness essentially made me forget I was doing it. Sorry for everyone who was following it (Pumpkin), hopefully I'll stick around long enough to actually complete the game.

Anyway, the last update dealt with us in South Figaro, looting the place. This episode will deal with our gang's ascent up Mt. Kolts. What we will find? Wait and find out! This part will only be a shorter edition, if anything more just to re-announce that this LP is back on.

(P.S: also, a Cid's Knight may want to move this to the LP sub-forum, thanks!)


Part Seven - Hiking Up Mt. Kolts!


Just in case you weren't sure where we are.


Right so I read somewhere that these guys possessed a really awesome headgear called the bandanna, which is far superior than the plumed hats that I currently had equipped. As it turns out, these bandannas are ridiculously difficult to steal from. Being the perfectionist that I am, I insisted on stealing several of these.

Thank goodness this wasn't a video LP, or we would be here forever.


After stealing for what felt like hours, Edgar and co. exit the cave to walk among the clouds, while fighting bird creatures along the way. At this point, I essentially had Locke on steal duty while Edgar used his tool to great affect. :jokey:


And like all RPG mountains are wont to have, I also go looting.


I also encounter these strange plant-like creatures whose nifty trick is to poison my characters. Thankfully, Locke's stealing meant I have a surplus of antidotes.

During our sojourn up Mt. Kolts, we also come across a shadowy figure which keeps darting out of the way so I have no screen capture of his existence. He was there, I saw him!


This thing appears, which serves as a save point. At this point, my team were pretty beaten up as I kept insisting on stealing from anything, meaning that the enemy was basically taking pot shots at me while I waited for Locke to do his thing. How handy that I got a tent from a chest!


What's this? A suspicious individual? Let's go investigate.


"I'm not sabin nothing mister!"

That's a poor joke. Let's just move on. "How do you do ki-"




I smell a family reunion!


See, I told you I wasn't seeing things!


Well THAT escalated quickly. It went from casual misunderstanding to "ALL MUST DIE". This Vargas fellow seems like a whackjob.

Here Comes a Boss Battle!


Vargas must be taking some serious steroids because he is much taller and beefier than our characters. He also somehow is able to tame some bears to do his dirty work.

I can't seem to hurt him without taking out his Pooh bears, so I swiftly crossbow them to death...


And then just keep pounding on Vargas. All in all, not that tough a battle, though I'm probably over-leveled given the bandanna stealing I was doing before. I also manage to steal some Mythril claws from Vargas.


Uh-oh, what's Vargas got up his sleeve! Cue dramatic music!


Wow, totally didn't see that one coming!


Why am I getting The Karate Kid vibes from this guy?

(Also, Terra, Edgar and Locke are hilarious in this as their sprites keep going back and forth between Vargas and Sabin).


Well... crap.


This will go well, right?




Why didn't you tell me this sooner Sabin? Geez.


No. Oh no. Not street fighter style input commands! I suck at those! :crying2:




After reloading my save state twice, I eventually work out what to do with these cursed blitz techniques and go all Zell on Vargas.


And with that Vargas is...



Aww, what a touching family reunion!




Yeeaaah. You keep telling yourself that.

Meanwhile, Edgar informs Sabin of the current situation:


Things are heating up! :eager:


I think 'bears' are in particularly high demand among gay men, Sabin.

And so with that, our current objective is still to reach the Returner hideout. But now with a 'bear' on our side, a ladies man and a lovable rogue, our party just got a whole lot sexier!

Next time: will we reach the returner hideout? Stay tuned!

06-27-2015, 12:01 PM
I got this version of the game recently. I now have the original SNES, PSX, and GBA versions. I can't believe I got this game three times...

lol you had the same reaction I did when they started talking in the middle of a battle.

Did you get a spoon thrown at you yet?

06-27-2015, 01:29 PM
I would love to follow myself but I still have a playthrough myself from two years ago that I need to finish!

Good luck, man!

06-28-2015, 06:53 AM
Great update, so glad you're picking this back up!

Wolf Kanno
06-28-2015, 07:24 AM
Oh you think "bear" with Sabin. Wait until you get to do his little story just ahead. ;)

06-28-2015, 07:33 AM

I always wonder why they didn't implement the beard into the game portrait.

07-03-2015, 04:39 PM
The next part is coming up today! Stay tuned FFVI fans!

07-04-2015, 12:11 AM
And we're back for this exciting new installment of Let's Play FFVI. In this edition, we finally enter the Returner's Hideout and meet a man named Banon.

I didn't plan it this way, but this is a long one. Strap in people!


Part Eight - Meeting the Resistance Movement


This is my current party after the Vargas battle. I have to say, I think I'm over-leveled, though you can blame my constant stealing for bandannas. Don't worry, we'll gradually equalize back to normality soon enough.

I soon notice that Sabin has some new blitz techniques. I get into a random battle and test drive 'Rising Phoenix'.




So after a long trek up the mountain, we finally make it to the Returners Hideout. Bracing military style music greet the team as they enter the cave. A soldier welcomes King Edgar and escorts him deeper into the hideout.


I enter the room the soldier told me to go into, and I meet who is presumably the leader of this resistance.

Prepare for a speech by Banon now guys!


Uagh! What is up with his hair?!?! It's like hairdressers don't exist in this game!


And now she can't even kill a leaf bunny in one hit! I can return human beings within thirty days of dispatch right?


"N-no, I am useful in battle, honest! I may not have Locke's stealing skills, or Edgar's crossbow, or even Sabin's Blitz techniques, but I have ~magic~"


Edgar stands up for Terra. Meanwhile, Sabin hasn't said a word all scene.


Oh, here we go, time for a bed-story.


Ooh-ooh, Banon, over here! I know this one, Banon, lemme answer! :excited:


Oh, me-me! I know what the evils are! Banon! :eager:


Banon! I know what's left in the box! Damn it, why won't you look at me! :omgomg:


Banon I know the ans- oh you know what, screw you. :argh:




Apparently telling bed-time stories made Banon himself sleepy, so he takes his leave to rest. The rest of the party do as well.

The next morning!


So... Locke was in that room the entire time? Slightly creepy Locke. Slightly creepy. Well, whatever he had to say, it must be important!


Or angsty ranting at The Empire, with a dollop of healthy character development. So that's why he joined The Returners!


Well, that's... actually not very funny at all, actually.


Aww, way to be a nice friend, Locke!


"I'm sure there are people...Those people are counting on you." Locke does a great job at discreetly neglecting to include himself from this list of people doesn't he?

I also open the treasure chest in Terra's room and venture out to explore.


Huzzah for stealing other people's stuff! As I wander, I get into conversations with the soldiers. From the sounds of it, The Empire has the upper hand against The Returners. Looks like trouble!

In the bar area, I engage with small talk with Sabin:


And here I was just going to discuss the local sports, maybe chat about the weather.


Who laughs like that?

Entering Banon's room, I chat with Edgar as well.


I also chance upon the most barren inn I've ever seen. No privacy, and the clerk presumably watches while you sleep! This is getting a low rating on TripAdvisor!

I then progressed with the story and went after Banon, who went outside...


...who is moping in the corner, apparently.


Just to see what would happen, I chose 'no'.


And I'm then whisked away back to the hideout as if nothing had happened. Indignant, and perhaps hoping for a comedic scene (like what happens in IX) I kept saying 'no' until eventually...



Look, I know this is a comedic LP and it isn't the greatest graphics, but I felt some emotion in this scene!

I didn't mean to send you back Terra! You are useful in battle!


Cue foreboding music!


Whelp, guess we're screwed then.


Yes, the perfect strategy is to send one man down into enemy occupied territory! What could possibly go wrong!

Locke says his goodbyes to Terra:


Edgar the Pimp.


Just remember people that in this entire comedic interlude, no-one has attempted to heal the wounded soldier, or rush around preparing to flee, or... anything.


Well, I guess we have no choice...


Whoa, Genji Gloves this early? Awesome!

And so we end today's chapter at a cliff-hanger. Will The Returners live to see another day? Tune in next time!


07-04-2015, 04:54 AM
lol at the Banon story part :lol:

07-04-2015, 05:47 AM
Quick tip, when asked to join the resistance, refuse them.

sorry, somehow I missed the whole last page of this lets play

07-04-2015, 05:53 AM
Quick tip, when asked to join the resistance, refuse them.

sorry, somehow I missed the whole last page of this lets play

Yeah, they actually give you an item for refusing them three times. I was surprised. I thought I'd just end up in an endless loop until I said yes, or turn off the console in stubbornness. No 16 bits tell me what to do!

07-08-2015, 05:31 PM
In this installment of Let's Play Final Fantasy VI, Terra, Banon and the others travel down the Lethe River to escape the evil Empire, before they are accosted by classic Final Fantasy villain...


Part Nine - Japanese Tentacle Humor


So Banon joins the party! Though I don't receive any introductory text from him so he's only temporary. I put him at the top of the party because he's the leader and stuff.

So we exit the hideout through this tunnel and enter this rather lovely location!


Lovely flowing water, luscious foliage... ah, how relaxing! I'm starting to forget we're being chased by a wicked Empire.


And here's the raft which Banon said would take us to safety, conveniently not floating away on the river. Fancy that.


Oh, right, okay. Off-shot, I check that Banon was in the back-row. This raft section is quite fun: I'm carried by the river and I get to choose which path I take. I choose straight ahead, because to hell with turning.


The battles are quite cool as well, with us on the raft and the water moving along. Banon had this nifty 'pray' technique that heals the team with no MP cost, which is handy. He's pretty weak anyway so I had the rest of my party pummel the enemies. Terra is now actually useful with the Genji Glove; I like saving her magic!

The enemies here are decently tough: the flying blue creature has this fireball technique that lops off a neat 140~ to all my characters, which is uncomfortable given how weak Banon is.

We pass by several save points along the way, probably because the game knows how crap Banon is. I mean, I could screenshot me saving my game, but that's pretty dull, so I'll just skip this part, but waterfalls!



After having fun rafting, we bump into...


Here Comes a Boss Battle!


Yup, it's everyone's favorite octopus, Ultros. I encountered Ultros when I played his DLC battle in FFXIII-2, and he was also referenced in the mark hunt Orthros, in which the dark colored flan only appeared with an all-female party in tow.

I wonder he is in his debut appearance?


Actually, that's a good point. How did we travel through this river? How did we turn direction without a paddle?


What if we ask nicely Mr. Octopus?



With this, the battle starts off proper. Ultros is weak to fire (as I recall from FFXIII-2!) so I make Terra just use fire:


Sabin keeps using his powerful Rising Phoenix Blitz, Edgar uses his crossbow and Banon just prays, constantly. Ultros does have an ink attack, but my characters were handily equipped with silver spectacles.

It isn't long before Ultros starts using his long, erect tentacles:


Is Ultros secretly a satire of Japanese Tentacle porn?

After a few more Rising Phoenix moves...






Did Terra step in Ultros's 'secretions'?


"You might contract something from it!"


Famous last words.


Pretty sure Sabin smashed it three or four times with a Blitz. Regardless, the battle's over Sabin!

He dives into the water regardless...


How did Banon become top dog with his incessant optimism?

And Sabin gets flung across the river. Edgar is surprisingly comfortable with this.


Sabin goes through one fork in the river, and Banon, Edgar and Terra go through another. The team splits once again!




And now it's your turn, eager viewer! Which scenario should I choose first! We have Terra/Edgar/Banon, Locke and finally Sabin.

I've never played the game before so feel free to suggest which one I should do first for whatever reason. Post your vote and this time next week I'll tally up to see which scenario shall be the first!

07-08-2015, 05:42 PM
I like the Sabin one mostest so you should start with that one!

07-08-2015, 05:45 PM
Sabin goes towards Doma and the Veldt, Locke goes to south Figaro and is one of my favorite parts early in the game. I would do Bannon Terra and Edgar last, as they just head through the Narshe cave and it feels like we just did that a second ago in the game. However both Sabin's and Lockes scenes are great.

07-08-2015, 05:52 PM
I'd say leave Terra and Edgar for last. Sabin's scenario is like three times longer than all the others combined so be prepared.

Also, those tentacle jokes aren't even trying to be subtle.

07-08-2015, 05:57 PM
Don't tease the octopus kids! It is kinda creepy.

edit to avoid a double post, with Locke, have "courage" hint hint.

07-08-2015, 06:29 PM
Also, I kinda see these posts narrated by Sonia with this breathy, female voice that tends to say "well, I never!" A lot XD

Wolf Kanno
07-08-2015, 10:34 PM
Do Terra, then Locke, and Sabin last. Sabin's the last. That's the order they actually come to chronologically.

07-08-2015, 11:01 PM
Votes for First:

Terra/Edgar/Banon: I
Sabin: I

Votes for Last:

Terra/Edgar/Banon: II
Sabin: I

As it stands at the end of the first day of voting, Terra/Edgar/Banon has -1, Locke has 0 and Sabin has 0. It's still all to play for!

07-08-2015, 11:22 PM
Sabin's is longer, but it will give you a chance to see more of the world and new map. That's my vote to go first.

07-08-2015, 11:40 PM
[QUOTE=Formalhaut;3552086]Votes for First:

Terra/Edgar/Banon: I
Sabin: II

Votes for Last:

Terra/Edgar/Banon: II
Sabin: I

With Nutty's vote for Sabin to go first, he now takes the lead with 1 whole point.

07-09-2015, 02:02 AM
Terra first, locke last.

07-09-2015, 05:01 AM
Excellent job on this whole thing. I say Terra/Edgar/Banon first, then Locke, then Sabin.

07-09-2015, 02:33 PM
Terra/Edgar/Banon: III
Sabin: II

Votes for Last:

Terra/Edgar/Banon: II
Sabin: II
Locke: I

With Mirage and Strider's votes for first and last, Terra/Edgar/Banon are on 1 point, Sabin on 0 and Locke on -1 point!

07-09-2015, 03:10 PM
Where's the "Don't tease the octopus, kids!" line? Did the GBA version take it out?

Ultros is the true antagonist of FFVI.

07-09-2015, 05:22 PM
They may of, it was in the SNES version.

07-09-2015, 09:42 PM
I say do Sabin first, Locke second and Terra/Edgar/Banon last.

07-10-2015, 06:22 AM
Continue Terra's first, then do Sabin's so Shadow can help him along the way. Any other order and Shadow wasn't there on the SNES. I don't remember about the gameboy version.

07-10-2015, 06:37 AM
I can't remember which order I did this part in. I want to say Sabin was last, but Shadow was a part of my party so he might have been second.

07-10-2015, 10:40 PM
Just played the SNES version until I hit Ultros, and screen capped the "Don't tease the Octopus, Kids line but it wont let me post it.

07-10-2015, 10:46 PM
i don't think anyone was doubting your claim :p

07-11-2015, 12:02 AM
I know no one did, I was just wondering if I remembered correctly It has been years since I played this one

07-13-2015, 03:59 PM
I'll do a final tally when the internet returns to my house. Until then, get your last in votes now guys!

07-14-2015, 03:31 AM
Terra, Locke, Sabin.

07-14-2015, 06:09 PM
I always begin with Locke or Sabin and I finish with Terra/Edgar/Banon.

07-19-2015, 07:22 PM
Due to horrendous delays regarding my home internet connection, the next part of this LP is currently delayed. As soon as it is back, I promise hilarious action with Terra/Edgar/Banon (I've not actually tallied things up yet, but them three have received a fair few points lately).

08-01-2015, 04:15 PM
Sorry this is so late! I've tallied up the scores, and it appears that Terra/Edgar/Banon won the day, and so I'll be doing them first. But without any further delay...


Part Ten - Deja Vu


So we have an amnesiac, a womanizer and a lion. We aren't starting The Wizard of Oz are we?


So we pick up immediately where we left off, on the raft. Only one or two enemy encounters later, and we make it to the World Map!


Controlling Banon, we mosey on down to Narshe once more.


Narshe hasn't changed much since the ten minutes or so since we last left it. Let's go greet ourselves!


Um, that's actually Banon.


Ah, never change, stubborn, idiotic, independent Narshe. Seriously, why are we even bothering?


Ah, here we go, they can't deny the King of Figaro!


We get it Edgar. You're like, super straight you know?

After more of Terra's self-deprecation, it looks like we'll have to sneak our way in!


Bam! Entry into the cave, again.


After more journeying, we eventually happen upon a security system!


Edgar seems strangely in the know about this. We go through the security system with relative ease, and as we're leaving the cave, we happen upon a door. Entering it, we see...


The moogles!


And they're hiding some pretty neat stuff as well.


And after a while longer, we encounter Arvis, the guy who helped Locke and Terra. Also known as the only Narshian with any sense.

Banon asks of the situation:


No surprises there.


Stubborn and independent?


I'd be on edge if an esper which can disintegrate humans was found nearby.


By virtue of being weird and unusual, I take it.


"Oi, look, the imperial soldier! Get her!" is possibly the more likely reaction.


And that's the end of Terra's scenario! Next week, we have Locke's scenario next in line!

08-01-2015, 09:18 PM
Ohh I'm excited for your new party member in Locke's scenario :excited:

Good update, as usual!

08-01-2015, 09:28 PM
I love going against the 'canon' party members for specific scenes. I made Shadow my main during Sabin's part and it was so funny seeing words clearly meant for Sabin coming out of Shadow's mouth, "That's inhumane!"

Says the guy who'd slit his other mother for a nickel.

08-02-2015, 04:18 PM
I literally only made Banon the main party member because it makes sense for him to take charge, what with him being the leader and all.

08-10-2015, 01:26 AM
One scenario down, two to go! Next up, we go check on how Locke is doing with his vacation back in South Figaro.


Part Eleven - Locke Does Dress-up! Oh, And Also Celes


So we select Locke, and apparently he's done a bang up job hindering the imperial troops in South Figaro. We join Locke as he attempts to extract himself from the area.


After evading an imperial soldier, we take control of Locke. At this point, I've completely forgotten what I had equipped on Locke. I was an idiot, and I didn't un-equip Terra her Genji Gloves which would be pretty useful here.

He isn't badly equipped by any means, so I go talk to the friendly guard.


He's rude, but he doesn't attack, so I pop into the nearby house and talk to Duncan's Wife.


Who appears to know much about secret passages.


I also bump into a Magitek Armor blocking a path. It is clearly designed to be a stonewall, seeing how it does 150~ damage maximum against my lone Locke. I did defeat one of them, though it hardly seemed worth it. At least I get it for the bestiary!

Moving to where I was meant to go, I head up the stairs and enter a house. Because of course you make yourself known to the townspeople when trying to escape:


I meet a man who only speaks if I bring him cider. I sense an alcoholic. Exiting the house, I walk up some more stairs and into the item shop.


The military has been a bit lax on the customer relations department then.

But suddenly!


Clearly, ingratiating himself with the public paid off handsomely for Locke.

The most hilarious battle crops up:


The merchant looks like a very bad cosplay of Gilgamesh.

Because I read a guide on this section, I knew that I had to steal his clothes. I do so:


That took a creepy turn.


Please don't fade to black! Please don't fade to black! Please don't fade to black!


You and me both, buddy.


"Stay away from Locke. He'll steal from you just for talking to him."

Exiting the merchant shop, I head back into the alcoholic's house and head downstairs.


You've got to feel sorry for the kid who has to stand guard and watch the cellar while his alcoholic grandfather pines over a pint of cider.

Moving on (and mentally noting to contact social services), Locke heads out the house and avoids a throng of Magitek Armors. Taking the only safe route around.



Stopping by the weapon and armor shop, I also talk to the locals. Both the people here mention the grunt green guards. I smell a clue!


We conveniently encounter a green cadet and steal his clothes, and his dignity. With Locke playing dress-up, I briefly wonder if this is where FFX-2 and Lightning Returns got their inspiration from.

I then discounted that idea as silly, and moved on with the game.


With the power my disguise holds, I effortlessly pass by the guard and enter the pub, chatting with my fellow guards.


I'm sure that won't be important at all to this mission.

Entering the basement of the pub, I chance upon another merchant.


Another paranoid alcoholic.


Yet we end up taking the cider anyway, so actually the merchant was right to be concerned.


He also tells us of a secret passage. Thanks!



Heading to the grandson, we are given a choice of 'Rosebud', 'Courage' and 'failure'.

Lets go with 'failure', that sounds legit.


Proving once and for all why I think we should take the kid with us. He's shrewd and can kick Locke's ass.

Next time around, I go and choose the right answer, 'courage'. With the secret entrance revealed, we enter the passageway, but not before changing costume to the soldier get-up. I've no real reason why, but I know the game expects you to be a merchant, and I'm nothing if not difficult.

While moving through the tunnels, I get an elixir from the clock face, as per usual. And get some other goodies. Entering the mansion from the tunnels:


Aha! Progress! If 'entering beyond enemy territory' can be defined as progress. Weren't we meant to be escaping to Narshe?

Talking with soldiers, apparently the town fell quickly due to an inside informant, the scoundrel!

Meanwhile, in the house:


In the east room, we have a picture of domestic hilarity. In the west room, we have a picture of woe and despair. What a contrast.

Moving past the traitor, Locke chances upon a secret passage beyond the bookcase!


Damn fine.

I collect the Hyper Wrist and Hermes Sandals relics (very good relics to boot) and make my way east, when a scene takes over!


You may recall she also appeared in a flashback:


Anyway, back to the scene.


They become party members? Neat!

Still, she looks pretty fallen from grace. Even her portrait looks awful.


Yup, sounds like Kefka to me.


How convenient that Locke is here to save the day! The other guard is left to do guard duty.


Aww, he's such a go-getter. Anyway, let's go bust Celes out.


Well that was quick.




We remove her bindings like a normal person, only to have our stature questioned by Celes.


Taking off the uniform, we explain to Celes who we are.


Is Celes going to be like Terra? Timid, shy and aghast that anyone would help her?


I'm getting major Terra vibes from this lady.


Says the thief.

We steal from the guard anyway, and after identifying that Celes has nary but a headband on, we leave the area to escape.

Also, Celes has magic. Thank goodness someone can heal! Though interestingly, Locke does not appear to be surprised at her magic skills. Seen it once, seen it all right?

I then enter into a maze like area where I can't see my character sometimes: hidden corridors are a plenty. I get an Iron Armor from a chest, which I equip on Celes as she only has Leather Armor still.


Here's an example of the 'can't see a thing' mess this area is. Down the stairwell, I open up a few secret chests:



Getting back on track, I get on the route meant to be taken, and we get a small scene.


Hmm, I wonder who it could be... :ffvisad:


I'm really liking Locke's character, by the way. He's just an all around nice guy who isn't as creepy as Edgar. Everyone likes the lovable rogue!

We finally exit into the world map.

We enter the South Figaro Cave, and are instantly hit by ~weird and mysterious~ music.


I think the gold bears are the best gummy bears!

We enter a recovery spring cavern and turn to leave, but then...


Here Comes a Boss Battle!

Yup, those noises from the cavern turns out to be Tunnel Armor!


Not that the imperial cleaners would bother scrubbing a cavern.


Ah, it is Celes's turn to get a battle tutorial. So Runic negates magic. That'll be useful.


Runic also absorbs the damage as well, which is mighty handy.

In fact, with the Armor's most damaging attacks being negated, I just put Locke in the front row and pounded it to death.





And with that, Locke's scenario is finished! We only have Sabin's left. According to people, Sabin's scenario is pretty long, so his may have to be stretched over two, maybe even three segments if it is that long.

Stay tuned folks! The revolution will happen!

08-10-2015, 05:46 AM
Yay Celes~!

08-11-2015, 02:55 PM
Actually, I don't think he's talking about Terra when he says Celes reminds him of someone... :p

Glad you're enjoying it, though! I've been replaying it lately as well, though I'm doing so on my iPhone. That version is even easier, but I guess that fits on a smartphone :monster: